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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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sega_nerd commented on Buy Ufouria If You Want More Quirky Virtual Co...:

I supported working designs when vic was with the company whom he brought us gems like popful mail, dragon force, magic knight rayearth, vay, etc. I'm glad he is one of the guys who appreciates games that are not known as much outside of japan and tries hard to give us the opportunity to play them. I'll gladly support all of sunsoft vc games. Now give me the valis series Vic and I will be one happy gamer.



sega_nerd commented on Twilight Princess "Starting Point" for New Wii...:

TP was alright but I wish there were more stuff to do because you have all this open land and doesn't have much life to it. Innovation definately needs to be implemented on the next installment. I think the new Zelda game should be away from Hyrule including Princess Zelda and Ganondorf because it feels like the same old routine to me.

We need a new villain big time. How about adding a female villain? That would be cool. There should be ton of sidequests like Majora's Mask. More towns please. How about Link having a girlfriend like a dating simulation? That's alot of possibilities and I hope Nintendo try to do something different and it couldn't hurt staying true to the formula while having radical changes.



sega_nerd commented on Sunsoft To Release Telenet Titles On Virtual C...:

This is fantasic news! Although I thought Namco Bandai or Tri Ace might try to gain all those rights since they were involved with their games back then. I give alot of credit to Sunsoft and Victor Ireland on making this happen. Now everyone will get a chance to relieve those memories or have fun playing for first time. I wonder if Sega will plan to add Sega CD on VC meaning we can play Sol-Feace Road Avenger or Time Gal.



sega_nerd commented on USA VC Update: Super Punch-Out!!:

One game i can think of that was really great from Sega Saturn is Dragon Force. It is one of the best strategy/rpg game you'll ever play. It's very addictive but the problem is not many people know about the game which is a shame. Anyone who is a fan of Sega must experience Dragon Force.



sega_nerd commented on SD Card Game Launching + Arcade Games Availabl...:

Definately the best news I've seen in a long time. The SD launch was long overdue.
The first time I saw Arcade games being supported through Wii I think of X-Men, Aliens vs Predator, TMNT, Simpsons, NBA Jam or Captain America & Avengers. I got really excited at first then reality came to my head saying it may not happen due to licensing so got excited for nothing. There's nothing wrong dreaming about playing those amazing games.



sega_nerd commented on Final Fantasy Finally Coming to VC:

This is great news for everyone! It's awesome to be able to play FF games in their original form however not seeing FF2 and FF3 on the list is a disappointment. I have all the FF games I want so there's no need for me to download.



sega_nerd commented on Bomberman '94 & Detana!! Twinbee Coming To US ...:

@ Jerichoholic Josh
You're right on the money! I remember one week we're supposed to get Mega Man Samurai Shodown II and Y's Book I & II however we got Sonic and Splatterhouse 2 instead.

@ Stardust
Yeah we definitely don't want to go through that again lol

Anyway i'm excited to get Detana!! Twinbee



sega_nerd commented on The Virtual Console Archive is One Today!:

Wow it's been a year already! I celebrated today's anniversary by beating super mario bros 3 Next year is going to be full of surprises imo. Can't wait for more games on vc and i'm really looking forward to wiiware. I'm so glad i bought the wii especially before the holiday season. Happy Birthday VCA! Keep up the good work!



sega_nerd commented on Games we hope never get released on the Virtua...:

i am surprised that dr jekyll and mr hyde didn't appear on here but they should have put batman forever which it was one of the worst superhero games of all time along with silver surfer then spider man and the sinister six.