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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Serpent commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

How ironic, in Animal Crossing you actually do chores.
I would get Mario Galaxy instead becouse your already used to mario 64. Animal Crossing isn't something anyone can enjoy so you should rent it or play an older animal crossing game and see if you like it first.



Serpent commented on Tiki Towers:

So this is basically World of Goo but with Monkeys and ropes.



Serpent commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (12th Nov):

What is My Aquarium still doing on the top 5 list everywhere, Its not even a game. I dont understand the appeal at all for it. Thats probably the best selling wiiware game and it sucks.



Serpent commented on Family Glide Hockey:

It looks a lot better and more fun then Family Table Tennis. Hopefully its also 500 Wii points. Games with the word "Family" in the title should always be cheap.



Serpent commented on Space Invaders Get Even:

If 500 is too expensive for you then everything on wii-ware will be, that's the cheapest it can be. Your not forced to download the other packs.



Serpent commented on New DSiWare Details Revealed:

I think both DS ware and Wii Ware sites should be combined. There both the same thing except there on different systems. What if there is also something like the virtual console on DSi? Then there would have to be yet another site.

That Wario game sounds really good, it will be interesting making your own mini-games.



Serpent commented on Mart Racer:

Mart Racer?? Probably the stupidest idea i ever heard in a video game and whats with those graphics, They hurt my eyes.



Serpent commented on Sudoku Challenge!:

Woah! that's alot of puzzles. I don't think anyone would be able to complete them all.



Serpent commented on Tetris Party:

Iam having alot of fun in Field Climber mode...probably my favorite of all the new modes. Also when it comes to Multiplayer, This is the best Tetris game to get.



Serpent commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

My sister who usually isn't interested in playing any of my games is addicted to this. (she has probably played it more then me). I think this game mixes with core and casual crowds very well.



Serpent commented on World of Goo:

@ Garrett:
"this game looks really REALLY dumb i'll pass"

Well thats your opinion, Iam sure most will disagree

"i can't see why everybody is so hyper over it"

The fact that most game sites are highly praising it.



Serpent commented on World of Goo:

This game seems to be more incredible then i expected by the way IGN is describing it.