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Sun 16th Sep 2012

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zero6251 commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

okay what I think they should do is:
they never realy gave us the who married who series we all know that issac married jenna but what about all the other golden sun charicters? they should do it to where the other side (felix,sheba.etc) discover more about the dark psynergy and how it is causing all the vortexes and how the world is slowly decaying because the lack of light psynergy and too much dark psynergy is ingulfing the world, this will happen on the other hemisphere of the world then they would make peirs show up (ya know cause he's imortal) and he will tell them that he hass explored the whole world ahd has found out that the world is a living thing / that it has a soul, then wayfair( I think thats the world name) tells the crew that there is still one more lighthouse to be lit then the old crew from the first gs come in and say that they had lit all the lighthouse that is why the golden sun effect happend then the world tells them that there is another wolrd connected to wayfair that is basicly like its brother and copies it but in a darker setting that the only way for wayfair to be the same is for its brother planet to be
the same .. so in other words I would love for there to ba a new golden sun