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Mon 11th June, 2012

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Saturos commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

As the creator and lead administration of one of the most active Golden Sun fanforums in English, I can definitely say that we all would appreciate a new Golden Sun game, and would purchase it without question. Golden Sun is one of the most gorgeous experiences available on handheld systems, and one of my personal favourites without question.

While there may have been a few missteps in Dark Dawn, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it — there was just that particular life and spark in it that the first games had. It helps to compare it more specifically to The Broken Seal, as the set-up in many ways to hopefully a sequel. But the glimpse we saw of the incredibly vivid world of Weyard was more than worth it.
I know Camelot is most comfortable with handhelds, but I'd be lying if I didn't say the thought of a fully-realized Golden Sun on the WillU didn't take my breath away.
And if Camelot ever needs more fan input or potential helpers, I know an entire forum of people who'd be eager and willing.