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Wed 14th Nov 2012

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helloinsanity commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

Okay, now that I posted my opinion, here's what I think the new game should have.
If it's with Matthew and the rest:

Character Development:
-There was hardly enough time before the game REALLY started to learn about the characters. In the first GS game, we learned about the personalities of Garet and Isaac before they left on their adventure. We never really learn what each of the characters were thinking in DD, because it was such a basic idea.
-Matthew was stuck with 4 emotions, which were really confusing. What's with the happy, really happy, sad, and angry faces? Which one are you supposed to choose? You never got to just answer with opinions like Yes and No.

-The images were quite pixel-like (not bad, but could have been better) and I was expecting more after the game took like 6 or 8 years to come out.
-Monsters need to be stronger. Really? They're really weak in comparison to old GS monsters.

-The map, in my opinion, was EXTREMELY small. In TLA, you literally explored EVERYWHERE. I found this game to be just in a small area.
-I wish they hadn't eliminated so many original and classic towns. I would have loved to see them in the DS version. I would have loved to revisit original GS towns.. Such as where the Warriors of Vale originally came from. Like Kaylay for Ivan, Imil for Mia.. etc. Or I'd like to revisit Lemuria and Prox, or Contigo or something.

-Okay, I like the new team and all, but it seems like they left a LOOOOT of things unanswered in the 1st and 2nd game that I thought they would answer in the 3rd. They left a lot of characters out of the game again, and left me wondering why. They should bring back old ones more often.

-THEY NEED TO KEEP THE GAME ORIGINAL. Make sure they don't lose too much of the ORIGINAL game in the new ones! Don't let the original idea of the story leave, and be replaced with something too new for us fans.

Yeah, I'll post more if I think of any.



helloinsanity commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

YES, a new game would be AMAZING. I got my boyfriend into it, and my friends too. They all love the series so far, and they're completely hooked. Myself, I'd KILL for a new game! This game is my favorite game, I absolutely love it.
I would love for Golden Sun to have either a remake of the first game, or they could make the first game, but in the perspective of Felix. Or remake the second game, in the perspective of Isaac. Anything works, I just want a new game