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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Elmernite commented on Nintendo: Hey, We're Green, Honest!:

I went back to read the other post (that first mentions what greenpeace said) and had some of my faith in Humanity restored by the outpourings against both Greenpeace and most importantly PETA.
Nice to know sanity still exist.
"Does thinking your the last sane man on the planet make you crazy? Cuz if it does, then maybe I am."



Elmernite commented on Nintendo Silence Talking Link:

Hmm.. I'll look into those Tellyn24, thanks for the info.

I also think this a bad move on Nintendo's part. Common, even if Nintendo released a movie of there own, it's not like the little fan piece would make less people watch the real deal. The opposite is true even.



Elmernite commented on Review: Gravitronix (WiiWare):

Sad to here that...

I am happy about the way the developer handled it great to see him post here and I hope they do make a new game and take everything mentioned here to heart.

As a game developer myself, I know what it's like when someone points out the flaws in your game that you just completely (or your beta testers) missed. It hurts.
Especially when, unlike me, you're trying to make money off of it. I image it only hurts worse. I hope the developer comes back here and reads this. My only advice is keep trying and look at the classics! Try playing old classics and think of ways to build off of the basic concepts that have latest so long.

(Also just play my games for the fun it )



Elmernite commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

I was only thinking about getting this game, until I read the review. I think I'll get it tomorrow for sure now.
Great review! Hopefully I enjoy the game as much as the review promises.



Elmernite commented on Gunstar Heroes:

Very fun! I purchased this game based on the review that it got here. Having never played or heard of it before.
It was well worth the download. I would tell anyone even remotely close to a shooter fan to get this.
An amazing fast paced shoot'em up!