Splatoon 3 Fresh Season 2023
Image: Nintendo

Splatoon 3's Fresh Season 2023 is right around the corner (coming 1st March), and the official @SplatoonNA Twitter account has been hard at work drip-feeding us things to expect in the latest update.

In amongst the new weapons and stages, the account shared an upcoming feature that will make it even easier to battle with a select group of people. The 'Pools' feature will allow you to enter a unique series of characters to be added to a group with all those who have entered the same. When in this 'Pool' together, you can send battle requests, messages and notifications to those in there with you without the need of having them as your friend — neat!

Whether this is used for splatting with like-minded people or more of a clan structure, we like the idea of providing us squid kids with even more ways to connect.

The above tweet uses "Turf War Heroes" as a potential room name, but with endless possibilities for user inputs, how long will it be before the list of banned bad words grows even longer?

Are you excited to hop into a Splatoon 3 pool? Ink your thoughts in the comments below.

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