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Fri 1st Feb 2008

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RocketBird commented on Black Tiger:

totally forgot this game existed. One of my favorite arcade games back in the day. Sure hope this one gets a good review!



RocketBird commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition...:

That's pretty sweet. This was certainly expected but it is nice to get the official notification. Very glad that I hadn't yet purchased all these games on the VC...and you can't beat my favorite game in the nes era series, Super Mario Bros. 2, w/ enhanced super nes graphics, that rocks!



RocketBird commented on Complete Your Living Room: My Fireplace Stokin...:

I am going to spend my precious points on this as soon as it is available for download. Really. One only has to imagine what role this application (cause it certainly is not a game) can play in setting a very important mood when spending very important alone time with that very important her/him. I commend Korner Entertainment S.L. and Continental Producciones S.L. for helping us all turn down the lights baby...



RocketBird commented on Rage of the Gladiator Coming March 15th:

I think that price point is a huge mistake. Unless this game just rocks the world and earns a hearty 9 they are going to loose a LOT of sales. Just think of how many people would give it a shot if it was 900. Probably make much more money based on quantity of sales.



RocketBird commented on Red Steel 2 Devs "Have Beaten Waggle":

I'm really excited about this game. But I am a little skeptical when a developer trumpets that they have "Beaten the Waggle" (assuming that is a quote). That just seems like such a huge and continual problem that for them to proclaim the end of all pointless waggle in their game could be an exaggeration. Still, I am hugely excited for this game. But will probably wait for the review.



RocketBird commented on Talking Point: Should Game Stories Be Regarded...:

Ha Ha. I like games and all. I even feel engaged by some storylines...but I've never played a game that actually challenged my preconceptions or changed the way I thought or explained the way the world works in a a new way the way great novels do...they're games...they are fun and a great hobby and yes they sometimes tell stories...but they are not literature, not by a long shot.



RocketBird commented on Nintendo Download: Mixed Messages, Pitfalls, M...:

These NOA mondays are kind of like getting Christmas presents from your grandparents when you were a kid. You were always excited to see what they got you. The anticipation built as Christmas morning approached. The day finally arrived and you ripped into the big 'ol box they sent...the thing is, about 10% of the time it would be something fun that you actually wanted, but most of the time it would be clothes or a boring NES game with terrible graphics that no one heard of.



RocketBird commented on Review: MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade (WiiWare):

I got this game looking for a fun puzzler fix after the sublime WOG...this game does not satisfy. The thing is I keep going back to it hoping that it will get better, but about five minutes into playing I'm looking for another more fun game to play. I'd say 8/10 is an extremely generous score. More like a 6 for me.



RocketBird commented on Review: Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner...:

Thanks for the spot-on review.

I was very excited about this and got it as soon as it was available for download. I'm a fan of Homestar Runner, though my interest has dropped over past year/year and a half. I was hoping this game would restart my interest but so far it just seems a little boring with not a lot to do or explore. I also get a little bugged everytime I'm done playing snake boxer in Strong Bad's room and it flashes to his lappy computer room while the game saves. It seems like the developement team pushed this one out too quickly...before fixing all the little glitches.

For me, 6/10. Should have waited for the review.