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World of Goo is an award-winning, physics-based puzzle/construction game made entirely by two guys. Grab living, squirming, talking globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins and giant tongues.

The millions of Goo Balls that live in the beautiful World of Goo are curious to explore - but they don’t know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious. World of Goo Corporation is contractually obligated to state that everyone is a winner, and is enthusiastic to celebrate everyone’s Goo building opportunities equally.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Will World of Goo leave gamers all warm and gooey inside?

It's certainly no secret to WiiWare fans that World of Goo has seen more hype than just about any other WiiWare title to date. While this generally leads to unrealistic expectations, every so often a game somehow manages to not only fulfil the hype, but...

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User Comments (169)



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Wow, this looks like a game my sister would like! Don't ask why.
So i'm just wondering, how do you guys know this is Wiiware material?



Herandar said:

Really hoping that gameplay footage was sped up. That's a bit too twitchy for my tastes.



Clayfrd said:

Almost every WiiWare title announced has me excited. This one is included! It has the artistic style of LocoRoco/Patapon, both of which are apparently great! I've played neither unfortunately...



Roo said:

If they change the name to World of Roo then I'll consider it.



Clayfrd said:

I got Patapon, actually. If this game is as great as Patapon, especially in terms of artistic style, this will be worth a download.



TheLuigiDude said:

Anyone get the shirt from Target (in the US)? Awesome, I cannot wait for this one to come out since it feels really unique. Though I'm hoping that its better than the demo I recieved, because either I suck (probably this) or it is way hard to build something with those realistic, but hard physics!



TheLuigiDude said:

500 points is a little cheap though it'll really depend on how many levels there are, but I'd pay from 800-1000 points out of what I've seen



Fireballmario said:

I take back what I said about this game it looks ok I guess, get if it is cheap, if it is 1000 Wii Points not goona buy it!!!



Objection said:

800 sounds good unless it has a good story mode. Love the style and music, but I need to play it before I can tell if its fun (no duh, but its kinda obscure)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I am very excited for this. Looks to be a really good puzzler!!

But I heard it was originally announced to be 2000 Points. Did I hear wrong? Has anyone heard any news on pricing for the game? If it's 1000 or less, my mind will be made up to get it!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

It most certainly does, especially for Puzzle fans like myself!
I'm pretty sure, though, they'll re-think the pricing.



Grumple said:

Am I the only one who thinks this looks a lot like Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The looks and the music are especially similar. But I think it actually looks like it will be fun.



Terra said:

This game, it just doesn't click for me. I know lots of people want it but i'll pass when it's released



Twilight said:

the music is excellent . i have researched this game, and i am pretty sure it is only 500 points. i am planning on getting this game(but 3 other games before this).



Dazza said:

@Twilight - How did you come to the conclusion that one of the potentially most exciting WiiWare games would only cost 500 points? You are going to be very dissapointed!



Twilight said:

sorry, i read wrong. i remember seeing somewhere it would cost 500, but now that you mention it, i was being a bit ambitious. i think 800 seems right actually. although they have no prices on any websites, this is just my estimate.



AlexSays said:

@ Twilight-

in your dreams.
World of Goo looks like it will be one of the best WiiWare titles,
expect it to be at least 1000 points, but it'll probably be more.



The_shoemaker said:

That new video looks awesome. and yeah the music and graphics remind me a lot of Nightmere before christams. I'm gonna have to get this game sooner or later.

All hail wiiware!



strade32 said:

you guys dont get it. no game is over 1000 points except for my life as a king, and that is because it is pretty much a full game and it is under a large license. 1000 points is pretty much the max for downloadable games.



AlexSays said:

@ strade32

actually, i don't think you get it.
do you work for Nintendo or something?
no, no you don't.
there is no max points for WiiWare games.

and if you're unaware, people have already been thinking this game will be 1500.
Dazza even stated he thought the game could be 1500, and he's a little more in tune with WiiWare than you are.



strade32 said:

i think it is clear that there is no limit. that is why i said "pretty much". and who's to say i am not in tune with wiiware? do you know me? sorry if i sounded a little harsh with that message i wrote, i wasn't trying to offend people. also, i am sure this game would not sell as much as it would it was over 1000 seeing as no other games are(except for MLaaK) and i think that the publishers know that. therefore, MY OPINION is that it will be less. once again, not trying to offend you or anyone else.



AlexSays said:

okay, then i just misread what you said.
i think people will occasionally pay a little extra for a bigger game, ie. FFCC,
but your right as in most games will be 1000 or less.
people already complain about prices (which i thought you were, my mistake) so developers know that their game has to be worth the price.
i'd like some games, such as World of Goo, to be bigger than the average WiiWare game though, which would call for a higher price.



strade32 said:

yeah, i will occasionally pay more then a thousand(such was the case with FFCC), but the casual group of customers will look at the price and skip a great-looking game such as this. i could care less what the price was just as long as the game backs it up.



Objection said:

@strade and supermario
God, i thought you were gonna rip each other's throats out
Anyway, I'd be happy to pay 1000-1500 for this if it has a full single player and some extra goodies. (CUTSCENES!) Could use co-op though or at least online scoreboards (for time or points)



strade32 said:

nah, it's cool now. i think we've settled it. i wouldn't want to hurt him now would i? haha



Bleak_Destiny_of_Fat said:

I personally agree with strade32. This game can't be over 1,000 points, or else it won't get as much sales. And how come you, objection_blaster and x.SuperMario.x always end up in the same place, anyway?



AlexSays said:

@ Bleak Destiny of Fate-

FFCC cost 1500, and more with DLC, and it sold very well.
so i strongly disagree.
as long as a game proves to be worth the price, it doesn't matter how much it costs.
besides, what is a difference of $5? that won't even get you a gallon of gas.

and as for Objection_Blaster,
well he just follows me around.



strade32 said:

I think that was because of the size of the game. also, that was a final fantasy game, so that got it lot of it's sales. so don't refer to that game. oh and, $5 is a big deal when it comes to wiiware believe it or not.



AlexSays said:

@ strade32 - i know $5 is a big deal, i just wanted to make fun of the gas prices.

@ Objection_Blaster- i'd agree with that.



strade32 said:

i have FFCC:MLAAK, Lostwinds, Toki Tori, and DYC. i plan to get World of Goo and Gyrostarr. so yep, no shovelware.



strade32 said:

i guess that makes you the outcast x.supermario.x. seeing as you have Dr.Mario, not Defend your castle.



AlexSays said:

i played DYC on the internet, and i just didn't enjoy it enough to consider buying it on my Wii.
i will be getting Gyrostarr and World of Goo though.



Objection said:

Well, I like the mild depth offered by improving your defense and multiplayer is amazing! Back on topic, World of Goo: great style, looking-good gameplay=me want



mr_niceguy said:

DYC controlled better, too. I played the internet one, and thought it was awful, at least compared to the Wiiware one. x.SuperMario.x, you don't have to try it if you don't want to, just keep that in mind, along with the fact that it's only 500 wii points and only takes 100 blocks, okay? Darn it, I should be a salesman, I tell ya...

Anywho, World of Goo is definately one of my most anticipated games. It seems so creative and original, it looks even more fun and original than Defend Your Castle(bearing in mind, I didn't know about the online version after I played the Wiiware version). This is the reason Wiiware was invented(along with being a quick cash-in for Nintendo)! Yay Wiiware!!!



strade32 said:

if you were a salesman, i would yell at you to "get of my property!" and then i would call the cops . then again, i am only 13, so the cops might take that as a prank.



andy836 said:

lol i have FFCC MLAAK, Lost winds, Dr.Mario, Toki Tori, DYC, Gyrostarr, and block breaker deluxe lol for my mom. lol i feel left out of conversations so i decided to join in lol



andy836 said:

i would recommend FFCC MLAAK, Dr.Mario, or Toki Tori all are great and will last you a while easily more then 10 hours.
Lost Winds is short but fun.
DYC gets boring in my opinion unless you have someone to play with.
Gyrostarr also gets repetitive unless you have someone to play with.
block breaker is a family game, the multiplayer is great fun.



strade32 said:

DYC is great period. that is one you should definatley get along with with Toki Tori and MLAAK.



strade32 said:

i don't agree that Dr.Mario is a good game. i can't stand that game. i didn't comment on that.



strade32 said:

yes, i know. did i sound mad or something? i just said that i didn't comment on Dr. Mario. it's all good.



Olimar_91 said:

I can't beleive all of the "I'll buy it if its less than X.XX" comments. I'm buying this game no matter what the cost. Easily my most anticipated Wiiware game.



Objection said:

Amen. Everyone's a bunch of wallet-pansies who'd rather buy okay games for a few bucks cheaper than great ones. Not that this one is guarenteed great, but i seems likely.



Hydroswimmer12 said:

Man I can not wait for this game!! Probably my third most anticipated for the year! Can anybody recommend anything else for wiiware I might either get... My life as a king/Magentica Twist/ Dr. Mario

Thanks for your input~!



Supermarioman said:

FireballMario: How can you say that to such a good looking title, easily worth 2000 Wii Points my friend..



Wiiloveit said:

The rumoured release is now October - 2D Boy got all their Beta testers a while ago as well as getting pre-orders set up over on their website. I have just read a "world-exclusive" review though over on "another website" that was very positive, so hopefully that means the game's ready and just waiting for approval from Nintendo.



Serpent said:

Nice!!!........IGN says this is coming out sometime this month.

EDIT - World of Goo will hit WiiWare on October 13th!!!!!!



Nintendork said:

Holy crap! A 9.5 from IGN! Now I'm definitely interested about this. Thanks for the link x.SuperMario.x.



Objection said:

I'm getting this, hands down. I also heard rumors that it will have DLC levels in the future from content created by PC players.



Terra said:

Does the PC Version have the additional content that the Europe Retail version has? If not, then i imagine that extra content would be a likely candidate as DLC for the game



themacmeister said:

I have received, and have been playing the pre-order PC release for 5 days now, and I can say without hesitation, that this is game of the year material. I am 3/4 through the game, and everything about the game is superb. Graphics, gameplay, music, sound, humour. EVERYTHING!

NOTE: Only the European boxed copies of the Wii title will have the extra Moon levels at this point, as they were not finalised for WiiWare or PC release.

The constant reinvention of physics and goo characteristics means it never gets boring (just wait - you'll see what I mean). If it were up to me, I would rate this game as highly as Super Mario Galaxy - which is my favourite game this past few years (10/10), and WoG is a STEAL at any price. I paid nearly AUS$100 for Super Mario Galaxy too!

I wish people would stop squabbling over 200-500 Wii points. That equates to $2 - $5. This game will keep you entertained for weeks or even months!

My conclusion - GET IT!



SilentJ said:

I just checked the wii shop channel but it's not available yet. Just a few more hours to go. I guess I'll try to go to sleep for now. I feel like it's Christmas Eve!



GEncore said:

It's up at 9 AM Pacific Time. I can't wait for this, but I'm currently out of points




andy836 said:

yyyeeessss its out today........wahahahahahahahahahahahaha mine all mine.



Serpent said:

This game seems to be more incredible then i expected by the way IGN is describing it.



Serpent said:

@ Garrett:
"this game looks really REALLY dumb i'll pass"

Well thats your opinion, Iam sure most will disagree

"i can't see why everybody is so hyper over it"

The fact that most game sites are highly praising it.



agentshags said:

15 is a bit high, but the footage i have seen looks cool. . .

/me sighs

what a monday! now why am a broke atm!



fco said:

320 blocks, ouch... looks like for the first time I'll have to erase some stuff.



tehub said:

Wow this game is fun. Its got some really polished presentation and controls. The graphics and crisp and clean, and above all the gameplay is great.



Kirk said:

This just proves to everyone out there that you don't need a development team of hundreds or a budget of millions to make create a highly polished and really fun videogame.

Everything about this games screams of quality from the lovely art style and highly polished graphics in general to the stunning soundtrack and sound FX and the intutive well crafted controls and level design etc.



Dbc said:

Damn Son first 10/10 Too Bad 4 us it,s gonna be a retail version.



Sockapal said:

This game is amazing. One of the most original games I have played in a while, superb musical score, fantastic graphical appeal and fantastic gameplay. I also love the fact that this is what a child of Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss would look and sound like.



MegaRockman_1990 said:

I downloaded the demo 2d boy released and damn is it good i will download this wii as soon as it comes hopefully today



jeffo said:

10/10 is exactly what I would give this game. For how good it looks and sounds, I still can't believe it's only a 320 block Wiiware game and not a disc-based game. I know that people complain about the pricing and all but look at it like this, If a game like this were released on the DS, (and it wouldn't look or sound nearly as good as it does played on your home theatre and larger screen) it would probably sell for like 30 bucks minimum. The PC version of this game is apparently $19.99. So in that respect you can't go wrong getting this for $15.00. If you love games like Toki Tori (which for me still has a little more charm to it than World of Goo even if it's not quite as good) you'll love World of Goo. It's definately a head-scratcher at times.



StarDust4Ever said:

320 blocks = 40Mb!
Please give us a storage solution. For a 10/10 rating I will get this regardless of what else I have to delete off my Wii to the SD card.



jones2929 said:

I was skeptical about this game, but I bought it based on the amazing reviews. And, I must say, this is the best WiiWare game I've played, by far. My kids love it, too. People should just buy this game to encourage developers to stop making trash like Beer Pong and make innovative games like World of Goo.



rich said:

what the hell? i just bought my first Wii Points to download this and now discover that its only "Released in USA" WTF its the bloody internet!! only Nintendo would have regional restrictions on downloading Wiiware games?

..and now i see there is no intention to release as WiiWare only on disk in Europe what a crock of s**t - so basically we get ripped off for 3 times the Wiiware price!

no i wont!! will not buy now out of principle whether its 10/10 game or not!



Clayfrd said:

@jeffo- I think it's exactly the opposite. I think Toki Tori and WoG are about equally as good, but I think WoG is slightly more charming, and I think TT has slightly (very slightly) stronger gameplay. Actually, TT does have those awesome WiiConnect24 messages. I don't know, they're both pretty charming. Both games are basically equal to me, though. I need to move TT off my SD card and work on some of the hard levels.



lockelocke said:

Just downloaded this bad boy today, and it is down right amazing. The gameplay is engaging right off the bat, and the artwork does a spot on job of creating a "world of goo" Controls are perfect, yadda yadda blah blah. I mean, if you need convincing just look at the barrage of reviews praising the game. 10/10 for sure, already beat the first two levels/worlds



Nintendork said:

This is a great inspiration for wanna-be game designers. If two guys can make a spectacular game, so could they



Wiiloveit said:

Why is this in the EU coming soon list, you cruel, cruel people?

Update: Maybe not as cruel as I first stated. A WiiWare release is in sight!



sandos said:

Just insane. Ive been waiting weeks for this to appear on my shop. Now I see its supposed to be boxed for the EU? I can't even find any release date!

Edit: Oh, dear. Q1 2009 according to IGN. Might get it for linux before that.. who knows.



Nintendork said:

Sadly because of my internet connection killing itself every 10 minutes, I'm gonna have to give it a pass for now



Clayfrd said:

@Nintendork - Exactly. I have enough basic programming knowledge to make a simple but addicting game (i.e. I could re-create Defend Your Castle), but I have no creativity. WoG is a testament to what a combination of the two can do. Okay, so the programmer for WoG has way more talent that I do, but I can dream, can't I?



megatron said:

it's not quite as awesome as some of the reviews have made it out to be, but it is still pretty damn awesome. it is one of the best games i have played recently.
it sort of reminds me of the incredible machine. and that's a good thing. and it does remind me of tim burton stuff, which is also a good thing.
oh, and thanks to the world of goo people for adding the OCD goals. it really adds something extra for people like me who want to find the most elegant solution in addition to progressing through the story.



Aardvark_Soup said:

Some websites say that World of Goo is going to be released on WiiWare in Europe next week. Is that correct?



Starwolf_UK said:

All we know currently is the game is PEGI rated and is going through NOEs lot check. One that is done (and nothing goes wrong) it will be out next update.

2DBoy were going to tell us when they knew a date but they currently taking a (well deserved) vacation.

I would hope it comes out next WiiWare update for the sake of NOEs integretry. The PC version is out in Europe now (Amazon.de or steam, you decide) so if they take too long people will just buy that version...though prehaps they already have



Starwolf_UK said:

Maybe it'll be like last year where the games come out on the 25th...but still, it wouldn't hurt sales to make it a week earlier



Betagam7 said:

IS this still getting a commerical disk release as I'm not sure about the size of the blocks for a download?



EJD said:

It's 319 blocks in EU, I had to delete the Internet Channel to make room.
Bought it today.

Excellent game so far, very difficult though, I'm stuck on Chapter 1 Level 3.



jammy_uk said:

Downloaded it this morning and reached chapter 3 after 5 hours play. It is SOOOOOOO GOOD. I am very very impressed.



RGVEDA said:

I finished it at this moment! What a great game It would be wonderful if there will be another World of Goo (2)



deadbattery said:


That's exactly what I was gonna say! I just finished it too, and it NEEDS a sequel!

The weird thing is, the day I bought it, I HATED it, because I thought it was incredibly difficult, overpriced, and pretentious garbage, and I came close to deleting it. Now, though, I think it's not only the greatest Wiiware game, but one of my top 5 greatest Wii games period.



Djamatik said:

Love this game. I just bought it over the weekend i heard good review about it so decide to invest on it. It is really fun and colorful too. It is overpriced 1500 pts come on Nintendo it should be at least 500 or 600 points. I will recommend it if you love to try a new style of puzzle.



WiiGuy said:

I downloaded this game as my Christmas present.
Best 1,500 Wii points i've spent so far. I finished the story mode, now need to get all the OCD's



Kreegs07 said:

This game is amazing. Downloaded it a week ago and was hooked! My girlfriend and I really enjoy playing this together! Great game.



Nintendork said:

Now that I finally am able to play windows games on linux (THANK YOU WINE ) I downloaded the demo version of this game. I'm gonna have to hold off on the download some more, the gameplay needs some getting used to.



grimor said:

.5/5 Broken Wii-motes on the frustration meter
Fun game and I didn't want to put the remote through the window once. Even after completing each level to advance, the OCD feature makes replaying the levels enjoyable.

Cost: 1500 Worth: 1300



Bland_Boy said:

quotes grimor, if World Of Goo is 1300point game,
what is mega man 9 or super mario bros 3?
300 100?
we need to know your scales to know the weight of your words.

quotes MexicanJonny10, game is not overrated.
One of the top5 games released in 2008.
It might be overrated to somebody who doesn't understand or care for "Lemmings" or "other puzzlers from the late-eighties and early nineties* but then you wouldn't be a true-gamer. You'd be a sychophantic love-all-new hate-all-old-school kind of gamer.
you sir are a disgrace to gaming.



VenomTheEvil said:

Hands down the best Wiiware game. Totally top class amazing gameplay storyline hell even music a true gaming gem.

And to the people who say its overated

It is not it really really is not.



vonboy said:

i bought this a little before Christmas, and i'm still getting fun outta it. i have put over 20 hours into it, and i now have ocd on a little over half the stages . the other ones are probably gonna be torture, so it'll probably take me awhile.

oh, and my highest tower ever is about 30 meters.



Curt said:

Easily the best WiiWare game out there. Well worth the 1500 points.



Pastry said:

I would have payed 1501 points for this! (Seriously though, it is an awesome game!)



Megumi said:

Going to attempt to finally nab this game next month...looks like a lot of fun.




One of the very best games on the Wii. WiiWare or retail. A masterpiece of a game in so many ways IMHO (and that of a multitude of others including reputeable reviewers, like this 1).



emiru69 said:

This game is a masterpiece. I have a couple of questions:
1) Does anyone knows if there is more levels or a second part on the way?
2) Who made the music of this game?



Klapaucius said:

Its a great game and full of imagination, but I feel cheated out of 500 points. 1000 would have been a more reasonable price for it. Still, I'm glad it was my first WiiWare download, as it shows the potential of WiiWare very well.



Bugpy said:

is this game the same or different to the PC version. I have the PC version and have almost completed it, its amazing, but I wonder if the WiiWare version will be the same or not?



nice_shirt said:

@ dimothydobis, You're lame.

This is still the best *ware game on Wii. Challenging, charming and charismatic. Well worth then15 points an then some sum!



Fill said:

This is an amazing game. I have it on the Mac but not the Wii (I assume they are the same?). You might consider the Win/Mac/Linux version first before the lower-res Wii version, but it does cost $5 more ($20).

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