Splatoon 3 Brella
Image: Nintendo

You might be thinking to yourself, "wait a minute, didn't Splatoon 3 just get an update two days ago?" and you would be correct. The huge ver. 4.0.0 patch brought all of the Sizzle Season newbies to the game, but with this also came some pesky bugs.

Hoping to smooth these bumps out, Nintendo has today released another update, targeting the previously-introduced issues.

Chief among these problems was the Squeezer and Brella weapons not behaving as they should, with the former shooting rapid shots further than normal and the latter having trouble recognising the open/close mechanic. Fortunately, this seems to have been targeted this time around, hopefully putting the weapon classes on a level battlefield once again.

The rather brief patch notes were published on the Nintendo Support site, though we have collected them together for you to check out below.

Splatoon 3 ver. 4.0.1 (Released 1st June)

Fixes to Player Controls
- Fixed an issue where jumping with the B Button and holding down the ZR Button while landing would cause rapid-fire shots to have a greater range than intended when using a Squeezer.
- Fixed an issue when opening or closing brellas where the targeting reticle did not always reflect the change.

Note: Battle replays will still be compatible with Ver. 4.0.0 but will not be compatible with Ver. 3.1.1 or earlier.

Did you notice either of these issues at the start of Sizzle Season? Let us know what you make of the new chapter so far in the comments.

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