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United Kingdom

Thu 21st Feb 2008

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Bon commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

Does anyone know what the hammer is for- you know the one you get when you complete the mini level of those brown things that walk around on the map and when you complete it you get a little treasure box at the end ( and inside that is the hammer).

I still have the original Nintendo NES and the little SMB3 cartridge to go in it (so i can't save at all) , passed down from my mum and dad, i didn't know every one loved this game so much, i didn't even know you could play it on wii until i found this site today. ( but i don't have a wii)

Sorry i thought id let everyone know that, im kinda going on a bit now... ANYWAY...

How has anyone got past the castle level on World 8, it's so hard!?! I had 99 lives when i started World 8, and now at the moment im on something like 75 lives

If anyone could help me out with my questions i would be very gratefull, THANK YOU x