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Tue 22nd Jul 2008

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Naturestee commented on High Voltage Interview: High Voltage Hot Rod Show:

please be good

I <3 High Voltage! I just hope the motion controls are good for this. If so, I'm sold on it. I don't have Mario Kart Wii or Excite Trucks yet because I don't think I'll play them enough to be worth the money. But I'd happily pay $10 for this.

And when are we getting Animales de los Muertos (sp?)? I really want that game!



Naturestee commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

Yay for 2D Boy! Now if only I had the time to play it... Whatever, they're still getting my monies.

If anyone complains about getting yet another puzzler on WiiWare, I'll kick them.



Naturestee commented on Studio Walljump Interview: Liight:

@ Metal Slime- What, did you play project hammer? Although as a newer Wii owner I don't know anything about it other than that it existed at some point and probably doesn't now.



Naturestee commented on Studio Walljump Interview: Liight:

Interesting. The gameplay looks really fun, hopefully the difficulty isn't too easy/casual friendly. And yay for no falling blocks, lol! Anyway, I want this game!

I can't wait to see what the other WiiWare projects are. I've found a lot of art people come up with ideas nobody else would think of- like turning color mixing into a game.



Naturestee commented on Last Flight - New Screenshots:

Full. Of. Win.

@ Bloober- what is the gameplay like? Any clue as to the release of the first episode?

Personally I like episodic downloadable games. Strongbad FTW!



Naturestee commented on Brand New Sorcery Blade Screenshots:

I'm really interested in this. If it comes out in NA I'll definitely give it a shot. Have to at least give credit to the dev for doing a WiiWare game from a genre nobody else has doen yet.



Naturestee commented on Review: MadStone (WiiWare):

It looks ok, but I won't be getting it due to it's simple strategy. There just doesn't seem to be much to it, whereas in Groovin' Blocks there are different songs to unlock and learn the beat/superbeat pattern plus multiple colors. Oh and playing to the beat to get multipliers. God I'm so addicted to that game!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Madstone looks bad, it just doesn't look that interesting beyond the pretty graphics. Which I do like the style, BTW.



Naturestee commented on WiiWare Announcement Blowout - Bubble Bobble, ...:

Bubble Bobble is good, but I want Puzzle Bobble! At least put it on VC!!!

Edit: And yay for tons of games whose names I don't understand and will probably never be localized anyway. Hopefully we have just as many in the works for NA and Europe.



Naturestee commented on Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee Interview: Boingz:

My theory is that the "not getting stuck" part is because you can just fling your character out of where he is to backtrack.

I think a lot will depend on the difficulty level. It could be fun in the way Toki Tori was fun, figuring out your way through the level, but I don't want to breeze through it.

Kudos to WiiWare World for getting an interview the day after the game was announced!



Naturestee commented on New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch:

@shadows262 I think x.SuperMario.x is just trying to show how silly people are being by instantly hating Let's Catch for the same reasons that make people like Wii Sports.

And I agree with him. Like I said before, Let's Catch will appeal to the same people who love Wii Sports and play it a lot.



Naturestee commented on New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch:

LOL at the haters. Come on, it's a series of mini games. A series. Look at how well Pong Toss (ugh) has sold with just one dimwitted game type. And this has hot potato... with a BOMB!

I probably won't buy this, not my type of thing. But really it looks pretty good for a motion-based WiiWare game. Probably perfect for the Wii Sports types.



Naturestee commented on WiiWare Games To Be Directly Downloadable To S...:

Whatever. We still can't play directly off of the SD card. When I download a game I want to play it right away, not put it on my SD card and forget about it until I get around to rearranging the fridge.

Wii can has real storage solution plz?



Naturestee commented on Review: Art Style: Orbient (WiiWare):

LOL, I just asked when this review was coming in the Top 20 thread! 8/10 seems to be a popular score for this. Unless I missed something, was your only nitpick the graphics?

At only 600 points and with fascinating gameplay, I'll pick this up when I'm through with my current games.



Naturestee commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (1st Oct):

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised that Orbient made it onto the top 20. I thought it might be too strange for most Wii owners, but maybe there are enought gamers who read internet stuff buying Wiiware. I'll pick it up when I work through some of my current games.

Hopefully the failure of Potpourii and Plattchen to even get on the top 20 will make developers stop and think about the quality of a title they want to make. There's plenty of good puzzlers to be had on Wiiware, if you're making another one (aside from Goo) it better be decent!

Edit: And when are we getting an Orbient review? WiiFanboy has theirs up now and it's also very favorable, so two good reviews that I know of (IGN is the other one).



Naturestee commented on Eternity's Child Delayed - Sequel Announced!:

While I like retro-looking games like Mega Man 9, if it's gonna be a retro game shouldn't it be, ya know, retro? There's no warm fuzzy nostalgia to fall back on for a brand new game. And if they need to do 16 bit to fit it in WiiWare's size, then they need to get better programmers or cut some ideas down. Lost Winds was beautiful and it fit. I'm not demanding that sort of art style/quality but it just shows that 16 bit definitely isn't necessary.

I'm still interested in the first one, pending reviews. Multiple reviews, not just one person having a bad day.



Naturestee commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th Sept):

Why oh why is Pong Toss still so high up? My thought on Strong Bad is that the sales are probably about as strong as the 1st but can't compete with Megaman (who could) or fishy screen savers.

At least Groovin' Blocks is holding strong. Good puzzlers sell, bad puzzlers- Potpourrii and Plattchen- don't.



Naturestee commented on First Impressions: MadStone:

It could be interesting, but I'm worried that powerups might be too powerful if you get to do the shake thing a lot. I'll wait and see if the gameplay balances out. Although I already have one falling block game that's totally addictive- Groovin' Blocks is awesome!

Objection Blaster, Puzzle Quest came out as a retail release for the Wii and has two more retail release versions coming.



Naturestee commented on Mega Man 9 Challenge List:

Sweet. That really encourages people to play it a ton, instead of playing it once and leaving it alone like a lot of other games. Not like I'll be able to get any because I'm horrible at Mega Man games, but I think it's cool that the challenges/achievements/whatever are there. Most of those are ones worth bragging about!



Naturestee commented on EU WiiWare Update: Plättchen, Bomberman Blast...:

Sweet! Hopefully NA will get both games soon. Until then I'll just have to satisfy myself with reading the upcoming reviews.

I'd really like to know more about Plattchen's game play. I like puzzle games but I want to know more.



Naturestee commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

Awesome. Thanks for the info, I'm totally getting this. I'm probably the one person that was sad that Toki Tori didn't have separate save slots. I couldn't keep my hubby away from it. I wanted to unlock all my own levels, darn it!



Naturestee commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

Quick question: Are there multiple save files for saving calilbrations? Say if my husband and I both like to play it. Or will we need to recalibrate it each time?



Naturestee commented on Bomberman Blasting Onto The Wii:

I've never played Bomberman, but the idea of blowing up Miis is full of awesome!

Hopefully Nintendo fixes the fridge soon. What if I want fast, easy access to a bunch of WiiWare games I've already bought?



Naturestee commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

Great review! I've been interested in Helix since I saw the first videos. I'll be picking it up soon.

@Ghostfire, congrats on the good work! What will you be working on next?



Naturestee commented on Review: Midnight Pool (WiiWare):

Woot for the fast review! BTW, how long is the single player storyline mode? Or I guess how many tables, cause it'll be twice as long for me LOL!

I might have to get this. Especially for the hubby. He liked Wii Play's pool game but there's just no replay value in it.



Naturestee commented on Home Sweet Home - New Game Play Video!:

All those Wii Fit-buying house wives need WiiWare games too, right? Decorating my house was my least favorite part of The Sims, so I won't be getting this. I can see the appeal for some people though.



Naturestee commented on USA WiiWare Update: Midnight Pool:

Hm. The pics actually look pretty good. I might pick this up if the controls work well. It looks like it has more options than billiards in Wii Play.

Gameloft might not put out anything terribly innovative but at least their games all seem solid.



Naturestee commented on Get Ready To Go To Battle In Swords & Soldiers!:

WANT! Split screen multiplayer rules. This is something my husband and I could really get into. I love the art style too. It does remind me of Castle Crashers, which is fine because I don't have an Xbox360 to buy it with.

The Wii needs more RTS games, both WiiWare and retail.



Naturestee commented on Review: Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner...:

@Bahamut ZERO: That's fine. I actually like this sort of interactive story thing. Which is why I'm going to be picking up Sam and Max season 1 for the Wii really, really soon.

And there are puzzles to figure out, like what stuff to use where and when. So it's not just walk here, click to talk, walk there, repeat.



Naturestee commented on Review: Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner...:

I don't have much to compare it to as I never played a point-n-click adventure before, although I will say that I'm totally buying Sam and Max for the Wii now! I'm a lapsed Strong Bad fan and I can't be bothered to watch more of the cartoons very often, but I tried the PC demo and promptly bought the game. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far and I'm about half way through (I think).

I think this is a good game if you like this sort of gameplay and the humor. So it's a bit hit and miss, but I think more hits than misses. Right now I'd give it an 8.

Anyone who is on the fence, PLAY THE PC DEMO! Even if don't think you want it, play the PC demo just to check it out. Telltale deserves some love for this.



Naturestee commented on Strong Bad's Freezing Issue for Attractive Peo...:

My husband played it for 3 hours while I was at work yesterday, then I played 2 hours and neither of us had freezing problems. I had a minor glitch where the menu didn't want to work for a minute but it fixed itself.

How many people are actually having problems with the widescreen?



Naturestee commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (13th August):

Woot! Go Strong Bad! Even with it being on sale for PC at the same time it still rocketed up! I think both the niche brand name and anticipation helped, plus Telltale has a bit of a following because of Sam & Max. Proof that marketing can help WiiWare.

Still can't believe Pong Toss is so high, but I tend to disagree with most of my fellow Americans in taste anyway. At least Wild West Guns is doing well. See, you don't need a brand name to sell on WiiWare! I understand why Toki Tori is so low (despite my love for it) because frankly it doesn't look like much at first glance- you have to read reviews to get interested in it. At least I did.



Naturestee commented on Space Invaders Get Even - Stage Pack Details:

I like how everyone is focusing on the price. LOL

What I want to know is how many blocks is each piece of the set? I bet it was split up this way to get around WiiWare's tiny size limit. After all, wasn't this originally planned as a retail release?

$20 for a full game is still pretty good, provided that the content is good. Maybe this will lead the way for some of the better games on XBLA or PSN to go to WiiWare (provided we get a hard drive to put everything on...).

I'll wait for reviews before I buy though, to make sure I'd actually be paying for a decent amount of content.



Naturestee commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

@Luc: It's just one website, and this is your first published game isn't it? Ignore the haters. There will always be lots, that's just the world of video gaming. I for one will be looking forward to your graphic novels because I like your art and your ideas. I just hope that when you are able you take another stab at making games again. It takes time to learn how to do everything right and nobody is perfect the first time.

I do think the criticism was too harsh- no way is this worse than Pong Toss or Spogs Racing. From what I have heard from others the gameplay has issues but it's still playable and interesting, plus the art of course. But hey, nothing is fair in video game reviews.



Naturestee commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (6th August):

sniff I love you Toki Tori. You're the only WiiWare game I've actually bought!

As for Beer Pong- It's like Carnival Games for people who like beer (but only 1 game for $10). For a lot of people, that's good. I didn't think it would be THAT many people though.