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Mon 8th Sep 2008

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that_dan_guy commented on WiiWare to Support Flash Soon:

This sounds more worrying than exciting. Hopefully it will encourage more indie developers to bring quality games to the wii, but judging by the quality of the majority of flash games on the net, even the wii specific ones, I don't hold high hopes for this move. Hope I'm proved wrong.



that_dan_guy commented on Capcom: Mega Man 9 is Best Selling WiiWare Title:

The press release does not actually say that it was the best selling title, but rather "the highest revenue-generating" title. So, I think it is fairly safe to assume that this would also incorporate the DLC, and therefore may mean that MM9 didn't necessarily outsell all titles in terms of sheer numbers. Either way it is terrific that the title has done so well and that a major developer is convinced that Wiiware is a worthwhile avenue.

Secondly, I would also like to put in my request for a wiiware Ghouls & Ghosts and/or Ghosts & Goblins. Both titles claimed a lot of my 20 cent pieces at the arcades as a school boy.



that_dan_guy commented on Wayforward Launches Official LIT Web Site:

@ Wiiloveit

In The Night Garden is freaky stuff. My 7 month old goes into a trance when it comes on, and I have to admit it is hard to not watch it when it is on, it kinda sucks you in, it's like tripping without first taking any drugs.

Back on topic, this game looks interesting, not my usual kind of game but I like the concept and may check it out if it reviews well.



that_dan_guy commented on World of Goo Coming to WiiWare in Europe!:

Thank you 2D Boy for listening to us as consumers. Whilst I would have strongly considered this as a wiiware release before, yet wouldn't of at all in a retail version, I will now definitely be purchasing this, in part just to say thanks and support a small development team, but mostly because it looks like a fun game.

Now, if only Nintendo would listen to us too and hurry up with a more convenient method of storing all these wonderful games.



that_dan_guy commented on Slot Car Racing Coming To Japanese WiiWare:

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I thought I remembered slot car tracks having slots on them. Could be interesting though, especially if a track editor or build your own mode is included. You could relive your childhood and cover the floor in super long tracks.

Any idea how this will be controlled? Considering slot cars usually only have an accelerator and that's it, no need to steer, will this game just use one button or will they add extra functions to 'spice' it up?



that_dan_guy commented on World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever:

Just a thought... Will the European / Australian release be reviewed differently, ie, appear as two different versions on meta critic? Because this would no doubt affect its score (I am assuming downwards, but who knows, the extra content may still warrant 10/10s).



that_dan_guy commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

@ Wiiman192 - I couldn't agree more. This was going to be an instant download for me, but I doubt I'll get it at our current retail prices. Even as a budget release (AUD$50 - $60) it would still be roughly 4 times the price of a wiiware version.

I wonder whether this move will pay off for them? I hope for 2D Boy's sake it does, but there would have to be a great deal of additional content before I considered buying this retail.

Also, while it appears to be a deserving 10/10 wiiware release, what sort of score would it warrant as a full priced game?



that_dan_guy commented on Review: Midnight Bowling (WiiWare):

@ XCWarrior - Is there no way that games can be updated at a later date to fix bugs or simply to add features or functionality? We have seen it done with the Photo Channel, and I was hoping we may see updated versions of games in the future as well. It would certainly prolong their 'shelf life' from a sales perspective, perhaps attracting new sales in the process as well as rewarding earlier adopters of the game.

@ Corbie - De Blob is a fantastic game, you won't be disappointed.



that_dan_guy commented on New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch:

I'll wait until I've seen more on this before I judge it, it might turn out fun. While people are pointing out that games are taking on everyday subject matters to appeal to the new casual market it is worth remembering that we saw games go through a phase like this in the mid eighties. California Games featured Frisbee throwing and Hacky Sack and was a bestselling game, and even earlier arcade games tackled everyday tasks like cutting down trees (Timber) and collecting eggs from chickens (Chicken Shift), admittedly with mixed results. I think it is great that developers are once again looking at all aspects of life for inspiration for video games instead of a few basic genres as we have seen for over a decade. While we are bound to get some dodgy games along the way, some new gems are bound to be in the mix...



that_dan_guy commented on Studio Walljump Announces Liight For WiiWare:


I believe lockelocke was talking about this game, if you read the first line of the description it says "Liight is a puzzle solving game where the pieces are colored lights and the goal is to make cool music!

It looks like we'll be receiving more than one music based puzzler.

@Super Sonic

The description only makes mention of the ability to share your own level creations and host high score competitions. There is no mention of actual online play, but lets hope it is included.