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Mon 12th Dec 2011

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BudrSbastig commented on Bing Gordon: Nintendo's 'On Track' to Primaril...:

I've been saying this for a long time, the wii u will be nintendo's last home machine. is it really a bad thing? If nintendo just made software which could be played on any machine..... more sales, more money to put into new games...... more games etc. A good game is still a good game no matter what its played on. so mario on xbox or playstation is still mario ..... only mario with a decent control pad, decent online and achievements/trophies. Everybody inc nintendo wins!



BudrSbastig commented on Talking Point: 3DS XL's Media Potential:

I don't care for netflix, because you will need a wifi connection, which in most case's means being at home, in which case i can watch netflix on my 60 " screen. I only buy my portable consol's to play games. On my vita i've never even opened skype or facebook. I use it and my 3ds for games only.



BudrSbastig commented on 3DS Sales Momentum in U.S. and Europe is 'Not ...:

Nintendo need some proper adverts, not some old has been from sex in the city pretending to play mario. They need to show the great features and some in game footage. If you don't read gaming media, you will have no idea what 3ds is. Sony have the exact same problem with vita. Both great systems but both let down by there stupid adverts.



BudrSbastig commented on Nintendo Determined to Beat Hackers with Wii U...:

The only way to beat the pirates is for the games company's to make there games cheaper. If all new 3ds game carts were £15 - £20 people would make fewer copies ... until then most people who own a ds/3ds will download games for free for tinterweb.



BudrSbastig commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

No has talked about the lack of a charger! this is a terrible idea, I'm getting a XL but not happy about the lack of charger. I know you can get a cheap one for £2 in tescos, but what happens if my new XL stops working, I send it to nintendo and because i've not used a licenced charger my warranty is invalid. With out a charger the XL is not fit for purpose............



BudrSbastig commented on 3DS XL UK Prices Will be Decided by Retailers:

will be at least £160, maybe £90 if you trade in a 3ds small. I will be getting one, but its very expensive if you don't get a charger!! how can they get away with this, i'm sure anything sold in UK needs to be fit for purpose ! with out a charger its not fit for purpose.....I'm going to email trading standards to see what they have to say



BudrSbastig commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About a Year of the 3D...:

It needs more demo's, and take the play limit of the demo's, why cant I play it more than 30 times? My 7 year old nephew can not buy that many games, so the free demo's are the bread and butter of his gaming life, and a limit on these demo's restricts his playing time.



BudrSbastig commented on Amazon UK Lists Wii U at £199.99:

They have a pre order price promise..... you will pay no more than what you ordered at, even if there price rises. So pre order now and you will get it for that price!!



BudrSbastig commented on Talking Point: Reviewing Nintendo's E3 Press C...:

The sad sad truth is, that Wii u will be nintendo's last home gaming machine, it will sell, but no where the numbers the wii did. The casual market already have wii and will see no reason to upgrade, and the core gamers will bypass it because they were burnt by the wii. Some of my best gaming moments have come from nintendo machines, but I'm going to pass on wii u. Lets hope the 3ds thing tonight show some new stuff, its already very popular but with some new games on the way 3ds could rocket. At least 3ds is not being ignored like vita. I honestly can see (and hope for)that in a couple of years nintendo will make there games for the other home machines, how great would mario be on 360/ps3 with proper online, and trophy/gamescore support, played with a proper joystick!

It would be win win, us gamers could play nintendo games on any machine, which means they sell more, make more money, which could be put back in to game dev.....which means better games......which any one can play which means more sold.....more money etc........

I know some nintendo fanboys will be up in arms, but its the only way forward.