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Fri 17th May 2013

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Ryking66 commented on Okami Announcement Teased For Next Week:

I'm checking the web quite often for any news about Okami, and though most fans look to seeing a new Okami game, I on the other hand just want the original for the 3ds, Okami 3D! Think of how great it would look, now that the new 3ds has the
C-stick to rotate the camera angle, it'd be a perfect fit for the system, but don't get me wrong I'd also like to see a new Okami game, but even so the original is a masterpiece, and it can stand up to the best even still today.



Ryking66 commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

Camelot, it looks like your going to work, you have plenty of devout fans, and everyone who has posted their comments is probably only 0.2% of those who want another adventure, and the 3ds is a perfect fit for a new Golden Sun, I want to see every character from the series play a key role in it, including combat, and it nneeds to have a free explore like in the Lost Age, and since Weyard has been radically altered by the Golden Sun event, there should be a lot of places to see, and it should have a great story that eventually leads to one of several different endings, depending on your choices, I want it to be the greatest RPG of all time! And since the Golden Sun games are some of my favorite games ever, I don't think its gonna be impossible to do. Take your time and do it right, make it a game that fans will never stop talking about, and it'll be worth it. Thank you.