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Mon 11th Jun 2012

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Charon commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

First of all before there can be any misunderstanding:
Golden Sun 1&TLA remain my favourite rpg after all these years.
Ive replayed them every year.
I was a kid and as I started to understand english, hence the game, I learned the valuable lesson that the world is not simply black or white. I would not be who I am without Golden Sun

Now for the serious part:
Are you telling me you don't even have like plans or anything???
We've been waiting for an announcment of the seemingly inevitable and obvious sequel before the DS would get replaced (tons of unaddressed questions, huge cliffhanger, game being a long sidequest)....
With all that happened in DD there is a lot of explaining to do.
I was 100% confident DD was just a reintroduction of the series and a setup for an epic story that would surpass TLA as the fourth (and fifth?) instalment would come out.

DD is a great game alright (as long as we ignore TLA), and a nice sign that there is still places where the story can go, but there was several parts that could have been done better.
In puzzles and in battles. See if there was a fourth realesed ASAP after DD I would have understood, since many people would see GS for the first time, but since nothing came, you better step up your game now. Giant dungeons, labyrinths that make you draw a maps, puzzles that require 2 eurekas not just one, and boss fights that don't die to summon rush. Which brings me to
-Battle system
You need to balance that thing somehow. In GS1&2 it wasnt much different I know (you are almighty adepts in an alchemy-less world, melee, psynergy or summons, all are uber), but this time the golden sun is shining, so you even have a plot reason for making the battle system better thought through.
It shouldn't simply be, spam whatever you like most, but at the same time it would be bad if it got too restrictive, and so on..
Don't get me wrong, I loved the dialogue in both initial games. It had tons of interesting discussions and an amazing story, but in DD, there was quite a higher percentage of repetition of the same stuff being said.
Keep the amount of text, just make it hold interesting information whenever possible.
The PointsOfNoReturn were annoying in DD. Yep.
Also call Motoi Sakuraba to start working on awesome songs RIGHT NOW.

I don't remember other stuff that needs to be brought up right now, but yeah. YEAH. WE DEMAND GOLDEN SUN.

It needs to revive the epicness of TLA, with memorable awe inspiring ancient elemental structures and forgotten secret cities with who knows what (I dont believe you that you dont have half of the story sorted out since forever), more ingenious plot twists and lessons for life than the smartest movies out there atm, give characters time to actually develop, make human mistakes and learn (instead of just casual talk) and grow on us points at Himi. Also it needs dramatic and emotional parts, not over the top "oh look everyone in this town is now dead", but reasonable pace. Improve every mechanic, make the battles and puzzles more engaging, smart and balanced.
Thats all I got for now.
Oh, get the people together that did the most work on TLA background? idk