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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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whalleywhat commented on M.U.S.H.A.:

This and Thunder Force IV are the two best Genesis shmups, and two of the best shmups period.



whalleywhat commented on Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen:

@marktheshark: You're dreaming. They're re-releasing all those games as full priced DS ports. Why would they sell them for cheap on VC? They only put out Secret of Mana because that's a franchise they've run into the ground, and I guess they don't have any plans to port it.

This sounds like it plays very similar to Ogre Battle 64. I didn't even know about this game, I'd only heard of the SNES Tactics Ogre that didn't get translated until the Playstation release. Hope it comes to NA/EU.



whalleywhat commented on EU VC Releases - NES Halloween Trio:

Lol, the European announcements always fill the comments with North Americans being jealous and the North American announcements are filled with Europeans being jealous. I guess there's no winning.



whalleywhat commented on Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou:

@Kirk: something about PC Engine makes it hard to capture video from. You can watch Youtubes of a ton of different games and they all look like that. They don't when you're playing them. slangman is right about level 2 though, and it chugs a little in level 1 if you get too many dragons on screen at once.



whalleywhat commented on Review: Art Style: Cubello (WiiWare):

Haha, nice to see people "putting their foot down" about their subjective opinion. I really enjoy both of the Art Style games, and Cubello has already sapped a ridiculous amount of my time. You can seriously zone out and plays this for hours at a time. I haven't even tried the Endless Mode yet.
@LAA: You made it sound like you had to point out that Alex was "wrong." That's why people are reacting the way they are.



whalleywhat commented on Art Style: Cubello:

If you move quickly enough in Bonus Mode it's easy to finish a stage, cause it keeps giving you blocks of the same colour until your run out of that type, and then changes to one of the other colours you have left. Speed becomes really important. I'm liking this game more and more.



whalleywhat commented on Art Style: Cubello:

This isn't Coloris. Just bought it. Taking a little while to wrap my head around, but I've beaten two levels and I'm getting better. It reminds of a Puzzle League type thing except in multiple dimensions, but also less fast paced. Music is great. Another worthwhile Art Style game.



whalleywhat commented on Art Style: Orbient:

Game really needs leaderboards. I don't understand why you'd make a score based game without them anymore. Nintendo is dumb sometimes. Still, fantasic game, easily worth 600 points.



whalleywhat commented on LostWinds:

A nice little experience, but I really hope Frontier does something more interesting/challenging with the sequel.



whalleywhat commented on Star Soldier R:

I'm on speed 3, I only slow down when the circle thing closes around me.
My best 2-minute score was somewhere around 930,000. I had a run that would've gotten me 960,000, but I farked up the closing eyes bonus at the end. Arrrgghh. You have to be some sort of robot to clear a million.



whalleywhat commented on Shining Force:

I'd say my two favourite genres are shmups and SRPGs, but this game just doesn't do it for me. Dated interface, poor enemy AI and really short. Some of the towns are kind of cool, you add some interesting units to your party throughout the game and all of the character drawings and animations are really nice, so I wouldn't say it isn't worthwhile, but the genre has been improved on in so many ways. I'll probably still pick up SF 2.

" I do, however, miss calling the characters random hispanic names, eventhough I could never keep track of who's who(I think I had 3 Pacos)."



whalleywhat commented on Samurai Shodown II:

I'm seriously considering getting a hori stick for this. Would be good for shmups, too. I'm hitting the wall for how good I can get with the Classic Controller.
Jubei owns.



whalleywhat commented on USA VC Releases: Mario Golf and Shining Force II:

A lot of people say the Shining Force games are really similar to the Fire Emblem, but I really don't think they are, apart from being in the same genre. I've only played a bit of 2, but the first one really isn't that strategic at all, plus you can just grind by letting everyone die and replaying a level. The fact that characters permanently die in FE makes you consider every move, and each level is almost like a puzzle. Plus, you can see ahead of time what your damage and % to hit are. There's a lot about the Shining Force interface that's really dated. I haven't played the Sega Saturn SFs, maybe they improve on a lot of that stuff. They're fun games, nice character designs and animations, and some of the towns have an almost Earthbound vibe, but I think the series are on entirely different levels.



whalleywhat commented on Virtual Console games to be directly downloada...:

Reggie never actually said "better than a hard drive," that was someone interpeting his comments. This is nothing, though. I don't see the advantage of storing games on SD rather than just deleting and re-downloading them. And I haven't re-downloaded anything, I'm just whittling my collection down to the bare essentials. If I get a whim that I want to play some Super Mario 64, too bad, cause I don't feel like going through the effort.



whalleywhat commented on TurboGrafx-16 Releases - October:

Finally Gradius II. Arguably the best Gradius prior to Gaiden. I would've bought Cho Aniki, but I've been saving points and fridge space for this.
edit: Whoa, why is Conker my Av? I hate Conker.



whalleywhat commented on Mega Man 9 Challenge List:

I've only beat Galaxy Man and Splash Woman so far, I doubt I'll be getting many of these any time soon. Still, it's cool that they're there, something to work towards.

p.s. the DLC should've been unlockable for beating these instead of having to pay for it.



whalleywhat commented on USA VC Release: Mega Man 2:

I remember seeing this box art in ads in comic books when I was a kid. I was like "Why does it say Mega Man when it's a woman the cover?" Well, the bottom half looks womanly and the way he holds his hand, there could be boobs. Nevermind.