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Sat 12th Oct 2013

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KerafyrmSix commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

I first played golden sun tla first and dying to play the first, once I got both parts of the story I was amazed with these games. Everything is just awesome tho a was stuck in what happened to Alex and seven years or so went by and I found out dark dawn was created. I pretty much crapped myself, I ate dark dawn for breakfast lunch and dinner, didn't even have the game yet just the info online. Point is I really love the golden sun games. They are by far my most favorite games of all time. Yes dark dawn I think was great however did have some things people and myself find off or "not as good" as the other games.

I'm fine with all the talking done in dark dawn, having playing many FF games reading storyline dialog is Something I enjoy

I disliked classes beside the few special character classes were the exact same. I do like the classes but some chafe there would be nice

I disliked the Abilities that were used very few times during gameplay mainly spirit track and just silly ones mainly slap

When people say the game was easy I'm afraid their right, the puzzles were on the easy side and monster/boss fights went by pretty fast

Something I noticed it that some info about some things in dark dawn kinda popped up that weren't in the other two games HOWEVER it is say in dark dawn the light houses were built by the "forgotten name here". There was a question on who built the light houses so having that tie together kept the story in line somewhat I suppose.

I won't say anything about the vortexes just vanishing from the gameplay because that was the point. It was meant for you the forget about them so you'll get hit with it hard at the end of the game. I just beat dark dawn few mins ago and at the end if the credits a vortex showed. I felt played that I forgot all about them and then at the end that big one was there just chilling. I flipped, that got me so good. I did, I fell for that one. Didn't see that coming though I should of.

The other missing characters from the last two games I want say thing thing there either because if GS4 is made they'll probably be answers

Bottom line if you didn't read all that
I love the GS games and would pay good money to play it