Splatoon 3 Big Man
Image: Nintendo

If you know Splatoon 3, then you know Big Man. The loveable Manta Ray is one of the first faces that you see when you boot up the game and his wobbly little dance moves immediately captured our hearts when Deep Cut first burst onto the scene. But what if we have been referring to this icon by nothing but a nickname for all of these months? What would his 'proper' name even be?

Well, as it turns out, it might just be Ian. Yep. Ian...

That is, at least, what some are deducing from the latest Squid Sisters' song, 'Liquid Sunshine', which features a mysterious artist called 'Ian BGM'. Shared via @NintendoUK on Twitter, the mystery "Splatsville Songster" certainly sounds like it could be Big Man, but with actual Inkling lyrics in all of his lines, are we to assume that the Splatcast host had a greater vocabulary that "Ay!" this whole time?

Interestingly, the plot behind this mystery singer thickens when watching the Japanese music video for the track which also includes karaoke for each of the singers. The Squid Sisters' lyrics are highlighted in green and pink respectively (a clear sign of Callie and Marie), while the guest artist's lines are in grey. Who do we know as the greyest guy in Splatsville? Big Man!

To be clear, the Ian BGM title could be nothing more than a humble artist attempting to hide his identity and perform in other arenas (even though the anagram of Big Man might be a little on the nose), but we like the thought not only of the Deep Cut member having a name, but it being something as human as Ian.

Do you reckon Ian could be Big Man's real name, or is it nothing more than a pseudonym? Give us your theories in the comments below.

[source youtube.com, via twitter.com]