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Fri 29th Feb 2008

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i_am_error commented on Review: Cave Story (WiiWare):

I still can't figure out if it's in widescreen or not. I have it (my Wii is set in 16:9) and I'm not sure if it's streched or not... anyone?



i_am_error commented on First Impressions: Cave Story:

Is it widescreen? Some videos from past October on Gamespot were widecreen (not streched)... but now, it appears to be solely running in 4:3.



i_am_error commented on Nintendo Download: Bits, Tanks, Ants, Commando...:

Nice update. I really wish Monkey Island was here though... that's quite a delay. I'm actually interested in Ant Nation (since the I had so much fun with the DS demo) and Pulseman. Probably will get the former... or both.



i_am_error commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bit.Trip Beat:

Love the game so far - up (and beyond) to my expectations.

One thing, I'm still stuck at Lvl 2 - but if I shut the game off and return to it (reset or return to Wii menu) I cannot select the 2nd level. I have to replay the first one and then I have access to the 2nd level. Is it normal???



i_am_error commented on Night Game - New WiiWare Release From Nicalis:

Cool. It was more or less already announced, but now that it is confirmed I'm happy.

It seems Nintendo is beginning to take WiiWare seriously. More announcements and better advertising should help them gathering more indie original games and less mediocre (and flat-out bad) games.



i_am_error commented on Art Style: ORBIENT:

Great game. I'm really happy the bitGenerations gets revamped and released stateside on the WiiWare.



i_am_error commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bomberman Blast And Art St...:

Neat. If Art Style: Orbient is indeed a remake of the bitGenerations series, I'm very happy. I just have Soundvoyager and it's quite a nice game. Funny thing, I was actually hoping NoA would release these titles stateside with WiiWare/VC.