Splatoon 3
Image: Nintendo

It's been a busy day for Nintendo and now to top it off we've got a new Splatoon 3 update. This is a minor update following the rollout of Version 3.0.0 last week, which added the first wave of DLC to the game.

Here's exactly what Inklings and Octolings can expect from this Version 3.0.1:

Ver. 3.0.1 (Released March 8, 2023)

Fixes to Notifications
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused notifications to be sent to a user’s friends, even if that friend’s system Friend Settings were set to only display their online status to “Best Friends” or “No One.”
    • If a user and their friends are connected to the same Pool, notifications will continue to display regardless of their Friend Settings.

Note: Compatible with Ver. 3.0.0 battle replays. Not compatible with Ver. 2.1.1 or earlier battle replays.

You can check out the full patch notes for Version 3.0.0 in our previous post:

Have you downloaded this update yet? Tried out the DLC yet? Comment below.

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