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Wed 9th Oct 2013

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DarutonK commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

A fourth Golden Sun needs to be made. Plain and simple. A lot of people hated Dark Dawn because it was more intended to be played by newer users and people that played the first two GS games probably complained that nothing was really explained to you. The thing that makes a GS game what it is, basically, is based on being just thrown into the game and assuming you know what to do. It makes you think! The hard puzzles. The INTERESTING dialogue... Honestly, I just got done replaying Dark Dawn and, despite the fact that I couldn't remember what was going on, I found myself just pressing the A button through most of the cut scenes after a while. The beginning of the game was focusing on two things: 1) The feather for the broken soarwing. 2) Psynergy Vortexes... Where did those go after the first eighth of the game?! The remaining seven eighths of the game completely forgot about the vortexes until the VERY LAST SECOND OF THE GAME. That makes me want to slap the maker until the fourth game is made. Just because of that right there.... Plus Felix was only meantioned and we didn't get to see Piers... >.> I love those two... I wanna see Felix's son... WE KNOW HE HAS ONE. JUST BECAUSE SHEBA WAS TIMID DOESN'T MEAN SHE IS ASEXUAL. Plus... NOWELL AND PIERS?!?! Come on now Camelot... I rest my case. Make it happen.