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Sat 11th Oct 2008

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World_1-1 commented on Feature: For Your Consideration - New Super Ma...:

I can't disagree with this one, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a masterpiece. It would be my Game of the Year, except for the exceptionally stellar Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, which I feel is a step above the rest of 2009's games.



World_1-1 commented on Bit.Trip Core:

I've yet to beat a single stage in this; it's pretty freaking hard! So far I'm not finding it as enjoyable as Beat. It seems just a whole lot harder and less fun. But on I'll go as I really enjoyed Beat and want to see all that Core has to offer!

But you guys made an error in the Game Overview section. The number of players is definitely more than 1. A friend and I did 2-player, so I'm guessing it goes up to 4-player but I'm not sure.



World_1-1 commented on WiiWare & DSiWare London Event - WiiWare Coverage:

A lot of great info on some cool looking games. Personally I'm very excited for a lot of these, namely Super Meat Boy, LostWinds, Bit.Trip VOID, and Night Sky. I'm not totally convinced about Max & the Magic Marker or You, Me, and Cubes, but they certainly look interesting!

I also have a question about Nintendo Life as a whole. Is this site a full time job for a lot of you? As in this is what you do on a day to day basis to make a living? If so that's awesome and I'm really jealous of you and your job. By the way, keep up the great work guys. I look forward to your DSiWare coverage!



World_1-1 commented on Features: Looking Back At BIT.TRIP BEAT, Pt. 2:

Great interview guys. Really insightful and informative. And dang is some of that fan art amazing!

I have yet to play CORE, but I better do so soon before VOID comes out. But I have played Bit.Trip BEAT, and it's amazing, one of my favorite WiiWare games for sure.



World_1-1 commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

Great review.

My copy should be here from Amazon any day now. I really can't wait myself. I only played the third on the Wii and am eager to try out the other two.



World_1-1 commented on Review: Operation C (Game Boy):

If I counted correctly there's been 15 classic Gameboy reviews so far, with 5 left. I'm hoping that Link's Awakening, Pokemon Red/Blue, and Kirby's Dream Land 2 all get reviewed in this time period.

/fingers crossed



World_1-1 commented on Flipnote Studio available for download in Nort...:

This will probably be lost in the flood of comments and quality of the videos, but here's mine... (took me about three hours for this one...)

Get the Flash Player to see this player.


World_1-1 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (8th Apr):

Nice to see World of Goo at the top and Bit.Trip Beat doing well. Both deserve the spots.

Though I was surprised Bonsai Barber didn't make it on. Most WiiWare games get on the charts at least one week.



World_1-1 commented on Review: Rhythm Heaven (DS):

Great review. I played the demo on the Nintendo Channel and really loved it, so I'll be buying this alongside a DSi sometime soon.



World_1-1 commented on Review: Pyoro (DSiWare):

Seeing how I never played the original WarioWare and how this is only 200 Nintendo Points, I'll definitely be purchasing this one when I get a DSi.



World_1-1 commented on Review: Art Style: CODE (DSiWare):

Sounds interesting. I still need to check out CUBELLO and ROTOHEX on the Wii, as I loved ORBIENT. The Art Style games really are a bunch of unique titles.



World_1-1 commented on Art Style Series Coming To Europe Soon:

I agree, why stop the Art Style games now Nintendo? There's still all the other bit Generations titles, plus I'm sure you could think up some more original titles like Cubello.



World_1-1 commented on Mega Man 9 DLC Round-up:

Yeah, is it confirmed there won't be any more? I'd love to see some more. Like a new stage and Bass as a playable character.



World_1-1 commented on Review: Tetris Party (WiiWare):

Nice review. I bought it, but haven't had the time to play a lot of it. Probably once I get more people over. And I don't see what's so wrong with an 8... That's a pretty good score.



World_1-1 commented on Second Wave of Mega Man 9 DLC Released!:

I bought Fake Man's stage, but paying for more ass kicking doesn't seem logical. The game is hard enough. Maybe they should release an Easy mode if anything (though I wouldn't get that either).



World_1-1 commented on World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever:

It's my favorite WiiWare game by far... (second is Mega Man 9, and third is LostWInds). IMO it's not nearly as good as Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, or Resident Evil 4. But it's still one heck of a game. Everyone needs to buy it and support 2D Boy. We need a World of Goo 2! (And I haven't even beaten the game yet... xD.)