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Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun

Posted by James Newton

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn hit DS some seven years after its predecessor, Golden Sun: The Lost Age landed on the Game Boy Advance. What are the chances of a new entry in the series, though? Camelot head Hiroyuki Takahashi wants to know if that's something you'd want.

In an interview with Nintendo Gamer, Hiroyuki Takahashi said that if enough users ask for a new Golden Sun, it might just happen:

A big reason for us making RPGs comes from the requests from all the people who have enjoyed our RPGs in the past. Perhaps if there are enough Nintendo users asking for another game in the Golden Sun series, then this will naturally lead to the development of such a game.

Don't expect a rush job, though: Takahashi has asked for "a bit of time":

Speaking personally from the perspective of the story, I think that honestly it may not be so likely because Golden Sun really requires a full effort to be put in. But of course, if there are enough people saying that we really must create another game, then we may just have to listen to them. Still, you would need to give me a bit of time to work on ideas for the story before we could release a fourth game in the series.

Golden Sun fans, this is your chance.


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CrispyGoomba said:

The first Golden Sun that I played was Dark Dawn, and boy was that a mistake. Now, I'm not going to say that the game is bad, but let's just say that the long dialog killed the game. I have yet to played the first two yet and many people have said that they are both great, so I'll have to give them a try soon. That being said, I would love to see a new and improved Golden Sun game come out on the 3DS. Camelot is a good developer and I'm sure they won't miss up this time.



ennan said:

Love the Golden Sun series. Might be my favourite RPG's... Maybe...

I'd love to see a new game on the 3DS or even better the Wii U. Either way I'd be happy.



GamerZack87 said:

@CrispyGoomba: But the long dialogue is what makes a Golden Sun game...

I have yet to play Dark Dawn, but I did try the first game and nearly completed The Lost Age. All I'll say is this: Best. GBA. RPGs. Ever.



Drewciffer said:

Dark Dawn may have been a let-down plotwise but was still an excellent game!
So... where do we send our annoying (e-)mail requesting GOLDENSUN4?



James said:

@Drewciffer Try webmasterX AT

Oh, and if everyone could throw in a request for SEGA and Camelot to patch up their differences and get to work on a proper Shining Force game, I'd appreciate it. Cheers.



Maachon said:

They better make a new game since how "Dark Dawn" ended >:c
and no, not gonna spoil a thing



Kosmo said:

I totally agree with Drewciffer. As much as I enjoyed GS:DD, the plot felt shallow and the game clearly lacked the epicness of GS: Lost Age. When I see that such an enormous game held on a GBA cartridge, having to put up with a ridiculously tiny world map, very few side quests and a childish plot on a DS cartridge really put me off.
What did work was the fighting, and overall gameplay. That was spot on.



Fuzzy said:

Yep the long dialog killed it for me. But there are some great elements to the series though, so hopefully they find a way to make another one for the fans.



theblackdragon said:

the hell are they talking about with 'it might happen'... Dark Dawn ended on an effing cliffhanger. They didn't finish that portion of the story at all. How can they not be thinking of a sequel ffs? Long-winded dialogue and easy difficulty aside, I hate it when devs leave a story unfinished. >:[



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

The answer's always gonna be the same Camelot, so just make an all out HD Golden Sun that'll wow everyone for Wii U already! ;P



Linkstrikesback said:

"It might just happen"?

What the hell camelot? I saw your cliffhanger ending to dark dawn, and that's only worth a MAYBE?



Lew3107 said:

1) Golden Sun: Dark Dawn sequel, with Matthew as the protagonist.
2) Either less dialogue (the text sounds annoy the hell out of me) or add voice acting.
3) 3DS and Wii U release.
4) Matthew for SSB4!



Chrno-x said:

It would be great if Camelot will create new game from the Golden Sun series. In GBA era both Golden Sun titles was my favorite RPGs so I'd love to see the fourth game coming to 3DS (I don't want it on Wii U because for me JRPG are way better on portable systems)



Radbot42 said:

I would love a new golden sun! But a few things need to change. number 1 the game cannot be as easy as dark dawn. The puzzles, and battles were lacking in difficulty. The dungeons were short, and there were almost no real puzzles like the originals.

Number 2 don't have every character talk just for the sake of having every character tall

3, I really wanna see what happens with those vortexes, They were an awesome idea, but they just disappeared from dark dawn,

4, I really want to see what happened with the original cast from 1 and 2 we didn't meet many of the characters even though they are essentially immortal.

5, I don't really know why you guys created so many random "ancient" civilizations that weren't in the original games, I was so confused I couldn't really follow, that part of the story.

6, The menu system was kinda crap in dark dawn as well, that one row, made things so much harder to navigate the menus, just because there is touch doesn't mean we want to use it, especially in these kinda games. I really dont want to see much touch screen use in a 4th game unless it's strictly for menu controls

7, I want to re-explore the rest or Weyard. Dark Dawn was only a small part of the world, much like The Broken Seal.

8,One last thing I would love to see, but not sure if possible would be an over the shoulder camera,like a 3d zelda game. If this was done right the puzzles could have a lot more depth, just like when zelda transitioned from 2d to 3d.

I really want to see a fourth installment in this series, It is one of my favorite series of all time, just take your time. I don't care if this game takes 4 more years to come out, just as long as it as good as the original 2 or even better!

Also please keep this on the 3DS I love being able to take my golden sun wherever I go. I still have my gameboy micro so I can still play 1 and 2 whenever I want to!



Not-Another-Ad said:

Dear Camelot,

Please may you make another Golden Sun game,for us.
Cause we love you,and you make great games.

Yours faithfully
Nick Clegg

PS. I love you.



Dynetheous said:

I would want a golden sun game if its on the wii U, but i would settle if it was on the 3DS



Rensch said:

Yes, please! But only if they keep the annoyngly long dialogue at bay. Seriously, in the first three games, they were just doing their best to make the characters talk much more than even remotely necessary.



LztheQuack said:

Like dragon said, the last one ended on a cliffhanger. It has to happen!!!

Ya hear me Camelot?! MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!!! (or rather, start to make the new game )



LztheQuack said:


@James : While I would love to see a new proper Shining Force game, Golden Sun takes higher priority for me



Doma said:

Face it guys, with Dark Dawn they screwed the plot to the point of no return - it was convoluted, stupid and unnecessary. I doubt that many now would even want to see a continuation, so i'd advise them to not waste the time on one and instead make something entirely new (perhaps in the same vein). Or is clinging to this done-with series all Camelot are capable of? that and their crappy cash-in Mario sports titles.



47drift said:

I wish they were around to hear our voices clamoring for a new Mario Tennis RPG in Mario Tennis Open! Selective hearing, I guess.



Fabian said:

Golden Sun 4 yeeeeeeeessssss but i want it on my 3ds rather than the WiiU



CanisWolfred said:

@GamerZack It's what makes a Golden Sun game boring. Well, that and the boring combat. And the boring characters. And the boring everything else...



bahooney said:

Hey, Camelot. I have an idea. Take your Mario Tennis Open back, we can all pretend it didn't happen, and then release Mario Tennis Open DX with an actual RPG mode. Because that makes sense, releasing a console-esque MT game on a handheld.



Expa0 said:

I don't really like the series, but having more JRPGs is never a bad thing. If they're gonna make a new GS game, I hope they start the story from a scratch having only very minimal connections to the earlier titles.



kdognumba1 said:

I can't think of a reason to not make any more of these games. It's a solid series and is worth continuing. Question is how to show appreciation outside of sales and bombarding Nintendo's facebook/twitter with Goldensun requests. Do they specifically have a way we can communicate with them?



Silver_August said:

The game ended on a cliffhanger! dont leave us hanging! Golden Sun Dark Dawn was my first leap into playing and completing a Golden Sun and i loved it! You guys even said it was the start of the true saga since 1 and 2 were prequels, come on, Dark psynergy!



Notmybabushka said:

Oh, I wish Camelot would make another Golden Sun. I grew up playing 1 and 2 and I've been scouring the internet for any mention of a sequel ever since Dark Dawn came out! They're my favorite games.



misswliu81 said:

dear camelot, yes i'd be welcome to a new golden sun game.

3DS or wii U, i don't care which system it is on. as the nike slogan goes: just do it!



Lalivero said:

A new Golden Sun sequel? Hell yea!

On the 3DS or WiiU? HELL YEA!

I don't know why people hate the dialogue, it's one of the things that makes Golden Sun...well Golden sun; Sure it could be toned down a little, but I think having a fair amount of dialogue keeps me really into the story.

One thing that I agree needs improving on(from DD, the first 2 were perfect in this area) is the difficulty like stated before.

Another thing, it should have more ties into the first games in the series. I loved DD, but it feels like it was an entirely new thing on it's own(which isn't necessarily a bad thing), but I doubt everything/place in Weyard changed 'that' much in 30 years; where are some older areas making an appearance here and there?

Lastly, I hope DD was just a start of exploration like the first game was, place wise of course. The first game only got to explore much of Angara and a little of Gondowan, while Lost Age opened up the entire rest of the world; I really hope the next one does a similiar thing, or at least opens up quite a bit more.

If I have anything else to add, I will later, ha.



Arcamenel said:

I would absolutely LOVE another Golden Sun game preferably for the 3DS because I don't see myself getting a Wii U anytime in the foreseeable future. I'd like for the series to remain a handheld only series personally. The 3DS is capable of some pretty nice graphics and I think it would do the game justice.

If they do decide to do this I hope they take a good look at some fan input. I enjoyed Dark Dawn overall but it pales in comparison to its predecessors. I had no problem with the dialogue, that's how the previous games were and I rather like games with some dialogue. My problem was the plot was very dry and we didn't really get much information on the characters who pretty much made the game what it is. The ending felt a bit lackluster and rushed to me as well. Other than that I'd love for them to continue it.



Arcamenel said:

I also agree that the puzzles in DD were unbelievably easy. Granted when I played Lost Age I was much younger so maybe it's just different because I'm able to spot things out easier. I remember being stuck on a lot of the Lighthouse puzzles for days. I'd like to go back to that, but I wouldn't want the game to turn off the younger crowd either so finding a nice medium should work.



DarkKirby said:

Of course people want another Golden Sun game. But I want an actual new Golden Sun game with new, psynergy, weapons, puzzles and possibly even mechanics.

Dark Dawn was Golden Sun 1.5 and recycled a large amount of stuff from the previous games, seemingly topping almost none of it.



Lalivero said:

To this day, I wish they had split the game series up into 4 games at least, each being the journey to the next lighthouse, haha. Although I think Lost Age did it justice, would've killed me to have to wait for the Jupiter and Mars lighthouses.

Hopefully we can convince Camelot to continue and hopefully better the series leading from DD.



Aerona said:

How can they have no plans to release a sequel to something that ends on a cliff hanger?



mamp said:

IDK they did a really bad job with Dark Dawn I was really let down on how horrible the characters were (they lacked a personality this time around), the psynergies,Djinni, and summonings (which were the same ones from the first 2 games). I hate how the encounter rate was REALLY low and the game was too easy. It felt like golden sun with a new coat of graphical paint and a mediocre story. (and I was a really big fan of the first 2)



Saturos said:

As the creator and lead administration of one of the most active Golden Sun fanforums in English, I can definitely say that we all would appreciate a new Golden Sun game, and would purchase it without question. Golden Sun is one of the most gorgeous experiences available on handheld systems, and one of my personal favourites without question.

While there may have been a few missteps in Dark Dawn, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it — there was just that particular life and spark in it that the first games had. It helps to compare it more specifically to The Broken Seal, as the set-up in many ways to hopefully a sequel. But the glimpse we saw of the incredibly vivid world of Weyard was more than worth it.
I know Camelot is most comfortable with handhelds, but I'd be lying if I didn't say the thought of a fully-realized Golden Sun on the WillU didn't take my breath away.
And if Camelot ever needs more fan input or potential helpers, I know an entire forum of people who'd be eager and willing.



iPruch said:

@Saturos +1

I'd love to see another Golden Sun chapter, even after the little disappointment with Dark Dawn (but still a good game, with its unique and magical essence). And I'd also be lying if I say that I don't want to see a Golden Sun on a home console instead of a handheld one. I love handheld consoles, and there are lots of games which prove to be better than others on home consoles (which reminds me that there is a common belief among people that home console games are always better than handheld ones, something totally unfounded). But after Xenoblade Chronicles, I can't stop imagining a home console Golden Sun and how gorgeous it could be!

Camelot, don't mind if you choose 3DS or Wii U, but don't let Golden Sun series die!



Bloodysaber said:

It's not even the long dialogue that bothered me in Dark Dawn... It was the redundant dialogue. I swear I read the same conversation multiple times on multiple occasions, or at the least the characters would act surprised in response to something that was JUST explained, and have it explained again slightly differently.

Also, the game was just all around too easy.



Aqueous said:

GS:DD was my first and made me regret that I never got 1 and 2 which I saw on numerous occasions years ago. The game might have easy, but it was still enjoyable and I did get filled in on what I missed, which was a nice touch.

@James can you be a little more clear on where we go to bug them please?
-They ended on a cliff hanger with the vortex, they just introduced the main enemies of 4, Dark Pysnergy has come up and light as well. We only saw the part of the world where they were liked, not the parts where they are hated and we also finally got the Soarwing to go find out what's going on at the mountain. Plus there is Alex's real plans that we only just get to touch on.

spoilers over
Love to see the first 2 hit the eshop, so I can see what happened in those games.



SMW said:

I could go for some Wii U golf, either Mario Golf or a sequel to We Love Golf! Don't kill me, but RPGs aren't my thing, instead I love Camelot's zany golf games. (I wouldn't mind seeing RPG elements in the next Mario Golf, though.)



Prof_Clayton said:

I wish there will be another Golden Sun. But it needs some refinment to be better IMO:
★ More stable camera during battles. I sometimes had no clue why it moved so fast.
★ Bigger world like @Chriiis said.
★ Ditch emoticons that do nothing. This is an rpg not The Sims.
★ More focus on adventure instead of just go here and do this ALA FFt4HoL.
★ Add the ability for players to play and adventure in 4 player online like heroes of ruin. But everyone must stay on the same screen as the main person, they get more rewards b/c it's their game. And they alone must solve puzzles.
★ Make it more like 1&2 then DD please.



MeloMan said:

I still gotta get my GS:DD on, but I loved the first two games and the file sharing between them. Since I haven't played DD I don't really have an opinion, but since I enjoy GS in general, I'd say bring it on Camelot



Charon said:

First of all before there can be any misunderstanding:
Golden Sun 1&TLA remain my favourite rpg after all these years.
Ive replayed them every year.
I was a kid and as I started to understand english, hence the game, I learned the valuable lesson that the world is not simply black or white. I would not be who I am without Golden Sun

Now for the serious part:
Are you telling me you don't even have like plans or anything???
We've been waiting for an announcment of the seemingly inevitable and obvious sequel before the DS would get replaced (tons of unaddressed questions, huge cliffhanger, game being a long sidequest)....
With all that happened in DD there is a lot of explaining to do.
I was 100% confident DD was just a reintroduction of the series and a setup for an epic story that would surpass TLA as the fourth (and fifth?) instalment would come out.

DD is a great game alright (as long as we ignore TLA), and a nice sign that there is still places where the story can go, but there was several parts that could have been done better.
In puzzles and in battles. See if there was a fourth realesed ASAP after DD I would have understood, since many people would see GS for the first time, but since nothing came, you better step up your game now. Giant dungeons, labyrinths that make you draw a maps, puzzles that require 2 eurekas not just one, and boss fights that don't die to summon rush. Which brings me to
-Battle system
You need to balance that thing somehow. In GS1&2 it wasnt much different I know (you are almighty adepts in an alchemy-less world, melee, psynergy or summons, all are uber), but this time the golden sun is shining, so you even have a plot reason for making the battle system better thought through.
It shouldn't simply be, spam whatever you like most, but at the same time it would be bad if it got too restrictive, and so on..
Don't get me wrong, I loved the dialogue in both initial games. It had tons of interesting discussions and an amazing story, but in DD, there was quite a higher percentage of repetition of the same stuff being said.
Keep the amount of text, just make it hold interesting information whenever possible.
The PointsOfNoReturn were annoying in DD. Yep.
Also call Motoi Sakuraba to start working on awesome songs RIGHT NOW.

I don't remember other stuff that needs to be brought up right now, but yeah. YEAH. WE DEMAND GOLDEN SUN.

It needs to revive the epicness of TLA, with memorable awe inspiring ancient elemental structures and forgotten secret cities with who knows what (I dont believe you that you dont have half of the story sorted out since forever), more ingenious plot twists and lessons for life than the smartest movies out there atm, give characters time to actually develop, make human mistakes and learn (instead of just casual talk) and grow on us points at Himi. Also it needs dramatic and emotional parts, not over the top "oh look everyone in this town is now dead", but reasonable pace. Improve every mechanic, make the battles and puzzles more engaging, smart and balanced.
Thats all I got for now.
Oh, get the people together that did the most work on TLA background? idk




kurtasbestos said:

James, you're not THAT alone in your dreams. The Camelot-era Shining Force games are my favorite series of all time (I own every single one of them, including the SFIII Premium Disc), and the Golden Sun games have always felt like the closest we'll ever get to an actual factual Shining Force 4. Although there are plenty of things I could nitpick Dark Dawn about (or say that the first two games did better), as a long-time Camelot fan I still totally love it. More than anything else, though, you barely get to explore the world this time around, so it's totally begging for a sequel!



retro_player_22 said:

@Mickeymac Sure why not and let the 3DS had even less RPG. Either way they end the game with a cliffhanger, they had to make a sequel to wrap that up first. You can't just write a book and end it at a point where nothing is solve yet. It's like ending The Lord of the Ring after the The Two Towers w/o going into The Return of the King or finishing Star Wars Episodes IV & V and not bother with Episode VI.



Highwinter said:

Dark Dawn had a lot of flaws, I especially didn't like that they pretty much disregarded everything from the previous games to try and sell it to a new audience. Focusing on those who were already interested would have been a better idea than making something that didn't appeal to anyone in the end.

But I'd be very interested in a sequel.



spikain said:

I've been a huge fan (wizzzzzzzzz) since the very first Golden Sun and I haven't lost faith in Camelot after the Dark Dawn, even though it was way too easy. Both the fights and the puzzles. PLEASE GO BACK TO GOLDEN SUN'S ROOTS AND MAKE US A NEW AWESOME GAME!



Samholy said:

liked them but they were not memorable titles to me. just another rpg into the pack.
The first one was the best, didnt even bother to finish the second one. easiness isnt always fun.



Yanchamaru said:

What is the point of making another Golden Sun when NOA refuses to publish RPG's? Geez, getting Xenoblade was such a hassle and many games on the DS, like Soma Bringer have remained in Japan.



dimi said:

There's nothing i would like more. The problem is that Golden SUn 3 was a commercial failure, specially in Europe. Golden Sun: The Broken Seal is Final Fantasy for GBA (with some pokemon like creatures). So yeah please bring it on.



Aerolux said:

GS1 was great, GS2 was awesome, GS3 was okay, but it was a little too easy.

So why not have another GS game? GS2 was better than GS1, so maybe GS4 will be better than all of them (if they make it). Bring it on Camelot!



Sora1057 said:

Yes please make the GS4 D: . Golden Sun is my favorite RPG in the whole world!
I really enjoyed Dark Dawn , even though it ended in a cliff hanger the story was still amazing. Weyard rich history and legends were so amazing. The battle system was great too , but the dungeons were a bit too easy but still great. So please make GS4! Make all of our dreams come true



True_Blade said:

HELL YES!! We need another Golden Sun, especially after the bad cliffhanger in Dark Dawn! Take your time and make us a game us fans can be proud of. (Preferably on the 3DS please, hand held games are so much easier to play on)



Crystalking18 said:

I think the general concensus is to make another Golden Sun game. Please make another Golden Sun game?



Kurokuma said:

I've played (and beat completely) all of the Golden Sun games.. and I've loved all of them! They are without a doubt the best RPG games I've ever played! Heck, I remember the first time I played the first one just ten years ago, and I'm so glad I did!
Please, make another Golden Sun game!



Ash_Anne said:

I want another Golden Sun. You can't end the series that way, it was a drop off ending!!



Teker33 said:

I love this series. They need to make at least one more game. They need to finish it up greatly. You also need to play as Felix's son, and combine the parties again, even the adults, or maybe even just play as Felix again. DD didn't have much as an in depth story and was too easy. Golden Sun, and TLA both had in depth story, harder puzzles, harder leveling up, and more interesting. DD was just missing much that could easily be made up in the 4th game. We need this Camelot.



ioperest said:

That would be awesome to see another Golden Sun game. This is my all time, hands down, favorite RPG growing up. I still play the originals, at least being the first to. Dark Dawn was alright, still played through it and loved that it was Golden Sun. But I do agree with most people in that the first two were better. I think an extension of it or even a re-make of the originals with updated graphics and whatnot would be killer as well. Or even giving it more replay value or an online multi-player aspect would be awesome too. There's so many places you can still go with this game and I think you have the fans to do it as well. ANOTHERRRR!



Tfwnogf said:

Golden Sun was without a doubt the greatest game I played in my childhood. The depth of story combined with the character development was beyond any other video game I played, and I played many. The sequels were amazing, in that they were better than the first game. This is something I have yet to see again in a video game series. I was ecstatic when the DS sequel came out, and it lived up to all the expectations I had, and more. To leave the series ending at Dark Dawn would be... nothing short of a travesty. Please consider making a sequel, you would delight many fans.



Ikite said:

NO WAYYY. I Tough it was Already a Giving that the game was amazing. The 4th season has not YET been decided???!! Pleaseeeee!! i'm not asking for the forth season to be done Tomorrow, but do please choose to create it!!



Joseph144332 said:

Yes!!!!! You absolutely must make another golden sun game. You left so many openings with the third one and so many questions left unanswered. Plus the ending was a dead giveaway that a sequel should be made. I remember having to wait 7 years for the next installment in the series to come out after the lost age and I was so excited when I found that another golden sun game had finally come out. So please don't dissapoint all your fans



ShiningFan4Life said:

Camelot, another golden sun would be nice for the newer fans. But I think you should make a shining or the holy ark 2 for the old ones! OR AT LEAST A GAME THAT RELATES IN ITS ENTIRETY. I've played countless rpgs in 2 decades... and shining the holy ark would be on par wit FF7 solely based on impact of the whole game to ones imagination. The soundtrack was amazing as well. But honestly as a fan i would be happy with any game you came out with please continue to make awesome games and thanks!



Unnamed_Swordsm said:

Another! Another!!! ^.^ I was a bit sad that my favorite character was not in the Dark Dawn... But it would make more sense if you got another Golden Sun out to fill in some gaps where the Dark Dawn game left!



Kieechi said:

Dear Camelot,

Please may you make another Golden Sun game,for us.
Cause we love you,and you make great games.



Drayven said:

Yes! I would love another game of the greastest series I have ever played. Golden Sun IV will be pretty awesome indeed! I remember way back in 2001 in October when the first game came out and thinking how much ahead of it's time the game was. The graphics were outstanding! The music and storyline was something to really be proud of for both creators and consumers alike. I also remember losing a lot of time playing it and taking sick days from school just to find out what will happen next in the game's epic story. I personally think that Camelot should not stop at a fouth installment however, I strongly believe as a true GS fan and novelist that Golden Sun MUST have least six games in the series. My reason for this is; Golden Sun and The Lost Age were the main story, Dark Dawn was 30 years later, and so part four should be just after Dark Dawn. And if they make a part 5 and 6, they should both take place before the first game with Isaac's father (Kyle) as the main character. this way they will have 2 games for each generation and we'll all know much more of what happened back in the day with the Wise One and the creation of the four lighthouses as well as Alex's dark beginings. And besides, Dark Dawn ended with a major plot twist were the story is still far from over. But that's just me though, I'm a huge consumer of full stories with past events too. I have written my own fan-novel of Golden Sun and it's past events, in my story it is 16 years before the first game. I call it "Silver Moon: Dawn of Alchemy" it just seemed practical lol. And to Hiroyuki Takahashi, keep up the great job! You and your team have been really onto something these past 12 glorious years. My hat is off to you!...Well I mean if I was wearing one.



tee_specs said:

i played all 3 and i must say its really a good game.... i got dark dawn a week after it was released and i ended it in a week........ i am just looking forward to another, because at the end Tyrell looked up and saw one of the vortex close to their home so obviously it shows there as to be another one.........



tee_specs said:

@Drayven ..... i agree with you 100%, right now in jamaica, i have alot of fiends who saw me with this game and they were jus crazy about it. i told them, to get a better understanding of it they had to play the 1st two....... i jus hope a good amount of fan see this



Drayven said:

I agree with you on that one also, tee_specs! Most of the younger gamers in my area have never heard of Golden Sun until it's release on the DS, mainly because when the first one came out they were all ages between 4-7. So in order to fully understand the game, they would have to purchase the first two games online or by some luck at a pawn shop. I also think it would be an awesome idea to re-release the first two games on the DS in one cartrage, this way they won't have to add anything or up the graphics, Simply just an import...Unless the Nintedo Store has the first two already out for the Wii and DSi (I have neither one, just DSLite). But until they play through the first two games, they cannot even imagine what wonder and adventures take place leading up to Dark Dawn. So the younger people I know thought that DD was the first game of the series because of the long dormency between TLA and DD and it made no sense to them. I hope for a lot more GS titles to be released in the very near future, or at least a part 4 soon for now. We don't really want them to rush it and mess up, right? Who's with me?



tee_specs said:

@Drayven the idea of putting the 1st two on ds is VERY good one..... an import would be good, tht way wen they are playin they know exactly wat traanspired in the 1st two.......



GoldenSunGirl88 said:

I made an account on this site specifically to say... PLEASE MAKE GS4!!!!

I grew up on GS1+2, definitely my favorite RPGs of all time. I'm currently playing GS Dark Dawn and finding it very disappointing in terms of the plotline... not very catchy and rather confusing. I'm hoping that a GS4 can help redeem the series.



Goldensun5707 said:

i would love a new golden sun game. If they create it the game will be a great hit in the market. I WANT A GOLDEN SUN GAME FOR THE 3DS!!!!!!!!



Drayven said:

Yes! I too have only joined this site over a week ago because I seen this topic advertised on another site I use regularly. It really caught my attention, but the only thing I would have to disagree with you on, Goldensun5707 is that I hope that they make just one more Golden Sun title for the DS, then the rest on the 3DS... The reason I say this is because myself and many many others I know do not want to upgrade to the 3DS just yet. However, if they came out with GS4 on the 3DS, then it would give me sole reason to upgrade. For now Im really content with being able to play GBA and DS games simotaniously on my DSlite (example; with Pokemon Firered I can migrate to my Soulsilver and White versions). But that's just me.



asethh said:

Hey Camelot!!! Just sayin.... the GS series is hands down one of the best existing RPG series out there. That would be quite nice if they could start on a fourth installment. I mean really, its hard to find a decent RPG game for handheld and you guys have never disappointed with the previous 3. hope this makes a difference. thanks.



N712 said:

i want a new golden sun game, dark dawn left a huge cliff hangerand if production hasnt started the it should have. i have played and beat all the golden sun games and they are some of my favorites. the only reason i made this account was just so that i could post on this topic



Raizen said:

I make my account here only to make this post. First of all i would like to point at this game , as one of the best gaming experiences in my life ( and i must say i have played some games ) The first 2 games were something amazing, i played them as a kid, and i returned to them after all these years, and play them many times a year. The reason why i bought nintendo 3DS, was that i wanted to play the Dark Dawn in the first place ! As one of our posters here mentioned, this Title ( i must write it with a big T ) have such a huge "lore" around it, and it all could be used to its advantage. If i have to quote from one of the press conferences what Takahashi brothers said - "The first two games were just the prologue for the real thing!" , there is only one thing to be said - Do we really need to ask for another peace of heaven ?



ubeshake07 said:

Say yes please it will be awesome if they created another game because im really 100% golden sun fan since i played the first golden sun on gba and also the golden sun the lost age and last but not the least is golden sun dark dawn ) i really wish that there's another golden sun and i really hope that they create another game goodluck and more power to Camelot D



Ryuuky said:

I think that people should not really think at all!


Why hold back? I love this game and I think Golden Sun
Should be up there with POKEMON.

I like the many uses of the Djinn in the game, and the complex puzzles that
are in the game. Heck! you want some easy game or one that makes it tough
and fun.
RPG's are suppose to be fun!

I just wish Pokemon would not make it hard to get these event Pokemon.

Pokemon aside, and I say that Golden Sun is GREAT! Would of ever thought
of using animals to move through the game? This one heck of a game not
to make another. It is sad if the creator thinks he should not make another.

Why with All the cosplayers, and people who fell in love from first sight should
well worth the say that this game needs to continue.




Infamous said:

I really think we need a 4th game added to the series. The creator should know better than to want to stp at this point. MAKE ANOTHER GAME CAMELOT!!!



Zeldash said:

Golden Sun....well its the great game and a 1st game to have code system and a awesome battle system and use of djinn and psynergy. I really like completing the both GS and GS TLA.

When I heard news of GS DD , I was really excited and even bought a NDS lite hoping it will have some use of cartridge from LSA. But it didn't happened.

Dark Dawn is big failure in my sense if compared to prequels. Story which makes no sense, a long travel just to meet Kraden, djinn at every place, boring summonings, easy dungeons , too many characters in early terms, very few bosses that are easy to beat, monsters in every step after activating luna tower and most of all talks about Heroes of vale , heroes of vale and heroes of vale. If the heroes of vale still present then why they not save the world rather than their children ?

The story was very poor and I dont think GS 4 will do any good. Only chance they have is to create a new GS 3 with better story.

For those who are fan of GS and GS TLA , GS DD is disappointment.

However Golden Sun have really awesome design and facts of Alchemy. It motivated me to write novel and study more about alchemy. Hermes, Water of Life, and few other words are in text of old alchemy but have entirely different meaning. If they are going to create another masterpiece [except DD] I would like to more of insight of Alchemy.



rykeen said:

I just want a dark dawn 2, (like the golden sun 2). The end of the dark dawn makes me feel the same thing when i've played at golden sun (the 1st)...
So i hope there will be a dark dawn 2



gs4mustbemade said:

Dear Camelot

My brother and I made an account just to say this

Two big fans



MaxiPower said:

Golden Sun 1 and 2 were excellent, the third meh graphically it was fantastic but it really does need the 4th title to bring the story full circle... We need to see all the old cast back, we need to be able to travel all of Weyard. But most of all the dialouge needs to be less dumbed down... Dark dawns script was horrific...



Aki-kun said:

I enjoy all of Golden Sun series, especially 2.
Pls make Golden Sun 4!

P/s: how about a PC version?



Kakari102 said:

I think there should be either an enhanced remake or virtual consol port of both gba games on the 3DS. If they remake the original and The Lost Age, it would have the same graphics engine as Dark Dawn while keeping the same game engine.



ArcanusMaggiore said:

Camelot, read this, please, we all (mostly) are awaiting a continuation to this incredible series. MAKE THE FOURTH OF THE SERIES... AND PUT FELIX IN IT, lol.



zero6251 said:

okay what I think they should do is:
they never realy gave us the who married who series we all know that issac married jenna but what about all the other golden sun charicters? they should do it to where the other side (felix,sheba.etc) discover more about the dark psynergy and how it is causing all the vortexes and how the world is slowly decaying because the lack of light psynergy and too much dark psynergy is ingulfing the world, this will happen on the other hemisphere of the world then they would make peirs show up (ya know cause he's imortal) and he will tell them that he hass explored the whole world ahd has found out that the world is a living thing / that it has a soul, then wayfair( I think thats the world name) tells the crew that there is still one more lighthouse to be lit then the old crew from the first gs come in and say that they had lit all the lighthouse that is why the golden sun effect happend then the world tells them that there is another wolrd connected to wayfair that is basicly like its brother and copies it but in a darker setting that the only way for wayfair to be the same is for its brother planet to be
the same .. so in other words I would love for there to ba a new golden sun



gamexpert1990 said:

As one who has played the other three games in order (and disorder, they were that fun to me) I have to say it is one of my favorite series of games, and I would love to see a fourth game come from Camelot. While I regard the first two games as my personal favorite GBA games, the third one did seem somewhat shallow, though not so much as to complain about it, and I did enjoy some of the new characters VERY much. Also, a slight pet peeve of mine is that if you end a game, book, movie, etc. on a cliffhanger, you should have a sequel in mind... (p.s. I would actually appreciate the 4th game on the regular old DS, since I do not have a means of getting a 3DS or Wii U anytime soon.... p.p.s. Crystallux FTW!)



miasmawolf13 said:

For anyone on here who answered something similar! You don't just simply say "make another golden sun". You have to give off reasons why we want them to truly let them know that we really want one! Some of you answered how you don't want another for this reason or that reason like the one i noticed the most. The reason i think for the dialouge us for plot! What's a game without its long dialouge? A game with no plot. But hey that's what really gets us true Golden Sun fans stuck on the game. So if you don't like the series get out cause they area asking if we want a 4th! The Golden Sun series has truly become a favorite with me and i could very well say many many others. The battle system in the first wash just genius! What got me hooked where the djinns and the summons they produced! And the storyline was quite in good taste. Then when i had tried Lost Age i was amazed how the storyline got through and with those hidden bosses, more djinns, more classes, better weapons with unleashes, and more summons i was really stuck on it! Then i thought that wash young to be it! I always hoped they had made a new Golden Sun! Then what happened!? Dark Dawn was announced! Then i remembered oh yeah Alex is possibly still alive! Leaving a small possible window! And you guys opened that window! At the end of Dark Dawn i was like "no! It just cant end like that!" You guys left too many windows open this time that left many many Golden Sun fans asking questions like what happened to this? what happened to that? where are the other characters at? Are we ever gonna get rid of the biggest a**wad of a villan Alex? Seriously he friggin uses everyone to get what he wants! So as one can of the games and i hope others agree with this. Make another! And you have all the time of the world to make this last game if your want the best! Just don't let your fans down and make us produce with one hell of a game! And thats all this Golden Sun fan wanted to say!



miasmawolf13 said:

Ohh to add one more thing mainly directed to everyone else here! Golden Sun I believe will not be going to wii u or 3DS. The reason this being my opinion is not everyone us going to have those systems cause the majority of us having a DS, DSi, DS lite etc. Showing DS being sold way more than 3DS as for wii u i have nothing much to back up that but i can say Golden Sun *************** (*add epic name) will be the biggest and worst of their mistakes if released on wii u. Like Pokemon Black and White 2 for example was released on the nintendo DS and not 3DS cause of statistics showing there being more DS holders than 3DS. And there finally done!



AdeptAzrael said:

Me personally? I'd love to see a Golden Sun game come out that would go back and show things from the perspective of Saturos and Menardi, or Alex. It's have to be a bit lengthy, but I think it would make for an amazing game. This has always been my fave game series!



Posidan7 said:

i want another gs because the last one was a huge cliff hanger and i would love to play it please make it happen or i will cry



shinato said:

Golden sun is the best RPG serie that I 've played . Please bring us more golden sun game , don't ever let it end like that



m_kiemele said:

Golden Sun and TLA are the greatest games ever created. DD was a total letdown. As a veteran of the series (I've been playing and beating the games over and over again over the last decade), it was extremely sad to see such a powerful series tarnished with childish difficulty, laughable puzzles and enemies, and ugly, block-ish graphics. Furthermore, the attempted total overhaul of in-game mythology was unbelievably sloppy. And despite ALL of those blunders, I still play all 3 titles because I LOVE the series. Give us more Golden Sun, but only if you're going to give us the REAL Golden Sun.



Shady_88 said:

I agree with the opinion of others and I hope there is a sequel. It can not just as open end with the sequence at the end of 'Dark Dawn'. Since you can still attach no less than another game.
In addition, there were also two games ago, the story was linked. Please, please, still brings out a sequel!
Thank you.



helloinsanity said:

YES, a new game would be AMAZING. I got my boyfriend into it, and my friends too. They all love the series so far, and they're completely hooked. Myself, I'd KILL for a new game! This game is my favorite game, I absolutely love it.
I would love for Golden Sun to have either a remake of the first game, or they could make the first game, but in the perspective of Felix. Or remake the second game, in the perspective of Isaac. Anything works, I just want a new game



helloinsanity said:

Okay, now that I posted my opinion, here's what I think the new game should have.
If it's with Matthew and the rest:

Character Development:
-There was hardly enough time before the game REALLY started to learn about the characters. In the first GS game, we learned about the personalities of Garet and Isaac before they left on their adventure. We never really learn what each of the characters were thinking in DD, because it was such a basic idea.
-Matthew was stuck with 4 emotions, which were really confusing. What's with the happy, really happy, sad, and angry faces? Which one are you supposed to choose? You never got to just answer with opinions like Yes and No.

-The images were quite pixel-like (not bad, but could have been better) and I was expecting more after the game took like 6 or 8 years to come out.
-Monsters need to be stronger. Really? They're really weak in comparison to old GS monsters.

-The map, in my opinion, was EXTREMELY small. In TLA, you literally explored EVERYWHERE. I found this game to be just in a small area.
-I wish they hadn't eliminated so many original and classic towns. I would have loved to see them in the DS version. I would have loved to revisit original GS towns.. Such as where the Warriors of Vale originally came from. Like Kaylay for Ivan, Imil for Mia.. etc. Or I'd like to revisit Lemuria and Prox, or Contigo or something.

-Okay, I like the new team and all, but it seems like they left a LOOOOT of things unanswered in the 1st and 2nd game that I thought they would answer in the 3rd. They left a lot of characters out of the game again, and left me wondering why. They should bring back old ones more often.

-THEY NEED TO KEEP THE GAME ORIGINAL. Make sure they don't lose too much of the ORIGINAL game in the new ones! Don't let the original idea of the story leave, and be replaced with something too new for us fans.

Yeah, I'll post more if I think of any.



anthony6059 said:

yes yes yes i joined just now so i could say i just beat dark dawn and i need to know how it ends the only thing i think you need to add is a biger map more places to go to mack it longer



FuzzyBear said:

I'm not going to beat around the bush, i love the golden sun series, i played the first 2 games years ago, i adored them, they were logic games, i love logic games. With todays standards with "logic" games its nothing but seek and find bull, that's all i see in stores. Once i found out about dark dawn sometime last year, i was over filled with joy, and bought it as soon as i had enough.

Sure the puzzles were lacking, ok alot of it was lacking, but it had potential, potential you could put into its sequel. Not saying it wasn't enjoyable, cause it was. Certainly alot better than alot of games out there.

Please, make the next game, only go all out on it, make it as bad ass as you can, don't simplify it, bring back the puzzles and logic that we all loved, the difficulty, the CHALLENGE. We loved the in depth story, we fell in love with the characters because you gave them a background, you made them worth investing in. Many companies today just crap out a game and say here, don't do this, we fell in love with this series because you invested in it, you got us invested in it, dont give up now on such a creation.

The world needs some real logic games like golden sun.



Hoodbandit19 said:

Please for the sake of rpg legends make golden sun 4 honestly I started out playing golden sun then played the lost age and just recently bought a ds for the sole reason of playing dark dawn...the third one wasnt all what I expected it to be but it was still amazing to many unanswered questions and cliff hangers though and it seemed a little bit easier than the first two they had puzzles that would take forever to solve without a guide which made it that much more challenging and rewarding once you figured it out. Graphics in dark dawn were amazing even though 1&2 had great graphics for their era of technology...anyways I can imagine people all over the world wanna see what happens next in the golden sun saga. This game is just under final fantasy 7 for me and gives it a decent run for its money which is saying a lot...please make this game and do take your time...not 7 years though lol



Molotov9 said:

It's not a matter of fans wanting another Golden Sun, it's a matter of the world needing another Golden Sun!



FenrisZ said:

I have played all the golden suns since the first, and i have loved every single one. In addition many of my friends feel the same way we would all be more than willing to buy a new golden sun game. Right now in my ds i have in the top slot golden sun dark dawn and in the gba slot golden sun lost chapters. It has been over 10 years and i am still playing these games please finish the story that was started in dark dawn at least. It would be horrible if we never get to see the other half of the warriors of vale and what they are doing after 30 years. thank you.



_WeAreInfinite said:

Camelot needs to make another Golden Sun, they need to keep making Golden Sun games, period. I play these games over and over, even though the first two games were on gameboy I still think they are the best games I have ever played. If Camelot would make another Golden Sun on the Nintendo 3D DS I would be very disappointed since I cannot afford a 3DS; just putting the point forward that these games should be continued either in a gameboy format or a ds format but yes. Definately make another game.



Light4566 said:

Camelot and Ninetndo so need to make a new Golden Sun for the 3ds and can release it on the wii u as well. I love the Golden Sun series I still play Golden Sun and Golden Sun; The Lost Age on my gameboy advance sp. Dark Dawn was great as well I had only one complaint about it and that was the lack of the original cast sure their names were mentioned in the dialogue and you let us see Isaac, Garet, Kraden and god forbid Alex for a little bit but c'mon! That's not enough i wanted to see everyone! Which is Isaac, Garet, Ivan, Mia, Jenna, Felix, Sheba, Piers, Kraden, Alex and their kids. And there was a cliffhanger at the end of Dark Dawn. I agree with a lot of people I want to see weyard and re explore it as well. I want to know what became of Lemuria and see the place. I would also enjoy having the eight from dark dawn playable including Noble Mia's daughter and also have Isaac, Garet, Ivan, Mia, Jenna, Felix, Sheba, Piers playable as well. So Camelot please make a new Golden Sun! I don't want to see this franchise die out.



Kaji said:

i jus cant help but comment once more, i really need a 4th... dark dawn is enjoyable but waaaaayyyyy to easy. i completed it in a week. could've beenshorter though..... i had a REALLY rough time wit GS and GS:LA but i still "fulljoyed" both of them. ( each took about 3 mnths to complete.the bosses and monsters were pretty hard) a challenge is what i need



scarfsleeper said:

A fourth game is what I really need. I was hooked after the 1st and 2nd games. Dark dawn was okay but the entire thing was too short and monsters too weak. There's also so much that has to answered in the story before the game can be over. Camelot, you need to make a 4th Golden Sun game! A new and challenging rpg game, just like the game boy advance ones.



demonicangel7 said:

They should make another golden sun cuze i played all of the other golden sun games ad ive beaten all of them and they should meep the storyline going and i want to see the old golden sun characters in the new golden sun game



dpray said:

im a long time gamer and i grew up playing golden sun and loved them, when i hear theres a new game i try to get it imediately, aka dark dawn. with a chance for a another game, i want my voice heard. golden sun is awesome and i want another yes if a game is rushed it sucks so i dont mind waiting for a another golden sun game to come out. anyone who said they havent tried the first two, i would greatly reconmend it.



Hydrosine said:

So i found this topic.
I registered on this site just to post here that I would really enjoy another golden sun game!
First RPG i kept playing even after finishing it, just to get back in the world



Darkness1421 said:

Do it up! me and my friend were just talking about this today it definitely needs to be done they are great games and as of yesterday i started playing the first one again and its already beaten for the second time so give me something to look forward to please and thank you!~



NamineSalecia said:

My boyfriend and I both really love this game and wish to more of what happens to Matthew and the group he travels with so please do continue.



anthony6059 said:

mac a new golden sun i gust think you should find a way to tack the info from the game befor into the 4th so i dont have to start all over at level 1 with the crapy starter sword even if it requires 2 DSes to do



jjphillips13 said:

Please don't make me old by the time you bring out a new Golden Sun! I love the games and I hope for a more speedy sequel! Camelot should make transfers available like what was done with the first two games on GBA.



Cozzarad said:

-Make Golden Sun 4’s difficulty at least twice as high as the first two Golden Sun’s combined. The monsters in Dark Dawn did not have NEARLY enough moves and whatever moves they did have had CRIMINALLY LOW STRENGTH. The same goes for the bosses in Dark Dawn and they usually only got 1 MOVE PER TURN, even the Mountain Roc was like that, and they talked him up SO much, saying he could ‘make weather’, ‘he is beyond legendary’, they practically said he could pick up several people at once and kill them instantly, and yet he only got 1 MOVE PER TURN and NONE of his moves were ANYWHERE NEAR adequate to defeat the party. The same goes for almost ALL other bosses in Dark Dawn.
My brother has told me that one of the things that made the first 2 Golden Suns so difficult was that when he travelled from town to town, almost his whole party would be defeated by the time he got to the next town-he would have only JUST survived the journey and he would have depleted his healing items an Psynergy Points. Do this in Golden Sun 4. Beef up the difficulty by making healing and psynergy- restoring items VERY, VERY scarce and put only a few of each healing and Psynergy-restoring items in each shop in the towns. Give the random monsters high strength, high agility and good evasion (chance of dodging normal melee attacks) and seriously impairing moves, make it so that they only ocassionaly drop any healing and psynergy-restoring items and drop a lot less money than in the first 3 games. Bring back the spirit of the first 2 Golden Suns by making each trek between towns an arduous, slow, trying task- an absolute TRIAL. Make sure that almost every member of the player’s party is down by the end of each journey between towns and that they are almost all out of Psynergy Points and items! Make the rather unlikely discovery of even a minor item an absolute blessing for the player and the discovery of the next town like the discovery of Heaven and a Holy chance to re-stock on items and heal and rest the party. If you think that is going too far, all I can say is ‘Ridiculous difficulty is better that puny difficulty!’.
-Another thing I must say is that money does not have to be the player’s main source of revenue. I STRONGLY recommend that defeating enemies yields little to no money but earns the occasional item. If you do this, Camelot, the player will have to decide whether to sell a vital healing item in order to have enough money to buy a good, effective new weapon or armour or to keep the healing item to simply SURVIVE the next battle by keeping a party member alive by the use of that healing item. This should be optional for the player- the player should be able to go to the options menu and choose between getting normal amounts of money out of winning battles or getting little to no money out of winning battles. Camelot, I VERY STRONGLY recommend that you guys put this in Golden Sun 4 to REALLY increase the difficulty.
-Player can make poisons and antidotes out of wild plants on the world map, arrows, bows, crossbows, crossbow bolts, spears, shields and other wooden equipment out of trees on the world map. The player may also invent new weapons and enchant them with psynergy to give them an unleash ability with an effect the player invents (the game will place certain restrictions on the side-effects of weapons and armour) or chooses (the game will offer its own side-effects for weapons and armour within the rules of fairness and reasonability, so as not to overpower enemies). The player may also learn how place a metal rim or coating on the weapons he/she has made so they will do more damage or provide more defence etc. The player must learn, from a shopkeeper or blacksmith, how to do such things. A weapon shopkeeper will teach how to do the above with weapons, and armour-keeper with armour, and a medicine-seller will teach how to make poisons and antidotes. The player must pay money for lessons on how to do these things and will find that shopkeepers later towns in the game will be able to teach more than shopkeepers in early towns (this will prevent the player from knowing everything to early in the game).
-Many different types of poison, each one reduces the status (e.g. attack, defence, luck, agility etc.) component it is named after by a certain amount per turn: 'Attack poison', 'Defence poison', 'Agility poison', 'Luck poison'. There should also be poisons for ALL INDIVIDUAL elemental powers and elemental resistances (e.g. 'Water Resistance poison' and 'Water Power poison'). The player can make these poisons out of specific plants and then enchant them with psynergy in different ways depending on which specific type of poison he/she wants. There are specific types of plants and other ingredients for each poison and not all of them can be enchanted to reduce an elemental status. There are specific antidotes for each poison (some with multiple ingredients) and the player can also invent new antidotes that cure multiple types of poison and make poisons that effect more than one status component (2 to begin with, then more as the player progresses through the game).
-The player should choose what a blacksmith makes out of a raw material and can receive lessons on how to forge things and make things and poisons out in the wild. The player can invent things that blacksmiths don't make. The player can also give his/her invention an effect/unleash.
-'Combination Psynergies'
-At some stage of the game (perhaps as a reward for completing the game or all the secrets/sidequests in the game, or the effect of a secret item in an extremely well-hidden secret dungeon in the game) the player should be able to combine ALL psynergies, (including 'HP-restoring and 'Status-Healing' ones) (e.g. Whirlwind + Flare= 'Whirling Flare' or 'Pure Wish + 'Cool Aura'='Pure Aura').The limit for the number of psynergies that can be combined in battle should be the number of party members there are in the front line of battle. The player may use the touch-screen to invent a 3-dimensional animation sequence for each 'Combination Psynergy' and create his/her own name for 'Combined Psynergies'.
-There should also be MANY new psynergies, even for the usual four elements. Here are my suggestions. I shall be heartbroken if they are not in the game. So, in other words, you must put include them in the game:
EARTH: Have the usual “Quake” psynergy series but extend it beyond “Quake Sphere”; after ‘Quake Sphere, have; “Tectonic Shift”, then “Tectonic Disturbance”, then “Tectonic Scrape”
"Battle Formations/Actions"
There shall be 'Battle Formations' in Golden Sun 4 and, just like any Golden Sun fan , I will not take ‘No’ for an answer:
‘Shield Prepared’: Player commands 1+ party members to place their shields out in front of themselves for protection.
‘Shield Block’: Just before one of the player’s party members is attacked by an enemy’s normal, weapon-based melee attack, the player may press, for example, the R-Button on the 3DS system to quickly ‘Shield Block’ the attack even without using the ‘Shield Prepared’ action.
‘Shield Wall’: Player commands any number of party members to place their shields in front of themselves to protect from enemy attacks. This is more effective than just getting everyone to perform ‘Shield Prepared’ since it gets everyone to work as a team and literally fill in gaps in the party’s defense to protect from ranged attacks especially.
‘Shield Bash’: The player commands an individual party member to bash an individual enemy with a shield (if a shield is equipped on that party member). This can also be done to more than one enemy and does little damage to them, but may reduce their ‘Morale’ a bit.
‘Weapon Prepared’: 1+ characters place their weapons out in front of themselves to be prepared to ‘Retaliate’ if an enemy comes up close to do a melee attack (an attack with their weapon). The player is given some short warning by the game immediately before the enemy carries out the melee attack. The player then may press the ‘Parry’ button on the system (if he/she reacts fast enough), or choose to‘Retaliate’. The player may also Parry, then immediately Retaliate if he/she is skilled enough to do so.
‘Weapon Parry’: Just before one of the player’s party members is attacked by an enemy’s normal, weapon-based melee attack, the player may press the Y-Button (for example) to ‘Parry’ the attack with that party member’s weapon. This is not as effective as ‘Shield Block’ since the enemy can get around the weapon and have a second chance to hit the defender, in which case the player must keep pressing the Y-Button (‘Parry’ button) to ‘Parry’ each attack in order to avoid damage.
-‘Weapon Wall’: Player commands any 2+ character(s) to place their weapons out in front of themselves in order to be ready to 'Retaliate'* should an enemy come to attack at close range. This is different from ‘Weapon Prepared’ because it automatically makes all people in the Weapon Wall ‘Retaliate’ if an enemy comes to use a normal melee attack against anyone who is part of the ‘Weapon Wall’. The player is given some short warning by the game immediately before the enemy carries out the melee attack. The player then may press the ‘Parry’ button on the system (if he/she reacts fast enough), or choose to ‘Retaliate’. Unless the player reacts fast enough to make the people in the ‘Weapon Wall’ ‘Retaliate’ before or during the opponent’s melee attack, the members of the ‘Weapon Wall’ will ‘Retaliate’ after the enemy has melee finished their melee.
‘Shield Charge’: 1+ characters charge towards the enemy party with their shields out in front of them for protection. One charger (attacker) can only charge at one enemy. The attacker will buffet or plough his/her victim with his/her shield and although this does not do as much damage as a real weapon, the attacker will always be prepared to block any ‘Retaliation’ attacks with his/her shield.
‘Weapon Charge’: 1+ characters charge at opposing party with weapon ready and out in front of them. Attacker will do more damage to the enemy than with a ‘Shield Charge’ and can ‘Parry’ a ‘Retaliation’ but is more exposed to one than with a ‘Shield Charge’.
‘Prepared Charge’: 1+ characters charge at opponents with shields and weapons out in front of themselves for the effects of both, but it takes 1 turn for (a) character(s) to prepare to carry it out. However, when the party is preparing for the charge, neither of them can parry or retaliate, but have their shields out in front of them for protection (same effect as ‘Shield Wall’). Once the turn when the charge can be carried out arrives, the player will be asked to confirm his/her decision. If the player changes his/her mind when asked this, the game will cancel the charge and let the player go back to normal battle options for that turn.
‘Equipment Borrowing’- The player should be able to command a party member to ‘Borrow’ a piece of equipment like a sword or shield (not a single-use healing item) from an ally and use it once that turn and give it back to the ally from whom it was borrowed.
-There MUST be an option that makes ALL close-quarters attacks (shield bashes, normal attacks done with weapons and so on) controlled by touch-screen. This should apply to both the normal, turn-based setout of battle, and the faster-paced real-time set out of ‘Melee Duels’ and ‘Brawls’. It will work like this: The player commands a character to use their normal weapon attack on an enemy. Once that character has approached the enemy, the player must move the stylus across the Touch-screen in the direction in which they want their character to swing their weapon at the enemy (e.g. if the player slides the stylus to the left of the Touch-screen, the character will swing their weapon to the left .This would be effective for getting an attack AROUND an enemy’s shield and weapon to a part of the enemy’s body that is NOT protected by a shield or weapon). There should be no limitations to this- absolutely ALL parts of the Touch-screen MUST be responsive to the movements of the stylus across it. It shouldn’t be that the player has to trace a drawing on the Touch-screen, it should be that the player CREATES a drawing on the Touch-screen. The character being controlled must respond to the player’s ‘drawing’ WHILE THE PLAYER IS ‘drawing’ ON THE TOUCH-SCREEN. The character should not respond AFTER the player has finished ‘drawing’, but WHILE the player is ‘drawing’. The character will retreat back to their party if the player has not ‘drawn’ anything on the Touch-screen for a couple of moments. The Touch-screen being completely responsive on ALL areas allows for TOTAL fluency and for the character to basically invent weapon-based attacks of their own. Touch-screen based melee attacks MUST be included in ALL scenarios in which weapons can be used. NO excuses. Camelot, you may like to make it so that the player can make their character swing their weapon even when they are not close to the enemy-it would just add a fluent, free, unrestricted feel to the battle. Remember, there should be an option that allows the player to turn this aspect of battle on or off. But you guys at Camelot, MUST include this in Golden Sun 4.
‘Advancing’: 1+ character(s) take 1 step forward to intimidate the enemy (reduce their morale). The more allies the ‘Advancer’ has and the fewer allies the victim has, and the more ‘Advancers’ there are, the greater the effect on the victims’ morale will be. A character advances towards an individual enemy to reduce that enemy’s morale, but this will often mean that the advancer will be the preferred target for enemies next turn. The whole party may advance so none of them will be a preferred target for the enemy. More than one character may advance on the same individual enemy to reduce that enemy’s morale even further than with just one Advancer. The ‘Victim’ of an ‘Advance’ may take a step back for the turn after advanced upon, or hold his or her ground. If opposing characters/parties come close enough to each other, a ‘Melee Duel’ or ‘Brawl’ is more likely to begin than before because enemies will more likely try to perform a melee attack, in which case, the ‘Victim’, being a member of the player’s party may be commanded by the player to ‘Retaliate’. Also, the enemy (bots controlled by the game) will be more likely to ‘Retaliate’ if approached with a melee attack while the two parties are close to each other.
‘Chanting’- 1+ party member(s) chant at one enemy each to intimidate them. This will not always work (especially not on bosses), but will always increase the ‘Morale’ of each party member (especially the ones adjacent to the ‘Chanter’).
-ANY enemies should be able to perform ANY ‘Battle Formations/Actions’ (including ‘Retaliation’ and ’Charges’)

  • ‘Retaliation’, ‘Melee Duels’, and ‘Brawls’ are all done in real time with the 3DS’s button-controls -Any of the above battle actions may (theoretically) lead to a ‘Melee Duel’ or a ‘Brawl’. Camelot, I want you to make this true.
    ‘Advancing’ may be done at any time, whether during a ‘Melee Duel’, ‘Brawl’ or during a normal battle situation, but if done by a single character, it may expose that character to enemy attacks a bit more. This applies to ‘Melee Duels’, ‘Brawls’ and a normal, turn-based situation.
    You may like to include ‘Skill Levels’ for each individual character when it comes to ‘Battle Formations’ and ‘Battle Actions’. This means that a character will become better with a ‘Battle Formation’ or ‘Battle Action’ as he/she uses it more. For example, the higher a character’s skill level with ‘Advancing’, the more the enemy’s morale will be reduced by when ‘Advanced’ upon by that character, or, the more experience a character has with ‘Parrying’, the higher the resisting strength of the ‘Parry’ will be, making it harder for the attacker to push the defending character’s weapon back and then strike that defending character.
    "Retaliation' runs on ‘Real-Time’ and works like this: If anyone on either side of the battle comes close to his/her target to perform a melee attack, the defender has a few moments to strike back (with normal melee) before, during or immediately after being attacked (while the attacker is close enough). After being subject to 'Retaliation', the original attacker may 'Strike Back' against the defender who 'Retaliated'. This may lead to a REAL-TIME, ongoing melee fight (I will call it a ‘Melee Duel’) involving skillful parries, shield-blocks and any such actions one may imagine. The ‘Melee Duel’ goes on until one contender chooses to retreat back to his/her allies or if one contender's HP is depleted. The ‘Original Victim’ (defender at the beginning of the ‘melee duel’) may pursue his/her attacker back to the attacker's party to finish the attacker off, in which case, the attacker's allies may help the (original) attacker fight off the approaching enemy (the original 'Victim' or 'original Defender') until the 'Original Defender/Victim’ retreats, or is defeated (or even flees from battle due to loss of 'Morale'.)
    Eventually, this could lead to an all-out, Real-Time brawl with each party member fighting one enemy and helping his/her allies after defeating an opponent. The player can use a touch-screen icon to flit between the control of different characters during the brawl while the characters not controlled by the player are bots and controlled randomly by the game within the effects/limits of their (and their opponent’s) armour and weapons. Also, if there are archers on either side of the brawl, they can back up their allies by shooting the enemies from a distance, or join in at melee (not a good idea without a melee weapon).The player commands any ranged party members not actually in the ‘Brawl’ to shoot at the enemies (if armed with a ranged weapon), join in the melee, or use attacking psynergy on enemies from a distance or use healing psynergy on allies from a distance. The psynergy they use when not being controlled by the player is determined by the game. The player can command the ranged party member who to attack/heal (using an icon that leads to a menu of some sort), even if the player is not playing as that ranged party-member. If two or more of the player’s party members have teamed up on an enemy, the player can command all of them, but, given the 3DS’s limits, the player could only make the characters do the same thing at the same time (e.g. A Button would make both party members ‘attack’ at the same time) but the same thing could be done even if no enemy were being teamed-up on (you could control all party members at the same time but they would all be doing the same things at the same time unless you could think of a way to give them separate instructions at the same time, Camelot?). Also, anyone fighting at close-range may use healing moves on themselves and allies whether being controlled by the player, or controlled randomly by the game.
    There should be particular controls for 'Melee Duels and ‘Brawls’ that are different to a normal battle situation: E.g. 'Retaliation' is initiated by the pressing of an icon on the touch-screen, (but will not be viable once the attacker retreats too far away), R Button for 'Shield-Block', A Button for 'Attack', L Button for 'Dodge' and Circle Pad for general movement (I expect GS4 will be on the 3ds)). Whenever the player is in a 'Melee Duel or ‘Brawl’', controlling one of his/her party members, he/she can call for support from allies by pressing a touch-screen icon.

*'Morale': Morale is a new stat I must suggest. Every character has it, and it can either be reduced or increased. It can be increased by the revival of downed allies, healing, and the fall or serious injury of enemies. It is reduced by being advanced upon, the fall or serious injury of allies, the arrival of new enemies and the healing of enemies. Morale should be reduced by 'Morale poison' and should be an optional stat which the player may switch on and off.

IMPORTANT, MUST READ : ALL things that can be done in battle, from ‘Attacking' to ‘Charges’, to ‘Walls’, to Djinn to Summons , even to items MUST, I insist, MUST be controlled by touch-screen based mini-games, puzzles and drawings which are randomly chosen by the game. If not, I will cry myself to sleep every night for four weeks or faint because of shame. Each battle option (psynergy, djinn, summons, attacking, items etc.) outside of ‘Melee Duels’ and ‘Brawls’ should have several different touch-screen based puzzles and minigames to control it. The faster and more accurately the player completes a touch-screen minigame, drawing or puzzle, the greater the outcome will be. This may mean that moves can be enhanced beyond their normal strength if the player does puzzle with great precision and speed. Psynergies and items used outside of battle also have this feature. The player may switch this feature off (using the ‘Options Menu”) to revert back to the classic psynergy and item controls for dungeons and Overworld (World Map), and the classic controls for battles:
INTERACTIVE BATTLE CONTROLS (excludes ‘Brawls and ‘Melee Duels’)
Also, poisons, antidotes, and weapons made by the player are made by the completion of touch-screen based puzzles randomly chosen by the game unless the player turns that particular feature off (in which case, the player will just have to press buttons or something to make/design/prototype a weapon he/she makes/invents) . Any weapons or armour the player invents are prototyped and completed on the touch-screen if the ‘Overworld Interactive’ option is chosen.
REGARDING CAVALRY: There MUST be cavalry in Golden Sun 4. Cavalry can anything from big dogs to horses to camels to elephants to mythical beasts (and real-life animals that are not possible to tame or muster but can be with the use of psynergy, (E.G. hippos and rhinos). Horses will be easiest to get by purchasing or temporarily hiring them from town stables and a few towns will do the same with elephants. Other ‘Cavalry’ must be captured by the player in the wild (usually, there might be the odd ‘Mythical Beast’ tamed in a town stable. Each type of ‘Cavalry’ must have its own specialty and perhaps Special Ability; E.G. (just some suggestions)
ATTACK AND DEFENCE-Have great attack (but weak defence without armour).
SPECIAL ABILITY- Can ‘Roar’ (1+ Characters) to strike fear into all enemies, reducing their ‘Morale’ sometimes making them flee. Player can focus a ‘Roar’ onto an individual enemy and the effect will be increased if more than one dog roars at the same enemy. Can also ‘Maul’ enemies, which reduces the ‘Morale’ of other enemies. Also, Camelot, Think of a better general term than ‘Large Dogs’.
ATTACK AND DEFENCE-Good defence, average attack.
SPECIAL ABILITY-Have a ‘Trampling’ Special Ability. ‘Trampling’ is performed by 1+ character(s) the enemy will usually defeat small enemies outright, if not, leave them stunned.
ATTACK AND DEFENCE- Very high attack, and even higher defence.
SPECIAL ABILITY- Can ‘Roar’ and ‘Stampede’. ‘Stampede’ is performed by 1+ character(s) effective against almost everything and will defeat out all non-boss enemies outright.
Camelot, you decide on what certain myth-cavalries are good at and what their weaknesses are and what they are called. Just take them from the Mythologies of ancient cultures.
-All cavalry can wear armour (E.G. horses wear horse armour, elephants wear ‘elephant armour’ etc. There are the same pieces of armour for cavalry as there are for humans: helmets for head protection, body armour for torso protection etc.)
-ALL ‘Battle Formations’ and ‘Battle Actions’ can be performed by a character even when he/she is riding a ‘Cavalry’.
-‘Cavalry’ should be considered separate from the rider. This means that an enemy must choose between attacking the animal, or attacking the rider.

  • After a ‘Stampede’ (from a elephant) or ‘Trample’ (from a horse), it will take 1 turn for the horse or elephant (and its rider) to return back to the battle. While that character is gone, the player can choose to either replace him/her or continue to fight with one less character until the rider returns. If the rider returns, but the player has replaced him/her with another character, the player then chooses to either keep the new character in the frontline and send the returned rider to where the new character came from, or send the new character back to where he/she came from.
  • A cavalry animal can be healed, but cannot be revived once it has been four turns since he/she fell. A Myth-Cavalry can either always be revived, or die after 8 turns (you decide on the Myth-cavalry one, Camelot!).
    Healing moves can heal both a cavalry and his/her rider or just one of the two, but healing both would mean dividing the power of the healing move equally between them.
    As a character uses a certain cavalry more, that character will become better at mustering and riding that type of cavalry and that individual cavalry (the player may name the cavalry to tell them apart). This makes the rider better at performing all ‘Battle Formations’ and ‘Battle Actions’ with that type of cavalry (horse, elephant etc.).
    WEAPONS AND AROMOUR: ALL characters MUST be able to equip ANY weapon or piece of armour, it should just be that some characters are better with some weapons and armour than other characters are.
    For example (weapons): Rief should be able to equip an axe (he couldn’t in Dark Dawn) but it greatly reduces his agility when he uses it (because he is not too physically strong) and Tyrell is better with it than Rief is (at first). If the player keeps training Rief to use it, Rief will become better at using it; he will do more damage with it and gradually regain his Agility with the axe and his overall physical strength will improve, increasing his overall attack with all weapons. Eventually, Rief could become as good as (if not better than) Tyrell at using that type of axe. If he begins to use an artifact weapon he is not used to, he will have train up to rebalance his agility when using it.
    Another example (for armour): Karis should be able to equip body armour, but it greatly reduces her Agility since it is so heavy for her. Matthew more-or-less maintains agility when wearing body armour because he is used to it and is physically stronger. If Karis keeps wearing it, she will gradually regain her Agility since she becomes physically stronger and may eventually become better than Matthew at being Agile when wearing it. This will also mean that Karis does the same with most body armours (non-artifact ones). If she begins to wear an artifact armour she is not used to, she will have to train up with it to rebalance her agility when wearing it.
    If a character is trained to use a weapon or armour that he/she is not naturally skilled with, the character will gain an overall statistic-benefit for the status that the weapon/armour focuses on (e.g. if Rief is trained to use an axe, his overall attack status will increase (even when he does not have an axe equipped). If Karis trains to wear a piece of armour she often doesn’t wear, for instance, bronze armour, her overall defence statistic will increase, even while not wearing the bronze armour. However, if a character gets used to using a piece of armour or a weapon he/she is not naturally suited to and then stops using that weapon or armour, that character will gradually lose the benefits that were granted by training with that weapon or armour (e.g. Rief gets used to using an axe, regains his agility with it and his overall physical attack improves, but then he stops using it for a while so his agility with it decreases and the overall physical attack benefit he gained (from training with the axe) will gradually decrease. If this happens, the player may train Rief to use the axe well again- retrain him to improve his attack and agility with it etc.).
    Weapons should become dulled from parrying and armour should become damaged when hit. Eventually, the weapon or piece of armour may be destroyed if it runs out of HP. As a weapon is dulled it will do less damage. As a piece of armour is damaged it will provide a little less defence. A weapon can be re-sharpened if dulled, and a piece of armour may be repaired if damaged, totally restoring the benefits they offer to the wearer. These can be done at a weapon or armour store. If a weapon or piece of armour is destroyed, it may be reforged at a store, but it will do a little less damage (in the case of a weapon) or provide a little less defence (in the case of a piece of armour) once reforged. However, a specialist blacksmith may reforge an item to its original state and reforge destroyed artifact weapons and armour. You MUST put these in the game.
    DJINNI: In Golden Sun 4, Djinni MUST have more various effects than before. In this case, the word ‘No’ is totally foreign to me and no longer a part of my vocabulary.
    The new effects could be;
    Stealing HP from all enemies and giving it to 1 ally.
  • Making an enemy or ally go rogue (can attack or heal anyone) for 2 turns but double the effect of anything he/she does during those 2 turns.
    A djinni that does great damage to both parties but focuses on one of them randomly chosen by the game.
    reduces the user to 0 HP but has a 100% chance of reviving all downed allies in the front lineline.
    Prevents all enemies from attacking the person with the least HP in the party.
    Deflects enemy attacks with a 50% chance of hitting the enemy who attacked the player’s party
    Makes the enemy party receive 50% of the effects of the attacks they throw at the player’s party, while the player’s party takes the other 50%.
  • Makes a party member (chosen by the player) the life-source of the rest of that line of the party, so, if downed, the rest of that line of the party will also go down, but all their abilities’ effects will be enhanced by 50%, and the life-source character’s abilities will be enhanced by 100%.
    Increases a party member’s defence each time that party member is attacked. Lasts for one turn. [The same effect could be used for attack, agility, luck, and elemental resistances and powers.]
    Doubles a character’s RATE of mastery (the SPEED at which the character is mastering that weapon/armour) with an un-mastered weapon or armour (lasts for 2 turns).
    Doubles a character’s CURRENT LEVEL of mastery with an un-mastered weapon or armour (lasts for 2 turns).
  • Boosts either attack, agility or resistance ( one of them is randomly chosen by the game)
    Targets all enemies and makes them either flee, defend, or use a healing move (rather than attack the player’s party)
    One ally goes berserk and attacks all enemies with extreme force, but is then reduced to either 0 or 1 HP.
    Immunizes the party against ailments for four turns (for four turns, the frontline party members cannot be stunned, deluded, poisoned, put to sleep etc.). Also, two turns after being unleashed, this djinni will rid the party of any ailments received before its use.
    Use on any party member in the front line. If a different party member is downed within the next two turns, the target of this djinni will severely attack the enemy who downed the other party member.
  • Target on any party member in the front line. If that party member goes down within the next 2 turns, he/she will down the enemy responsible, and if a boss is responsible, the downed (now revived) character will not down the boss, but will attack it with great force (once revived by a fellow party member).
    Seriously, Camelot, there are HEAPS of djinn effects you haven’t used yet. The sky’s the limit. Go crazy.
    MULTIPLAYER: Multiplayer in Golden Sun 4 should be vast. Here’s how to make it so:
    Trading between two players (either over the internet, or locally). After a ‘Trade’, the giver of the item, djinni etc. will still have a copy of the thing he/she gave to the other player.
    Trading items with another player for anything or nothing.
    Trading djinn for other djinn, for anything or nothing.
    Trading summons for anything or nothing. (Camelot, you may like to exclude this one, as it can mean a player can have a very powerful summon early in the game. But perhaps you could make it so that a player can only receive summons that have he/she could already have, but simply missed them).
    Trading psynergy for anything or nothing. (Camelot, You may like to restrict this by making a character unable to learn an entire psynergy series stemming from one psynergy he/she received from ‘Psynergy Trade’ until the character is on the right level to learn the other psynergies in that psynergy series).
    Trading characters for anything or nothing. (Camelot, you may like to restrict characters received from ‘Character Trade’ at the battle arena and multiplayer, so they cannot be used in the quest before the player gets them in the Quest Mode).
  • Trading music for anything or nothing. The music received from this can only be played at the ‘Music Box’ at the arena.
    You may like to build on these suggestions, Camelot.

Multiplayer Fighting
-MULTIPLAYER COLOSSO: Multiplayer contest, ‘Colosso’ style. There should also be a ‘Single Player’ version of this. Plus, If you include up to 4 (or even 6!) players, there could be a “Team Mode” for this in which the numbers of players can be divided. This means there will be alliances e.g. 3 against 3, 2 against 4 (any combinations, really). There MUST also be a ‘Single Player version of exactly the same thing, teams, alliances and all. Obviously, the ones who aren’t the player are controlled by the game.
MULTIPLAYER PUZZLE RACE: Multiplayer race to the finish line (on foot) with puzzles to complete but without the battle at the end. There should obviously be several different courses for this and a Single Player Mode. Plus, If you include up to 4 (or even 6!) players, there could be a “Team Mode” for this in which the numbers of players can be divided. This means there will be alliances e.g. 3 against 3, 2 against 4 (any combinations, really). There MUST also be a ‘Single Player version of exactly the same thing with teams alliances. Obviously, the ones who aren’t the player are controlled by the game.
MULTIPLAYER ARENA: 2+ players fight against each other in the arena (with their own parties from the Quest Mode). There can be alliances (e.g.2 players against 2 players) and up to 6 players (okay, six might be pushing it!) But at least 2 players. Some players should be able to play as the random monsters. There should also be cooperative player in which 2+ players working together to defeat arena monsters, but the arena monsters are stronger or more numerous than they would be if just one player were to fight them.
-As with everything I have and will mention, Camelot, the sky is the limit. Go crazy (but within reason).
-Also, I presume there will be a part of the game’s story in which the player competes in Colosso. Colosso should involve death. If the player defeats an opponent in Colosso, the player should be able to choose whether his/her opponent lives or dies. But the crowd who are watching should play a major role. If the player has defeated an opponent, the crowd will say whether that opponent should live or die. If the player goes against the crowd’s decision, the player will most likely be disqualified from the Colosso tournament. Also, if the player his/her opponent live, then that opponent may thank the player by giving him/her a special, artifact item later in the game, regardless of whether the crowd had said that opponent should live or die. BOTH should apply to Colosso in both the Quest Mode and the Single Player/Multiplayer Arena Mode. Also, the player may be killed by his/her opponent in Colosso in both the Single player/Multiplayer Arena Mode, and Quest Mode, but this may not be necessary because the player could just try again. I must add that death in Colosso is not entirely necessary, you may exclude it if you wish.
-There should also be ‘Multiplayer Hot Seat’. In Multiplayer Hot seat, two (or More if you include ‘alliances’) players will fight each other (in turned-based style). When one player has given orders to his party, he will hand the 3DS to his opponent, then the opponent will give orders to his party. However, unless you guys find a way to circumvent this problem, this turn-based setting will mean you cannot use any of the ‘Real Time’ battle components like ‘Retaliation’ and ‘Melee Duels’ and ‘Brawls’.

Obviously, Camelot, all of your fans expect fantastic graphics (and 3D if on 3DS) for Golden Sun 4. NO Question. You know what to do.
There are some other things you could do to make GS 4 look awesome.

  • Display armour that characters are wearing. Both in battle and out of battle. On areas of a character’s body without armour, just place his/her Character Art. The armour display should be optional for the player.
  • Also display armour that cavalry wear.
    Make Golden Sun 4’s difficulty A UNIVERSE greater than Dark Dawn’s. Dark Dawn’s was almost criminally low, in terms of battles and puzzles. Do not let that happen again.
    Do not put childish talk in GS4 like you did in Dark Dawn. Words like ‘Yeah’, ‘guy’, ‘dad’, ‘mom’, ‘kid’ Must not be included. And NO teenage American accents. Teenage American accents could bring down the WHOLE voice-acting scheme of the game!
    Give the player the ability to skip cutscenes and always make perfectly obvious what to do next.
    Have no points-of-no-return. They did not affect me in Dark Dawn, but plenty of people have been annoyed by them. If you guys think you’ll need to put one in, don’t. Just cleverly surpass the need to do so. e.g. perhaps in Dark Dawn you could have made it so that the player was allowed to go back to the Goma Plateau but the Tuaparang had used dark psynergy that makes you unable to see and hear the people there but does not physically block you from anywhere. Also, the icebergs preventing the player from returning to Belinsk during the Grave Eclipse were not necessary. The player should have just been able to go back to Border town and Saha town and Belinsk and Kolima Village to find everyone in safehouses with torches to keep the monsters away.
    Fill the plot hole of how Garet isn’t weakened and Ivan and Mia don’t fuse at Mercury lighthouse in Golden Sun 1, how Isaac neither recovers PP, nor fuses with Garet (and Ivan isn’t weakened) at Venus lighthouse, how Sheba, Ivan, Mia and Piers don’t fuse at Jupiter lighthouse and how Felix and Isaac don’t lose PP there and how characters don’t fuse and aren’t weakened at Mars Lighthouse after the battle with the Doom Dragon. Also, remember in Golden sun 1 when you go to Kolima or Kolima forest and Tret tries to turn everyone in your party into trees but those psynergy domes protect you? Well, a few moments afterwards, Ivan theorizes that the domes were psynergy and psynergy protects an adept when he or she is in danger. Well, why doesn’t psynergy automatically activate to protect an adept during a dangerous battle? Please explain this in Golden Sun 4.
    I would LOVE to see the 3DS’s gyro controls utilized. You could do this to change camera angles at ALL degrees at any time; during battle, during cutscenes, any time, (also to move your character in battle during ‘Melee Duels and ‘Brawls’) and on the world map.
    Some of the music in dark dawn was simply brought down by bad instrument choices:
    ‘Boss Battle theme 1’: energetic and excellent, but has an annoying, high-pitched, wonky instrument in the background that brings the theme down a bit. I’m positive that was not a glitch. I hate that sound. It is unnecessary and needless and horrible. It is abominable. Never use it ever again. It is also in boss battle theme 2, the Dark Dawn remix of Saturos’ theme, the ‘Under The Shadow Of The Eclipse’ theme and one of the cave themes (used on the world map when you go under the darkness of the Grave Eclipse).
    Also, the bells in The Dark Dawn remix of Saturos’ theme are kind of annoying and considerably mediocre. You could have used a vocal sound instead.
    I also did not like Battle theme 2. It plays during battles before Rief joins the party and has a Hammond organ in it. That is a CRIME.
    I also did not like the theme that plays when you battle Eclipse monsters. Just listen to it. It has a Haloween-style electric organ in it and other synthesized, Haloween-style sounds. That makes it VERY mediocre. Do not use such instruments in Golden sun 4!
    For Golden Sun 4’s music, I simply but strongly ask that Motoi Sakuraba use a couple orchestral or operatic-style layers in some of the themes as well as a few themes Mainly made up of orchestral instruments and voice. But overall, the music should follow the model of the music used in Golden Suns 1 and 2. Golden Suns 1 and 2 had the music that crystallized in my (and my brother’s) childhood. Make golden Sun 4’s music do that as well.
    Mr. Sakuraba,
    You know how to make phenomenal music. Mars Lighthouse’s theme, The original Saturos’ Theme (better than the Dark Dawn version), Tundaria Tower theme, and the Aqua Rock Theme, Vale’s theme, Karagol Sea theme, and the Golden Sun: The Lost Age Credits’ Theme and a few others that I can’t be bothered trying to remember are all perfect examples of your musical prowess!

One other thing I must say to you, Camelot, is that my brother and I noticed all the Mario stuff you guys put in Dark Dawn: the Mario-style Deathwisps in the Tanglewood forest, the Mario style bomb in the Border-Town Mine (the place where you get the summon Ulysses), and that fairy woman displayed in the ‘FLORA’ summon sequence (she looks a lot like princess Peach) and (worst of all) the Clouds of Passaj. I noticed the Mario-style electric balls that zap you out of the sky if you fly into them, I noticed the staircase made of zol resting on clouds at the end of the ‘Clouds of Passaj’. In fact, I am 98-99% sure that the entire ‘Clouds of Passaj’ thing was taken off Mario altogether. There is a cloud ‘World’ in New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS. Also, the acknowledgement of the ‘Super Mario Club’ in Dark Dawn’s credits is a perfect explanation of the Mario stuff in Dark Dawn. Obviously, you Camelot guys got financial support from the Super Mario Club in order to make Dark Dawn. Now, I don’t mean to say that I like Mario, so you “shouldn’t take stuff from it”, but rather that the Golden Sun series is several universes better than Mario (well, at least the first two Golden Sun’s are). This means that you should never, EVER have put Mario stuff in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Doing that is abominable. Shameful. Never do it again. It is EVIL. And if doing that was part of the deal with the Super Mario Club, away with them! Get financial support from someone else!
So, Camelot,
I wish for you to include these ideas in the next Golden Sun and include your own awesome ideas. Also, the ’Battle Formations/Actions’ may be turned off in the ‘Options Menu’. If you guys detect ANY flaws in the game whatsoever, (especially plot holes and badly explained plots) fix them immediately. In Dark Dawn, the cutscenes were too long because what could have been explained in 15 speech bubbles was explained in 40 AND THEN the characters each had to express their own opinions on a small matter (like at the Alchemy Dynamo when you see Blados and Chalis). You took the long way of explaining the plot, and yet didn’t explain it properly AT ALL. You didn’t explain CRYSTAL CLEAR why Volechek wanted Luna Tower activated and how the Tuaparang had fooled him and Sveta. Seriously, I had to piece together almost the WHOLE middle part of Dark Dawn’s story with scraps of information that characters gave with HUGE gaps in between. This must not happen in Golden Sun 4. Make the explanation of ALL of the story IDIOT-PROOF and allow the player to watch cutscenes again at any time. Make the story phenomenal, give each character great charisma and give times for the player to adapt to each of them individually in the gameplay and cutscenes, and make the important cutscenes full of the appropriate atmosphere (e.g. give an atmosphere of exhilaration when you are on the verge of doing something like capturing an important villain or antagonist, or an atmosphere of grandness when in a place of great wonder and awe, an atmosphere of darkness when in a dark or deserted or despairing place. This would obviously be done through dialogue, silence, sound, and music.
-Fill ALL boss fights with an awesome feeling of exhilaration. If the player wins , it should feel like the best comeback or struggle or outwitting of the enemy EVER. If the player loses, he/she should still feel that victory is achievable-that there is something he/she has not tried yet, and that he/she put up a good fight, that their defeat was rather humorous and energized, an awesome ‘way to go out’ and that he/she is still very confident and optimistic and thinking strategically. In Dark Dawn, however, the player could just spam attacks or choose them randomly and win either way. That must not be the case EVER AGAIN in the Golden Sun series.
Some other things:
In golden sun 4, the leader of the party must not be a wimpy, blonde-haired 16 or 17 year old boy whose voice hasn’t broken yet. Give the leader of the party more guts in Golden Sun 4. Make him say memorable, evil, villain-like, wise and deceptive things to the villain, make him physically strong instead of him just having a burly guy as his secretary who is only good at destroying things and taking orders.
COPIED CHARACTERS: The characters so far in the series have been quite repetitive. The leader has always been an earth adept with medium physical strength, the strongest ones have always been fire adepts, the weakest ones have always been wind and water adepts who heal the party. In Golden Sun 4, make new mixtures of characters’ psynergies and physical strength. The fire adept could be physically average or weak, but could heal the party, while the water or wind adept could be the leader and be physically strong with green or brown hair and clothes (not blue), for example. Just mix up the character’s clothing and hair styles and main battle skills (e.g. strength, healing).
-There must be plenty of new and inventive summons with new and strange effects and dazzling audiovisual sequences. Full stop.
-You could include blood and screaming in battles and these could be alterable options (BLOOD:on/off SCREAMING:on/off)
-There should be Morale-enhancing abilities (certain djinn, summons, items and psynergy could be used to increase morale of characters or the whole party).
-In Dark Dawn, many of the puzzles were just a matter of casting one psynergy (perhaps repeatedly) or moving a few objects around and the puzzle was complete. Make Golden Sun 4’s puzzles far more complex, make them as gloriously ingenious as the puzzles of Golden Sun 1 and 2 with their own original, brain-mocking twists.

-Also, there is another plot-hole like error in the game: the construction of the ‘Endless Wall’ in accordance with the changing of geography caused by the Golden Sun. If the Ancient Sanans built the wall in ancient times, during the last Golden Age, then that means that the wall would have been destroyed when the mountains shifted after the ancients sealed the power of alchemy away. Also, The wall was not present in Golden Sun 1 or 2. You guys must fix this error by saying, for example, that the ancient Sanans built the Endless Wall during the last Golden Age and then it was destroyed by the shifting of the mountains on which it stands when the ancients sealed the power of the Golden Sun away.
When the Golden Sun returned (thanks to Felix and Isaac and their group), the Sanan nation was reformed and the Endless Wall was reconstructed in such a way as to avoid crumbling due to any further shifting of the mountains from that point on (perhaps constructed this way through the use of psynergy or something).
The same sort of thing goes for the new towns in Dark Dawn. They were not there in Golden Sun 1 and 2, but their inhabitants seem to say that their cities were around in ancient times. To fix the plot-hole of those cities not existing in golden Sun 1 and 2, you could say that those cities were around during the last Golden Age, then, when the ancients sealed away the power of alchemy, raw psynergy/alchemy became unavailable for the maintenance of the cities. The cities’ buildings to crumble due to lack of maintenance, and the lands’ natural resources became scarcer since Alchemy’s influence on the natural world was gone. This new scarceness of natural resources scattered the populations of cities from the Golden Age, giving way to smaller, more scattered towns such as Vault, Bilibin, Mikasala, Garoh etc. and all of the towns and villages from Golden Sun 1 and 2. But then, when Alchemy was returned, the people found evidence and eventually proof of pre-existing cities which were around during the Last Golden Age. The people discovered ancient records of events and the ancients’ ways of life, telling them all they now know about the Exathi, the Jenei and the Fori and all other ancient peoples (if any). Also, how often does the Mourning Moon appear? Every ten years after the Golden Sun? I’m a bit confused. I think Isaac’s diary says every ten years, but the In-Game Encyclopedia entry for the Mourning Moon says ‘This immense Psynergy Vortex once caused unimaginable destruction in Angara…’ Do you mean it appeared ONCE, as the Encyclopedia entry says, or every ten years after the Golden Sun, as Isaac’s diary says? Please clarify in Golden Sun 4.
Seriously, Camelot, it was pretty amateur of you guys to not say in Dark Dawn what happened to some of the towns from Golden Sun 1 and 2 and even more amateur of you to not explain how come all of these new towns (seen in Dark dawn) suddenly came into being, and worst of all, you guys had not mentioned anything of the Exathi and the Jenei and the Fori in the first two Golden Suns, you just introduced them quite suddenly in Dark Dawn as if you had just sloppily thought of them while making Dark Dawn. You MUST fix this stuff to the best of your ability by saying the stuff I have suggested in the above paragraph (unless you can think of something better). Also, what happened to Blados and Chalis at the end of Dark Dawn? Are they dead or still alive? Personally, I think it would be very poor of you to say that they are still alive.
-Dark Dawn’s story was like this: You spend 1 third of the game trying to get to Belinsk, then once you do get to Belinsk you spend another third of the game looking for Kraden and the Mountain Roc and breaking into Luna Tower and activating it. Then, once you have activated Luna Tower, you spend the last third of the game trying to end the Grave Eclipse. So, the first bit of the game is spent trying to just GET to Belinsk, and much of the rest of the game is spent doing something unrelated to the original objective of getting the Mountain Roc feather. Also, the game ultimately told us nothing about the psynergy vortexes. Doing all these things is called ‘Stringing Out The Plot’. Don’t do this in Golden Sun 4. Do not make the player spend a large chunk of the game doing something that yields hardly any results and then gets the story sidetracked. Just don’t do that again.
One last suggestion is that the player must be surprised (and not to mention severely challenged) by all the bosses in Golden Sun 4- ‘optional’/’secret’ and non-optional bosses. One of these surprises could be that just when the player has won an epic but gruelingly difficult boss fight and is about to leave the room, another huge monster appears, providing a much stronger and more epic and energetic battle than the monsters the player has just fought. This would be best used for an ‘optional’ (‘secret’) boss fight because it would add to the player’s feeling of awe and excitement at making a huge discovery involving an epic summon and maybe some awesome, never-before-seen item. Also, hide secret bosses ingeniously, Camelot. Maybe you could make a sort of riddle or clue out of things that some random people say in different towns across the world or you could put a subliminal clue as to where an optional boss or other massive secret is in the game (maybe on the map that the game provides to the player to help him/her navigate).



Cozzarad said:

I VERY STRONGLY recommend and politely ask that, in Golden Sun 4 there should be a ‘Food Option’. Different foods will offer different kinds of benefits (temporarily-the benefits are temporary) (e.g. meats will temporarily increase a character’s physical attack and defence. Vegetables and such will temporarily in- crease agility and luck). Seriously, Camelot, the sky’s the limit here; there are plenty of things to think of.  Food is optional for the player and can be turned ‘Off’ and ‘On’ by the player. I VERY STRONGLY aask that a ‘Food Option’ be in Golden Sun 4.
Generic Villains- Camelot, Please do not make Golden Sun 4’s villains generic. What makes a villain generic is them saying things like ‘Hahahah… I hate to tell you, but you’re too late.’ and ‘This won’t be like last time, I’m stronger than ever now!’ and ‘I will have more power than ever!’ I am sure that you guys can make Golden Sun 4’s villains original, especially Alex- he could say wise and true things despite being a villain. Just work on that a bit. You could also have great story- revelations of conspiracies in a couple of cut scenes. Like some great deceitful plot device among a couple of villains or between someone the protagonists trust and one of the villains. This would be especially effective if the cutscenes did not involve the protagonists- the player would be left gaping at the screen because he would know something that the protagonists do not. Think about it this way- think of a fictional TV series that you like, for example. You are shocked when you find that a character whom you thought was normal turns out to be an insane, sadistic serial killer on the inside!  And you’re thinking ‘Wow! I didn’t expect a plot twist like this!’ This kind of thing should be in Golden Sun 4. I’m not saying that there should be a serial killer, but just a plot twist that runs on the same lines. 



Cozzarad said:

in case no-one's going to read my wall of text, i shortened it:
-Make Golden Sun 4’s difficulty at least twice as high as the first two Golden Sun’s.
-make each trek between towns an arduous, slow, trying task.

  • fighting does not have to be the player’s main source of revenue.
    Player can make poisons and antidotes, basic weapons etc.
    Many different types of poison,
    The player should choose what a blacksmith makes out of a raw material
    At some stage of the game the player should be able to combine ALL psynergies
    There should also be MANY new psynergies, even for the usual four elements.
    EARTH: Have the usual “Quake” psynergy series but extend it beyond “Quake Sphere”. Same goes for all other psynergy series.
    "Battle Formations/Actions"
    'Battle Formations'
    ‘Shield Prepared’:
    ‘Shield Block’:
    ‘Shield Wall’:
    ‘Shield Bash’:
    ‘Weapon Parry’:
    ‘Weapon Wall’:
    ‘Shield Charge’:
    ‘Weapon Charge’:
    ‘Prepared Charge’:
    ‘Equipment Borrowing’ (during battle)
  • food option
    There must be an option that makes ALL close-quarters attacks controlled by touch-screen.
    • ‘Retaliation’, ‘Melee Duels’, and ‘Brawls’ are all done in real time with the 3DS’s button-controls -
  • ‘Skill Levels’ for individual characters for ‘Battle Formations’, ‘Battle Actions’.
    *"Retaliation' runs on ‘Real-Time’ .If anyone on either side of the battle comes close to his/her target to perform a melee attack, the defender has a few moments to strike back
    Eventually, this could lead to an all-out, Real-Time brawl with each party member fighting one enemy and helping his allies after defeating an opponent.
    particular controls for 'Melee Duels and ‘Brawls’ (different to a normal battle situation):
    : ALL things that can be done in battle, from ‘Attacking' to ‘Charges’, to ‘Walls’, to Djinn to Summons, even to items should be controlled by touch-screen based mini-games, puzzles and drawings which are randomly chosen by the game.
    Also, poisons, antidotes, and weapons made by the player are made by the completion of touch-screen based puzzles.
    Trading items djinn summons, psynergy characters music
    make multiplayer components local and online.
    Obviously, Camelot, all of your fans expect fantastic graphics
    things you could do to make GS 4 look awesome
  • Display armour that characters are wearing
    Everyone please spread these ideas


McBroseph said:

@Fang Dark dawn was good... but it pales in comparison to the first two. Dark Dawn does make it so new players can learn what the heck they are talking about with the mention of previous game material, but i still urge you to play the GBA ones before Dark dawn.



k8sMum said:

my son picked up GS:DD for me about a month ago and i am loving it. it's the first GS game i've played. having not played the first 2 i cannot compare it negatively.

i do have hopes for GS 4...especially since i understand that DD ends with a cliff hanger.



Hero_Yamato said:

Ok, I want another GS and make it better them the last one and I know you guys want money so make it good. Harder puzzles, harder bosses. more mysteries, a ton of side quest and please let characters talk this time around I mean you have the power of the 3ds this time around.



Xmusjaxonflaxon said:

I want another golden sun game. Loved this since I was in 4th grade and now I'm in college wanting more. Honestly what does that say? Though that does not mean you should not improve the next game. I will say dialogue was a bit much, and the characters seemed dull and out of place like amiti, himi, and eoleo. I would like to see more of the original Golden Sun cast. And to simply end the franchise on a cliff hanger is just an insult



Nemesis said:

Definitely make another one, but on the regular DS. Honestly the 3ds kinda sucks. Some suggestions: wireless online battles with other players with some kind of reward system for battling like exclusive items you can only get through the battles, like class change items, or weapons, or awesome alternate costumes for the characters. Definitely bring back the monster arena like in the first two games, but maybe with more than one mode, like a random arcade mode for fighting monsters randomly like in the first games, and a mode that lets you pick the monsters and bosses you have already beaten, maybe one that lets you fight with only one character. Another thing is making more of the psynergy available for use outside of battle. I would like more focus on the psynergy vortexes and where they come from, that got lost in the game somewhere and you didnt see it until the ending. More focus on the bad guys and their flying fortress and on Alex would be good. Maybe a dark psynergy class and to counteract it a light psynergy class that can be equipped to all the main characters, with some field psynergies that go with that. There was a "point of no return" in the third game where after a certain point you cant go back to places you had been before and made it very irksome because there were Djinn and items you could not get anymore so you would have to start over again. Would be awesome if that was eliminated. I think that's about it, it sounds like a lot and a couple of my suggestions may be bad ideas, but I'm sure most of them would be agreeable. Love this series, ever since I was a kid it has been my favorite! Can't wait for another Golden Sun, I really hope you guys actually see this! Good luck on another successful game!



Yesiamhere said:

heyo Camelot! it would be much noted that everyone above would like a new golden sun game. my idea is that you have the warriors of vale and the dark dawn cast as playable characters.




lpcysmi said:

Hope I am not late I will really love a sequel, specially if it continues where it left off with "the end?" in dark dawn!!!



HellGotz said:

Hello there !
I was reading this stuff about "asking" for a new golden sun , and I think it s a pretty good idea .
Sorry If my english's bad ,I'm french ^^ and I'm so far of my land ,just because I love the Golden Sun Licence !
I think the idea for regroup the fans is awesome !
It makes me feel like "oh , that's how a community should be !" and you know , there's some goods projects that we can make with this , also that some good words for Camelot and a new Golden Sun project doesn't count anything !
If I can tell you what I think about the GS 3 it's more !
It deserve this beautiful licence to compare it with her past ... cause we all know the first game we did are the games we're always gonna love !
And for me I can hide it , i started with the GS 1 when I was 11 years ago ... kind of nostalgic but ... wow again !
I hope the gamers community we'll understand what an incredible opportunity this is gonna be for all the gamer's clan in the world ,if we start one day acting like a social being ,then it's gonna play on Developpers too...cause we all know , again ,than Games are cause we'll all play and love , and not because it's nintendo or others that are creating it .
I love nintendo and Camelot but the gaming world got to understand's the players who made the games ,feel the game ...and not the time or the money ...
when a player love it ,then all come to it ... that's why I think that the idea Hiroyuki Takahashi is .... like something everybody got to take seriously !
And if someday ,Camelot needs some advice or ... just fellings coming from their fans ,I hope everybody will do like I do and do everything they can ...
When we love ,we don't have to count ...
I hope they'll ask some advice to us ,just to show them how we see the game and how we expect him to go for his futur adventure ... cause we know and we can help for a next one !
This is an "aurevoir" guys ,I really hope that someday ,even in years ,a newborn GS will see the new Dawn ... and not an obscure this time !
See ya !!



tinkertiggs said:

Please please please make another one! I am patiently waiting for the next Golden Sun to come out. I was very happy with how Dark Dawn was designed as well as the story and the leveling was perfect. Take as much time as you need gamer guys to make it awesome, just don't make us wait too long please!



Xmusjaxonflaxon said:

While I do want another game this thing started in Jun 2012 and we're only at 171 (172 if you include this) people who said they want another goldensun I don't think it's going to happen goodbye to an awesome series shame it had to end this way.



komodo182 said:

I think more people are interested in this game than who have posted here. I would have signed this a long time ago, but I had to make an account to do so. It took over 6 months, but I made an account.
I would love another game for Golden Sun. I want to learn more about Alex and fight him finally. I want to know what happened to all the characters from the first 2 games. The third game ended on a cliff hanger. We can't have that now can we?



deng323 said:

give us a 4th story...this series is awesome...and i'll suggest a title...maybe "Golden Sun:Mourning Moon" it would be great...



Meke said:

Please make another golden sun game. I've played all of them so far and I have to say its my favourite series out there.
I would like to ask you to put a dark adapt in the party to give the game a bit of different psyenergy to use in battle.



goldensun4ever said:

There has to be a 4th Golden Sun. I like how in dark dawn once you beat the last boss you can continue on playing the game. That is how the 4th game should be. There should be more bosses. I dont want to wait another 6 years or more.
like Meke said, there should be a dark adept so they can equip dark items. It would be nice if there was another cleric ring in the game. make it happen!



Mikano said:

I would definitely buy the 4th game in the series if it becomes a reality!
I must say though that the 3rd game cannot compare to the other 2, it has simply become way to easy to clear... I would really like to have more 'boss'–fights like in the first 2 games.

But no matter what I would love a 4th game in the series! You can't just stop with such a cliffhanger!



Airys said:

I would absolutely love to play another DD:GS game! I've only played the newest one which was for the DS, but I am working on getting a regular gameboy (of some sort) and the other DD games. If there were a fourth for the 3DS? I'd be one of many to pre-order it as soon as I heard. Not only was it an amazing game, it also left way too many cliffhangers.
Even if I haven't played the others, even I can see that!



Raizen said:

@GamerZack7 indeed, those dialogues are the one important part of the story and whole game... its not only about combat, but the storyline for first 2 golden suns was srsly epic. if we compete storyline from GS1 and Lost age with Dark Dawn, i think guyz you did really good because it must have been hard. I'd say they did a really good job and i hope for all of us we get another part of this epic game



michaelbro said:

I really think they should make another golden sun game because i have played and beat all of the golden sun titles and they were the best rpg games i have ever played and i would like to see a golden sun game on the nintendo 3ds because that would be really cool



KayBlay said:

I have really enjoyed playing all the golden sun games thanks to its immersive story line, awesome animation for all the skills they have and its unique Djinn system which i loved so much!
I do agree with one of the user comments about the game being a little easy, especially compared to the first two games. Matching the difficulty would make the game a little more intense but ultimately more rewarding and satisfying.
The only thing that has let down this franchise for me is the lack of a new game plus and this game is one which really need it for a variety of reasons:

  • The number one reason that jumps out is miss-able content, if you don't find a djinn at the beginning or miss-able items then you'll never be able to get it again. Even though when you complete the game it does continue, if you didn't 100% it then you'd have to restart the game and your hard work is lots (if you intend to 100% it of course).
  • The other reason is on the same lines as the last point, but a new game plus will allow you to enjoy the game and not have to worry 100%ing it, where if items skills etc.. are passed down you'd know what you were doing the next time around and would be better equipped.
  • Finally just as an idea, if a new game plus was implemented you could add specific things to the game where you have to have completed the game in order to access specific area or something special like that. Maybe more lore behind the characters or a new boss at said location or further understanding about the land Djinns etc.. just an idea.

I feel for RPGs new game pluses are essential.

That aside Golden Sun has been one of my favorite games and always look forward to playing a new one. I really hope a new one comes out.



chrism said:

get on with making a 4th and put your hart into it

1 we want to kill alex
2 we want a real ending
3 we love golden sun
4 we are sick of easy to finish rpg games

making games like Mario tennis or games based on film and tv shows is not the way to go there are tons of them and everyone knows they are milking the name and puzzle games well i can download ton of them on my phone for free



chrism said:

get on with making a 4th and put your hart into it

1 we want to kill alex
2 we want a real ending
3 we love golden sun
4 we are sick of easy to finish rpg games

making games like Mario tennis or games based on film and tv shows is not the way to go there are tons of them and everyone knows they are milking the name and puzzle games well i can download ton of them on my phone for free



LasermasterA said:

Camelot seriously needs to consider making a better sequel this time around. In catering to a new audience, Camelot did not do full justice with the people who originally played the 1st 2 games and instead made a story that does not tie in with the first 2 games! More mysteries are created than solved and the characters of the first 2 games hardly make an appearance (only 1 major NPC character - Kraden stays with you). Isaac and Garet got diminutive roles and even if Isaac was made out to be awesome, he hardly makes an appearance!

We need a game with playable Isaac! And fix up the difficulty and the long walls of text!



Czaragoza said:

Hey everyone

I've read most of your comments and I'm so happy there are others like me out there that share my beliefs and thoughts.

I entered weyard with Felix, 10 years ago...and all i can say is that GS helped me become the man I am today. The story molds you (hahaha Mold the earth djinn). So as you can tell i'm a Felix>Isaac guy , i have my reasons mainly cause that's where i started and the story of lost age is better than the first and the third. All good games nonetheless.

Biggest problem with DD was...where is Felix!!! I'm hoping the next game has his son in it on the other end of the world and he is some tough guy thats never seen light or had a friend lol. then they meet up,,,,usual style and team up...however Matthew isn't the protagonist.

I mean yeah the game was awesome but all those new villages, people and stories...i was mind blown. As for such "ancient" civilisations to have come we never saw or heard a word of them in the previous games...was a good addition but really confusing.

Maybe give us an Alex game!!! he is sooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!

Make the puzzles harder and make tunnels long and confusing

Give us our favourite places back like Madra and Garoh...

although i like how every djinn was different and matthew looked kickass the emoticons were cool...but the plot was funny the whole game revolved around finding a feather XD come on know you couldve done better

Make GS4 guys and take your time...just surprise us with a killer game.

ill buy all your stock if demand is a problem



Dizzard said:

Personally I really enjoyed Dark Dawn. (and I've played the first two games)

The only thing I will say is that it felt a little odd overall.....I mean I got this impression that we were meant to explore more of the world but then they realized they had no time left and abruptly brought the game to a close. It was just odd.

I would love to see a Golden Sun game on the 3ds though, I would definitely get it. The only thing I would say is I hope they take the time to give Golden Sun the 4th game it deserves.



S_T_K said:

never bother to post here but i remember playing the Golden Sun a long time ago
and find out when TLA came out and me and my friends use to grind the desert tornado's and kill the fiends with fire djinni to get max xp and i got to about lvl 54 and had all items even the Kikuichimonji which took for ever to get to transfer onto TLA it was sick and the fact you could restart TLA after finishing with your lvled charters was awesome but then when i played DD it was such a let down that you couldn't even restart the game after completion allthough you could go back and maxed out your gear and such which i did i spent no where near as many hours playing DD as i did playing the 1st game( i count GS & GS:TLA as one game) DD lack a meta and much new content all though keeping the old stuff is really good they just left any real new content out, so yeah i would love to see a new one but it needs more things to do when you finish it.



Odyssey93 said:

Golden Sun is my favorite RPG of all time, and it's on a handheld. If you own any Nintendo handheld and you like RPG's then you HAVE to get these games. Lost Age was the best of the three for me, Dark Dawn was still worthy of calling "Golden Sun". It was good enough to make a sequel out of, I would hate to see such a wonderful series end so early.



Neotaga said:

I just beat Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I loved it so much, and I was so sad at the end with the to be continued. Not because I don't want a fourth game, but because I knew it would most likely never happen. But I'm saying now, please! Please make a fourth game! I love the Golden Sun series! I'm already planning on going back and replaying the first two! So please make a fourth! We're all begging you! And I love Golden Sun Dark Dawn regardless of how easy it was.
I love all the characters, especially Matthew and Sveta. So please make another one!



The_StarshipCat said:


Here are some things to consider in the next game.

I think you should make it on the Wii U. That way, you can play on the go or on a TV. I also think a D-Pad is uncomfortable compared to a joystick.

I like the style of combat in the game. You should probably make the monsters harder and drop less gold. The monster should be able to attack 2 or 3 times in a round, making journeys to different towns hard and dungeons harder.

The puzzles in the game should be harder, too. One wrong move and you have to use retreat to get out.

Dark Dawn had a lot of dialog. Also, the random ancient civilizations and new towns did not make much sense.

I think that GS 4 should take place 100 years after the golden sun, and it is kind of a legend. Issac and Garret don't age so they could be scolars or something. But, they wouldn't be a main focus of the game. I can't think of a main plot. also, when the apdets had kids with other apdets they could sometimes make a new kind of apdept. Like a shadow apdept or storm apdept. I just think that would be cool.

MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anon said:

If its all right, I would like to post an idea for the storyline, Felix has been traveling with Sheba, and they found the place where the dark adepts live, and mercury does extra damage to mars and vice versa, and venus to jupiter, so there has to be light adepts as well, so Felix and Sheba are captured and their children are required to find the light adepts so that they can go to save their parents, and thats all I have, its got a lot of holes, but i think its mediocre, so yeah.



DarutonK said:

A fourth Golden Sun needs to be made. Plain and simple. A lot of people hated Dark Dawn because it was more intended to be played by newer users and people that played the first two GS games probably complained that nothing was really explained to you. The thing that makes a GS game what it is, basically, is based on being just thrown into the game and assuming you know what to do. It makes you think! The hard puzzles. The INTERESTING dialogue... Honestly, I just got done replaying Dark Dawn and, despite the fact that I couldn't remember what was going on, I found myself just pressing the A button through most of the cut scenes after a while. The beginning of the game was focusing on two things: 1) The feather for the broken soarwing. 2) Psynergy Vortexes... Where did those go after the first eighth of the game?! The remaining seven eighths of the game completely forgot about the vortexes until the VERY LAST SECOND OF THE GAME. That makes me want to slap the maker until the fourth game is made. Just because of that right there.... Plus Felix was only meantioned and we didn't get to see Piers... >.> I love those two... I wanna see Felix's son... WE KNOW HE HAS ONE. JUST BECAUSE SHEBA WAS TIMID DOESN'T MEAN SHE IS ASEXUAL. Plus... NOWELL AND PIERS?!?! Come on now Camelot... I rest my case. Make it happen.



KerafyrmSix said:

I first played golden sun tla first and dying to play the first, once I got both parts of the story I was amazed with these games. Everything is just awesome tho a was stuck in what happened to Alex and seven years or so went by and I found out dark dawn was created. I pretty much crapped myself, I ate dark dawn for breakfast lunch and dinner, didn't even have the game yet just the info online. Point is I really love the golden sun games. They are by far my most favorite games of all time. Yes dark dawn I think was great however did have some things people and myself find off or "not as good" as the other games.

I'm fine with all the talking done in dark dawn, having playing many FF games reading storyline dialog is Something I enjoy

I disliked classes beside the few special character classes were the exact same. I do like the classes but some chafe there would be nice

I disliked the Abilities that were used very few times during gameplay mainly spirit track and just silly ones mainly slap

When people say the game was easy I'm afraid their right, the puzzles were on the easy side and monster/boss fights went by pretty fast

Something I noticed it that some info about some things in dark dawn kinda popped up that weren't in the other two games HOWEVER it is say in dark dawn the light houses were built by the "forgotten name here". There was a question on who built the light houses so having that tie together kept the story in line somewhat I suppose.

I won't say anything about the vortexes just vanishing from the gameplay because that was the point. It was meant for you the forget about them so you'll get hit with it hard at the end of the game. I just beat dark dawn few mins ago and at the end if the credits a vortex showed. I felt played that I forgot all about them and then at the end that big one was there just chilling. I flipped, that got me so good. I did, I fell for that one. Didn't see that coming though I should of.

The other missing characters from the last two games I want say thing thing there either because if GS4 is made they'll probably be answers

Bottom line if you didn't read all that
I love the GS games and would pay good money to play it



eoinman said:

I just got done playing all 3 GS for the first time. I am 23 and love RPG's for this. I would LOVE for there to be a 4th one coming up! I would play it for sure!

Please make it!



vtiatin said:

After Crono Trigger, this seriesis my favorite and I would love to see it continued. Hell, I just registered to this site to offer my support for the next Golden Sun.



RushJob said:

Hooray for Golden Sun!

I really look forward to the next installment
And I just made an account to give my support



juanjo_dpr9 said:

Well, a new game could be interesting, specially considering the Nintendo 3DS now, with a really big screen but please, just one thing: NO MORE POINTS OF NO RETURN. We had 4 in Dark Down, a real pain in the donkey.



HeatMaster9 said:

man i would be really happy if they made another goldensun game. Ive become a big fan of the game. so please do make another game.



SandDude said:

I love the golden sun series so far. Dark dawn was easier than the other two but it was still pretty fun.
I'd love to see a sequel to Dark Dawn. It'd just be cruel to end the series with 'to be continued' and never finish or continue the story you started. i hope it stays on the handheld if you should make a sequel, it just wouldn't make much sense to move the series from handheld to a console.



Ryking66 said:

Camelot, it looks like your going to work, you have plenty of devout fans, and everyone who has posted their comments is probably only 0.2% of those who want another adventure, and the 3ds is a perfect fit for a new Golden Sun, I want to see every character from the series play a key role in it, including combat, and it nneeds to have a free explore like in the Lost Age, and since Weyard has been radically altered by the Golden Sun event, there should be a lot of places to see, and it should have a great story that eventually leads to one of several different endings, depending on your choices, I want it to be the greatest RPG of all time! And since the Golden Sun games are some of my favorite games ever, I don't think its gonna be impossible to do. Take your time and do it right, make it a game that fans will never stop talking about, and it'll be worth it. Thank you.



sailorchibimoon said:

I want a Golden Sun for the 3DS so bad! I beat all of them like three times. I stayed up for like 19 hours just playing Dark Dawn before. I was looking forward to Golden Sun for the 3DS! It's my favorite series, period!



Shniklefrits said:

Ok so. A lot of people don't know wtf there talking about. I have played and beaten all of the golden sun games, and there all amazing even dark dawn was very good on how they brought there kids into it. As for a fourth one I would love to see it. We still need to figure out what psy energy holes are, and figure out how to get rid of them. We never got to do that in dark dawn. Only learned what they are. So I assumed there would be another one at some point. I can't wait to see what they can come up with next. Good luck Camelot!!!



jmye said:

Yes!!! Yes yes yes! I played Dark dawn and LOVED IT!!! HOW can you end the game in such a cliff hanger and NOT make a sequel???? I really hope to see/hear about Golden Sun 4 VERY SOON!



Truntis said:

I just finished DD after owning it for a year or two, A great fan of the first two games and I'll hold my breath waiting for the next one. What will the vortexes mean? Why are the Tuaparang so interested in them, and how are their machines connected? Did the Vortex replace the Golden Sun? Ect. I would love to see this game finished.



miiworld2 said:

Camelot! Listen to your fans (except CrispyGoomba and the others). We want another Golden Sun, especially after that cliffhanger! It's leaving me hanging!
THEY however don't know the magic of this epic RPG.

Edit: I have a strong feeling that the mourning moon is coming back. And we wanna see some mourning moon action.



catastrophe said:

i love the golden sun series though dark dawn was way too easy it was still enjoyable. but still i prefer the puzzle and battle difficulty the original two games provided. i still have all three games to this day and would love to see a fourth added to the saga.



Elitegamerx said:

Golden sun and golden sun the lost age were by far the best gba games I have ever played. Never have i spent soo many hours on a game and not lose Intrest for a second, dark dawn however was a bit of a let down. It wasn't a bad game but the first 2 raised the bar soo high the third didnt seem all too well done, on top of that it took 7 years to release dark dawn so I'm sure people were expecting more. Please Camelot and Nintendo make a 4th but go back to the design of 1 and 2. The epicness of golden sun lies there



gokhan90 said:

Camelot. Golden sun is one of the best thing that i lived my life with. Thank you for releasing such a good game. I will play the goldensun games forever. It would be great if u release new Goldensun games ofcourse. I hope that u will do that. Big thanks for this fantastic game. Really



Federoff said:

YES, you need a new game, I loved Dark dawn, but it ened with a cliff hanger, serriously "The End..?" XD. Here are some Ideas:
1. for the talking, maybe put in a voice system so we can listen?
2.5x10 (5 per battle, 10 for whole groups, so ISsac and Garnet can help along with the rest of the group)
3. story line( just an idea for the begining): THe mourning moon is back and the Wise one and Alex say they need to travel to the Mourning moon, which is actually a portal into the land of Dark Adepths, and they need to rescue their parents, along with others affected by the golden sun, for their plan is to fuse the Land of Light(Weyward) and the Land of Dark into one, so they can get materials, and take over the world (Shocker I know XD). This is where the mountain roc feather comes in place (Yes a use for the usless item! XD) The last person tooken that is rescued is Felix.
4. Have Pierrs and Nowell come in
5. Reveal that Nowell, Reif, and Amit are family
6.Behind this is the Tua.
7. Have the last item the "umbra Blade" and combines with the Sol blade to make the "Blade of Sol and Umbra" or the "Blade of Light and Dark"
8.Side line quests are a MUST!
9.Have a Dark Adepth join you, maybe alex, so you can move through-out the Dark Lands.
10. A training place where you can fight people online(Actually fight each other, not what they did with fire emblem Awakening, that was another amazing game though ) You can also Practice against all bossess you fight in the game. And you can fight the Warriors of Vale (All of them)
11. A secret Post-Game Dungeon, where you fight ALL bossess through-out the Whole Golden sun saga, and a secret final boss: THE WISE ONE! If a player is able to wih against him you get one wish, and only one of these: Able to buy foregable materials from ANY shop, and a free guide to what you can forge. Gain a lot ofr gold (you descide), or Exp(again you descide). Afterword you can re-do this dungeon from any place you want for free

It was a great game, please dont wait like 8-years for a fourth , but dont rush like X and Y D:< (Face it, it was rushed) Make the 4th the best one yet !



Federoff said:

Oh btw, it was such a good game that I (almost) 100% it in about 31hours (Just need one more name XD)



kornel2000 said:

My idea : the trio (matthew , tyrell , karis ) will beat Alex somewhere . He is the number 1 villain in Golden Sun series.



kornel2000 said:

I'm curious about the fourth . But make it more interesting than the third one . And I hope it will come out soon . Can't wait . Oh yeah one more opinion for the 4th : the heroes will seal the psynergy vortexes and prevent mourning moon happened again
(sorry for my bad english)



Simon1893 said:

Kamlot, this is a true fan of the golden sun saga, you have to release another golden sun. I agree with other that it be strictly for 3ds, but the decision is up to you. The first was fun, epic, awesome, better than all RPGs that came out in that year, but it was short. I passed it in over 5 hrs, but I still hold it in my heart as a kick donkey game. The lost age was indeed a lot longer, and truly enjoyable. Nice touch with the summonings.
The bosses were harder, the dungeons were longer, and the lighthouses were awesome. The guardians were a nice touch and the barsteward guarding IRIS was next to impossible to beat and the lvling up was more hardcore.(thank god there were wonder birds for slaughter). The ending was cheesy but sweet. Dark dawn is a great game for ds, dsi, and so forth. The dialogue was longer than expected but, still a great game, that I play over and over along with the 2 that started it all. I've had the first 2 for almost 10 years and I still prefer to whip out a gameboy with golden sun over call of duty and kill zone. Yes yes there has to be another golden sun because the psynergy vortexes were a good story, but we didn't see their end or origins. Alex being alive is great. Kamlot you must make another game I don't care if you take 5 years to make just make one.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Mystes said:

Camelot, so far so good you've done a great job with the series, I have played all three of the series and I can absolutely tell that the series has earned a great place in me and it would be great if you guys will continue finishing this until the end of the story. The Story, Gameplay, Mechanics, and everything that makes up the game is great and it would be nice if this series actually pushes through the thick and thin of where it all began



shawz101 said:

Yes PPLLEEAASSE!! make a new game especially for the 3ds. I played all the games and hope the 4 game would conclude dark dawn, cus it did end offically



EmilLynx726 said:

I totally think they should make the 4th one to Golden Sun since the story and characters along with the gameplay and mechanics where just amazing!



PrincessHimi said:

I think it would be great if another Golden Sun game was made. The cliff hanger at the end of dark dawn just makes me want to play the next one. I think voice acting would be fun to have too. Dark Dawn was my first Golden Sun game and I keep playing it over and over again just so I can get all the cool items and Djinn all over again. Please make another one. Us fans of the series will make it worth your while. Oh, also please make it for 3ds because I don't have a wii or ps3 and probably won't get one anytime soon.
Many thanks Camelot! <3



jian962000 said:

I am totally would be excited for another Golden Sun game to be make. I was so into the previous three. It was so fun, me and my friends would totally like a new one to come out. Waiting for your new accomplishment, hope it will be out maybe next new or so.



Bryon15 said:

Guys, I'm getting worried. It's been two years since this was posted. And still no word on a sequel.



brightclaw said:

There needs to be another game becaus the story was written perfectly. The group had to go their separate ways but that doesnt mean the story should end there. The next adventure will probably be loved by almost every gamer that buys it.



zvintg said:

I wouldn't say that Dark Dawn was a let down but still i miss the concept of the older games. The puzzles in DD were way too easy and the story line and the characters were just ...alright ...
I kinda wish that they would put the first two games into the eShop for the 3DS so we could replay the older games again.



rwlee17 said:

How can you not make a fourth? You left way too many questions open that dark dawn didn't even get to touch on. For one Felix has a fate that Hamma would wish on no man, and is completely absent from dark dawn (this fate was my main reason for playing dark dawn so imagine my utter disappointment at not even a mention of it) so what is this gruesome fate? Second the wise one duped Alex out of power by splitting the power somewhat into Isaac, how/where does that come into play? I personally chose to ignore dark dawn ever happened but it left a to be continued message just like GS the first did. So aside from the fact your losing fan base by the day, and dark dawn, after eight years of waiting solved no major plot points in my opinion, again how could you not make another? Regardless of If sales would cover development, I think your true fan base who has stuck around this long deserve some closure. (especially when it comes to Felix) oh and what about elaborating on Ivan/hammas relationship?



rwlee17 said:

@zvintg free emulator on smart phone I play them all the time only reasons I have emulator on my phone is to play GS, and GS TLA



Dengar said:

So... Can anyone explain to me how we DO let Camelot know we want another one?

I loved Dark Dawn, I really did. But I'm a bit of a weirdo who doesn't hate easy games. I will also acknowledge that it lacks that extra punch the first two games did. But that didn't kill the entire series. I bet a lot of fans are eager to see Camelot make a more honest attempt at making a new Golden Sun.



m0ldyt0ast said:

@CrispyGoomba How do you figure that is a viable complaint? Do you expect them to add a "shallow character design" option in the settings menu, in which they stick to hellos and good-byes? It's an RPG, role playing, which insinuates depth, which includes a lot of dialogue. The dialogue gives them character. I just don't see that being a viable complaint...



aceroy said:

I have been a "fan" of golden sun for 2 years now (I played it 8 years ago but I was a stupid ADHD child) and I find that Camelot has Done better in Dark Dawn than in any other Golden Sun game. Why? Because it left us wanting more. Granted we are a dog that Camelot brought 2 beautiful steaks and we ate those steaks and we felt satisfied but would have liked it again. Then 8 years later came back with another steak. This steak looks a lot like the last one but when Camelot gives us the new steak they filled it with weed so now we've become addicted to the weed steaks. Now Camelot believe me when I say if you need someone to help write a story the entire fan base of Golden Sun would be willing to help because GS and TLA are more like an epic than a plot where as plot was lacking in DD, not the story but the plot. The 30 years later opened up for so much story not only for the children but for the parents such as Felix, Sheba, Jenna (she doesn't visit Goma Plateau even though she is an adept and the canon line "Jenna'd be proud" by Briggs so did something happen between Jenna and Isaac, because she is alive living in Kalay without him), and Piers (he is mentioned but never seen). So for what its worth Dark Dawn is successful in doing what we wanted, giving more story, so quit whining about the plot and accept the opened story. I know Camelot is aware of their plot mistake in DD and it was more an excuse to be able to have more characters in the next game.



aceroy said:

@Federoff I was rereading what i missed and no, bad @Federoff, no voices, what made Golden sun great is that, between major plot points and important events was that it was up to the player to make up story in between. Because you cannot tell me that while Isaac, Garet, and Ivan were travelling to Imil in the taiga tundra, none of them, especially Garet, complained about the cold. I imagined Garet saying he was cold and Ivan saying "well your a mars adept, why don't you start a fire or something." and then I (Isaac) laugh in response. Proof that Voice actors would only ruin it because I know you would be pissed when they told you what your supposed to sound like and now you are no longer the silent protagonist but instead a voiced protagonist that might say something in a way you might not like or even worse have bad voice actors.



aceroy said:

@aceroy and now i am replying to myself that not only should they keep with not using voices but also stick to weaker graphics, why? So that they can focus on what people want: Psynergy, plot, character development throughout the story, an expansive universe and story, more Psynergy, ancient mysteries and mysteries about characters, and most importantly engaging dialogue.



aceroy said:

@Cozzarad I read every single one of your ideas and loved all but one. Real time and turn based strategy should never mix ever i'm sorry but the raise shield and parry is good for new battle commands specifically for the "Fifth installment" in the series which is a Fanfic i have been writing for 2 months now it has no name but I have done a lot on it including gameplay ideas based around the new protagonist a non-Venus adept and I promise that what i have come up with will blow your minds also don't message me about what i have not told you for i like the clue of omission over the hint "something like this". Also (imagine hearing this very quickly) I'm using Dawnshipping so suck it up, it works.



gcuenca760 said:

as long as they bring back all the original group of golden sun and lost age especially felix



Venuslight said:

i loved Golden sun series, so i really want golden sun 4. it would be great if they bring back the original golden sun and golden sun the lost age characters.



Venuslight said:

and i didn't liked very much the idea of the sanctum, i think its better if you recover all hp, pp and stuff once you sleep in the inn because you can save lot more money



tkilgore said:

I created an account on this site for the sole purpose of leaving this comment,just an fyi. golden sun has been my favorite game franchise of all time since its realse,i trained and trained my party in part 1 and made them so awesome,then when lost age came out and i got the chance to transfer over my characters they were so beastial that i crushed every single boss for the rest of the game with no issues! in the years that came to follow i lost my first golden sun cartridge,but still managed to keep my original lost age with the first party i ever created,that cartridge now sits in my safety deposit box at my bank,this is a true and very serious story. i played that game so long i have max money (have had max money forever) all the best of everything,and my GS1 party is maxed out in level as well as Jenna due to the fact that she is the only case where i would chose a TLA character over one of my original party cause i love everything jenna (her battle theme is the ringtone on my phone). Now to touch on dark dawn.... I knew about halfway through the game that it would not be able to tie up all the loose ends it was creating,and also due the fact that the world map was so highly restricted. I believe that it a severe injustice to the story to open things up so wide for a second time (like what happend with GS1 and then everything was made right and finished in TLA). We need to know about continue to pursue alex,and we need to dispel the dark psynergy, along with being able to traverse the entire world map. there is so much left undone after opening the door like this again. if there is not fourth installment created i would have high resentment towards DD for getting hopes up so high. if DD was meant to be the last game it should have given a higher level of closure. and you cant blame low sales and claim that to be a valid reason for not making a fourth game,the fact is that this highly under rated game has a big cult following of people that would gladly go purchase multiple copies of any GS title if it meant you would keep going with the story in and of itself . my DD copy purchase count at this time is 3, mine,my little brothers and my nephew,who is now sucked into the story now as well. if you never do anything again,just make one more golden sun "book" ! as a diehard fanboy since age 13 i can say i will have copies of each game put into the gound with me when i die,and i will leave more behind to my offspring so the lore will continue on!



tkilgore said:

i will give you a breakdown of some really solid things you should consider.
okay think about how felix is the "main" character in the lost age,he take on the role that issac does in GS1,being the silent one whose dialogue is actually your very own thoughts and feelings. hamma prediction of the the "gruesome fate" that felix has is that in the end of the lost age when you fight and kill the doom dragon that you are actually killing you mom,dad,and issacs dad! (even though by the awesome power of the mars lighthouse,none of them actually die..).
next even though there is no super deep sidestory that covers it,the story does directly state that hamma is ivans older sister and that she sent him away for the sole purpose of ivan assisting issac and company in the task of saving the world. (She had a vision that showed her that she needed to send ivan away for a very important reason)
third the splitting the power thing you are right about,they cover the fact that the psynergy of mars lighthouse has provided all the people that were there at the time etremely extended vitality,but issac not being in dark dawn very much doesnt give them the chance to go in depth about him having some of the golden suns power. (i would hope at the very very end of the story that there would be a final battle of alex and issac!!)
as far as unanswered questions goes,in dark dawn they hint at there being some kind of realm above weyard where the antagonists of that installment hale from,and if you think back to golden sun 1,they talk about how sheba actually fell from the sky and landed in lavilero when she was a child,at which time she was adopted,this,i feel is a loose end that looked like it could have been tied up in dark dawn,but all in all everybody know that all dark dawn did was make WAY MORE loose ends. i think felix ended up in prox,trying to make up for his villages people slaying four proxian warriors who it turns out in the end were just trying to keep their village (and mars lighthouse) from being eroded off the face of weyard and ultimately dooming the whole realm (because no marslighthouse means no unlocking alchemy,means gaia falls continues to errode and someday destroy everything on the weyard plane of existence).
I play with the ideas of the golden sun realm A LOT!



rwlee17 said:

@tkilgore you are the man i like that reply more than you could know, and I never put that sheba falling and hint at another realm together good stuff! However I don't think Felix was in pro, I may be wrong you obviously remember a ton more than me but I believe in dark dawn they hinted at him being on some important personal mission or something which could be prox but sounds more in depth and dangerous than that, also I thought he only split the power between Alex and Isaac? And I think your probably right about the fate being killing his parents but think they could've at least had hamma confirm he skirted his terrible fate if that were the case and give me some closure cause that was my biggest thing I wanted closure on



tkilgore said:

You're right, about the golden sun power, my comment covers that. Issac is the only one who gets a part of that power. What everybody else gets is the super concentrated healing fire psynergy of the mars lighthouse/starlight. That's why kraden is STILL alive and running around with the kids of the dark dawn saga. I think it was crappy of them to leave Felix so far out of the dark dawn story, I never used him unless I had to, but they should still shed some light on what he is doing since the end of lost age. Here's to Hoping we all get the sequel we want!!



fangzgirl said:

I am a huge fan of the Golden Sun Saga. I got both of the GBA games when I was around 8 years old and both are in my "nobody dares touch these games but me" box. They are my prized possessions. I got Dark Dawn for Christmas a few years back. I will be very disappointed if there isn't a fourth one.



DragonBrad93 said:

i honestly think there should be more golden sun games made they were my favorite rpg as a child growing up and i love playing them over and over they have tons of replay value and even if they dont make a new one they should at least re make the old ones for gba for the 3ds or try to convert them into a played wii u game with even better and crazier graphics !! just my opinion tho lol!



Mork25 said:

I highly recommend that another installation be made into the series, this is mainly due to the fact that I am a huge fan of the series and other games like this. But I also want there to be another because DD left so many question unanswered. So please make another game maybe revolving around nowell meeting up with Isaac and garret and going to solve how to get rid of vortexes and after Matthew sees the mourning moon they get there and tell them how there is another dimension that can only be accessed through the MM and they need to save that dimension in order to get rid of the MM forever, but since I like happy ending they make friends in that dimension and can create a safe portal there at anytime. Also if the story follows nowell then it would be something similar to the lost age. And honestly it could have a similar journey too. Thais all I can think of other than tying up so many loose ends.



Jackalope said:

The last comment before me was on march 2015 ._. It show me how people love this game
I've played gs and gs:tla and I think those are great
If camelot wants to clear the cliffhanging in DD by making another sequel, it'd be great



komodo182 said:

Would love another Golden Sun. Still waiting on Golden Sun Lost Age to hit NA for Wii U



will12 said:

I just started Golden Sun for the first time with Golden Sun Dark Dawn and i got to say that i loved the game and the entire franchise so it would be amazing if they came out with other golden sun for the wii u and 3ds. Don't care how long it takes just make a golden sun4.



wray123 said:

This is my first experience in the golden game and i loved golden sun dark dawn and my birthday is next week so i asked for all the golden sun games. Please make another golden sun and make it for the 3ds so you can see it in 3d and have better graphics. Camelot please make a golden sun 4 for everyone who wants one so you do not let anyone down.



Waterpiers said:

I understand that fans of the first two games were slightly disappointed with the change of dark dawn. However, even though it may have been a bit on the easy side, and the "points of no return" were slightly annoying if you realive you missed a djinni, I still really enjoyed the game, and it still remains to be my favorite franchise! Also, how could they not make a sequel with the cliffhanger? I got a feeling like the journey just started, so I NEED the sequel. On a side note, wouldn't it be awesome if Golden Sun characters were playable in Super Smash Brothers?



Jobbernowl said:

Well, I had to make an account simple to post on here.
Give me Golden sun, I've replayed the series 4-5 thus far and It's not even a game from my childhood I only got my hands on the games a couple of years ago and it was instantly made my favorite series EVER. And I'm no filthy casual. Golden sun truly is love and life.



dblaze said:

There should be another installment to golden sun to finish the story before remakes are created then put an added couple stories after that I've played all the golden suns and loved all of them. Let end this cliff hanger, and put a few more notches in the belt while we're at it.

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