The Splatoon series has always had a central Idol group for each game — Callie and Marie made up Splatoon's Squid Sisters, and Pearl and Marina made up Off the Hook for Splatoon 2. For Splatoon 3, we have Deep Cut, featuring Shiver, Frye, and Big Man — and now we know just how the music of this terrific trio is created.

It might surprise inklings and octolings to know, though, that there are actual humans behind this triple threat. But, in a video shared by Nintendo of America, the secret is out. And honestly, we want in on these recordings — they look fun! Shiver is voiced by Anna Sato and Frye by Laura Yokozawa

Two of Deep Cut's hits are shown in this 'In the Studio' video — "Anarchy Rainbow" and "Fins in the Air". But Deep Cut isn't the only group featured here. Damp Socks, a rock band with an "upbeat melancholy style" featuring Off the Hook also makes an appearance with "Tentacle to the Metal".

The music of this series is catchy and iconic, and a fun little peek behind the curtain is always a nice surprise. Plus, this video was shared the same day that Deep Cut's 'Nintendo Live 2022' concert, alongside DJ K.K. Paradise Mixx!!, has now been updated and shared with English subtitles. You can check that out below:

Are you a fan of Deep Cut and Splatoon 3's music? Shocked to see the faces behind the trio (or, at least, two of them)? Let us know.

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