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  • Video Splatoon Co-Director Tsubasa Sakaguchi Has Some Top Tips For Budding Inklings

    Newcomers, take note

    Splatoon is getting new content this year and has recently passed one million units shipped in Europe. That means there's a lot of new players flocking to the game, and these individuals may well be wondering how they can improve their tactics and get on a level playing field with those who have mastered the title over the past...

  • News Splatoon Has Now Shipped One Million Copies In Europe

    Staying fresher for longer

    Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon has shipped over one million copies in Europe. The Wii U shooter was one of Nintendo's most robust titles throughout 2015 in terms of sales, and will continue to get new downloadable content in 2016. As well as being a commercial success it has earned considerable critical acclaim,...

  • Video Here's All the Changes in Splatoon's Latest Update to Version 2.6

    Oh the Tenacity

    Splatoon's had more than its fair share of free content updates, and since last week's Nintendo Direct we now know that they haven't finished fiddling with the game just yet. In in effort, we assume, to try and make the game more varied, several changes have been brought into effect for version 2.6. Most notable are the changes to...

  • News Splatoon Updates to Continue Into 2016

    Contains balancing, tweaks, and weapon sets

    The hit multiplayer title Splatoon will be receiving some new updates throughout 2016. Beginning on March 8th, an update will address balancing issues regarding specific gear abilities. Some will recieve a buff making them stronger on the battlefield, while others a small nerf. Additionally, tweaks to...

  • News Enjoy the Madness of the CoroCoro Splatoon Manga For Free

    Admire the artwork online

    CoroCoro Magazine often has some handsome exclusives and details in Japan, the latest of which is a Splatoon manga series. The inky shooter has gone from strength to strength in less than a year on the market, rapidly becoming a popular franchise - with all the licensing and merchandise that can entail - for Nintendo...








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