The first paid DLC pack for Splatoon 3 is out now, and as expected, it adds Inkopolis from the first game as an additional hub area.

Players will need to wait for Wave 2 to really dig into some proper new content, though what this will entail exactly is still unknown at this time. For now, while the addition of Inkopolis is a nice throwback for long-time fans of the franchise, it doesn't appear to add anything substantial to dig into.

Our lovely video producer Alex has been trying out Wave 1 of the DLC and has a few of his own thoughts the new content. Take a look at the above video for all the details, but here's a peek at what he had to say:

"The Inkopolis DLC is targeted towards long-time fans of the series who remember the 720p days of Splatoon on Wii U, and I'm absolutely one of them. It's definitely a bit of a trip to be immersed in the ol' hub once again, with the sounds and sights of yesteryear, and as an option it's a fun and harmless inclusion.

"Having said that, it's being presented as wave 1 of 2, suggesting that it's around half of the total DLC we can expect for Splatoon 3, and in that sense it is absolutely lacking. The shops, whilst a fun throwback, behave identically to the shops in Splatsville, meaning their stock is identical on a day-by-day basis, and any items purchased in one hub are also sold in the other.

"Everything's a little more tightly packed than in Splatsville, meaning you can get to certain areas marginally more quickly, but we're really stretching here. This is a throwback that should've been a neat little bonus for those that purchased the DLC, and not something paraded as being worth half of the price of entry. Honestly if it was presented in that way we wouldn't have any issues, but the Inkopolis DLC is absolutely not the selling point Nintendo seems to think it is."

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