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Tue 14th Oct 2008

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robbob88 commented on Luigi's Mansion 2:

I just saw the trailer on my 3DS and holy cow the 3D treatment that this game is getting is without question the most impressive I have seen so far. I cannot wait.



robbob88 commented on First Impressions: Super Mario 3D (3DS):

Just gotta say that this site has given fantastic coverage of E3 all week with a very clean homepage dedicated to E3 and the way it was organized was tremendous. Anyways.

Good to hear that this game is shaping up to be amazing. I am looking forward to it.



robbob88 commented on 3DS Will Let You Play in 2D Too, If You Want:

Well this is not a surprise. And I don't understand why so many people are worried about 3DS. Nintendo knows how much success the DS brought them and they won't stray to far off from that basic set up, I expect the 3DS to basically be an enhanced DS with GameCube graphics and 3D capability and possibly an improved online infrastructure. On the 3D side of things, I expect the 3D to work perfectly, if it didn't, then I highly doubt Nintendo would be as confident as they are right now when talking about the system. I expect this system to be great and affordable. My guess between $175-$200 at launch in either October, November or December, with the DSi being marked down to $125 and the DSi XL around $150.



robbob88 commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii):

I'm so happy I have a job, just bought this online off of Amazon for only 46.99, no tax and FREE 2 day shipping, Amazon is the greatest online store ever invented!!!! Can't wait to play this!!!



robbob88 commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

Corbie says that this raises the bar for WiiWare developers but it DEFANITLEY raises the bar for the super lazy Software companies that make crappy games even though those software companies have more people than a three man team. Great job on 2DBoys' part.