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Fri 15th Aug 2008

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tantrumario commented on Mega Man 9 - Proto Man Details Revealed:

The funny thing is i didnt try to throw my controller when i lost in wilys stage, but i did hit my head real hard on my kitchen counter. I deserve the headbanging achievment.I DEMAND IT.



tantrumario commented on Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!:

wow after reading proto man is being released at oct.6, i got a little depressed. O well, more time to beat the game with mega man. O and IGN already reviewed this game. THEY ONLY GAVE AN 8. A BUILDING GETS BURNT!!! I just had to say that



tantrumario commented on Strong Bad Episode 2 Out This Monday:

instead of one wiiware game and two virtual console. How bout 3 wiiware and 1 virtual console. It's a win win situation(unless u were just hoping for battletoads on nes for VC)



tantrumario commented on EU WiiWare Update: Plättchen, Bomberman Blast...:

WAHHHAHHHAHH!!!!!! I was waiting for Bomberman Blast for months. And Europe gets it. Lucky Duckys. I hope u guys review it soon. I NEED to know if its perfect.( if u need friend codes for the game, u need like a huge thread for it.)