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E3 2012: Wii U Pro Controller Offers More Options

Posted by Mike Mason

For the traditionalist

Worried about playing your Wii U games with that big screen controller all the time? Have some jealous friends who don't want to use Wii Remotes for asymmetrical multiplayer? Nintendo has you covered with the Wii U Pro Controller.

The Wii U Pro Controller is more standard in form than the main Wii U GamePad. There's no touch screen and it has all the functions you'd find on a standard game controller: four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks, four face buttons. From the looks of things it has a USB slot in the top, most likely to allow charging.

There's definitely no excuse for a lack of traditional games now.

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Highwinter said:

It looks EXACTLY like a 360 controller, just with more awkward analogue placement. Why are the face buttons bellow the stick?



CanisWolfred said:

It looks no more awkward than the PS3 Controller, and a hella lot less awkward than that Wii U controller. As an olive branch, I'll accept it. I just hope to G-d the games I want make use of it...



komicturtle said:

Well, you can always use your Classic Controller Pro- maybe. Now that the buttons click.. Hm, not sure. But I like it. I just need to have it in my hands to judge and see if it'll be good for my Smash Bros. 4 :3



Luffymcduck said:

Better than forcing others to play Smash Bros with Wiimotes (unless WiiU supports four WiiU gamepads at the same time). It looks good to me though.



ennan said:

Looks very much like the 360's controller. Would have prefered something more gamecube like but don't mind this look at all.



PixelatedPixie said:

This controller seems to have the two same percieved issues as the Wii U controller. Which are the symetrical placement of the analogue sticks, and the distance between where your left hand would naturally rest around the controller and where the D-Pad has been placed. I will of course wait until I've read further reports, or better yet tried it myself, before passing judgement, but at first glance it doesn't look anywhere near as confortable as the Gamecube controller.



WaveGhoul said:

Pass, won't be bothering with this.Never was a fan of the XBOX 360 controller or most 'handle' based traditional controllers to begin with. The Wii U GamePad / Wii Remote + Nunchuck is all i need.

And you know, I'm suprised Nintendo ripped the 360 design, where's the creativity?
Theys should of done something simular to the GCN controller.



MrKenta said:

Saw this coming a mile away.
Looks like a 360 controller with a D-Pad that doesn't suck. Hopefully now I can stop using the 360 controller on PC games.



GamecubeMan said:

Looks fine to me except the analogue placement..... all the way in the front of the controller. But at least we have a controller for shooters, fighters etc. Better then using the Wii U controller



kyuubikid213 said:

I can't wait for the Wii U... However, I will have to wait for this. If I can't play Smash Bros. Multiplayer locally without it, then it is an insta-buy. Well, actually it will probably be an insta-buy anyway. This way, they can port over all of the great PS360 games without having to worry about the touchscreen. IT'S GENIUS!!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

The button placement looks ideal to me, especially for 1st person shooters. I love the GamePad and the U ControllerPro!



6ch6ris6 said:

now they only have to make the analogsticks concave and we have the best controller ever made



IAmNotWill said:

The 360 controller is great. Glad Nintendo modelled this new CC Pro after the xbox gamepad.



NintyMan said:

Neat, it's like a 360 controller, only it's Nintendo. It looks all right to me, so I'll probably get it along with the console assuming it comes out on its launch.



chiptoon said:

bloody great. looks like it combines all of my favourite elements from the other gamepads. Hope its as big as the 360 controller.



Phocks5 said:

It looks great but i suddenly miss Nintendo's groundbreaking and revolutionary devices. This is almost an exact copy of the Xbox controller. A very nice controller mind you, but it's been done. I'll be sticking to my Wii U tablet controller thank you.



Bankai said:

What's the point of this? It has the exact same number of buttons as the Wii U controller.

Which means one of two things - 1) Very few games are going to make good use of the Wii U tablet because the developers are catering to people who want to use this, or 2) Nothing supports this controller, making it a useless purchase.

God, Nintendo, you've got to stop releasing hardware add-ons for everything.



Kage_88 said:


But I think I'd still be satisfied with a Wi U Pad.

@Treverend - It seems like Iwata went "Fine! I give up! You 'hardcore' gamers can HAVE your traditional controller! You whiney little...!"

Except in Japanese.



mamp said:

Smash Bros dilemma officially solved. also it's shaped like a 360 controller



Kage_88 said:

@MrHandsforth - Judging by the amount of innovations Nintendo has had stolen over the years, I think THEY have rights to about a million lawsuits.



Drewroxsox said:

The only thing this controller needs is motion control, and my wiimotes can say good bye



Mikazi said:

The only thing that's worrying me are the ZR/ZL triggers. They look digital which kind of sucks to be honest.



sc100 said:

I like how with the Wii U there are now so many controller options: a traditional controller that's wireless, motion controls through a Wiimote and the Wii U game pad and all the unique things that brings. There are cool things with all three ways of playing and it allows you to play games in totally different kinds of ways.



CanisWolfred said:

@ChocoGoldfish The classic controller didn't stop people from inserting pointless motion control gimmicks into every game on the Wii. I highly doubt companies can release a Wii U game without supporting the main controller. However, the best games for the Wii supported the Classic controller, so I doubt it'll become "pointless". There is such thing as a middleground - you know, the point between two extremes.



Infernapeking said:

Dont judge something by the way it looks. You must try it first. Remember Wii U Game Pad last year people said it was comfortable.



aaronsullivan said:

I think this is mostly for show, honestly. For the unimaginative who look at anything new in disdain and who need to see something "safe" to comfort their fears. This is the same type of person that needs to be appeased after people who have actually used the Wii U Gamepad are almost universally impressed with its comfort.

And Smash Bros. LOL.

I'd rather see a motion plus controller as a pack in honestly so all future games can count on every Wii U owner having one motion wand with precision as about two games have relied on them so far and the potential was just getting started as the Wii waned.



Haxonberik said:

HEY LISTEN! Watch back to 22:30 on a replay, comments on the Mario game include a squirell suit power up and a baby yoshi tied by balloons!



WaveGhoul said:

I'm over modern traditional dual analog controls, i'd rather spend an eternity doing the dishes. It's a shame many people got a false impression of wii pointer controls/Motion controls this generation due to playing the wii on all of these stupid laggy HDTV sets(Sony LCD's are some of the worst period.)

You need every precious milaseconds when it comes to motion controls, on a tube TV they are AMAZING, on an HDTV even with the lowest amount of input lag possible(16ms, which low end Panasonic plasmas tend to dish out) it's just not the same...Tradtional controller gaming is still all well and dandy, but motion controls suffer on these HDTV's



DogNut327 said:

I wish it looked more like a modernized GCN controller than a 360 controller with a working d-pad.



Kage_88 said:

@Mickeymac - "However, the best games for the Wii supported the Classic controller".

Mario Galaxy?
No More Heroes?
Zack & Wiki?

EDIT: @WaveBoy - I was actually annoyed at Randy Pitchford when he said that the Wii U Pad was the best controller ever made by Nintendo for 1st person shooters.

Let's see, which input method most accurately captures the sensation of firing a weapon?

A) A PC Mouse; where one clicks a dinky little button rapidly and slides the peripheral around a mat...
B) A Joypad; where one twiddles a thumbstick and pulls a trigger/shoulder button...






Jr-Joe said:

Gamecube, N64, SNES, NES controller all-in-one. They should have called it the Wavebird U.



WaveGhoul said:


Dual analog is already broken, it's boring(just my opinion) clunky, robotic, unimmersive, and frustrating sh*t. On a lag free Tube TV motion controls are an absolute gaming revolution -

Metroid Prime 3RE4: Wii edition, Zelda Skyward, Sword, Elebits, Zack & Wiki, Wario Land Sake it! and many more,ect ect

If you haven't played the wii on an SD Tube TV(which are all free lag) than your stance/opinion on motioncontrols is completely broken. I remember StarDust(i think it was) mentioning the same exact thing.

It's a shame that somebody hasn't invented a device that destroys all of this HDTV inout lag crap, because gamers across the board are all getting broken impressions on motion controls. It's extremely rare that you'll find a 16ms HDTV tv, unless it's a low end panasonic plasma. LCD's and especially LED's are a lot worse. I'm not even a 'huge' fan of motion controls on an HDTV, but on a Tube TV, holy hell is it incredible.



Haywired said:

Looks pretty awesome, but a little cluttered with the Start, Select, Home and Power buttons all squeezed into the middle there. Surely they could have at least put the power button in a more inconspicious place, maybe on the top or something.



Aqueous said:

Looks good, if a bit like a knock off, the sticks look like they are put in a comfortable spot



tardis10 said:

They released this just to pander to the hardcore Gamers they seem so willing to attract, and to make the current market saturates easier to port over, because the Wii U was apparently "so hard to dev for" - that way, I think, they can get the 'Hardcore target-audience' bullcrap out of the way and get back to what they do best - making new, awesome games for new, innovative tech.



WaxxyOne said:

The orientation of the analog sticks is a little different, but I think I understand why they did it that way instead of copying the XBox or PS3 layout. The PS3 layout puts both sticks too close to each other, so if you push right on the left stick and left on the right stick, your fingers might hit each other. I've never like that about the controller, and didn't like that the original Classic Controller had the same problem. However, the asymmetrical layout of the 360 doesn't feel quite right sometimes either. This controller avoids both by placing the analogue sticks at the top and further apart, where there's plenty of room for symmetry and comfort, while providing a full-size D-pad (thank you) and the requisite face buttons in the lower positions.

While I'll have to wait to get my hands on this to see how natural/comfortable it feels, I'll bet Nintendo laid the controlled out this way to maximize comfort and usability. Can't wait to try it out!



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

screw this I'm making a meme outta this -3-



Malkeor said:

Options are awesome.
I'll be super happy using this. Bring it Nintendo! Cannot wait for those games...



C-Olimar said:

@ChocoGoldfish How the heck have you come to that conclusion? This controller's like the GamePad with no screen. We already know that a lot of Wii U games will not require two screens, as they can be played on just the controller. If the ProPad has the same buttons as the GamePad, it should be incredibly easy to support them both!



WaveGhoul said:


Man is great to see somebody that actually has the same impression on motion controls as I do on this site, which almost seems like a rarity most of the time.

I feel the exact same way as you do. I'll never for the life of me understand why people would opt for dual analog(thumb fiddling BS since 96') or a mouse/keyboard(rest hand on mat, slightly move hand/wrist, click click click) over 'actually' physically pointing the wii remote at a screen/ as if you were holding a gun, sword, flashlight(ect) as you would in real life....I mean seriouslyl!? LOL I don't even think this topic is worth argueing about with others. 'C' as you mentioned would make sense to the masses, who aren't gamers in general. It's what you would do in real life after all.

anything '3D' related be in Zelda Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime or Resident Evil. I need to feel as if I'm physically involved, to be immersed or feel like I'm that character, and i can only get that with the Wii remote.

Hell, even sideScrolles can benifit greatly when using motionc controls. Because of them, Wario Land Shake it! imo was a tremendously much more fun. Those tilt controls for Wario's vehicles(especially his boxing glove cart during the 2nd boss battle) completely blew me away back during it's release. Best modern platformer ever.



lonlon-milker said:

For all those who think that this is a copy of an Xbox controller the original Xbox controller was kind of a GameCube controller copy



TimboBaggins said:

Noone seems to have mentioned the lights at the bottom of the controller (showing player 1-4) are very similar to the PS3 dual shock controller. Also, see that mini usb port at the top? This baby is wireless, with a cord charger. Glad they combined elements from both the competitors. I think the joysticks feel much more natural in a symetrical position, fanboyz just gotten used to holding the controller weird. This position allows the d-pad and buttons to be directly across from each other for when you are playing games that don't use joysticks (like the new mario). Its like they took the snes controller and added joystick/trigger wings. LOVE IT -PERFECT-DON"T CHANGE A DAMN THING



HandheldGuru97 said:

It looks a bit cramped. It may be better in the final version, but I don't have much hope this late in the game.



shonenjump86 said:

Looks like a 360 controller, and that's fine with me The 360 is my main console anyways so no problem here.



UltimateMetroid said:

mix of xbox 360 controller and ps3 controller. bottons are ps3 and figure is xbox but they are very easy to use and comfortable



Malkeor said:

Waveboy ..I honestly don' think traditional options are going away any time soon...besides we all grew up with's not like it's all of a sudden obsolete and rubbish.
Remember this is just one of the control options you can don't necessarily have to use it.

The touch screen and many features of the WIi U Gamepad are gonna probably be used by the majority of games anyway. And even THAT has tradition buttons.

I never thought someone would go bananas over a traditional controller OPTION.
Unless you're from many decades into the future, I don't think there's any reason to protest.



Vincent294 said:

Sony and Microsoft, now's the time - team up w/ Nintendo to use this awesome beyond words controller on the 720 & PS4. I mean, this thing owns the 360 controller. I need!



Kaeobais said:

I'm uncomfortable with the button placement, as others have brought up. Apart from that, it looks good.



kyuubikid213 said:

@MRHandsForth I think that the controller looks just different enough that Microsoft won't sue. Besides, Nintendo's been patent crazy lately...maybe they'll patent this controller...



Raylax said:

A mouse is and always will be the best choice for a shooter. Because holding something down on a flat surface offers the level of stability and range (the issue of turning your avatar) that the Wii remote doesn't, and the speed and accuracy that dual-analogue sticks don't. Not that the mouse is perfect - using a mouse means using a keyboard for the rest of your controls, which is an imperfect beast at best and a horrifically confusing car crash at worse.
Does it feel like you're holding a gun? No. But in 20 years of playing games I've never felt like I'm physically, myself, holding a gun, or headbutting bricks, or running through loops; and I can't say for one minute that it's ever detracted from the experience.

Anyway, I like the Wii U Pro. I like the design, I like that it's a lot like the 360 pad, I especially like that it seems highly likely that either 3rd party or even official pads will come out that are identical to the GCN pad (with added ZL, Home, Select and Power buttons). I'd buy one of those in a heartbeat when Smash Bros rolls out.



Millenia said:

I don't like where the face buttons are. :/ but either way we'll all get adjusted to it and it'll all be okay!



WaveGhoul said:


I'm ALL for retro traditional controls(duh!) as seen on the NES & SNES for example, anything on a 2D/Sidescroller for ex.. but I'm talking '3D gaming' here as in Resident Evil, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda ect ect. But whatever, as long as we have the option for a control method suitable to our liking which should be the case for the Wii U given that you can use the Wii U Game Pad, Wii Remote + Nunchuck, now the Wii U Pro controller and I'm guessing the CC & CCPro as well EVERYONE should be happy.



AVahne said:

Looks like an Xbox controller, but I'm liking that the sticks are on top and that the d-pad is an actual d-pad lol. Can't wait to get my hands on it and see how well Nintendo did with that kind of form factor.



WaveGhoul said:


Man, have you even played The Conduit 2? The Wii remote can be customized to your liking, bounding box and all WHILE you're again actually pointing at a screen which you would shooting an obkect in real life which matters greatly to me considering i want that realistic/immersive feeling. Metroid Prime 3's controls were absolutely flawless when set to 'advanced' again on a Lag free CRT Tube tv....The only quirk which should of been an option for those that cared regarding customization was the turning speed. But it was totaly fine for me! Other than that....That experience due to the controls made my jaw drop. That was 'thee' Wii revolution gaming experience for me, including Elebits

But ya...Different strokes. Some don't want that realistic character interaction i guess. Personally, like I've mentioned befoer i'll never go back to dual analog or mouse & keyboard, I don't find those control schemes fun or engaging at all anymore. Weather you feel that Mouse and Keyboard offers a more precise method of control, that to me just doesn't matter because you're hands teathered down onto a table. it doesn't give you that sense of "Holy crap I feeling like I'm the character and i'm interacting inside the gaming world shooting down enemies like i would if this were actually real and blah blah" I look at it as a small main stream step into virtual reality. I can't wait to see where nintendo takes us in the future...

Anyways, I'll just shut up about it. We're not going to change each others minds. I just prefer realistic or interactive motion control based control schemes for 3D gaming where i feel like I'm the character. I dread the thought of pressing buttons to swing links sword and the like in a future 3D Zelda game when Skyward sword blew it out of the park with the wii motion plus controls.



mamp said:

Now that I think about it does this have motion controls too? Or did Nintendo just stick to buttons?



dizzy_boy said:

echoing others here, that controller looks too much like an XBOX controller.
nintendo should have stuck with the same button layout as the cc, i find that way better, especially the placement of the d-pad over the analogue stick as it`s much easier to use that way round.



Objection said:

@peengaweeno- what the hell is that?!
for a secondary controller, thats pretty bamf-looking. original, no. but a comfy controller doesnt need to be.



WaveGhoul said:

Aside from Nintendo trying to suck up the crazy 3rd party support(titles that would normally appear on the 360/PS3), this is their other swift tactic to get the XBOX 360/PS3 fanboys interested. Ripping the 360 controller design should make any XBOXers brow raise in semi-delite.

I think the Classic Controller Pro for the Wii is a much nicer looking controller.....Hell, in it's a fantastic modern controller in it's own right and imo easily feels better than the PS3 controller. Why? The analog sticks are miles better, the buttons are clicky, the d-pad is great and it just feels better in the hands. hell i still only use the regular CC for VC games and the like, handles usuallly just don't do it for me...I'm old school when it comes to traditional controls, i like holding onto a flat surface.

Anyways, I'm just shocked that they actually stole 360's controller design....I mean this is nintendo, they normally suprise everyone with a unique creative controller design....But not in this case. As with the Wii U Console itself, which looks like the Wii's buffed up cooler brother.



pntjr said:

What the heck is this garbage? Why would I waste my money on this trash?



theblackdragon said:

@pntjr: if you don't want to buy one, then don't. play your games via wiimote/nunchuk or the tablet controller, I'm sure Nintendo won't mind, and neither will the rest of us :3



WaveGhoul said:

Man, I'd break down crying if pntjr bought that controller. I'd have restless nights full of dirty waves and ugly babes.



Tasuki said:

Wow this is kinda sad it looks like Nintendo is copying the Xbox 360 with the design of that controller. Nintendo use to unique that was one thing I loved about them and why I went with the Wii instead of a PS3 and Xbox 360. Hopefully they wont lose themselves Nintendo with the Wii U and end up just like the PS and Xbox.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with the WiiU GamePad (it looked heaps of fun in the hilarious guy vs. zombie video) & hence won't buy this Pro Controller. That plus the analogue sticks should've been where they are on the Classic Controller Pro but oh well, they can always change it later.



WaxxyOne said:

I'd bet my life on the fact that the sticks are "clicky." This controller has every input function of the Wii Pad except the screen and TV controls. I don't think that was a mistake.



kyuubikid213 said:

I can't wait for this. I'll still use my GamePad to death, but I will need this for multiplayer with my friends and brother.



ATDI said:

Ouch. Awkward. Move the joysticks below the buttons and name it the Dualshock U.



DarkEdi said:

If this controller can be connected to the Wiimote like the actual classic controller, it is perfect for me because i can play tatsunoko vs capcom.



grimbldoo said:

@MrHandsforth #44
If the patent is over then there can not be a lawsuit

@TimboBaggins #81
Except that the light is in the center on the 360 remote and on the top for the PS3 remote while it is on the bottom on the Wii remote.

They should have just redone the GC remote. It is by far the most comfortable controller I have ever used. They four center buttons could have fit in the center and all they had to do was add a second "Z" button on the left side. And the GC remote just feels so natural to use anyway.
"Not original Nintendo!" Well, the X-Box remote used (and still uses) A, B, X, and Y, just A and B are switched and X and Y are. having a similar control shape is fine but taking the same face buttons is stupid.



Cia said:

This controller looks perfect. All the complaining is once again beyond me, but maybe i should have expected it. After all, people have complained about every single controller Nintendo ever made made after SNES before testing 'em, including the GC one (which had the most easily breaking analog sticks after N64, and ridiculously small D-pad).



luminalace said:

I love the controller but not sure if I need a Wii U controller without the screen! However if this allows me to get a 2nd, 3rd or 4th controller cheaper then it's great! Also really happy that Nintendo have allowed clickable analogue sticks!




I'm disappointed that it looks too much like a 360 controller, but mayber they're trying to de-emphasize it. Hope they didn't shoot themselves in the foot and give the studios the easy way to lazy-ish game studios



alLabouTandroiD said:

The placement of the D-Pad and the BAYX buttons don't make it look very comfy.
And if the Wii U GamePad really is uncomfy to use for longer gaming sessions (as was talked about in the video briefly) i think the controls don't look too good at all. I'll happily let my doubts be blown away though.



Weskerb said:

So third party developers can ditch the tablet and straight-up port games over to use this controller. Great! Just what all the Nintendo fans have been waiting for. This is a cop-out on Nintendo's part and shows that they do not believe 100% in their tablet controller.



seronja said:

i don't care a damn thing what you guys say about the controller, but this looks awesome to the max!



Volmun said:

looks like a 360 controller at lest its like a "Eleat" controller but still i prefer the look (and feall)of the original Pro controller for Wii (imo) still il be getting one thow 8)



Cia said:

The best thing about this is that it's most likely completely wireless, so you don't have to connect it to a Wiimote or anything.



WolfRamHeart said:

I don't think that Nintendo intended for the focus of today's conference to be all on this particular controller but it seems that gamers all over the internet are weighing in with their opinions about it. I actually like it. Yes the shape of the controller does look like that of the Xbox 360 controller. That is fine with me because I find the 360 controller to be quite comfortable. The layout of the analog sticks and buttons seem to be oddly placed but then again I think that it will just be a matter of getting used to them. I don't think that it will be as bad as people are making it out to be. Hopefully it will be comfortable and easy to use. Keep in mind that this is just an optional controller for the system which should give developers another option for creating games on the Wii U as well as giving us gamers a different way to play.



MAB said:

Looks like a great VC controller to play SegaCD/Saturn/Dreamcast/Gamecube downloads. And Wavesta hit the nail on the head about how awesome motion control is and the difference between tubeTV and HDTV but even on the latter I love it. He also forgot to mention Silent Hill Shattered Memories amongst that list of great motion achievements



Rensch said:

Looks sleak, but why are the control sticks so high up. The right one is positioned awkwardly in relation to the buttons.




This controller looks amazing. I would probably prefer the right analogue stick to be lower, but I'm happy the way it is. It looks incredible!!



rjejr said:

Its' black. Black I say. And the Upad was black. So black WiiU, yes?

And what Faron said, none of that wire to the Wiimote nonsense, which is why I never bought a classic controller, too stupid. Not even for MHT.

And what chocogoldfish said so well I'm repeating it:
"What's the point of this? It has the exact same number of buttons as the Wii U controller."
The classic controller was necessary b/c of the lack of buttons on the Wiimote (though I've managed just fine w/ many GC controllers), This is a Upad w/o the screen. Anything you can do w/ this you can do on the Pad. It's the PS3 Navigator of add-ons.
One important caveat - if the WiiU only supports 1 Upad this may be their idea for EXTRA controllers for rmultiplayer.



luminalace said:

I usually end up buying extra controllers for my least now I don't have to spend extra and buy each controller with a screen!



Mahemoth said:

@rjejr Exactly what I was thinking, what's up with all the exitement about this controller, the gamepad is so much more awesome



Onett said:


Blame people who complained that the WiiU tablet controller. Now that they've got what they wanted, they are STILL finding something to complain about.



Capt_N said:

W/o going/reading over every comment in here: It looks to me like a 360 controller; first thought when I seen it. I'll have to see it in action, & also try it for myself.



SkywardLink98 said:

@Luffymcduck I hate to ask this but can you imagine how expensive 3 MORE of those things would be!?! The Wii Remotes are $49.99 and those could easily be $89.99 or more! I wouldn't buy 3 more of those things to shut my friends up...



Urbanhispanic said:

I see the Wii U Pro controller as another option to play most games as well as catering to certain genre titles that some people prefer to play them as. Quit whining about how you don't like certain controllers and try them out before you pick your favorites.



TheRegginator said:

It's going to be better than the 360 controller. Nintendo makes better face buttons and dpads than Microsft.



WaveGhoul said:

@WeskerCompletely Agree!This is a definit cop out. Lazy close minded 3rd party developers will port their PS3/360 offerings to this little joke of an uncreative controller. Then again, they still have to look at this controller as an alternative, because it is. Most Wii U owners won't have it as it has to be purchased on it's own so the Wii U GamePad will will be the fron runner, where developers have to or SHOULD support the GamePad's new screen and innovations, or just to make lazy use of it in general.

The Wii U GamePad is already a complete step down from the wii Remote Plus+Nunchuck and a complete step forward in another direction, it's severely limmited though at giving you a more realistic gaming experience....

With the wii remote i can use it as a Gun, Flash Light, Sword, Stick, Phone, Hammer, hell an ice cream cone & a frying pan, the possibilities are pracically endless and there's that obvious seperation as it can be one handed....The Wii U GamePad however?....Uh, maybe it can be a shield, or a virtual Sushi eating dinner This was the biggest problem i had with the device when it was revealed. If these developers don't make use of the Wii remote Plus + Nunchuck for 3rd or first person titles(for ex) where you can point and aim i am TOTALY not onboard with those games....How am I supposed to play the next 'Sword Play' in Wii sports Resort 2? I'm not pressing a button to swing my sword....what a complete laughable step back.
Alternative Wii remote controls schemes are a complete MUST.

@MadAussieBlokeOh man, SH: Shattered memories flash light conrols were amazing I wasn't too crazy over the experience overall though(the nightmare became frustrating & annoying!)but the flashlight controls and interactive motion based puzzles were wonderful! Solid score as well!



MeloMan said:

Wow. It's ironic how Nintendo's controllers inspired the competition to imitate... Now Nintendo has decided to "borrow back and over" their competitor's designs. Talk about alls fair i love and war. First the Classic controller pro ripping the PS3, now the Wii U Pro Controller ripping the Xbox 360... love it



Henmii said:

So this is not a shell, like the classic controller pro was! This is a standalone controller, no wiimote or wii u gamepad needed. Right?

Though it looks a awfull lot like the xbox360 controller!

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