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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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BigKing commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

Who cares?

Tatsunoko vs Capcom is going to be much better than anything else. Yeah, including SF4. I liked Marvel vs Capcom 2 way more than I liked Street Fighter 3(both on the Dreamcast, best console ever made). Not that SF3 wasn't a great game, but MvC2 was way more accessible to non-hardcore gamers, making it much more fun to play against a friend. Also, it had way more characters and I just love the over the top super moves.

Besides that, I really couldn't care about SFII. I loved it for many years, but after modern 2D fighters with airblocking/recovering, better combo systems etc, it really feels dated.



BigKing commented on Toki Tori Invades Japan:

Remember Toki Tori? Of course you do – it’s the best Dutch export since the clog, as was clearly stated in our glowing review.

How about Killzone, de Blob(original version) and XTC/cannabis?



BigKing commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

Wonderful game. Just a bit on the short side. You won't get the replay value of some other WiiWare games like Tetris Party or Bomberman.



BigKing commented on World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever:

I played this game on my European Wii (go figure ).

It's amazing. I might buy the disc version as soon as it comes out, and if it has A LOT more levels(not just one extra world). The game is pretty short. You can finish it in a few hours.

I just don't understand why they didn't release it here on WiiWare. And why it doesn't feature a downloadable content feature for new levels



BigKing commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

It's not even close to a great game like tempest, which was released about 14 years ago. The gameplay is cheap. Only way it gets harder is by adding more enemies on screen which you can't blast away with your crappy standard gun. You don't get rewards for higher scores, there are no need to perfect your skills or whatsoever. That's what great shooters are all about, insight, reflexes and perfecting your skills. None of these things can be found in Gyrostarr.
In Gyrostarr you can be hit three times before you die, but there are energy-powerups everywhere, making it almost impossible to die. The only thing that is great are the graphics(well except your own ship and the enemies), but this game could be made in 2D. With slow and dumb enemies coming from the top on the screen towards your ship. It would be a cheap Space Invaders clone with less enemies.



BigKing commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

Horrible horrible game. I really wanted to like it. The graphics are great and I had pretty high expectations.

But the gameplay sucks badly. First of all, it's way too easy. I played through like 20 levels without my ship being destroyed for one time. That's a total no-no for a shooter. It's harder to die than to reach the end of the level. Shooters have to be intense, hard and compelling from the beginning. Second of all, the limited movement of both your ship and the enemies make the gameplay really one dimensional. All you and your enemies do, is moving from left to right and vice-versa. So there are no bulletpatterns or whatsoever to dodge. The shooting is also horrible. The standard cannon can shoot like 3 bullets at the same time onscreen and the powerups only work for a limited time opposed to working until you get hit.

The engine is great, but they should've turned this game into a futuristic racing game like X-Treme G or F-Zero.

This game deserves a 4/10. SSR definitely deverses at least an 8, maybe even a 9. If you give both these games a 7, you don't know what you're talking about and then you don't have any feeling/interest for shooters in general.



BigKing commented on EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon:

They probably think everybody's still broke thanks to Christmas and New Year's Eve. And I really can't argue with that.

Anyway, now I just have to wait till 1080 gets released in Europe. Thank you vc-reviews/Japanese VC release list!



BigKing commented on Blades of Steel:

Blades of Steel is an amazing even, even if you aren't into ice hockey at all (like me). Especially the fights were pretty cool, just keep bumping against an opponent and you'll trigger the fighting mode with close ups of the hockey player.

It was also one of the few NES games with digitalized voices. Which was quite nice at the time.



BigKing commented on Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers:

You can speed up this game at the title screen where it says 'GAME START'. Just press 3x right on the d-pad and it's about just as fast as Street Fighter II Turbo. Too bad most people immediately press Start and skip the turbo settings so they're playing the slow version.



BigKing commented on Super Mario Bros.:

This game is simply amazing. Even after all those years I still knew most of the secrets. This shows how a game with poor graphics and simple gameplay mechanics still can create amazing experience. Challenging, memorable and a true classic.