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Mario and Luigi are called back into action when Bowser and his kids turn the kings of the Mushroom World into animals and steal their royal magic wands.

The acclaimed Super Mario Bros. 3 features more Mario action than ever before: fly as Racoon Mario, swim as Frog Mario, throw fireballs as Fire Mario, and turn into an invincible statue as Tanooki Mario! And you'll need all the powers you can muster, to beat Bowser's offspring lurking in their heavily-armed airships.

With eight huge worlds to navigate, countless secrets to discover and even a cooperative or competitive two-player mode, Super Mario Bros. 3 truly deserves its status as one of the greatest games ever made.

Game Review

3DS eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Robert Hughes

Pixel-perfect platforming

Many old-school Nintendo titles are remembered fondly and adored by nostalgic fans; The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby’s Adventure and more still receive heaps of praise and see frequent re-releases to this day. Few games, however, received the...

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Martin Watts

A truly super Mario game

Super Mario Bros. 3’s recent arrival on the Wii U eShop seemed like a conspicuously low-key affair compared to the considerable hype that surrounded its hugely anticipated original release back the early nineties. However, that doesn't mean that the...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

The Mario Bros get even more super

Back in 1990 when this was released in the USA, Mario fever was at an all time high. A few months earlier, there had even been a movie released called ‘The Wizard’ with that kid from the Wonder Years, which was essentially a commercial for this...

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User Comments (254)



Taulmarill said:

As far as i can recall, this was the last big title for the NES. And what a great one it was. So massive, that they had to include extra RAM in the module. But not only the beautiful graphics and smooth parallax scrolling are worth mentioning, the game play itself makes this a really great title.



Scooter said:

I can't wait until this comes out on VC! But first i have to get the WiFi adaptor so i can access the wii shop lol...

After that, i absolutely MUST get this game



Jon said:

Same as everybody else, I can't wait for this to be released! One of my favorite games for the SNES by far!



Don-Bon said:

I think this was the only NES game I actually waited outside in the rain for. I'll never forget that day, I got the game in exchange for a bad cold.



trunkzz said:

i dunno why, but this has high replay value to me still.

i still randomly turn on my nes and play this whenever i'm bored. heh



eagidni said:

i was in the hospital, five years old, quarantined because of suspected spinal meningitis. i had two spinal taps in one day. blood tests like clockwork.

then, i was handed a brand new copy of super mario brothers 3 for the nintendo entertainment system. it was pure joy in a yellow box. i don't know if i've ever been more thankful for a gift of its nature.

anywho... time to relive my glory days, haha.



Sigepchi said:

Wonder if this will contain the extra levels that never came out for the GBA version of SMB3 cause Nintendo scrapped the e-reader and effective left fans out in the cold.



John said:

paragoomba they r gonna come out wit the 2 mario thats the lost levels mario it was only released in japan so im glad they put out that version instead of the mario 2 here



Don-Bon said:

John, I'm thinking Paragoomba was talking about the Super Mario Bros. 2 that was originally Doki Doki Panic. You know, the one were you could pick from Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach.



dualj said:

This is the NES version thank goodness. I always liked the original graphics better. I cant wait to own this one on my channel page.



ryan said:

i hope it ends up bein the older version but knowing nintendo thell probly put the new version (on the gba)



Hamer said:

Its the best 2D Platfomer out so this will sell faster than guiness on St Paddy's day. So yeah, my Wii's on stanby for this monster



Jazzem said:

Are you sure Ryan? The Super Mario Bros on the VC is the NES one rather than the Super Mario All Stars one, they'll probably use the NES version of this too. Personally, I'd like both the NES and the All Stars version!

__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie said:

This is the FIRST NES game I ever played in my life. I had to be like one year old, and this started it all with me and Nintendo, and videogames period.

Both my NES and SNES(Super Mario All Stars) have stopped working, and I have been DIEING to play this on something besides an emu again. PLEASE come soon!



Dillz said:

I can't wait untill this comes out. It was my favorite game for NES when I was little.

Also, it would be funny if they let you get super mario all stars (For more points of course )

__Mr 64


Mr 64 said:

What a game this was! Miyamoto's farewell gift to the NES is without doubts one of the best 8-bit games on any of the platforms of the era.

The game ignores the ideas of SMB2 and goes about exapanding the gameplay and world of the first Super Mario game. The result is a game that has the instant appeal of the first game, while being bigger and better than it in every single way.

On the presentation front, the graphics are some of the best seen on the NES, thanks in part to a custom chip inside every cartridge, and still retain their cartoon-ish charm even in this day and age. The cheerful tunes that marble throughout the levels and must be some of the most memorable music on the NES.

All in all, it's masterpiece. I can't wait to download it and get playing it again.



mario/zelda_fan said:

Same here Mr 64, this was my favorite game ever. ( for nes ) And what I love about the Super Mario Bros. games are the the games are so much different from each other. ( not like the games now ) Super Mario Bros. started it all, with the jumping and the levels. Super Mario Bros.2 was great changed completely, you get to pick different characters and the levels aren't like you just keep going, you have to find secrets and stuff. ( and I think this one has a story not like #1 ) And now Super Mario Bros.3 Once again very different more secrets, harder levels, the new ability to turn into a raccoon and fly ( and I think you also can be a frog ) I think you can be luigi, you can go back to levels use items and more. So you can see why I think this would be the best game on the vc. ( and I'm sorry to all of you people who never played this game for telling you everything about it )

Oh ya I really need to know this can you save in this game?



Mr_64 said:

You can't save as such, but if you get bored of playing any VC game and go back to the Wii Menu, it'll just start where you left off before next time you get to it. I'd be suprised if this game is any exception.



mario/zelda_fan said:

Oh so even after beating a castle you can't save. Oh man I'm gonna have to start over so many times. ( I guess thats what will make the game a challenge. ) But whatever I'm still gonna get it.



Mr_64 said:

I'd just play it in bits and bats. Every VC game I've played will let you carry on exactly where you left off - even if it's in the middle of a level if you go back to the Wii menu before turning off, so hopefully this will be no exception. Otherwise, like you say, it'll be a big ask to clear it!



wonderboy said:

True Mr 64, I think this and every other game let you start exactly from the same location where u stopped at last time like you just said. Not sure am I going to get this one, but this was one of the first games I've ever played, so it's very fun to play it again with TV screen. Absolutely worth of 500 points.



Corey said:

Please please please bring this game to VC!! I feel like kicking Ludwig Von Koopa's butt!

__Billy Pilgrim


Billy Pilgrim said:

I can't wait for this one and the Lost Levels, when I get those two in their original forms. It's been forever since I've really played this game, but it's definately one of my favorites.



volmer said:

SMB3, maybe the best game of all time? It is my favourite game to date and I'm definitely getting the VC release.



mario/zelda_fan said:

I remember that you can replay levels (as long as your in the same world of the level) but if you can't you'll most likely play the level again because I bet everything I own you'll restart the game some time in your life.



James said:

Christ on a bike. This still is my favourite game. Bought it for £3 at a car boot sale when I was a child, then got the (fairly adequate) GBA remake. But a true to classic port of the NES version would be incredible.
I screamed when I first saw LttP on the VC (never played it before! I know!). I'd probably cry when this is up



**Scooter - 24 Feb 2007, 02:34 GMT

**I can't wait until this comes out on VC! But first i have to get the **WiFi adaptor so i can access the wii shop lol...

Doesn't the Wii come WiFi ready?

Mine was...



Dazza said:

I suspect he probably means his PC needs a wifi adaptor to connect with the Wii Xan81

__fire deity


fire deity said:

"Xan81 (USA) - 07 Jun 2007, 14:47 GMT

**Scooter - 24 Feb 2007, 02:34 GMT

**I can't wait until this comes out on VC! But first i have to get the **WiFi adaptor so i can access the wii shop lol...

Doesn't the Wii come WiFi ready?

Mine was..."

You can buy a little gadget called the nintendo usb wifi connector which lets you connect to the internet wirelessly, Although it has build in wifi, you still need to connect it to the internet via usb connector or wireless router etc..



Shawn said:

I do not see Super Mario Brothers 3 in the Wii Store when I look to download games. Where do I find it (and is it available now)? If it isnt available yet, when does it come out?



Jon said:

haha..this game is awesome! Very replayable (if that's a word) in my opinion.. one of the many great games on the SNES.



Kevin said:

I can't wait for this to be on the VC. Possibly the best Mario game ever.



Dazza said:

Nintendo doesn't give release dates for VC games. You'll just have to wait and hope



Johnny said:

I forget, are you able to store your items in this one like in the GBA version? Great game tho, best for NES



Marioman64 said:

I can't wait till this comes out. Maybe it'll even come out today... I can dream can't I?



Veszerin said:

I first played Super Mario Bros. 3 when I was about 3 or 4 years old.

Though Super Mario Bros. 3 is now almost 19 years old(October 23), It is STILL one of the best games of all time.

I hope it comes to the Wii VC soon.



Jon said:

why did i say "on the SNES" in both of my comments?!?! i meant NES..lol i think i was thinking all-stars maybe?



BJ1 said:

I do, sami. In fact, they have the entire series on dvd at amazon.



Johnny said:

what? you cant save in this game??? so if u get to the last level, and get a game over, u die? i dont remember that thats what happend in the one i had for super nintendo



DarkDude said:

Going to have to get this game when it comes out, brings back so many memories that the SNES version can not fill. Best game ever made in my opinion. Save feature on the Wii will come in handy, but gets rid of the fun of beating it in one sitting.



Johnny said:

ok so, if u get like, half way throught the game, get a game over, you have to start from the beginning? i thought there were like "checkpoints" after every casle or soemtihng.



samaine said:

I don't see why anyone would want the All-Star versions except for the graphics now that all NES games have a impromptu save feature.



Shortay said:

Defo gonna get this. Played it a lot on other platforms but I'll still get it cus it's just brilliant.



BJ1 said:

I don't know the release date as they haven't announced. But if you want me to guess, probably in between September to November. If they give Mario a "Month of Mario" in November for the anticipation of Super Mario Galaxy, we may see it til then.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

Just like SMB2, I wanted to download this even if I had it on All-stars. In my SMB review, I said that SMB was the greatest Mario Classic ever. I might be wrong. This or super mario world could be better. I'll just say it. This game GREAT! A nominee for the Greatest game ever made award.



Scyther said:

Just a rectification about saving. No the original SMB3 did'nt have this feature, but if you are game over, you don't restart at the very beginning of the game, you will just come back at the start of the current world. When you complete a castle, you will destroy a gate that opens you a way to pass over a couple of stages before the castle when you are game over. As long as I remember, you lost your power-ups when you are game-over. Now, with the Wii, it's pretty sure that when you will quit the game, you will return at the last place you were when you'll come back, with the auto-save fonction that's for every Wii vc game except for the N64's ones. Now, I own the original for the Nes and it works fine, I've played the version of Mario all-star and the one of gba Mario advance 4, but you won't feel as nostalgia with one of these two versions as you will with the original version. For me and for a lot of people, SMB3 for Wii vc will be an absolute must-buy, one of the 5 best games of all time.



beefy said:

nintendo why?????? do you know how much money you would make???? perhapse they are waiting to have a month of mario like they did with metroid when super mario galexy comes out. i bought metroid prime 3 by the way too. great game.

__Squeezy McPhealpants


Squeezy McPhealpants said:

I hope this game comes to the Wii soon, if there was one reason I bought the Wii with the VC feature in mind, it would be to get SMB3, that's a must-have game, no questions asked.
I hope it's soon as in within Super Mario Galaxy range, I look forward to getting both.



Andrew said:

I spent thousands of hours playing this game. I first played it when I was like 3 and still have my original NES and play it occasionally. This game is up there with Ocarina of Time and Halo.



vlad said:

dont u know anything about the legend of zelda majora's mask?
when is going to be released by the virtual console?



johnny said:

this was one of the best games ever!!!!!!
should be released on the 23 of this month, if not sooner



marc said:

I dont get it people act like mario 2 the lost levels was never released in US it was on the snes super mario all stars already been out in the us but mario 3 was still the best



BJ1 said:

In response to your question on majora's mask release date vlad, maybe next year in 2008.



rob said:

Mario 3 should have been out for the upcoming Mario Galaxy launch. What is Nintendo thinking.



joe said:

if youve been watching aussie-nintendo.com, the list they have of games coming soon to the vc is in a certain order. the top 3 games that they have on the list that are not available will be out next week. one of which is mario 3. it should also be available in the us and canada mon nov. 5th. which is smart of nintendo to release it the week before mario galaxy.



R. said:

That list has it been accurate before? I went and saw what you are talking about. How accurate is it?



joe said:

ive been watching it for awhile it is an official nintendo site and everyweek the top 3 on the list become available. it appears australia gets the games 3 days after we do, but everyweek we get the top 3 games. i dont know why they put out a coming soon list in australia but not here. its been acurate for the last 3 months and i hope it keeps it up



shed said:

Why is this game down as only one player? Will the two player co-op mode not be available? The way you could steal someone's go by pressing a button as they passed over you was awesome. It went into a section akin to the first Mario Bros, first to flip and kick five enemies wins or something like that.

But yeah, this is the best NES game ever made, an essential VC purchase once it's released.



Dazza said:

Si - The main part of the game doesn't have simultaneous players so we're listing this as one player. As you say there is the "Mario Bros" bonus game which you play simultaneously, this should still be included still as it is built into the Mario 3 game.



Cactus said:

This game is so good, I almost feel bad buying it for 500 points. Id gladly fork over 2000 points if it cost that much



tank2tank said:

Arguably the greatest 2D platformer ever, so this gets a million out of 5 from me. Still, I wish this was the beefed up version from the SNES Mario allstars but seeing as we probably won't be getting that, this is absolutely fine.



shed said:

Dazza - Fair enough, as long as I'll still be able to annoy my brother by pinching his go in exactly like I used to 10-15 years ago I'll be happy

Good to hear it's out in America now, hopefully Europe will get it this thursday too!



William said:

I agree with you, but I am having the crazy hope that they will relese it as an update



Olimar_91 said:

I should let you guys know about saving. The guy who explained it earlier was right, but dont reset the game or turn off the Wii while playing, it will start you over. Make sure to suspend play or you lose your progress.



I_T_I_R_I said:

GOD I FEEL NOSTALGIC!!!... I'm gonna bring out my old Super Mario Bros 3 alarm clock. Steal my friends SMB3 digital watch and am strongly considering getting the game's box art tattooed on me.



Sigepchi said:

Any Chance that the E-Reader Levels from the GBA port will be availble since we only got series 1/2 of the cards in the US?



Does anyone else notice the border on the game screen as you progress through a level? It's really choppy...



Drake said:

Andrew: That's just a common problem on the NES related to loading off-screen parts of the stage. A few other NES games on VC like Kirby's Adventure also have it. It's not a problem that was added on VC!

Sigepchi: The e-Reader levels were completely designed for the GBA, and they have features from other Mario games including SMW (Chargin' Chucks, the Cape, etc.) so that would be impossible seeing as SMW never had a NES release, meaning they'd have to turn everything back into 8-bit. Plus, do you really expect them to release an expension pack of sorts?



Kyle said:

Drake, it doesn't happen on my NES or the SNES version, so don't claim like you know it all!



Aaron said:

Personally I think Zelda is the best NES game but this game definately comes in second!



Drake said:

Kyle: I actually just played it on my NES and there's definitely scrolling issues. Maybe not in the US version though.



Olimar_91 said:

Like Drake said, it's not an issue soley in this game, the weird tan border thing. I noticed it in Kirby's Adventure also. It's no big deal though.



Adam said:

Drake & Kyle, I am having the same issue with the game on the right side of my screen, it just flickers and is pixelish. The left side of my screen just has a blue bar and does not do this even when I am going left. I have about 30 vc titles (about 8 nes) and none of them do this.

I erased the game and re downloaded. Did not fix the problem.

I did read on a site that if you are in the game and and hit the home button, go into operations manual, plug in the nun chuck, press Z+A+1 it will change the hz. I tried this to no avail.

This is really bothering me. I do not have a modded Wii and have all of the updates. If everyone is having this issue, Nintendo needs to fix this. I have been waiting for this game for a while and its very disappointing.

Anyone else having this problem? Any thought or fixes?

P.S. The game is rated 3 by me b/c of this issue. Otherwise, it would be a 5



AP said:

The US version does have it, unfortunately, but as you said: many NES games had this issue.



David said:

The scrolling issues might have happened on some versions of the cartridge, but it never did on mine (I got the game a couple years after launch I believe, maybe they fixed this later?)... but was this really normal? It's extremely distracting, especially while moving through a level quickly, I'm surprised they would ignore something like that. It should definitely be fixed.



tank2tank said:

Hm... I'm starting to consider not getting this. With all these border issues, plus the fact that I can already play the better-looking GBA port on DS, plus the fact that the EU version will probably run slower than the US version, I'm probably gonna save my points.



Kyle said:

This scrolling chops are not THAT big of an issue...It doesn't happen the entire time your playing....It's not a big deal



Hans said:

So i called nintendo about the issues with the screen on the right being choppy and the left being blacked out, they are going to start looking into and try to fix, i suggest everyone call them and let them know so they can see this is an issue that needs to be fixed, i spoke with a manage and he even credited me the points back and said once its fixed an update will be sent out... so call people get them to fix this annoying issue



Andrew said:

Thanks Hans. Glad to hear there may be a fix in the future. I suppose i can also call Nintendo and hassle them about it.



Corey said:

I am so happy that this game if finally up for VC! It's just as excellent as I remembered it, and I really felt nostalgic playing it. Thanks Wii!



Andrew said:

sha- The game itself, like the NES version, doesn't itself have a save feature. The VC's suspend feature does the job, however.



Adam said:

I also called nintendo, didn't offer me my points back and I didn't ask. They did say that they are aware of the issue and will get back to me. I explained that I erased and redownloaded. They had me try to plug in the nun chuck and hold Z+A+2 (I had already tried this - and halso tried Z+A+1 - didn't work). They took my name, number, and email and said they will get back to me.

I am hoping that a fix will be placed into service my them soon.

Please update if you have any info. Thanks.



Jazzem said:

That issue is in my NES cart, it's not a VC exclusive problem. It'd be nice if they could fix it though. I don't mind the blue bar on the left, but the funny colours on the right are a little annoying =/



Aaron said:

I'm having the border issue too. It's actually not pixellated. What seems to be happening is that the blue bar on the left side has a section "missing" from and it's being overlaid on the right hand side. If you watch the videos, (or play the game) as you move to the right, the background (such as clouds, boxes, etc) to the left is actually being redisplayed on the right-hand side and then the actual RHS of the background is displayed over it. It's happening on my system and is REALLY annoying me. So much so that it's distracting. I really can't play this game. I hated to do it, but I deleted it from my channels. This never happened on my original cartridge game. Here's hoping that Nintendo fixes this issue, if it can be fixed.



Eva said:

kalx, I tend to find sprinting towards the box at full speed (starting before the black bit is onscreen) then bopping it will get you a star.



tank2tank said:

Actually the border problems don't worry me cos i can just use my TV's settings to zoom in a bit and ignore it.



Betagam7 said:

Does anyone see the irony in Nintendo seemingly immediately looking into an issue where someone complains about a border on the side of the screen yet they DO NOTHING when thousands of PAL gamers complaikn about shoddy Pal conversions leaving us with slower games and big borders at the top and bottom. With this they just keep repeating the mantra "that's how it always was"



Betagam7- I see absolutely no irony in this situation...



pocki said:

I have never played this before but so far, I'm very impressed. As with kirby's adventure, given the fun gameplay and depth, at 500 points this is a steal!

oh, and what's up with the borders!?! COME ON NINTENDO!!eleven!11! why do yuo hate us?

seriously, for a game that's 15+ years old, isn't interference on the *far sides* of the screen a tad trivial*? (*yes)

__Super Steve


Super Steve said:


(now all we need is mega man 2.....please?!!)



Rossi said:

I would say this and Kirbys Adventures are the two best games on the nes selection on VC. 500 points for each, what i repeat what a BARGAIN!



Ron_Prower said:

I know a lot of people here are deadset on having to have the original version of SMB3, but being one who first played the game on the SNES as All-Stars personally I do prefer the polished graphics over the original. For such a great game to me, it's nice to see it get a touch-up to make it look smoother. I understand the idea to be classic with it, but it would be nice if Nintendo may eventually allow you to download the All-Star versions of the games, obviously though separately.



julie said:

ive downloaded mario bros on the wii for my 6year old but he gets frustrated every time he plays it as it dont SAVE...any know anything about saving please, many thanx.....julie



darthmix said:

The defining platform game of the 16-bit generation. That's right: 16-bit. SMB3 might have 8-bit graphics, but its gameplay and design defined platforming conventions for the entire next generation of consoles. It was the first such game to use a map screen - and its used it better than nearly any platform game since, with power-ups that affect the map and levels that actually move from location to location. The levels themselves are masterpieces of design, both complex and accesible. They scroll right, left, up, down... sometimes on their own, so that Mario must be quick to keep up. And they're brilliantly varied - there's the standard grass-and-cloud levels, cave-like pyrmaids in the desert world, labrynthine castles. World 4 is filled with giant enemies, world 7 is a maze of pipes - both on the map, and in the levels themselves. The final world is gloomy and wonderfully climactic. Super Mario World is a great game, but it's really just an evolution of the marvelous innovation found here; not until Yoshi's Island would Nintendo top this 2D platforming masterpiece.



chadnorred said:

I must say I agree with Link O'Fett and darthmix (nice starwars names btw), except that I don't think Nintendo made a platformer that topped it until NSMB for DS (excluding Super Metroid, of course).
I'm still wondering if anyone has ever beaten SMB3 in the frog suit.



Link_O_Fett said:

I agree with chadnorred, Super Metroid may have been the only 2D game of the time to beat out SMB3. Super Mario World, however, came REALLY dang close to beating it. There are two types of Mario fans: the ones that list SMB3 as their fav 2D Mario, and those that prefer SMW.



Kyle said:

chadnorred, it's actually not possible to beat it as Frog Mario as there is a small castle which requires you to either be small Mario or do the run/slide as big Mario. Sad, but hey, that's practically the end of the game.



vikingscool said:

This is very best #1 NES game ever! I have GBA. That's great they put
this favorite game on VC on the way for new-comers or you don't
have a game, get it from VC, download it and now you able to
play it!!



SKTTR said:

I have downloaded this, because i don't have All-Stars anymore. 500 points is a reasonable price, playing this game with my cousin. She's a bit worried because I beat every level and she always loses continues. But she's getting better. And she can pick up all the bonus stuff on the way.
It's very fun if you know how to play!! I tell her all the secrets so she's keeping cool!

__Gamire Game Designer


Gamire Game Designer said:

This game one of the best and great Mario adverture game!!! I think everbody would want play Super Mario Bros.3 Wii.It would be great!!! Thanks to SHIGERU MIYAMOTO!!!



Gran said:

I'm playing VC version of Super Mario Bros 3 and having no luck saving the game. Every time I turn it on, it starts as though I never played it before. It doesn't auto-save and there are no save options. What am I doing wrong???



Drake said:

Gramma: Do you exit back to the Wii Menu after playing? Turning the Wii off without exiting the game will reset it.

__Ray Davies


Ray Davies said:

One of the best games ever made. A definite buy on the VC. (I finished this on the NES and loved every second of it!



Robert said:

Back in the days us die hard gamers never even had a chance to save in SMB 3. That was the whole thing that kept the game intresting for months!



kelly said:

i love this game mario bro 3 brings back memories of me and my brother playing this game back in 1991 and only today i have completed it ha ha (downloaded by wifi on wii) bloody brilliant.



Marc said:

I was wondering if the other version on the GBA could be downloaded instead? Also, has the blue line bar issue been fixed?
Let me know a.s.a.p.
Highly appreciated!



fl_cody said:

If you wan't to save just press the HOME Button of the Wii Controller. Next time you start the game over the Wii Menu you can continue your game.

cheers fl_cody



Max said:

This game is Great, However.. I hope they will put Super Mario World 2, the one with baby Mario and Yoshi. But I do love this one too, I was never able to finish it when I was Younger.



NintendoFanBoy said:

This game is a classic. At the time this game was the greatest game ever made hands down. What a joy seeing Mario take to the sky for the first time. Remember the movie Wizard? lol.. this game brings back great memories.

__mah ballz


mah ballz said:

so im wondering, when you play super mario bros and ya finish the game are mario and the princess just sitting in the castle waiting for you to just turn the game on again its something im always thinking about!!



The_shoemaker said:

This game is amazing a must bye for everyone. I haven't been playing this one for a while because my sister was playing and didn't turn wii off (like always) and I come home to see the wii on and nobody playing so I turned it off and went to yell at my sister not realizeing that I turned SMB3 off without using the suspend play thing. And I was on world 7 and I didn't use any flutes, it's hard getting that far. So maybe some day I'll complete my long quest of beating SMB3



ShadowSniper7 said:

I don't mind the border problem. It just doesn't really bother me. But Nintendo should release some sort of update to fix it so people stop complaining.



antonius said:

It is a 2 player game but it's a bit misleading! Only one player can actually play at once on any one level. In two player mode players take it in turns to play each level, either until they beat it or die trying! However in the two player battle mode you can play the original Mario Bros game together, and if you're being sad playing 2 player on your own, you can use the battle mode to swap Star Cards!

This is possibly my all time favourite game from any platform. It is the biggest staple from my youth! If I had a choice on what to do for the rest of today, I'd probably walk out of work, hook my NES up at home and stick in the SMB3 cartridge... you can't beat the Classic Classic Controller for doing B jump



Clayfrd said:

GOSH! Best game for the NES, probably, but what can be said that hasn't been said in 158 comments? A lot. I assume everyone knows this one, if you don't, get it now. I will come to your house and pay you back if you don't like this game*. The levels are all memorable, and the game did a lot for the series. The music is another of Koji Kondo's greatest hits, and is featured in such "Galaxy" levels as "Sweet Sweet Galaxy." I own a fully functional cart and NES, and I STILL bought it! If this was the only VC game I could get, I would probably be happy*. Get it NOW! -Clayfrd
By the way, I love the 2-player! It is basically co-op! You get to progress through the game WITH each other, in contrast to SMB where you played your own game.

(Asterisk indicates sarcasm or exaggeration.)



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

Super Mario Bros. 3 needs no introduction. Ask any gamer and they will tell you it is their favorite "old-school" game. For good reason too, it is among my favorite NES releases(Kirby's Adventure in a close second). Everything about this games presentation is great, from the platforming, to the level design, even down to the music. Everybody must own this game on their VC. I have played through it a NUMBER of times, and still am playing through it again and again on the VC. Buy this game, plain and simple...one of the best games in the Mario series...period.

5/5 stars...did you expect any less?



mario221 said:

My favorite NES game. now I have the gameboy advance version I finished it about 10 times.



Nigel said:

I got this game for Christmas (back in 1990), and I do believe it remains one of the greatest Christmas gifts I've ever received. All the kids were in high anticipation for this one after seeing The Wizard, and my sister and I used to quote that kid: "California, California!"

This game is classic. But please, no P wing! Play the level!



Jon2 said:

This is one of the best platformers of all time, regardless system.



Bon said:

Does anyone know what the hammer is for- you know the one you get when you complete the mini level of those brown things that walk around on the map and when you complete it you get a little treasure box at the end ( and inside that is the hammer).

I still have the original Nintendo NES and the little SMB3 cartridge to go in it (so i can't save at all) , passed down from my mum and dad, i didn't know every one loved this game so much, i didn't even know you could play it on wii until i found this site today. ( but i don't have a wii)

Sorry i thought id let everyone know that, im kinda going on a bit now... ANYWAY...

How has anyone got past the castle level on World 8, it's so hard!?! I had 99 lives when i started World 8, and now at the moment im on something like 75 lives

If anyone could help me out with my questions i would be very gratefull, THANK YOU x



Dazza said:

@Bon - The hammer is used to break the little rocks on the map screen so you can skip past levels which you don't want to do.

If you get in a real fix on level 8 then you might want to think about using a P-Wing



Bon said:

Ohhhhhh, i always wondered what those rocks were for. Thank you! x



GameGod3008 said:

This game is a great mario game, one of the best, better than the 2nd game and Lost levels definetly, falling just short of the 1st in my opinion. worth downloading even if you're not really a mario fan.



zelda_freak said:

I think this is the best Mario game ever made. Some of the Mario games today take it a little too far, but I can remember playing this one in my room all day when I was young.I strongly recomend this title especially for newcomers of Mario, if there are any.



calc_nerd said:

Great mario game, no questions asked. It was advanced for its time and system with the world map, mini games, and multiple power-ups. I just feel bad for those who made it all the way to the last world without warping, then lost your last life. Bringing this game and the other marios to VC shows what games were like back in the NES days, when "game over" really ment "game over"!



StarDust4Ever said:

Being the spoiled brat that I was and am, I used a Game Genie to play through the whole entire game with the Hammer Suit, and you could kill anything with the hammers, Thwomps, Boos, even Bowser after a dozen or so hits, but it causes a glitch that makes the game freeze if you're not standing directly in front of the Princess' door while holding "UP" on the controller.

I guess now I that I don't have that luxury on the VC, I'll have to do it the hard way. Please don't flame me about the Game Genie, OK?

Incredibly fun game all around



StarDust4Ever said:

"I'm still wondering if anyone has ever beaten SMB3 in the frog suit."

Chadnorred, I've never tried it with the Frog suit; every time I got the frog suit, I died laughing because it was so funny the way Mario looked and moved around. I guess I'll have to pull my NES, Genie, & Mario 3 out of the dust-bin and give it a whirl

OUKXGLIE - Start and stay as Frog Mario (cheats will not work on Wii)



TheKachoMan said:

I also have save issues. Almost every time I restart it's back at the start sceen. This is my only VC game with save issues. Yes...I know how to save right and I have downloaded the game a few times now. Anyone else have this trouble too and have now fixed it?



aha said:

this is the best nes game ever released! it seems like no other mario game has the same level of platforming as this game. it has great story, scenarios, characters. I got to the last castle but couldnt beat it, so i will download this game!!!



Charco said:

One of the finest video games ever made. Played this to death on my NES. Five stars!



spuck said:

A must have for the paltformer lovers, but I prefer super Mario world. One of the five best NES games.
SOUND: 8/10
PLAY: 9/10



Worenx said:

Any gamer of the NES age has got to have this. That's why I did! Best Mario game EVER. ...Well, next to SM:RPG in my book.

5 / 5 simply because it's GOD for the NES.



Clayfrd said:

WOO! I finally beat it. This marks the day that I have officially beaten all of the home console Mario platformers! Just for kicks, I went back and beat it as Luigi (using warp whistles). What a fantastic game.



CopyofCopyX said:

No, to answer my own question, it has some PAL Issues.
Like HUGE borders. Don't trust Wikipedia.



BleachFan said:

This game has been #1 on the "Popular Titles" section of the shop channel for months! It is obviously worth the download.



Mipsymoodle said:

this game is unbelievable.........i have a hard time giving NES games 5 stars but this one could get 6 if they made it.........my favorite game from the NES and one of my favorite games of all time.............5/5



Ricardo91 said:

I still have the GBA remake, which I'm never giving up, but I'm still tempted to buy this game in it's original form. It's just so excellent! Easily the best Mario platformer EVAR! This has been the best-selling game on VC ever since it's debut, which isn't surprising at all.



Dalek_Gerbil said:

At first I didnt like this (yes im strange) but now I find it fun and a nice game to just play when Im bored. Bit hard for me though.



Gloves said:

It's a shame that you have to flesh out on a virtual console or gamecube controller just to play SNES, N64, etc games. It would have been nice if Nintendo made the Wii-mote and nunchuck compatible with them all.



duvaljohnh said:

This is the only VC game I have downloaded so far. I did not know about the suspend feature. That is awesome. I figured it would have something like that and should have researched it further earlier. This may well SAVE my marriage. lol.



Beau_Skunk said:

My favorite 2D Super Mario title of all time personally. I honestlly prefer the original 8-bit graphics & sound of the original NES Mario trilogy, over it's remakes for SNES & GBA. It's nice that Nintendo finally released them with their original graphics & sound that I grew up with. It feels almost criminal to pay onley 5 bucks for such a great game, but I can't argue with that, being as cheap as I am.
Also the first Mario game to introduce the map screen, animal suits, and a flying ability. And a great variety of levels, obsticles, and enemies.



Tabbyluigi said:

Though many people say this and Super Mario World are the best games, but i disagree i think Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy are the best, but this game beats Super Mario Bros. 2 and is still a great classic.



Wooji said:

this game is great, but it has two things wrong with it.
1. Menu screen has no music.
2. TOO HARD!!!



FJOJR said:

Great game. Advance 4 version is more refined but needs the e-reader to get all of its features. This of course can suspend gameplay which helps.



Mixer152 said:

Am I the only one who played the SNES version first? I really wish I hadnt. That really seems to take alot away from the experience for me, the downgrade in graphics and sound stands out so much more.

With Allstars ever so unlikely, I guess I better just get used to it (yes I know about emulators before someone suggests that)



AlphaNerd01 said:

Does anyone else have display issues? The right side of the screen gets the colors messed up when Mario walks forward. I don't know whether this is my television or what...



Dazza said:

Yeah the right hand of the screen is messed up for me too. It seems this is the way it always was on the original game, but older TVs would not have shown those pixels. On modern widescreen TVs this is a pain. Nintendo really should have addressed this, it kinda spoils it for me a bit too



AlphaNerd01 said:

Thanks for the hasty response Dazza - oh well... guess I'll just have to try and get used to it. (I'd never played the original SMB3, just the All Stars and GBA version.)



ttplayer92 said:

Man this game pisses me off. Restart the whole entire damn level just for running out of lives? Then if you click quit all your progress is deleted? Dumbest crap ever. 2/5 stars (its because of the flawed saving system)



ZBomber said:

This game is really tough. We had it on NES but I can't ever remember playing it because my sister lost it. So I downloaded it with my girlfriend a few months ago and this was the first time I really played it. She had the version on Super Mario All Stars so she was more familiar with it then me. We pulled an all nighter trying to get as far in the game as we could, and man is that save system a on 2 player! That part really bugs me because theres some levels we get stuck on for hours, but the feeling of beating that level after trying forever is incredible, and to me, what video gaming is all about. Its not impossible, but it sure isn't an easy task. The levels themselves are classic Mario platforming, probably the best (or atleast tied with SMW) 5/5



Don't run out of lives then, ttplayer92. Also, be happy you have a quicksave, because when I was a kid we played through the whole game in one session or we started over. Actually, we managed to find the two whistles on World 1 pretty quickly, and that was usually a nice way to go back to whatever world we left off, and of course then some.

Take back the 2/5 stars crap or this entire tower of commenters will be forced to exact their wrath on you! >: (



Marvel_Maniac said:

Yeah, I don't get what the deal is with people wanting to cheap out with Mario All-Stars. Truthfully, it loses something in the conversion. I feel that the precision of the sprites is "off" a little. For true mastery (and I think, appreciation) of the game, you've got to go old-school. And lets be honest here people, playing the original Mario games is a MUCH more forgiving experience than trying the first Zelda, Metroid or Final Fantasy. In fact, I just turned on my Wii the other day and a family friend had their little boy (10) over and he instantly took an instant liking to it (and played pretty well to boot!). This is absolutley my favourite of the series, but not because its a BETTER game than Mario World, but because it is my preferrable choice. I just like the style and items. And who can forget the movie, The Wizard?



Marvel_Maniac said:

"Restart the whole entire damn level just for running out of lives?"

Ha ha. Um, yes? That's what happens my friend. If it helps, play with a friend. If you run out of lives, the only levels that will be reset are the ones that you completed. His will remain defeated (unless he gameover's too).



Kirk said:

Are the sides of the screen during the game meant to be like that?
The big blue line on the left and the flickering on the right.
I never noticed that in the original where it seemed glitched!



RetroNL said:

This is one of the best games ever made for the NES it had almost everything the 8 bit could offer.
But re- playing it there are other Nes titles that impress me more. I don' t know why. 4 stars



greatdekutree said:

Wish they would release super mario world with the 4 games on as th graphics looked far better on snes



Divock said:

I never heard about this game because I wasn't alive at the time. Heck, I ignored this game on my friends Super Mario All Stars cartridge on his Super Nintendo. I was stupid, stupid...STUPID! This game is great. It is basically mario and epicness. I would talk about it some more, but just download it! It's 5 dollars! FIVE! DOLLARS! And if you have any doubts at all, remember: The Wizard may have seemed as a commercial for a bunch of Nintendo games, but it was really for only one, the one that deserved it: Super Mario Bros. Three. Just get it.



soniczelda_dude said:

An old-school Mario title? Sure I prefer Sonic games overall, but Super Mario Bros. 3 looks and sounds AWESOME!!!



OoT_For_Life said:

If you've played SMW but not this one you may be a tad disappointed. I luckily played this one first, and was able to thoroughly appreciate both. Even if you have played World first though, definitely still worth the five bucks!



ShadowLuigi said:

hey ,
how can i save in tis game when I switch to Wii menu and choose mario bros. 3 i am at the beginning of the game?
please help



CanisWolfred said:

If you've played SMW but not this one you may be a tad disappointed.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my situation. I played and loved Super Mario World, and I really was expecting this one to be better, but in the end, I was pretty disappointed. Heck, I preferred the original Super Mario Bros. over this one. I don't know what it is about this game, but I just could not get into it.


I take it you mean that you don't like how you have to restart the entire World once you get a gameover. That pissed me off too...in fact, that may be the main reason why I could not get into this one.



Nintendork said:

I was completely disappointed with this game. I guess I didn't get the spark other people got from it.



Goomba2996 said:

The game is fun but I suck at hard to play through one sitting. Must download for mario fans.



elkangaRoo said:

My first VC download and definitely worth every cent. This is so awesome, me and a friend played it > 10 hours the other day! Some levels are really challanging, but the game is as much fun as it must have been 20 years ago!



GN0LAUM said:

For those of you who are frustrated by dying or are stuck in certain areas, please, go ahead and look up some walkthroughs or ask on the forums for advise. There are TONS of tricks and ways that experienced players know of to gain extra lives or to bypass tricky areas. I'd rather you ask for some help rather than giving up or refraining from playing the game. I think part of the reason why new players have trouble coming to some of these challenging platformers is that they have the option of stopping.

Its been said before, but when we were younger and we got a game, we played it to death, so we were able to get through the trouble spots and dominate the whole thing. Its stayed with a lot of us to this day where we can remember secrets and tactics. I think that truely is a factor in game enjoyment.

Want my advise? Try your best to lose yourself in the experience, even with a game over.



MexicanJonny10 said:

this game is a little overrated, i mean, its good but it does get a bit hard on some part of the games and the music isnt as great as i thought it would be



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I loved this game. The Mario Bros. Easter egg in multiplayer mode was awesome. It's a shame it didn't have saving (although the GBA version does).



WyvernKnight64 said:

This is the first VC game I downloaded ( Along with SMB 1 and Dr. Mario RX) the game is so awesome and it was a hard toss up between this and SMW cause they're both awesome games, but I downloaded both of them anyways. SMW was part of my Christmas DL(along with Bomberman Blast)



Stijnco said:

This is probably the most populair Mario Bros. title ever so a lot of people have bought on the VC. No doubt



Lexx1979 said:

I can remember i used lots of time, on this game.
I do have it to GBA, and will not buy on VC.



gblock said:

ROFL at the Mario 3 drinking game. I remember I was at my aunt and uncle's house in Virginia the summer this came out. We did nothing but rent Nintendo games (I remember getting Batman, Contra, and this game to end the week). Plus I watched one of my favorite movies of all time for the first time (Big Trouble In Little China). As far as Mario 3 goes, I've owned this on NES, SNES (via Mario All-Stars of course), GBA, and I even bought it on the VC on my first Wii b4 I found out about softmodding it. This game is a permanent engraving into my video game life.



If you hate this game, you hate life? Seems a little dramatic.

This was the first Virtual Console game I downloaded. Oh, how I love it so!



Knux said:

I first played this gem via the All-Star version, but I never beaten it until I have beaten the Advance version years ago. Yesterday, I beaten the NES VC version, and it is truly onw of the greatest Mario games of all time. This game is nearly 20 years old, but it has not aged AT ALL. It is not only more challenging than SMW or NSMBW, but it has more power-ups ( the Hammer Suit is awesome). It might be awhile before Nintendo can make a 2D Mario game better than SMB3 (if ever). The only 2D platformer that surpassed SMB3 is Yoshi's Island, but that is not really a Mario game.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

To all of those who thinks this has PAL issues, the game does NOT have PAL conversion problems. NONE of them. Runs perfectly.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Anyway, the good thing is..... I actually gone through ALL of the levels without any whistles! Talk about no life. LOL.



Boyoshi said:

I have to say this comes second in comparison to super mario world, but only because you can save on super mario world.



SMB64 said:

Anyone else here notice that if you beat an airship with Raccoon, Tanooki, or Frog Mario, the King will say "Thank you kind raccoon..." or something along those lines?



Pj1 said:

This is the same price as the 3DS version!! if you download one of the versions can you get it on the other console?



Ichinisan said:

Some of you insist SMB3 didn't have garbage on sides on a real NES. You're wrong. Old TVs simply didn't draw as much of the screen.

They call it "overscan." ALL of the older TVs did it. This allowed game programmers to take efficiency shortcuts that caused garbage in the overscan area. No TV at the time would show it anyway. Newer TVs (especially HDTVs) display much more of the original picture...so you see the mess you were never expected to see. It's authentic and it wouldn't be correctly emulated if that stuff wasn't there. Programming shortcuts and hardware tricks caused garbage to appear in the overscan area, but these also made SMB3 possible!

Why don't all games behave the same way? Well, the NES alone couldn't scroll an entire screen. Early games (Pinball, Donkey Kong, etc) were single-screen. Balloon Fight used a trick to make it seem like the screen was scrolling (actually, dots were moving across the screen). Super Mario Bros (1) was one of the earliest games to have a special memory mapper chip inside the cartridge to allow basic scrolling (you can't even go backward). There were lots and lots of different mapper chips and Super Mario Bros. 3 had one of the most advanced.

This discussion has been going on for a looong time and no one ever mentioned "overscan."

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