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Fri 1st Jun 2012

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Phocks5 commented on Riki Densetsu Footage Roughhouses Its Way Out ...:

Not only is this just as awesome as River City Ransom, but it's in 3D and has a leveling system!??! Be still my beating heart. I've been hoping that RCR would come to 3DS as a 3D Classic since Excite Bike's release day one at the e-shop.



Phocks5 commented on Cave Story+:

It would have to show SOMETHING new for me to get it. I got the plain old vanilla Cave Story for DSi ware download and I love it. But I was not going to shell out $40 for a 3D version of the exact same game in a cartridge, and I'm not going to shell out again for the exact same game, again.



Phocks5 commented on GAME Goes Large With 3DS XL Trade-In Deal:

Yeah, I don't know about UK, but I know for a fact in the US, GameStop won't allow you the 2 minutes at the counter or anything in order to do a system transfer. And they won't offer any special deal to upgrade unless you trade in your old system at the exact same time you buy the new one. So you either get a deal and lose all your data, or you pay a little more and keep all your data. Considering that I have close to 100 games on my 3DS right now, I'll be waiting for Xmas for this. Use my Xmas money to help ease the pain and just keep my old one so I can keep all my games. Espcially my ambassador games.



Phocks5 commented on Wii Has Featured Fewer New IPs Than Rivals:

Yeah, this is just an opportunity that someone is taking to pooh-pooh Nintendo. I've heard it said just as much that Nintendo has a problem relying too much on its intellectual property. That the only games that they make that are worth counting are their very few IPs. I don’t mind. If I had to choose and I couldn’t choose a perfect balance, I’d rather have more variety then the same IPs and sequels over and over.



Phocks5 commented on Heroes of Ruin Demo Hits North America Next Week:

I still can't believe that not only did we have to wait over a week after it was realeased in the UK, and like a month after they got their demo, but that they are releasing this demo only slightly over a week before the game hits stores. Why wouldn't you have it out longer to give the hype more time to grow?



Phocks5 commented on Nintendo Continues Software Dominance in Japan:

I'm still totally stoked for it. Perhaps part of the reason it didn't sell so well in UK was because the rest of the english speaking world still doesn't have it. Therefore, the ones that are stoked for the multiplayer have a very small part of the world to play with. I've seen many posts about Brits planning to wait until it drops in the USA so there are more people to play with. And I can't imagine a game with 4 character classes and randomized dungeons and daily chalanges having a poor replay value BenAV



Phocks5 commented on ZombiU:

It's not great title, but I'm superstoked that it changed to a Zombie game from that killer freak garbage. It looks like a blast though.

And I think that this may have been the zombie game that the guy talking to the "non-specific super hero figurine" in the pre E3 announcement video was stuck on.



Phocks5 commented on Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth:

No way. I've seen the movie. I want something new. Besides, this obviously has like ALL of Marvel in it, not just the Avengers. I really hope they are all playable though. That'd be sad if you were stuck with 5 characters and were forced to fight with/against Venom, Wolverene, Spiderman, Magneto, Storm.....



Phocks5 commented on Nyko Tries to Make Circle Pad Pro Pretty:

Oh and for those of you wondering if it will still work on the 3DS Stand. I'd bet it would. My current Nyko battery almost doubles the depth of my 3ds and it still works great on the stand.



Phocks5 commented on Nyko Tries to Make Circle Pad Pro Pretty:

This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for when the circle pad pro came out in the first place. I knew Nyko would do something like this and I was just waiting for it. Mostally because I couldn't bear to part with my current Nyko battery extender in order to have the circle pad pro instead.



Phocks5 commented on E3 2012: Wii U Pro Controller Offers More Options:

It looks great but i suddenly miss Nintendo's groundbreaking and revolutionary devices. This is almost an exact copy of the Xbox controller. A very nice controller mind you, but it's been done. I'll be sticking to my Wii U tablet controller thank you.



Phocks5 commented on E3 2012: Meet The Wii U GamePad:

Sounds like the latest Spyro game bought some inspiration to the producers of the Wii U. How many more figurines am I going to have to start investing in now? It's totally cool and fun, but aren't the games alone expensive enough these days without having to buy interactive figures too?