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Thu 2nd Oct 2008

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Killraven commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

eww! that flash game, is a very very poor representation.
if you want to see what the real game is like it's only 8 meg. give it a whirl



Killraven commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

the game could use some pre record moves, meaning if you think you've got an awesome move you can preset the move so it's one click, as it is now, the game requires alot out of you every turn, and it's more than i can really handle considering the small time window you've got to have your turn in.

overall i like the pc version, but it could be better, and hopefully that what they plan to do on the wii. I also don't really under how this will work on the wii, it's hard enough with a mouse.



Killraven commented on Toribash:

even though it's on pc for free with online? and yey you hadn't heard of it?
not saying it's not good. jsut i doubt it would be an instant hit. it's quite hard to play.



Killraven commented on Toribash Coming To WiiWare:

wow this thing is pretty complicated. seems cool, but it's not a normal fighter by any stretch, in fact i would be hesitant to call it a fighter.



Killraven commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

@KDR_11k : Well yeah i only got my 360 for christmas, so i have 3 years back catalog i can go through, i've only purchased bionic commando and N+ both of which are excellent games and worth every cent.



Killraven commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

Yeah this is really really poor. luckily for me ii'm jsut picking out the cream of the crop for xbox live arcade. but if it was me with jsut my wii i'd be rather depressed about it all. still not sure why we alternate weeks hey,



Killraven commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th Dec):

my aquarium has to be probably the top seller on the wii in total sales. it's been there for so long.

jsut got a xbox for christmas, and i don't know why people go on about live arcade, it's mostly shovelware, more so then wiiware/vc plus alot of there stuff appears more expensive (most of the good games appear to be 1200) (i really wanted banjo kazooie)



Killraven commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tiki Towers & Fun! Fun! Mi...:

all three art styles games a good but different.

rotohex, is really for those that like tetris in endless mode. constantly doing the same thing but getting faster and faster.

orbient, hmm dunno who it is for, but it's quite a good game, but not one i play formm more than 4 stages at a time normally.

cubello, my personal favourite, great puzzler.



Killraven commented on EU WiiWare Update: World Of Goo And Lots More!:

coming from someone who used to pirate alot, I know it's somewhat of a losing battle, but even when i used to pirate I always played a game more when i purchased it legit.

that being said, the arguement that it's ok to steal from large companies is just plain silly. If you like a game, and would have bought it but it was easier jsut to pirate, the big companies notice less sales, meaning they then start to charge more to make up the loss, or they say screw it lets make casual games, for casuals that don't know how to pirate.

That being said I am now morally against stealing of any kind.



Killraven commented on EU WiiWare Update: World Of Goo And Lots More!:

@Tim2g - when is it ok to pirate? i mean if someone makes a bad game, why would you want it, so no point pirating.

i am niave, and probably a waste of time, but i would hope, at least the people that attend this site are not pirating wiiware and VC games.

That all said, great week. i would snap world of goo up if i hadn't already bought it through steam. i'm eagerly waiting for reports of how niki is



Killraven commented on Behold The All New Swords & Soldiers Trailer:

To me it looks alot like bowmaster, except without the bow, and perhaps a little more control of the armies.

this game could be very repetitive. i hope its good though. we need different genres to succeed on the wiiware.



Killraven commented on Eternity’s Child – Still Alive, Coming in ...:

Hey Luc, it takes a man to own up and admit his failings.
Even if Eternity's Child ends up sucking, at least you had the experiance, and if learnt from your next game will be better.

I personally would rather you be passionate about your games, which you seem to be, and release something you thought was different to the table, rather than releasing another puzzle game or reharsh of something else. I Hope you continue to post here regardless of what happens. i believe you could provide some nice insight into different games and their production.

@GEncore: Don't tear the guy to shreads over one website. Luc has always been a trooper here. I'm sure there are moments in your life that if we knew about em we would call you a jerk too, but then you hadn't ever tried to release an over-hyped game. Just saying, everyone makes mistakes.

@everyone, this game will unlikely be platformer king, but still it's one of the few platformers to attempt release on the wiiware.



Killraven commented on Wayforward Interview - LIT:

I find it a little sad that because of DSI a platformer (shantae) might jump to the DS, I mean C'mon People want platformers for they're consoles. it's the most lacking genre on consoles these days,



Killraven commented on EU WiiWare Update: Cubello, Cue Sports, Cookin...:

you know what i can't really believe, (NO! i'm going to tell you anyway)
that there hasn't been a single case of a pricedrop or special weekend deal or anything of the such. these promotions and price drops have helped alot of titles on Xbox live shift alot of units.

I mean honestly, as if platchen couldn't use a price drop in europe, (some would say the US as well)



Killraven commented on Wii Firmware Update Makes Transferring to SD F...:

with faster SD speeds i would be happy jsut to have a little sd button down the bottom, kinda like the messaging and menu buttons, that that just opens a little side menu, that you could then drag and drop games from the SD to the wii, without having to go through so many menus.



Killraven commented on World of Goo Coming to WiiWare in Europe!:

Great news! i would think that 2d boy would see more sales overall this way.

i'd be a day one purchase, except that they said it was retail so i bought it through steam instead. and it really doesn't have all that much replay value for me, so i wouldn't buy it again.



Killraven commented on Review: Space Invaders Get Even (WiiWare):

Alexsays : c'mon, while you are correct in assuming you only need one game on the system at a time because thats all you can play. It is STUPID to say that it isn't at least an issue for some people.

It is a real concern. it's annoying, no doubt. on the other side of the fence though, you have more than one option for lack of storage, and even if you like playing multiple games a day, how many games can anyone seriously play everyday. MAN UP and delete some of the games you rarely play.



Killraven commented on Art Style Series Coming To Europe Soon:

Yes i can't wait. well i could and have, but you know what I mean.
i was goign to get space invaders, but decided i really need to play the games i've already bought.

Has anyone else bought tons of games and really yet to play em.

Super mario rpg (4 stars in)
Ys (not played at all)
Zelda : Link to the Past (not played at all)
Zelda : Ocarina of Time (not played at all)
Streets of Rage II (could finish this in an arvo, but yet too)
Kirby 64 (about 1/2 way through)
River City Ransom, (played for an hour or 2)
Donkey Kong Country (only 10% in)
Toki Tori (i'm stuck about 85 % in)

And there will be more that i've likely completely forgotten.
I think i need some holidays to realy get dug into them.



Killraven commented on USA WiiWare Update: Strong Bad Episode 3 and A...:

Hey Guys So i know it's off topic, but what does everyone think of World of Goo, If you've had the chance to play it.

I'd rate it a 9, Great game and i had so much fun playing it. and it was someof the best hours of gaming i have had this year.

But i finished the game in 6 hours, and in my opinion there is very little replay value to be had.

also that being said, i've resuced about 300 goo, but i've seen people in tower mode have close to 600, like where did they get all those goo balls from?



Killraven commented on Home Sweet Home:

Sorry to here about your WOG issue there Starwolf. was the update required to access the shop was it?



Killraven commented on EU VC Releases: Mayhem in Monsterland and More:

jsut remember if your in australia and you switch to uk and then use your credit card, you eand up paying more than 15$aud for those points, when i used to do it i regularly paid about 18-19$aud for 100 points.



Killraven commented on Review: Art Style: Cubello (WiiWare):

oh yeah i'm aware at this stage world of goo is not getting a wiiware release.
but i was saying that i would get it if released. Honestly i'm hoping they will change thier minds and release it on wiiware. if not i'll get it on steam, i hope that this message comes across because i've notice i'm not the only person thinking that way.



Killraven commented on Review: Art Style: Cubello (WiiWare):

This game looks great, i wish we would get it tomorrow. but it's VC week. surely there are enough wiiware games they they don't need to alternate anymore. i would by this , orbient and world of goo tomorrow if they came out.