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Mon 25th Mar 2013

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HellGotz commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

Hello there !
I was reading this stuff about "asking" for a new golden sun , and I think it s a pretty good idea .
Sorry If my english's bad ,I'm french ^^ and I'm so far of my land ,just because I love the Golden Sun Licence !
I think the idea for regroup the fans is awesome !
It makes me feel like "oh , that's how a community should be !" and you know , there's some goods projects that we can make with this , also that some good words for Camelot and a new Golden Sun project doesn't count anything !
If I can tell you what I think about the GS 3 it's more !
It deserve this beautiful licence to compare it with her past ... cause we all know the first game we did are the games we're always gonna love !
And for me I can hide it , i started with the GS 1 when I was 11 years ago ... kind of nostalgic but ... wow again !
I hope the gamers community we'll understand what an incredible opportunity this is gonna be for all the gamer's clan in the world ,if we start one day acting like a social being ,then it's gonna play on Developpers too...cause we all know , again ,than Games are cause we'll all play and love , and not because it's nintendo or others that are creating it .
I love nintendo and Camelot but the gaming world got to understand's the players who made the games ,feel the game ...and not the time or the money ...
when a player love it ,then all come to it ... that's why I think that the idea Hiroyuki Takahashi is .... like something everybody got to take seriously !
And if someday ,Camelot needs some advice or ... just fellings coming from their fans ,I hope everybody will do like I do and do everything they can ...
When we love ,we don't have to count ...
I hope they'll ask some advice to us ,just to show them how we see the game and how we expect him to go for his futur adventure ... cause we know and we can help for a next one !
This is an "aurevoir" guys ,I really hope that someday ,even in years ,a newborn GS will see the new Dawn ... and not an obscure this time !
See ya !!