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Fri 18th Apr 2014

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Simon1893 commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

Kamlot, this is a true fan of the golden sun saga, you have to release another golden sun. I agree with other that it be strictly for 3ds, but the decision is up to you. The first was fun, epic, awesome, better than all RPGs that came out in that year, but it was short. I passed it in over 5 hrs, but I still hold it in my heart as a kick donkey game. The lost age was indeed a lot longer, and truly enjoyable. Nice touch with the summonings.
The bosses were harder, the dungeons were longer, and the lighthouses were awesome. The guardians were a nice touch and the barsteward guarding IRIS was next to impossible to beat and the lvling up was more hardcore.(thank god there were wonder birds for slaughter). The ending was cheesy but sweet. Dark dawn is a great game for ds, dsi, and so forth. The dialogue was longer than expected but, still a great game, that I play over and over along with the 2 that started it all. I've had the first 2 for almost 10 years and I still prefer to whip out a gameboy with golden sun over call of duty and kill zone. Yes yes there has to be another golden sun because the psynergy vortexes were a good story, but we didn't see their end or origins. Alex being alive is great. Kamlot you must make another game I don't care if you take 5 years to make just make one.
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