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Wed 12th Dec 2012

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Vol commented on Rumour: GameCube Coming to Wii U Virtual Console:

ok, i have the back edition, or course. one thing i think nintendo might get some nice thumbs up from us nintedion's is, with there being a virtual console, dont make us pay for what we already have. Have us register the games we already have by using the bar code numbers from the games we own, ya know, so that we dont have to pay for the game again, and say if we were to sell the game or trade it in/what not, when and if someone else registers the same code send an email with confirmation to the old owner to make sure that it is legit. Yes, i do understand that there would be some bugs to be worked out of my idea but you get the jist of it. I think we nintendo lovers wouldnt cheat each other but in retro spect it actually might be something worth investing in.