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Tue 25th Mar 2014

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Federoff commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

YES, you need a new game, I loved Dark dawn, but it ened with a cliff hanger, serriously "The End..?" XD. Here are some Ideas:
1. for the talking, maybe put in a voice system so we can listen?
2.5x10 (5 per battle, 10 for whole groups, so ISsac and Garnet can help along with the rest of the group)
3. story line( just an idea for the begining): THe mourning moon is back and the Wise one and Alex say they need to travel to the Mourning moon, which is actually a portal into the land of Dark Adepths, and they need to rescue their parents, along with others affected by the golden sun, for their plan is to fuse the Land of Light(Weyward) and the Land of Dark into one, so they can get materials, and take over the world (Shocker I know XD). This is where the mountain roc feather comes in place (Yes a use for the usless item! XD) The last person tooken that is rescued is Felix.
4. Have Pierrs and Nowell come in
5. Reveal that Nowell, Reif, and Amit are family
6.Behind this is the Tua.
7. Have the last item the "umbra Blade" and combines with the Sol blade to make the "Blade of Sol and Umbra" or the "Blade of Light and Dark"
8.Side line quests are a MUST!
9.Have a Dark Adepth join you, maybe alex, so you can move through-out the Dark Lands.
10. A training place where you can fight people online(Actually fight each other, not what they did with fire emblem Awakening, that was another amazing game though ) You can also Practice against all bossess you fight in the game. And you can fight the Warriors of Vale (All of them)
11. A secret Post-Game Dungeon, where you fight ALL bossess through-out the Whole Golden sun saga, and a secret final boss: THE WISE ONE! If a player is able to wih against him you get one wish, and only one of these: Able to buy foregable materials from ANY shop, and a free guide to what you can forge. Gain a lot ofr gold (you descide), or Exp(again you descide). Afterword you can re-do this dungeon from any place you want for free

It was a great game, please dont wait like 8-years for a fourth , but dont rush like X and Y D:< (Face it, it was rushed) Make the 4th the best one yet !