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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Aldo commented on Secret of Mana:

I love the Game Alcahest!
One of the best Square Enix Games ever I thought!
But Terranigma is still quite a good Game!



Aldo commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

What the Heck.....?
Whow! I go to the site, dont know what comes for Games and now this! I must go immediatly to buy Wii Points! Mario RPG is whow!
One of my favorite Games!
THX Nintendo
Bur Why we get The Lost Levels again?



Aldo commented on Splatterhouse 2:

Looks not good! Think this is a bad Game! But I havent Play it!



Aldo commented on Earthworm Jim:

True! Mega Herd! But a big Hit and a funny Game!
I Love it



Aldo commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

Yes the Logo starts!Rare was 49% ownership from Nintendo!
So Nintendo sold this rights to Rare!
Im not glad, that Nintendo sold Rare but it was there dicision so this is the sequel!
We will never see any pure Rare Games like Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark or Conker!
But I hope it...............