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Sat 3rd Sep 2011

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UltimateMetroid commented on Talking Point: First-Person Shooters and the 3...:

im very suprised we did not get mw3 for 3ds. if it was for 3ds, it could have gyroscope shooting or just the circle pad and R would be shoot and L would be ballistic and 3d maps would be amazing and you could see the stats at the bottom instead of taking up the screen



UltimateMetroid commented on 3DS Hardware Sales Show Big Improvements:

they lost over 923million us dollars and i think sales will boost up to 15 million when mario kart 7, super mario 3d land, kid icarus, luigis mansion, and other great games come out. good luck nintendo!! your gunna need it sadly...



UltimateMetroid commented on Review: Crystal Monsters (DSiWare):

this game is really good, controls are a bit off, but it shouldn't be put down because of pokemon games. Games shouldn't be reveiwed off of other games. thats why it is called crystal monsters game reveiw. not crystal monsters game reveiwed against pokemon! geez peeple...