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Mon 13th Aug 2012

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Zeldash commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

Golden Sun....well its the great game and a 1st game to have code system and a awesome battle system and use of djinn and psynergy. I really like completing the both GS and GS TLA.

When I heard news of GS DD , I was really excited and even bought a NDS lite hoping it will have some use of cartridge from LSA. But it didn't happened.

Dark Dawn is big failure in my sense if compared to prequels. Story which makes no sense, a long travel just to meet Kraden, djinn at every place, boring summonings, easy dungeons , too many characters in early terms, very few bosses that are easy to beat, monsters in every step after activating luna tower and most of all talks about Heroes of vale , heroes of vale and heroes of vale. If the heroes of vale still present then why they not save the world rather than their children ?

The story was very poor and I dont think GS 4 will do any good. Only chance they have is to create a new GS 3 with better story.

For those who are fan of GS and GS TLA , GS DD is disappointment.

However Golden Sun have really awesome design and facts of Alchemy. It motivated me to write novel and study more about alchemy. Hermes, Water of Life, and few other words are in text of old alchemy but have entirely different meaning. If they are going to create another masterpiece [except DD] I would like to more of insight of Alchemy.