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Rumour: GameCube Coming to Wii U Virtual Console

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's bound to happen, right?

The Wii U eShop is still a mystery, to the extent that we're assuming that it'll be branded as "eShop" on the basis of new pre-paid funding cards spotted in North America. Another mystery is the Virtual Console, as we've only been introduced to new download titles scheduled for the launch period, with few clues as to whether there'll even be a new retro games catalogue on the system.

Of course, Wii went as far as to bring us Nintendo 64 games, while its original model could play GameCube discs. Wii U will play Wii discs, so good old-fashioned logic suggests that GameCube's back-catalogue will be available for download. We'd be astonished, frankly, if the 'Cube didn't appear in download form, with Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime recently saying that he'd love to see GameCube games on a Wii U Virtual Console, before stating that he had nothing to announce and, probably, winking with a knowing look. We're so keen to see it happen that we've given our own take on the future of GameCube on Wii U, with hopes for HD remakes as well as downloadable classics.

The inevitability of this — as it seems to us — is potentially reinforced in the latest issue of Retro Gamer, the monthly UK magazine run by Imagine, one of the largest publishing groups in the country. In a feature highlighting Nintendo's return to classic franchises, the article states the following in a very matter-of-fact way.

Backwards compatibility with Wii will be included but you'll no longer be able to play GameCube titles. They'll be on the Virtual Console store instead.

Has the team behind Retro Gamer let slip on a secret shared by Nintendo, or is it making an educated guess? As part of a major publishing group it could be the former, or it may just be assuming what we all expect to happen. We're going to be optimistic and hope it's true, and you can check out the article in question below.

So, are you keen to have some GameCube goodness on Wii U, or is it not a big priority for you on the new system? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sasukeanditachi said:

As much as I'd love this to happen, how would you play them? The Wiimote and Nunchuck clearly can't, and the Gamepad and Wii U Pro controllers both seem like they'd be reallly annoying to try and play them with.



devilwaffle said:

I wouldn't mind grabbing a few games I never managed to add to my collection. Like the first pikmin, or the metroid trilogy.



19Robb92 said:

I would love it if that happened. There's quite a few I'd pick up. Virtual Console is the main reason I'm buying a WiiU Pro Controller.




I would love to see Mario sunshine, star fox(both), Mario kart, luigis mansion, smash brothers, sonic adventure 2 battle, billy hatcher, wario world, wave race blue storm, zelda wind waker, pokemon xd, and im sure im forgetting something.



Aviator said:

Would only work with the Pro controller or the gamepad.

Dem analogue buttons.



Shiryu said:

My Wii will remain hooked up alongside my Wii U. I spend an insanely amount of time playing Game Cube games and I don't see that changing any time soon if Nintendo doesn't deliver a brand new F-Zero to get me off "F-Zero GX".



NintyMan said:

It's just a matter of when. It was already assumed that the Wii U would have Gamecube games in its VC as a VC upgrade over the Wii. Even though I have most of the Nintendo classics, I would gladly buy them again for the Wii U and get to play them on the GamePad. Seeing Super Mario Sunshine on that little screen will really be cool.



Axl_abe said:

Old news is old! Ever since wiiU was announced fans started this rumor >_>




I'd love nothing more than for GameCube games to be available as downloads, and I DO believe it will happen, however this article is based on their best guesses.

Retro gamer have run a few articles on the Wii U and that in itself is great to see, however there are faults all over the article in question, here are just two such examples:Firstly they mention that a Pokemon game is in Nintendo Land, which if it is then have a world exclusive there, and secondly they say that the premium bundle is £359.99.

I would assume that most of this article was written when the Nintendo Direct broadcast was on and all the info was too much to handle!!



Auracle said:

I'm sure it will happen. However, I went on a GameCube buying spree several months back, so I have most of the games that I want for it. I plan on keeping my Wii, so I might not download very many GC titles. They should still put them on the VC, though.



GazPlant said:

While I won't use it, that's what my GameCube was bought for, making GC games available would be a sensible decision. Then a whole new generation can attempt that damn pinball game in Sunshine



Setrodox said:

If you can any play Virtual Console game on just the GamePad, then we're talking!



akabenjy said:

My wish list: Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, Wave Race: Blue Storm, Soul Calibur II, Thousand Year Door and Melee.



Bass_X0 said:

With import N64 games being 1200 points, I'm thinking Gamecube games will be 1500 points each regardless of game. 1700 for imports.



Linkstrikesback said:

I'd say it's obvious... but we still haven't got GBA titles on the 3DS virtual console. They should fix that first, then worry about Gamecube games on the Wii U.



zeldazero said:

It might be annoying at first but I'm sure we could get used to the controls after a while, but it would be even better and IMO well worth it for them to remake wireless gamecube controllers for the Wii U and even Nintendo 64 just for retro gaming. I just want one thing, every Mario Party game on my Wii U



Bass_X0 said:

Wii U is not the 3DS. The Wii U Virtual Consoles needs to support a new console that the regular Wii did not. Maybe it'll even emulate the Dreamcast?



cfgk24 said:

Definitely 'Smugglers Run Warzones' the best driving game EVER and also we need to have SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR (wiht new multiplayer Mode



Kirk said:

If Nintendo doesn't support games from all it's home home consoles on the Wii U eShop then the people in positions of power at that company really need their heads tested.

It's so obvious at this point it would be truly ridiculous for it to be otherwise.



iphys said:

At least the Wii U comes with enough storage space to make downloading 1.4 GB files feasible. The amount of time it would take to download on my slow Internet is pretty much on the threshold of how long I'd be willing to let a download hog my Internet connection though.



Kirk said:


What are you talking about man?

The Wii U GamePad would be perfectly fine for playing the vast majority of GC games. The only thing missing directly from the original GC pads is the analog and secondary click functionality of the triggers but it's not like you couldn't map that stuff onto one of the Wii U GamePads other buttons or functions in most cases, such as mapping the click functionality to the second set of triggers for example. Exact same thing goes for using the Pro Controllers too.

Still, It really would have made sense for Nintendo to make one of the sets of triggers analog for this very reason.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'll keep my Wii when I eventually get a Wii U so I'm not bothered about whether GC games are released on the VC or not.
@rcmadiax I agree with @Star-Blaze about Tales of Symphonia but seeing as Namco Bandai have never released any Tales of game on a retro download store, I'm not sure how likely it is that ToS would get a Wii U VC release so you might be better off just buying it to play on your GC or Wii if you have one.



akabenjy said:

@zeldazero The only problem is Nintendo will never release Mario Party 1 for the VC because of all those law suits from the analogue stick spinning mini-games.



ejamer said:

Having GameCube added to the Wii U Virtual Console would be great, but Nintendo will only trickle out games a few at a time and many of the best non-mainstream games will never get released on Virtual Console. There is no way this rumor would convince me to part with my physical copies of games - and even if it happens I'm going to hold onto my discs.



MAB said:

I'm all for it as long as we get more than 4 games in 6 years

I already have a big pile of GC games that I have played to death so It won't really matter to me if it never happens. Just give me more 16-bit awesome mainly from SEGA with a side of Saturn + Dreamcast then watch me wash it all down with a big glass of Amiga 500 and my old-school hunger will definitely be satisfied



madgear said:

I can't see how it would work. There's barely enough internal memory for more than a handful of games, there's no analogue triggers, half the decent games have licensing issues / unlikely to see re-release. They should have just left GameCube support in like the Wii.

Besides there's no way I'm willing to buy over £1000 worth of GC games again.



sketchturner said:

I played my GCN games to death for the most part, and there are only a few that I still play:
DDR:Mario Mix
DK:Jungle Beat
F-Zero GX
Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Mario Sunshine

Of course, Jungle Beat on WiiU wouldn't support the bongos, and DDR won't support my two dance pads. So I am not at all excited about any GCN support WiiU might have. I will just keep using my Wii for GCN games.



Marty-O said:

@devilwaffle I loved how you named games that are available on the WII already, and will be playable on the WII U. What a drunk skunk.



Alienfish said:

Gamepad designer: Umm, Iwata, we kinda forgot to include pressure sensitive triggers in the Gamepad.
Iwata: Oh, that's okay, we'll just announce a new peripheral when we decide to put Gamecube titles on the eShop.
Gamepad designer: But, won't that alienate some people from actually buying the games?
Iwata: Noooooo, nooooo... By the way, you're fired.



Emaan said:

Love to see this happen. Long live the Gamecube. Forever my favorite Ninty system.



Despair1087 said:

Yet another reason I wish The game pad pro looked like a Gamecube controller instead of an Xbox one.



Mickey said:

@Axl_abe From the look of the text face you put over there it looks like you don't want a Gamecube VC

Note:It's hard to tell emotions over the internet so forgive me if I misinterpreted



SKTTR said:

I can see Wind Waker supporting the Wii U GamePad as the Tingleceiver and that would be extremely cool, but on the other hand I can see Nintendo dropping all those neat exclusive features and bring the basic game without the additional original features (see N64 VC games missing Rumble Pak, Transfer Pak and Controller Pak support and Super Game Boy VC games missing all Super Game Boy features.)

So, just like I kept my N64 and Game Boy collections, I'm keeping my Gamecube games and peripherals as well. The way Nintendo is handling some systems on VC is pretty unsatisfying.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Aviator Maybe some of the games will work with those two controller types. The original controls could be a problem with a couple games though (ie Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion). Some control remapping may be required and we really don't know at this point if it'll feel awkward.

Didn't people overhype 3DS having GBA support and then it wound up being restricted to Ambassadors (and a limited selection of games to boot)? Probably should wait until we have more info instead of jumping the gun.



Mk_II said:

ive got plenty of real Cubes and controllers to last me a lifetime. Id rather see Nintendo do updated HD versions of some Gamecube faves like Waverace, 1080 Avalanche and F-Zero than VC versions.




It sounds like a no brainer I just would like to play Beauitful Joe, Killer 7 and Gueast cause I never had a chance to and those were the only games I heard on the GC that I actually cared about. No offence to Pikmin or Mario Sunshine. Oh and the only matter I would want to see TLOZ The Wind Waker on WiiU is packed in on 1 disc with Phatom Hourglass and Sprit Tracks all remake in HD with new motion controls!!



Fuzzy said:

Missed the GC, so ill be up for some VC downloads. Only played a couple on the wii.

Will probably cost a bit each though.



Rekiotsu said:

I would love to see game cube games on Wii U virtual console since I mostly missed the game cube era and many awesome games.



GamecubeMan said:

My Gamecube was part of my childhood so I'd love to see this happen. There are some games I would even redownload and there a games I missed out on as well. So make it happen Nintendo!



Bass_X0 said:

Nintendo will never release Mario Party 1 for the VC because of all those law suits from the analogue stick spinning mini-games.

Nintendo should make those mini-games unplayable then. Not accessible by any means.



goldbricks23 said:

I hope its a matter of when, not if. I didn't get to experience many GameCube games so I'd throw my money at this service. In fact if the Wii U launched with some GameCube titles I'd no longer be on the fence about buying it.



Imagine23 said:

As much as I hope for this to happen, it probably won't.

The fact that there's no GBA games on the 3DS probably means there's going to be a chain reaction.



Bass_X0 said:

New console, new supported consoles on the VC. Thats pretty easy to grasp, right?

I don't expect any more consoles to be supported for regular Wii VC. But Wii U VC, sure.



irken004 said:

As someone who missed out on the GC games, I'd hope for this. though they'd probably be $15 or more a pop.



LavaTwilight said:

I had so many GC games but my wife made me sell them all whip cracks But as VC downloads she can't make me muahahaha! Make it happen! Zelda and Mario games should be pretty obvious; but I'd also love to see F Zero GX and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.
I wish they'd do some more retro games though such as Krusty's Super Funhouse from the SNES and Desert Strike from the MD.



Sabrewing said:

@devilwaffle Just get the Wii versions. Seriously, Pikmin handles so much better with pointer controls.

Here's hoping for Eternal Darkness and F-Zero GX, at least!



ouroborous said:

Not a deal breaker either way, but yea it would be cool. I'm still really longing for the day when we can play GC games on a handheld. On just a newer console, whatever. I still have my GC and use it when I want some Wind Waker or Pikmin.



triforcepower73 said:

I can't believe it's already been 2 generations since gamecube released! I can remember it like yesterday!



FriedSquid said:

I still have my Gamecube and it works perfectly fine, so I'd rather play Gamecube games with a real Gamecube controller than that kick-board called a Wii U Gamepad.



millarrp said:

Even though I picked up a GC to play my GC games once I upgrade to the Wii U, I still want to see GC games come to the Wii U virtual console. It would allow me to pick up titles that are now hard to find (and usually expensive when I do) like Eternal Darkness. I would probably also do like I do with the 3DS virtual console and GB games....get the virtual console versions of the games I already have so I can reduce clutter.



gohanrage said:

I still have My Gamecube and I bought a Wii Just before they ran out of the Wii's that could play gamecube games



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@TheDreamingHawk They mean that certain games required pressure sensitive controls. For example, Super Mario Sunshine would allow you to spray and run at the same time if the R button was only halfway down but you would stand still (and could aim) if you pressed the button all the way down. If you tried to handle it any differently, you'd need two buttons instead of one.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I could see it happen, but I don't see myself downloading any titles, especially the ones I just got over the last 3 years. But, discs don't last forever, so you never know.



Ichiban said:

I coulda sworn that Nintendo have confirmed this to be happening ages ago? Or maybe I was mistaken....
But im definetly up for GCN games on Wii U, Gamecube is my 2nd fav Nintendo console next to the SNES. Im actually hunting down another GCN console & games I enjoyed. I cant help but notice how damn well the Gamecube has kept up, appearrance wise. The PS2 & Xbox 1 look like dodgy VCR's from the 80's these days, yet the Gamecube has kept its charm. Kinda funny considering how it was viewed as a toy or lunchbox by Sony/MS fanboys back in the day...



Ichiban said:

Oh & if this does happen, im betting that Dancing Stage: Mario Mix will be the first title offered! Mwhahahaha!



ogo79 said:

nintendo and every other wonder of the world knows that retro games are in, there here to stay folks. it will happen. in fact, all its done is get bigger.



Bryon15 said:

I'm sorry but this is something I refuse to do. I'm not paying $20 for a game I already own and originally payed $50 for just because nintendo is too greedy and cheap to have made the Wii U backward compatible.




We need this to happen. I actually think it may attract more of the traditional gamers to the Wii U (argueably).



Croz said:

I won't be downloading any NGC games as I doubt we'll see Rogue Squadron, Timesplitters 2 or Crystal Chronicles. Resident Evil 4, Metroid & Pikmin have been re-mastered for the Wii and Mario Sunshine Sucks.
In addition the Wii is the only electronic device I have that uses a component cable and still have my Wavebird controller(best controller ever designed).



NoirUsernameHere said:

if it is true,i will download some of them if the price is reasonable,if not i will keep playing them the old fashioned way



Omega said:

I doubt that GCN games will be on the WiiU's VC. I mean, on the current Wii-Shop WiiWare downloads sometimes take very long (in worst case up to 30 minutes).

And WiiWare games can only be 40 Megabytes maximum (for good reason!?). This makes me assume that the Nintendo servers are already running on the edge of their capacity.

How will they handle Gamecube games that can be up to ~1500 Megabytes in size? With hundreds or even thousands of people downloading at the same time?





Having reflected on it, there's only a handful of GC games I want because I had my fill of them back in the day. LoZ Windwaker, Paper Mario, F-Zero GX (HD?), Beyond Good and Evil. Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime and Resi Evil 4 have been done significantly better on the Wii. I'd prefer an iOS style, motion controlled Super Monkey Ball 2. I'd maybe take Ikagura and Burnout 2 if offered on VC. With the shooters, I can't go back to dual analogue stick shooter control after using wiimote and nunchuck. Unsatisfying.



OorWullie said:

@Omega They will be using a new and better server (Nintendo Network) for the 3DS and WiiU than the 1 for the Wii.Some Eshop downloads are going to be over 1GB and also full retail titles for download so you needn't worry about waiting 24 hours for your download to finish



dustin_g said:

I am sure there is enough room in your entertainment center for a wii and wii u, just keep your gamecube games and play on wii!



dustin_g said:

i think the wii will be kicking around for 5+ more years with its user base, my dad uses his everyday for netflix



Omega said:

@wiiwii Yes. That very well may be. I've heard somewhere that 3DS games can be up to 8GB in size. That is huge. If they want to be able to offer many 3DS retail games as download then they definitely need better servers than the ones used for the current Wii-Shop.



LittleIrves said:

I know this is about GameCube.... but if they bring Dreamcast over to the VC too, and then make the Gamepad screen a giant VMU, that would be cool.
But yeah, GameCube games... Give me Cubivore U!



ljinkakidd said:

Nintendo about to run into some cash if they do it. It really wouldn't be hard to remap the controls from Gamecube to the tablet, classic, or pro controller. Think about it! They could make a pro-controller why not make a Gamecube controller peripheral in the same fashion?

They'll do it, and if i can take SSBM across my house on a tablet then sign me up Nintendo! Dreamcast can effortlessly be emulated on Wii U from the specs if they do it correctly.

For Gamecube i'd get: Mario Parties, Tales of Symphonia, Smash Bros., Super Mario Sunshine, Baiten Kratos Origins, Sonic Adventure 1&2, Wind Waker, Mario Kart DD-ha!, Pokemon Coliseum(s), Skies of Arcadia, Zelda: Four Sword Adventures, Resident Evil 4, Pikmin... puff huff... that's it for now. Being able to play the game on the tablet will be a great selling point. Just imagine... "SON! QUIT PLAYING ZELDA WII U AND GO TO BED!" Son: Okay dad,... you play it under your covers on the pad as the console is on downstairs. Friggin' AWESOME!



ljinkakidd said:


Not to be rude but how do think Playstation and Sony offer their past generation games for download? Didn't you see that 3ds games have digital copies up to 8gb? Some could even be 32GB if you download on a 32GB SD card but very few developers would do that considering the low available space.



Chuie said:

how about we get some dreamcast also



Jaco said:

@mieu-fire Ya dreamcast exactly what I was thinking
Also hopefully if they do put Gamecube on Virtual Console (which I don't see why not) they will be up scaled to at least 720p. That would be cool



Token_Girl said:

Hopefully prices for VC games for systems current on there now will drop, seeing as we're one more generation removed from them, once the WiiU comes out.



Omega said:

ljinkakidd wrote:

Didn't you see that 3ds games have digital copies up to 8gb?

No, I don't have a 3DS. All I see is that 40MB downloads on the Wii sometimes take pretty long.



Grodus said:

I would love that. Good thing I didn't overlook the "Rumor:" part of the title. I think it would be nice to be able to play Luigi's Mansion on a Wii U to celebrate the launch of Dark Moon.

EDIT: @Omega Don't have a 3DS? Makes sense. Retail takes 10 min. to download on that system. I imagine something 2 consoles older can be downloaded with ease on a newer item.
P.S. Don't worry about the Wii. That had the worst download service ever.



SuperKMx said:

This is all well and good, but for the prices that Nintendo will undoubtedly charge, I think I'll be better off keeping my original Wii sat next to my TV. I can't see myself paying 1800 points a pop for stuff like Billy Hatcher - especially when I spent £40 on it on launch day.



Varia01 said:

If they do this (I've even give up my life for GCN games on VC, just joking.) the first game I would want is certainly Metroid Prime. Would I need a Pro Controller or can I still use the gamepad to play this? Many great titles on GCN, can't wait....



KiroX777 said:

ok all this VC stuff is cool, but its not good enough imo. why cant we get retro games like the Xbox live arcade has it? where we can play these old classics ONLINE! I dont see the point in rebuying these old games like say smash bros melee, and there is nothing new at all added to it. is it really that hard to code a program that allows 2 players to be played through your internet connection? i mean cmon. is the Wiiu attempting to catch up to the competition? or surpass them?... which one?



eltomo said:

I was actually going to sell my Wii after transferring data to WiiU and then buy a GameCube.



HawkeyeWii said:

Super Mario Sunshine HD I never got to play any of the star fox games on GCN either, so those would be a nice bonus. Also I think F-Zero should be one of the first to come out considering they didn't even make a game for either DS or Wii.....



FyreeTSG said:

I don;t need GC games on Wii U--I have a GC and a Wii--and besides, I want to use my Action Replay, my GC controllers--and I don't want to have to pay for GC games I already have...and with the likelihood that the licensing and support for GC games on Wii U VC will be just like that of the Wii's VC--and only 21 N64 games released on it--then I have little hope to see ALL my favorite classic GC games on Wii U's VC for Download....

for cripes sake--it's a 10 year old system, if you've missed the GC era--where the heck were you?

the only reason I'd REALLY like to see GC games on WIi U VC would be to get a few games I can't find for the console, or due to the problem of mini-discs being a pain to find in GOOD shape used--or GC games in actual GC cases when they're used...



Boyoshi said:

I would really love for this to happen It would be great and i would be able to pick up some of the legends that i never managed to get my hands on... but I'm confused what would happen to my small collection of disc games considering I never had the console, I just played them on my Wii. Alas this seems to be the only reason for me to keep my Wii.

Another thing that confuses me is controller support... i really like the design for the gamecube controller and have four of them but will we have to swap these controllers for the Wii U Gamepad or the Wii U Pro Controller... like i had to swap an N64 controller for the Gamecube and classic Controllers.

I've Pre-ordered the Wii U Premium and am ultra exited cant wait to see more little surprises appearing



Vol said:

ok, i have the back edition, or course. one thing i think nintendo might get some nice thumbs up from us nintedion's is, with there being a virtual console, dont make us pay for what we already have. Have us register the games we already have by using the bar code numbers from the games we own, ya know, so that we dont have to pay for the game again, and say if we were to sell the game or trade it in/what not, when and if someone else registers the same code send an email with confirmation to the old owner to make sure that it is legit. Yes, i do understand that there would be some bugs to be worked out of my idea but you get the jist of it. I think we nintendo lovers wouldnt cheat each other but in retro spect it actually might be something worth investing in.



StarDust4Ever said:

Bump. I fired up my 32Gb deluxe Wii-U for Christmas and got all my Wiiware/VC titles transferred over from my failing Wii to the new Wii-U. I've even downloaded one eShop title so far (Little Inferno). I'm getting bit concerned because it seems like Nintendo has made zero efforts into upgrading the VC for Wii-U, and zero info about the possibility of GC games. And yes, the omission of analog triggers on the Game Pad is baffling, especially since the original Classic Controller supported it, but the Pro model does not.

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