Nintendo has today announced that a brand new season will be inking its way onto Splatoon 3 next month, as Sizzle Season 2023 kicks off on 1st June.

Much like the recent Fresh Season (and the opening Chill Season before that) there is a whole lot of new content that will be heading to the game with this update, including fresh new weapons, stages, game modes, gear and more. You can get a taste of all that is on its way in the above announcement trailer, or read on to get the summary of what to expect.

In terms of stages, Sizzle Season will introduce the brand new Barnacle & Dime battleground, which appears to be a fully operational shopping centre with some floating splat turf in the middle. Also making a comeback will be the Humpback Pump Track (try saying that five times fast) course from Splatoon 2 bringing its sloped arena into the series' third entry.

Over in Salmon Run, the frantic egg-collecting game mode is also getting a new stage as Jammin' Salmon Junction joins the fray.

Speaking of game modes, Sizzle Season will introduce special battles into the game known as Challenges. We have seen three of these so far, comprising of 'Too Many Trizookas' (everyone has a Trizooka special), 'Foggy Notion' (the arena is covered in fog) and 'Extreme Jump Battle' (everyone can jump, you guessed it, extremely high). Whether or not there are more of these around the corner we're not sure, but mixing up the rules of battle is always a nice change.

Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season 2023
Image: Nintendo

Then we have the fresh new weapons. First up there is the Painbrush, which looks to be a part of the Brushes family of weapons (that would make sense, right?) and has a slightly wider ink spread than the standard Inkbrush. Sizzle Season will also see the introduction of the S-Blast '92, a new Blaster which appears to be modelled on the SNES' Super Scope controller from the '90s.

On top of all of this, the season will also bring with it the usual new catalogue full of fresh clothing and items and a new batch of Tableturf Battle cards.

It feels like just yesterday that Fresh Season inked its way onto the scene and now it's not long until a whole new batch of content is fired our way at the start of June. It's true what they say, time flies when you're shooting squids...

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