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Wed 16th July, 2008

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Orgone commented on Review: Moki Moki (WiiWare):

Moki Moki is actually playable compared to Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy and Toki Tori which just become impossible; even Magnetris ramps up the difficulty insanely. Moki Moki can be played with one hand and its more fun than Frogger Definately the best Wiiware since Pokemon and the best puzzler on Wiiware since Bust-A-Move Plus. Even my girlfriend liked playing it. Only downside is not enough levels (although I cannot beat them all)



Orgone commented on Moki Moki:

Really good addictive game with tons of levels and no motion control.



Orgone commented on Review: Castle of Shikigami III (Wii):

great game, better than saint or monkey king. I can get to the level 3 boss in Ikaruga and level 4 in Einhander at my very best. They could have gotten rid of the side panels if this game was tailored more to the wii.



Orgone commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii):

graphics DO make a great game, this game is beatiful, excitebike looked better than most real wii games, when super mario brothers first came out it looked ridiculous



Orgone commented on Review: Need For Speed: NITRO (Wii):

looks ok (excitebike looks better) but when you drift it turns the car in a way so you can see the side since painting the side of the cars is a big feature, lame. and you cant wreck other cars by smashing into them. and there are no weapons. burnout would have been a better bet for ea



Orgone commented on Ys Book I & II Released in US Next Week:

I remember renting Ys and doing a cheat with a rubber band on the remote to build up experience at one point in the game. The graphics are alright but I recall the music was excellent. Will be buying this but not SS2 since I got the first one.



Orgone commented on Hudson's My Aquarium For WiiWare:

This should be a ultra-realistic fish tank simulation that has various levels of difficulty with disasters too. Either that or crazy alien species swimming in lava light fluid.