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Tue 18th Mar 2008

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nickg2894 commented on Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?:

hope it not lot of money like $200 (120 gb for 360 in canada) but if they trow in like 5 free vc games downloads and let you watch movies (downloaded from the wii shop and buy for like 15 dollars (1500points) each) and download songs (100 wii points for 20 songs) (or download them from illegal sites) on xbox 360 a $20 gb is like $100 (new) and it really has 13 gb or somthing like that



nickg2894 commented on Super Mario World:

are they gonna make the second one???
Edit: what i meant to say (type) was if there gonna make a second one on the VC the one with baby mario and yoshi