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World of Goo Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Will World of Goo leave gamers all warm and gooey inside?

It's certainly no secret to WiiWare fans that World of Goo has seen more hype than just about any other WiiWare title to date. While this generally leads to unrealistic expectations, every so often a game somehow manages to not only fulfil the hype, but exceed it. Say hello to World of Goo. Not only does the game live up to the immense attention that has been heaped upon it over the past few months, but it brings one of the most unique and original gaming experiences to the WiiWare service yet and proves that a WiiWare title done right can be every bit as good, if not better, than an actual Wii retail release.

There's nothing quite like a simple design where everything just seems to click. That's an apt description of the gameplay found in World of Goo. There are no complicated control schemes to learn and no gameplay tutorial is even needed. You basically grab balls of Goo and stick them onto each other to slowly build them into a structure that will reach the drainpipe located somewhere in each level. Each level has a specific Goo requirement that lets you know ahead of time how many Goo Balls you must guide to the drainpipe in order to progress to the next level. Once you complete the level, you're given a report card of your performance, such as how many moves and how much time it took you to complete the level.

Building these structures with the Goo is tough in and of itself, as the game employs astoundingly realistic physics. This means that you have to be careful how and where you attach balls of Goo. If you put too many Goo Balls on one side, the structure will begin to sway and will soon collapse under the strain. You have to carefully balance things out if you're to have any hope of reaching some of the lofty drainpipe locations in each level.

To make matters even more challenging, you'll also have to deal with various other dangers ranging from gusty winds to spike-filled pits, all of which can spell dire consequences to your Goo if you're not careful. Luckily you'll be given access to a variety of different types of Goo to help you out, each with their own unique characteristics. You'll find that some Goo Balls are very flexible and will stretch while other types of Goo are firm. There's also Goo that can be attached and then disconnected whereas other Goo will be permanently locked into place once attached. There are even Matchstick Goo Balls that are highly combustible, which can be used to start a chain reaction of fire. It's up to you to figure out how to use each type of Goo and how to connect them in order to traverse the many challenges in each level. If you find yourself stuck, you can always read the Sign Painter's messages located in various places around each level that will give you a vague hint at what you're objective is in each level. It's not much to go on, but you'll definitely appreciate the help on some of the more intricate levels.

The control method in World of Goo is extremely intuitive given that you basically only use the Wii Remote to move your Goo pointer around the screen and one action button to latch onto a Goo Ball and drag it to where you want to attach it. It's this simple play control coupled with the challenging level designs that make playing the game so challenging and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Nothing sends a wave of panic through your body quite like the sight of your teetering tower of Goo collapsing down around you. Of course the sound of all your Goo Balloons popping won't exactly instil any confidence in your plan either. It's this careful blend of patient Goo construction along with the constantly changing conditions around you that make each level so enthralling. The game just has this uniquely addictive quality where the more you fail the more you'll find yourself going back to try to find a way to complete each level. It can be quite maddening at times, especially when you finally realize that the solution was actually right in front of you the whole time.

World of Goo sports 48 levels to play through, so you'll really have your work cut out for you in order to finish the game. Depending on your skill level, you can expect to spend in excess of 7 hours on the game (even more if you feel the need to go back and try to build up your extra Goo Balls or try to achieve faster completion times on the various levels). You can even select the OCD option (Obsessive Completion Distinction) which ups the amount of Goo Balls you need to rescue to complete the level if you're looking for more of a challenge. About the only downside to the entire package is that it's a bit like an RPG in that once you figure out the puzzles in each level, it's not much fun to go back and play it again, at least not until you're brain has had time to forget most of the solutions to each level. As much fun as the game is, it's a no-brainer that you'll want to come back to the game at some point, just not right away.

While the single player mode is the heart and soul of the game, the developers have included a couple of additional modes to make things a bit more interesting. Multi-player is a nice change of pace in which up to four players can play each level in a co-operative fashion. This can make it a bit easier to tackle some of the tougher levels, since it will make it easier to distribute large numbers of Goo Balls around the structure at once. It can also make it more difficult if you can't find a way to work in synch with one another.

The World of Goo Corporation mode allows you to build your own unique Goo structures with extra Goo balls that you've collected in each level, and have them displayed using the WiiConnect24 setting of your Wii console. Each cloud in the World of Goo Corporation represents a player around the world and how high they've currently built their Goo tower. It serves as basically an online leaderboard of sorts too see who can build their tower the highest.

The visuals in World of Goo often look like they just stepped out of a Dr. Seuss book. The backdrops have a very abstract look to them. Couple this with the amazing use of vibrant and often-contrasting colours and the end result is one of the most unique visual experiences you're likely to see in a video game. There's not only a lot of variety between the different areas of the game, but each individual level generally has its own unique look and feel as well. You'll almost never see the same graphical styling between the different levels and the surroundings seem to get better and better as you progress through the game. Even the Goo Balls themselves show a good amount of detail and variety, so it's never too tough to distinguish between the various types of Goo. It's clear from the moment you begin playing World of Goo that a lot of time and emphasis was placed on making the game not only look outstanding, but to offer up something unique and original as well.

As amazing as the visuals in World of Goo are, it would be a shame not to mention the outstanding musical score and realistic sound effects that go along with it. The music sounds more like it belongs in a Tim Burton movie than a video game, but it somehow fits the overall theme of the game perfectly. And if you're fortunate enough to own a good Dolby Surround Sound system, you're in for a wall-shaking treat with World of Goo. Some of the musical tracks have a softer, more melodic tone to them, whereas other tracks are more up tempo and moody for levels that tend to feature a more frantic atmosphere. The songs are repeated at times, but they're so good you certainly won't mind. To complement this creative musical score are some of the most quirky, yet realistic sound effects you'll ever hear; never before has the sound of Goo splattering into infinity sounded quite so nice. Even the sounds of your Goo balloons popping are very authentic. As easy as it would have been to simply tack on some half-baked sound effects to go along with the impressive visuals, it's nice to see a developer go the extra mile and put some thought into making the game sound as good as it looks.


It's quite amazing that a development team consisting of basically three people has somehow managed to create such a unique and utterly charming gaming experience like the one found in World of Goo. What's also quite amazing is that you can purchase this outstanding title for a mere 1500 Wii Points. Other WiiWare developers out there need to take notice that World of Goo has raised the bar for what a WiiWare title should be, and it's raised it fairly high. Not only is it easily the best WiiWare release to date, it's also proof that you don't need a large development team or millions of dollars to create an outstanding video game. In an era of where style is often emphasized over substance, it's refreshing to see a title like World of Goo that somehow manages to feature an abundance of both.

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User Comments (221)



Dazza said:

Great review Corbie. You completely summed up my feelings of playing World of Goo all week on the PC, given all the pre-launch hype I was afraid it wouldn't live up to expectations, but amazingly it managed to far surpass them!

What a game! It feels like the joy I got playing Lemmings for the first time in 1991. Very fresh and original



AlexSays said:

I knew it!
This game is as close to perfect as we'll probably see on WiiWare.
Hopefully the developers see this review, they deserve the credit!



Corbs said:

I just didn't want it to end. In fact, I might run through it again just to try to build my World of Goo Corporation Tower up higher.



Corbs said:

No. Europe will be getting a retail version with extra levels in the Spring. I'm wondering if a Mac OS X version might be in the works. I wouldn't mind being able to take this game with me out of town on business.



samus2008 said:

awesome review, corbie, a 10/10 is what i would've given it too cause this is truly the best game on wiiware!



danik said:

Great score still not sure i would purchase it as it doesnt sounds too much like a game for me but i think its obviously going to do well.

Thanks for the review



RetroWare said:

WOW..... * twitching in joy from godly score *

Excuse me, let me just catch myself for a second............all better
I honestly can't believe that this game got a 10/10 (not saying that in a bad way).

Anyways, great review Corbie, and thanks for puttingit up so darn quick! No where is Cubello's review?



Terra said:

Woah, a 10!? My god, if only i was more interested in the game. It just ain't for me but nice to see it's that it gets the first 10



Pegasus said:

Yes, Corbie, an OS X and Linux version will be released at a later date. Says so right on 2d Boy's website.



Cheezy said:

i'll buy it. But not yet, because I'm only a little interested in this, and I've been buying Wii Points for the past 4 weeks. I'm all out of cash.



Cthuloops said:

will buy! Secret of Mana, World of Goo, and I am buying No More Heroes. What an amazing week!



Ziondood said:

Im deffinetatly going to get this =]
after alien crush comes out =p
so that way i buy more wii points =]



Corbs said:

@ Pegasus - Great news! I'll definitely pick the Mac version up when it's released.



kitroplious said:

YES... 10/10!
Congratulations on your first 10 rating WiiWare World! LET'S CELEBRATE!
Also, big time credit to 2D Boy for an awesome WiiWare game!



bloober said:

2D boy are our competitors but we have to say that they did fantastic job. We know how hard it was and they did it! CONGRATULATIONS!
It should be the way for each WiiWare developer - create something unique and special not just next crap. We really hope that more WiiWare developers will invest their time and mind to create fresh and big titles like World of Goo.



bboy2970 said:

A 10/10, are you joking! World of goo is simply put, the worst game on wiiware to date.......................haha, just kidding! decided to cut the joke short before being verbally assaulted! But seriously, this review could not be more spot on. World of goo is AMAZING!!



Naturestee said:

Yay for 2D Boy! Now if only I had the time to play it... Whatever, they're still getting my monies.

If anyone complains about getting yet another puzzler on WiiWare, I'll kick them.



Clayfrd said:

I'll have to download this as soon as I can! Crap. I only have 400 points, which means I'll have to buy a whole 2000 more. At least I'll have enough to get Cubello then...

@BeastMan93 - Have fun with No More Heroes. I got it back in January, and it's a great game. It's weird, but it's one of the few hack and slashes I actually enjoy.



Gitaroo_Dude said:

Wow, this is just getting crazy now.

Way too many good games coming out too fast.

Tetris Party is likely to come out soon too since the preview is up now, and so is Strong Bad 3.

But congrats to 2D Boy. Showing the world that passion and ambition trumps money and large teams when it comes to making games.



darkmagi_82 said:

My prediction was correct! And I will soon be in possession of Wii Points! * does dorky victory dance *



i_am_error said:

It deserves it. Best WiiWare to date and probably one of the games of the year. Simply put, a masterpiece.



Starwolf_UK said:

Do they have a pc demo?
Not really. Though you can find Tower of goo which is like the World of Goo Corporation section so will give you a feel for the physics. I look forward to getting this game on Thursday.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Wow 10/10 score i would be getting it then i will yes i well even if its the same here in Australia as Europe i would certainly buying it .

The only problem for a pal retail release would be a price increase as 1500 points would be $22.50AUD & the average cost for a retail game is $99.95AUD .

Yes unfortunately Australia has to pay more for all the retail games .
Great review Corbie i dont know why but there is something about your reviews that i love .



Jonny said:

First wiiware 10 and we don't get it....that makes me so angry i can't express myself without getting banned for abusive language.



MarkyVigoroth said:

  • smiles like Storo (Kirby Sqweek Squad)*

There is finally a 10! Corbie-san did not rate Rockman 9 a ten, since Rockman 9 did not truly push the Wii, yet World of Goo did!

Your review, especially your 10, motivated me to buy World of Goo! (Now, if only I can re-set my Wii Points reservation, since I have planned games for 6,000 WP!)



Nero said:

I just finished the game on PC and this game is so amazing. I've been listening to the music in Winamp for many hours now and love it. There's some truly amazing levels in here that will make you go OMG.



Corbs said:

I sincerely appreciate all the kind words. Very much so. This was an easy game to review and a lot of fun. I hope everyone enjoys the game as much as I did.



whalleywhat said:

Hopefully there'll eventually be DLC for those of us who bought the WiiWare version. So good.



robbob88 said:

Corbie says that this raises the bar for WiiWare developers but it DEFANITLEY raises the bar for the super lazy Software companies that make crappy games even though those software companies have more people than a three man team. Great job on 2DBoys' part.



Kirk said:


Based on some of these comments it looks like this may turn out to be another one of those Wii games that gets really great reviews in the press and such but the no one actually goes out and buys it...



MrPoo6321 said:

Most definitely getting this when I buy my next Wii Points card.... You mofo's better not be over-hyping the game GTAIV style!!!



Crazynoodle said:

Wow A 10/10
I always wanted to buy this , it looks awesome. I now onley need to buy another 2000 points. There are way to many interesting wiiwares. I also hope there will be downloadable contant, b/c it looks awesome. I would want more levels once i beat it. Great reveiw corbie, i just wish there was a level editor.
I am deffinantly buying this i love puzzles



Kirk said:

I suggest gamers get for their girlfriends and sisters, as a present, or they should let their parents try it and see if they enjoy it.

Maybe then it will get out there and do some decent sales.

Can you send WiiWare games as gifts or is it only VC games?



WeeGee said:

Oh, cool 10/10. I'm just wondering though. If this wiiware game is 10/10 than what would you consider an actual retail game a 10/10? Is this a Super Smash Bros. Brawl 10/10 or what...



Peznaze said:

Wow, 10/10... perfection! And so quickly reviewed, too! Shocking to see, congratulations to the Goo Corporation!

I'll be passing, though, I think... It'd take longer for me to download than it will take to win, so... not really worth it for me.



shadows262 said:

haha MM9 got served
is world of goo this good
omg im sooo getting it tomorrow well i was anyway but still
i thought it was gonna get an 8/10 highest 9/10 but NOT 10/10 I LUV IT HAVENT EVEN PLAYED IT YET!!!!!



Adam said:

2dboy has definitely noticed the score. It's noted at the top of their site.

Doesn't look like my kind of game, but it sure is pretty. Hopefully someone will get it so I can just look at it.



AlexSays said:

2dboy has definitely noticed the score. It's noted at the top of their site.

They should take these great scores, put them on a flag, and parade around the countryside.
It's really hard to put in to words how much their work is appreciated, so I'm really hoping they get the hint.



AVahne said:

A PERFECT SCORE!? then this will be a must buy, the review is pretty great too!i haven't seen any perfect scores on wiiware before this game



LucBernard said:

I don't think World Of Goo is a puzzle game though, it's alot more than that. I kind of think it doesn't fit in any categories.



breaderer said:

Everyone should download this game, unless you disparately hate puzzle games...Its just....AMAZING!!!



vampirelich said:


my toysrus had them on sale but sold out yesterday.

just downloaded the game and it is amazing. This is the first wiiware game i've downloaded in over a month... still haven't picked up mm9.



CartersRain said:

omg...im getting this for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I better get a wii points card tomorrow!



andy836 said:

i managed to get two but i had to literally fight for them yes 4000 wii points for 24 dollars



Orgone said:

Maybe one day, but then there will be a sequel and I won't know which one to get.



shadows262 said:

$24 thats it for 4000 points damn!
dude here in dubuque we dont gotta Toys R us it went outta buisness o well Milwaukee HERE I COME!!!!!



Corbs said:

The Wii Shop Channel sales chart. You can check it on your Wii.



Kevin said:

First 10 huh? I really wanted that honor to go to Mega Man 9. Oh well, this game sounds cool. I might get it when I get more points in a week.



AlexSays said:

That's good news, but what charts? Link?

Well I went through a lot of unnecessary work while Corbie supplied you with the easy answer.
So check your own Wii!

I can get points cheaper at Toys R Us??

Sunday and Monday, Wii point cards were 40% off. So you could have saved a little, but it's a little late now.



Objection said:

Gotta get this soon~~! Based on earlier comments I can get points cheaper at Toys R Us??



earthworm said:

This game is really amazing. The developers deserve to sell a ton of copies (and I predict that they will). I think it definitely deserves the 10 awarded in the review.



Twilight_Crow said:

Well done 2DBoy! Thanks for showing what can be done on wiiware. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
The game that stood to the hype, and WWW first 10/10, I'm definitely buying this one in the future. Great review Corbie, Thanks!



Nintendude92 said:

Haha, I was gunna pass on this for a while; I planned on buying one card for tetris party. But I won 10,000 Wii points from Hudson's bomberman blast tournament, so I know what I'm downloading once the points arrive! I'll be picking this up entirely off your reccomendation, Corbie.

EDIT: I love whoever gave me this avatar! Mario is my favorite video game character of all time!



Corbs said:

I gave you the avatar. I do a few in my spare time for those who don't have one. I felt like the classic Super Mario Bros. was fitting.

And you'll be glad you picked Goo up. It's amazing, even my second time through the game. And congrats on the Bomberman tournament win!



kitroplious said:

@ 51. kirk - You can send gifts from both VC & WiiWare sections of the Wii Shop Channel.

@ 68. AlexSays - 6th place? I hope World of Goo continues to sell well!



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'll get it if 2D boy regain their sanity and release it as a WiiWare game in Europe. They'll get so many more sales than at retail if they do.



WiiMan192 said:

Wow. Great review. It's great to see relatively small developers have such an immense scope of concept and imagination and combining it into one hell of a game! I was expecting a ten
But I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to release it as retail in Europe. Sadly I'm not going to buy it then. They can always release the retail version AND release the WiiWare version, though.



that_dan_guy said:

@ Wiiman192 - I couldn't agree more. This was going to be an instant download for me, but I doubt I'll get it at our current retail prices. Even as a budget release (AUD$50 - $60) it would still be roughly 4 times the price of a wiiware version.

I wonder whether this move will pay off for them? I hope for 2D Boy's sake it does, but there would have to be a great deal of additional content before I considered buying this retail.

Also, while it appears to be a deserving 10/10 wiiware release, what sort of score would it warrant as a full priced game?



Lemmy_the_Koopa said:

Would buy it if it would be released for WiiWare for my GF (and maybe play it myself a bit) but Retail... ... naaaah



Omega said:

World of Goo seems to be very good. I would immediately buy it if it would appear as WiiWare in Europe. But as a retail title? And for a higher price? No!



calculon said:

Sounds good, but I'm buying it over Steam. $19.99 is a steal compared to what it'll cost us in the UK, despite the loss of the extra level.



germania said:

This game is almost instantly one of my favourite games of all time. I'll definitely buy the 2D Boy guys a beer if I ever meet them.



Starwolf_UK said:

The chart positions might be a bit lower than they should be because yesterday put the Wii Shop under tremendous strain. Lots of people were getting the shop timing out on them. Come Wednesday if its anything less than number 1 i'll be ranting about people being morons for thinking 1500 points is too expensive for World of Goo but not for My Life as a King (bu..bu..but thats Final Fantasy).

Can you send WiiWare games as gifts or is it only VC games?
Yep anything in the Wii Shop can be gifted to other Wiis. the limitation is you and the reciever of the gift must be set to the same country.

I'll get it if 2D boy regain their sanity and release it as a WiiWare game in Europe. They'll get so many more sales than at retail if they do.
It's not the fault of 2D Boy. They needed a publisher a for a PC retail release and a WiiWare version so they went with one publisher. The publisher then got cold feet about Wiiware (or didn't understand it) for some reason and wanted to do a retail release.

I don't think canceling the contract completely was an option available to 2D Boy and even if it was they might have been left with no publisher in Europe and I'd say some sales is better than no sales.

The upside is the publisher might do some TV marketing for the retail release...also, I hope the publisher reconsiders their €40 price. Make it €30 so it directly competes with Popcorn Arcade, Big beach Sports and other shovelware...



Robster said:

Spring 2009?! Gives me time to save up for the pricier retail version or just buy it on steam now.....what to do? Anybody played both versions and can comment on the different control methods?



Mayhem said:

Just as well I put 5000 points on my Wii recently, may well check this out given the score and the fact I like a good thinking game...



Yatesy said:

Mayhem64 said:

"Just as well I put 5000 points on my Wii recently, may well check this out given the score and the fact I like a good thinking game..."

Only if you plan on downloading it in America- we Europeans are being denied the chace to play it on the Wii until next year, and even then not on the virtual console, but as a retail game that'll probably cost at least £20! Not that £20 will be too pricey for a game like this, but... next year! That's a nonsense.



wesleyh said:

Yatesy, it's possible, read my comment # 86. Wiiware-world should make a post about this



Wiiloveit said:

@Wesleyh: Doing this will defect your warranty though, and so I'm neither going to try it or recommend it.
@The game: ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 is even better than LostWinds, MegaMan 9 and FFCCMLAAK - I didn't realise that this was even going to be that good. Right now, I am soooooo angry at 2D Boy for not giving us a release soon enough in Europe (though I do respect that it is not their fault). The next WiIWare game that's even got a chance of getting a 9 or 10 is Tetris Party - any ideas on a release date yet?




@ corbie
i have 2 agree with you on that i didnt want it 2 end either def a very fun game 4 wiiware in the top 5 so far imo



turtle said:

I've played only 5-6 stages and so far, it has been really enjoyable. Very realistic game mechanics. The kind of fun I had when I first stumbled across titles like Animal Crossing, Loco Roco, etc. It's worth every single point 1500 points are reasonable to pay for such a great game.



Nintendophile said:

This game deserves an 11 out of 10, honestly! I just finished it, and each and every level was amazing! They just kept getting better and better! Everyone, please, do yourself a favor and buy this game! Support 2D Boy, show them your love! We want a sequel!



Outrunner said:

Wish it was on Wiiware in Europe. I don't see myself buying this at retail... How much more expensive will it be I wonder and just how much extra content are we talking...



David77 said:

The game is extremely fun and innovative, but the music is the most amazing aspect of the game, beside the physic. I think it's the best game, with Mario Galaxy, on the Wii.



Crazynoodle said:

I still need more $$ to get this game, o well i can wait,

Nintendude92 said
"Haha, I was gunna pass on this for a while; I planned on buying one card for tetris party. But I won 10,000 Wii points from Hudson's bomberman blast tournament, so I know what I'm downloading once the points arrive! I'll be picking this up entirely off your reccomendation, Corbie."
What bomberman tourney?



DaVeMaN99 said:

Game looks awesome, i gotta get another points card...
Oh where oh where did my money go



Paper92 said:

Looks like a fun game, but with all the other one's I'm looking forward 2 (Tetris, S&S, Bomberman) I dont think my wallet can afford another high price game!

And yes, I'm aware Bomberman is already out, i just havnt got around to buying it yet



David77 said:

Listen Paper92, buy World of Goo before any Tetris or Bomberman in the world. You won't regret it.



Nintendude92 said:

@Crazynoodle- Hudson hosted a tournament for bomberman on its site. "Bomb it up Tournament/sweepstakes!"

Believe it or not, the 10,000 Wii points reward was 3rd prize! (Thanks for assuming I won, Corbie. )

I've been assured to get these points by the end of the week, can't wait.



Elmernite said:

I was only thinking about getting this game, until I read the review. I think I'll get it tomorrow for sure now.
Great review! Hopefully I enjoy the game as much as the review promises.



Killraven said:

Does world of goo play much like tower of goo, in the building aspect?
because i wasn't that fond of the building method in tower of goo.



Corbs said:

This is what co-creator Kyle of 2D Boy had to say about the correlation between Tower of Goo and World of Goo. Apparently the building mechanism is the same.

I made this short prototype "Tower of Goo" several years ago as an experiment in just a few days. It's buggy and doesn't even run on some computers! So please don't think it's representative of World of Goo - only the basic idea was carried over - World of Goo is much more friendly, stable, and filled with delicious! - Kyle

That being said, the building mechanism in World of Goo is perfectly simple yet extremely effective in carrying out the construction of the Goo Balls that is needed to traverse the many levels of the game. I wouldn't change a thing!



mrPlow said:

Thanks for the heads up, pagster. Just tested the demo and it was great.
Too bad that I (and other europeans) will have to wait until spring to get this on wiiware *sob*.
*Edit*: Damn, we are not going to get this on wiiware at all , double *sob*



GMo4824 said:

def a 10/10

been waiting for a game like this on Wii since um FOREVER finally a fantastic Wii Puzzle game that just needs a Wii-Mote, 4players and wi-fi are cool I wish it had online co-op but i can see how that'd be hard.

I hope they make sequels somehow



PALgamer said:

Does the WiiWare version of the game have 5 or 6 chapters? The sixth chapter (moon) was going to be the exclusive for our over priced retail copy, so is this extra chapter in the WiiWare and/or PC version?



themacmeister said:

If you cannot wait until next year, and you have a PC, buy the PC version. I personally find the mouse easier to use than the wiimote anyway. I am going to buy the Wiiware version too (my Wii is offline-only, but I will make an exception for THIS game!). All up, I will have spent at least $150 on WoG (including Wii LAN Adaptor), but I would spend more, if it meant indie developers like these stayed around!



mrPlow said:

I would have definitely supported developers by buying this game via Steam for my PC but at steam store there was an announcement:
"We have just been informed that World of Goo will not be available in Europe until Feb/March of 2009"

Guess we'll just have to wait but anyways great to see that a small development team can achieve such remarkable results like WoG



PALgamer said:

Thanks Dazza for clearing that out. You know if the PC has all six chapters? Thinking on getting it.



Dazza said:

PC version is same as WiiWare more or less. Only the EU retail version next year will have the extra levels.



gingerbeardman said:

There's no way as a gamer resident in the EU, I am paying any more than £20 for this. Even if it's great, buying it will give publishers the green light to screw us over.



calcifer said:

Anyone know the reasoning behind the decision to not releasing this as a digital download in pal regions? And yes, if we have to pay more than 20 euro just for the extra level we are getting screwed over.



Omega said:

On "Amazon.de" the game can already be preordered. The Wii-Version costs 39,99 Eur. and the PC-Version 29,99 Eur. Date of release is February, 26th 2009.



Drake said:

Yeah, the only way to get the game now (Legally) if you live in Europe is buying it straight from 2D Boy on their site.



Ziondood said:

I'm going to wait until next week and find out what comes out. Otherwise if i dont' like what i see next week i'm picking up World of Goo =DDD



tasthomas said:

I need to give everybody a warning. I don't think that this game is for everybody. I would give it a 10/10, but I think that it is aimed at the "nerd" demographic (of which I am a proud member). However, my wife hates it; she would much rather play Bomberman Blast. It is not AT ALL an action title. People say that it is a puzzle/ strategy game using physics. I think that it would be more specifically described as mechanics rather than physics. There is no game I know of to use as a comparison. Lemmings combined with Pikmin would be the best I could do.



Adam said:

@: Tasthomas
Maybe it's a special kind of nerd it appeals to. I have put a couple hours into MM9's Endless mode alone probably, but I was bored with most levels and annoyed with the others about 10 minutes into the demo of Goo.



Corbs said:

I've read well over 500 comments on various message boards and I think of those 500+ comments I've only seen like 4 or 5 people mention not liking the game. So it must appeal to a very wide nerd demographic.



AlexSays said:

Maybe it's a special kind of nerd it appeals to.

Or maybe it's a special kind of nerd that the game DOESN'T appeal to.
Your idea is good and all, but I'm going with mine.



achillem said:

This game rocks..
Obviously i have seen this coming in my dreams..
Hope more games like this where published.



Corbs said:

World of Goo was worth the price just to be able to watch my wife play it. Every time her structures begin swaying back and forth, she sways back and forth with them as if that's going to keep them from collapsing. It's absolutely hilarious. I need to drag the video camera out for it sometime.



Serpent said:

My sister who usually isn't interested in playing any of my games is addicted to this. (she has probably played it more then me). I think this game mixes with core and casual crowds very well.



Yatesy said:

As someone who has a European Wii, and whose PC is amazingly poor and wouldn't be able to handle the might of World of Goo, I am devastated about not being able to play it. That I'll won't be able to play it until NEXT YEAR, and even then at more than double the price the Americans are paying for it, is really quite sickening. Anyone other Europeans thinking of boycotting it?



Omega said:

@Yatesy: I totally agree with you. My PC is a Pentium 2 Oldtimer with 400Mhz and 64MB Ram. Probably the PC Version will not run on it and moreover I'm not interested in PC games at all. And for 40 Eur. I will certainly not buy it. There are many other games for that price that interest me more. Nevertheless, I find it a pity and I envy the americans a bit.



Objection said:

I have a new computer, so would someone who has played both tell me which controls better? Is the PC version worth $5 more? Is the Wiiware version equal in controls with good multiplayer? Thanks.



Kaluba said:

Hmmm, I don't know about this one. The music sounds outstanding, but I don't know if it's my kind of game. It has to be good though, I mean it is WWW's first 10/10. I just don't know.



wichdog said:

I downloaded it today before work and just played about 1 1/2 hours after work and I must say this game is fantastic! Anybody thinking of downloading this, do so right away, you won't regret it.



Serpent said:

@ Kaluba
You can download a demo of it on your computer and decide from that. Its the same game and its free.



Clayfrd said:

Does anyone know why I can't see other people's clouds on WoG Corporation? I'm connected to the internet...



AlexSays said:

@ Clayfrd- Clouds appear very slowly.
And I mean VERY.
You almost have to leave your game on that screen for like 10 or so minutes.



Clayfrd said:

@AlexSays - Weird. Ever since I got the game I was getting no clouds (except on the demo), but the very next time I visited the corporation after asking that question I got a barrage of clouds instantly. Huh.

Oh, and I beat the game, but I skipped the whole last chapter except the finale, haha.



Satans_Therapist said:

This is going to bomb at retail. Odd looking quirky games are much harder to market that other games that fit easily into a specicif genre group and gaming history tells us that its the more weird esoteric titles that get ignored in favour of easier to market franchises. This would be a perfect download at £10.50 but £20 plus for retail and I'll be passing on this until it turns up cheaper and then it will more than likely be pre-owned and the developers who have worked hard on this fantastic game on this will not recieve any money. It should be kept as ware wii. The publisher has really missed an opportunity here.



rich said:

there is no way in hell i am going to buy this as retail product - i will not pay 3 times the US download price out of principle! it might be 10/10 game but i am not going to be taken for a mug thank you. i'll wait for it to bomb and then they will have to make it available for wiiware.



rich said:

i think all EU gamers should boycott this game until it is made available as WiiWare - or else we risk seeing this happen with other games in the future...



BigKing said:

Wonderful game. Just a bit on the short side. You won't get the replay value of some other WiiWare games like Tetris Party or Bomberman.



Matrixneo42 said:

World of Goo reminds me of Braid (for the 360) in that it's an awesome/brilliant puzzle game with refreshing innovative game play, art, and music.



Clayfrd said:

@Satan's Therapist - You have a point. Great games like No More Heroes have received far fewer purchases in the retail market than other lesser game. If every person who bought Carnival Games bought the far better NMH instead, the Wii (and Ninty in general) demographic might slowly start to lean back to hardcore.



AlexSays said:

If every sorry person who bought Carnival Games...
My brother bought Carnival Games.
I thought it was a fun game.



Clayfrd said:

@AlexSays - No disrespect intended, it was just the first 3rd party minigame collection I could think of. I'm sure it is fun, and I really didn't mean to offend you. I'll edit out the "sorry." Sorry.



AlexSays said:

It's okay. I realize it's a heavily criticized game.
The reviews aren't all bad though.

You're better off using a game like this, which nobody enjoyed.



Objection said:

@Alexsays-I hadn't even heard of that until early this month when I saw it in the bargain bin. But it doesn't serve as a good example of the casual market, does it? I thought it was a platformer.



AlexSays said:

No, it doesn't really represent the casual market. But from what I gathered, he was referring more to the quality of games, because he mentioned how great No More Heroes was.
So I was just giving him a game he could use as an example, and not hurt anybody.



grumblebuzzz said:

World of Goo is, by far, the most unique and innovative game I've played on the Wii in a LONG little while. The music is phenomenal, the artwork is as beautiful as it is quirky and weird and the game, as a whole, is a rewarding, odd-ball little gem of a masterpiece. So glad I bought this and I'm eagerly awaiting the next release from 2D Boy.



WeeGee said:

I just need to beat one of the levels on the Prologue. I really love the levels at the end of the Chapters, they are by far the most fun to play



David77 said:

World of Goo is an amazing game (the music is among the best) and it's my second favorite downloadable game, on any console. My number 1 is Pixeljunk Monster.



Objection said:

I love World of Goo, but God do I suck at it. I've already had to skip one level in the first world. (That one with the damn balloons and spikes) and now I am having trouble with the last level in W1! hand me my loser plaque!



Kaluba said:

@ Serpent

Okay, Thanks! I think I will download the demo when I have some free time.



KennethChristiansen said:

I'm really sad that this won't be released on WiiWare in Europe. I live in Brazil and imported my wii from Europe, as an american Wii sells for 1500 reals here (like 500 euros!) and games cost around 250 reals (you do the math). Virtual Console and WiiWare is a saviour here in Brazil as you can actually get your hands on games at very a resonable price. Now it seems that I will have to miss out on the best WiiWare game so far. Sad, very sad...



KennethChristiansen said:

I'm really sad that this won't be released on WiiWare in Europe. I live in Brazil and imported my wii from Europe, as an american Wii sells for 1500 reals here (like 500 euros!) and games cost around 250 reals (you do the math). Virtual Console and WiiWare is a saviour here in Brazil as you can actually get your hands on games at very a resonable price. Now it seems that I will have to miss out on the best WiiWare game so far. Sad, very sad...



gameking23 said:

This is one of the best WiiWare games I own. Sorry about your situation KennethChristiansen. Hope you can get a copy of this game somehow.



gameking23 said:

Wow that was fast now you will be able to get it on your European Wii. Yay for you and every one else with an European Wii.



gameking23 said:

I only used the skip option twice and that is only because it took me time to relize there was a skip option.



ForteDS said:

Same as Crazynoodle! I got it today, and it's one heck of a challenge. It took me probably 10 tries to get through one of the first few levels. I guess I'm not much of a physics buff, eh?

As for Objection_Blaster's comment, believe me, I'm probably worse than you at this, since the one level I had to skip was "Impale Sticky", and that's, what, the fourth level? I blame Thanksgiving break for making me stupid. _



ACK said:

One thing that needs to be said about World of Goo is how strangely affecting the story is... This game is a brilliant metaphor for humanity with surprisingly relevant messages about resource, industry, development, and progress.

Honestly it's one of the better arguments for games as art, but that's an entirely different discussion...



Kaeobais said:

I'm playing the demo on the PC right now, and I plan on buying the WW version soon. Love the sign painter and I can't get enough of the unique puzzles. Can't wait for some co-op action!

Also, I read 2D Boy might add costum levels to the WiiWare Version. How will this work? Will it be made into WoG 2? Will it be a downloadable feature? If it is downloadable content, will it cost money sorta like Space Invaders Get Even? Hmm ...



Cpt_Morgan said:

I hate telling people I need to get home and play with Goo on my Wii. It is worse when you let people know you are stuck in certain places. Currently I'm stuck on a level with a giant block with fire goos. I have broken down and looked a F.A.Q to find out about the level w/ frog and wind and skulls. Turns out I was building my goos correctly afterall I just needed to persevere. Excellent Game !



tovare said:

I have to add my appreciation for this game. Very polished little game with well balanced gameplay.



SamuraiBlitz said:

I decided to get the game and it is an amazing game. Its really fun and everything though the $15 price tag seemed a bit steep



Shortay said:

Got this a few days ago and it's brilliant, probably my most worthwhile WiiWare game yet.

Also, I didn't really read your review of World of Goo till now Corbie, but well done. It's a fantastic review.



sicko said:

By far the best wiiware game to the date. And probably one of the best wii games.




DAFOLI said:

Dear all. I am very happy that i joined the community of wiiware site. I just have a question about this wonderful game. In the review it says that you can always replay the levels in order to imrove your time. Hou are you supposed to do that when the game doesn't keep track of your best time? when you end a level it says your time taken your moves but nothing about your best. so far i have only played first world. Thank you very much for your valuable help and this wonderful site which supports so much the wiiware games!



grimor said:

.5/5 Broken Wii-motes on the frustration meter
Fun game and I didn't want to put the remote through the window once. Even after completing each level to advance, the OCD feature makes replaying the levels enjoyable.

Cost: 1500 Worth: 1300



Jack_Package said:

Up to a few days ago, I hadn't bought this (cos of the block size, cant be bothered with all this SD card transfer crap) What a mistake, it really is one of the best games of last year. No doubt.



rayword45 said:


You're kidding, right? Everything about this game is so perfect. The only flaw is a lack of an editor, but that's on PC while we get Co-op. Definately a High 9 or a mid 10 in my books. Only game I've played that's better is SMG.



Watchful_Eye said:

This game reminds me a lot of "Lemmings", which I played onm a 286 at my uncle when I was a child . He was a genius in that game and he probably also would be one in World of Goo. But by now, he'd never buy a Wii.. D:

To the game itself - it is a nice little idea which was made with a deep love for the details. Still I dont think that it deserves a 10, though. But I bought the game today, so my opinion is still "open to change".



Riiibz said:

GRRRR I just played the demo and it's very awesome but I really don't know if I should buy it or not!



NintendoFreak said:

i think this is the most comments on a game ive seen, but ive only been rgistered 4 2 weeks, so...anywya, if it's a 10/10 then im buying it tomorrow...better not be wrong...cos i would be really pissed off...



Kaluba said:

OK. It's taken me a while but I finally downloaded the demo version onto my computer just to see if the game was for me. When I first started the game I didn't like it very much. This happened with the first few levels. However, as I continued playing I started really liking the game. I was just in the first chapter too. I bet it gets even better as the chapters progress. This is a definite download for me. I will probably download it really soon.

EDIT: I downloaded it! It is very entertaining and fun. At first I was a little sad about the price, but I've gotten better about that. Not all the way but a little better. I think anyone who has enough Wii Points needs to download this. The music is very good. The graphics are wonderful. Altogether, I'm really enjoying the game.



winter123 said:

wish they would drop the price. indie game by 2 guys should not go for 15. 10 max. only reason i have hesitated for so long.



chiery said:

I got this and Defend Your Castle, probably the 2 best WiiWare games to date. I think I know what the windmill one is, and I'm stuck on it lol. I cannot figure out what to do with the balloons and the watery goo balls!

Free Games



davegorack said:

10? You gotta be kiding me.
i just played the demo and i was not
impresead. Suer its fun for about a minte but
its so boring. it is not worth 1500.(though to be fair thers no
wiiwaer game thats worth that)



SandMan said:

@davegorack: Maybe if your spelling was better people would be more likely to listen to your bogus comments. Look, post #210 is much more convincing than yours. I wonder why... ?

@ Post #30: Yeah, if he got a PC.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Man, it's games like these that just add to my frustration of not having a high-speed internet connection... Curse you, dial-up!



AlphaNerd01 said:

If anyone is reading this, the iOS version is on sale for $4.99 right now. Save 5 bucks, and it looks amazing on iPad.

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