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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Confirmed for the West

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Arrives in "early 2015"

Earlier today we shared the news that Monster Hunter 4 G arrives in Japan this year, an expanded and improved version of the phenomenally successful 3DS original. As we observed in that article, the arrival of Monster Hunter 3 G eventually paved the way for the "Ultimate" games — on Wii U and 3DS — in the West.

In exciting news Capcom's Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter series producer, has confirmed that the trend is continuing. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has been confirmed for the West in "early 2015". It'll be the localisation of 4 G, so will include all of the content of Monster Hunter 4 along with additional content; considering the incredible amount of content in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, that's certainly something to be pleased about. Monster Hunter 4 already paves new ground for the series on 3DS, introducing excellent online multiplayer options and new landscapes that incorporate multiple vertical levels, as well as new moves in battle, additional weapon types and a myriad of features.

It may be a while away yet, but this is the news that MH fans have surely been waiting for — only the 3DS title has been announced, however, so there's no indication yet of a Wii U version. Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below.

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MuchoMochi said:

Personally I'd rather have it on Wii U. I didn't enjoy the controls as much on the 3DS.



ShadJV said:

That's awesome! But can we get MH4 while we wait for Ultimate? Pleaseee?



_exalt said:

It's about time they'd given us a western release confirmation. It'll be well worth the wait!



ejamer said:

I was hoping for a 2014 release for Monster Hunter 4... but since the extra content will be included it's hard to be disappointed. Really looking forward to this - especially since the 3DS release should be able to play online, unlike 3U.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Oh, hell yeah! The 3DS just keeps getting more awesome by the day! And now we'll finally be able to hunt online on 3DS! HYPE!!!



daznsaz said:

nice one,hope they do it on wiiu aswell.but if they dont ill get an xl,brilliant news



JayceJa said:

Amazing news, looking so forward to mh4, the fact it will be localized is really incredibly



Robin_Aisaga said:

I'm going to wait at least a half year longer in case there is a Wii U announcement. I'm pretty excited



AdanVC said:

My face when I read the title article: !!! My face when I read it's out on early 2015: !!!!!!! More than a year left to be able to play it . But hey, at least is officially confirmed!



NintendoFan990 said:

No, thanks. I didn't really like the last one. Am I the only person that isn't fond of this series? I'm happy for you lot anyway.



Spoony_Tech said:

No reasno why this should be another year away!! Take your cues from Atlus Capcom. Very frustrated!!



PVTAngrybird said:

About time! No there won't be a WiiU version since capcom didn't announce a version for Japan and the game is coming out later this year in Japan so that's why we have to wait till 2015. It's the G version of the game guys.



Dpullam said:

Finally! I absolutely loved playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate so this is phenomenal news. It will easily be one of my most anticipated games 2015 by a long shot. Monster hunters rejoice!



FritzFrapp said:

@mkdsweegee I like Monster Hunter 3 on my 3ds,but when I decided to buy it on the Wii U for some reason I just didnt like the feel of it so I deleted it. So I wasted 60€... And now I have not played it on the 3ds either for a while. Weird.




Chris720 said:

Its like last years E3 all over again. Here's these amazing games!

They won't be released until next year. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

-_- Seriously, what takes so long to send a game over to the west? If its language problems, I can convert Japanese into English in seconds on Google Translate. Really annoyed.



MikeLove said:


A shining endorsment for going "digital" if I've ever heard one!

"Bought a game for 60€, didn't like it so I deleted it"

I still regret purchasing AC:NL as a digital download on my 3DS, and now force myself to look at the green Animal Crossing leaf on my 3DS homescreen as a constant reminder never to download a retail title again! I could have sold it for $25 in September if it was a physical cart.



SanderEvers said:

@Chris720 You really DON'T want a Google translated game

Also they (Capcom) need to adjust the game a bit to make it fit the western culture.

It simply takes a lot of time to release a game outside of it's original culture. Pokémon X & Y were the first games to actually make it for a global release. Nintendo put a lot of effort in doing this.



Mchl496 said:

@Artwark There is crazy amounts of dialogue. Plus changing signs and wording in every random location to something that means an equivalent? Takes time.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Copy and paste from the other article....
Woop!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see that it is also coming out in the west next year. I will probably try and pick up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate here in the next few months. Tired the demo and was indifferent to it but everyone is saying that the demo wasn't a good representation of the final product so I have feeling this will be right up my alley.



Chris720 said:

@SanderEvers I don't care if they need to readjust the culture of the game. Its from Japan, if you can't overlook the Japanese culture of the game then that's their problem. Just gimme gimme!



Aozz said:

to bad for a wii u version now i need confess my order brother to get a 3ds
still glad tho =)



biglee said:

Wii U version PLEASE! This game deserves to be on a big screen in 1080p HD with dual analog sticks, plus the customizable game pad screen is a really cool feature. Also, the Wii U version of MH3U has sold almost 500,000 clouds world wide, which is nothing to scoff at!



Jaguar11891 said:

Yes! I have been waiting for this announcement for a long time. For this game, I can wait one more year.



Megumi said:

@Chris720 You know, if they did a simple Google translate or whatever, you won't understand very much of...well, anything. Things won't make sense, so on and so forth...Not to mention Monster Hunter is one of those games that does a lot of collaboration quests, getting weapons/armor based off of other games/anime. So they have to go through all of that and reskin them if necessary.



JustinH said:

I would absolutely get this on Wii U, but there's no way I'd submit myself to that zany 3DS control scheme.



nf_2 said:

Finally there's another game to justify my purchase of a circle pad pro... with the first one being MH3 Ultimate.



rjejr said:

Bigger picture perspective - announcing this today must mean Nintendo has some other really good stuff planned for their next ND, which should be this week. This announcement would have been the highlight of any ND for some people, even w/ the year off date.

I realize this is Capcom and not Nintendo but it is a 3DS exclusive. I expect it to still get a mention.



Arcamenel said:

I don't understand why 2015 is such a big deal? The game isn't even coming out in Japan until Fall of this year which means if it's early 2015 it'll only be a few months before we get it.



Arcamenel said:

Also I had no problems with the MH3U controls on my 3DS. The auto-lock feature worked wonders.



JaxonH said:


Typical. Tell people to blame Nintendo for everything. Capcom brings huge game to west on 3DS. But hey, if they don't make a Wii U version let's bash Nintendo for it! Yeah, I can really get behind that logic!



JaxonH said:

Yes! Yes! Yes! And all the Nintendo fans say....... YES!!!!

Hopefully there will be a Wii U version at some point- I loved MH3U on Wii U. Nonetheless, let's count our victories as victories- we're actually getting Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate next year!!! I presume that's because MH3U JUST launched 10 months ago here- they need to give that game time to reach full saturation. No sense cannibalizing sales, especially considering Capcom's recent financial woes. Not to mention, MH4G, the game which is being localized, doesn't even release in Japan until fall. We gotta have games for next year, and the year after, and the year after too ya know!



Senario said:

@Chris720 Haha haha oh wait you are serious. Google translate is a horrible idea compared to regular translating. That and we are getting the G rank version. That version is easier so it resonates with the west more because as much praise goes to hard games the general public isn't good at difficult stuff.



JaySonsa1298 said:

Early 2015. Awesome, now I know what I want for my 17th b-day. Just gotta wait....and wait.....amd wait.... I CANT WAIT!!



Tsurii said:

@Artwark There are two game series, that are extremely text-heavy and thus really difficult to translate:
Animal Crossing with its thousands of dialogue lines and item names and Monster Hunter with even more Material, weapon and armor descriptions. Just MH4 on its own had almost 10.000 (that's not even close to exaggerating) of those descriptions - at the very least! - and 4 Ultimate will have at least twice as much text. Not counting possibly about 30 new creatures with their materials and equipment, the pretty expansive story (expansive for MH) and the other dialoguefor for merchants, the training school, felynes and the NPCs, that are just wandering the villages.

I'd say about half a year is pretty short for a behemoth of a localisation like that for a MH game



MuchoMochi said:

@navonod18 No I haven't, I really don't enjoy having to buy extras to play one game. I only tried the demo and really didn't enjoy it. I hope Nintendo's next handheld console has dual circle pads.



Tsurii said:

@Senario wait...WHAT? The G version is easier? Did you ever play one of those games? Because it is their premise to deliver the most challenging quests in their repective generations



Chris720 said:

@Senario I was actually joking about the Google Translate. Sarcasm really doesn't work on the internet. :/

But still... I'm just so miffed. Japan already has MH4, now they're getting MH4G. Why didn't they just make MH4G to begin with?! The world would be so much happier. Its such a pain in the bum when you're a fan of Japanese stuff but can't read any of it.



Chris720 said:

@Baum897 Have you done a difficulty test between MH3 and MH3U on LR and HR? They are an absolute cake walk on MH3U, the hardest part is G Rank, and even then its still not that hard, but enough to differentiate the ones carried through and the ones not.



Tsurii said:

@Chris720 MH3 was tailor-made for 4 Player coop. And that hurt the whole Online experience A LOT.

You just need to compare deviljho in Tri and in Ultimate to grasp how broken everything was. ^^



Murduskull said:

LOL at all the ppl crying on the previous announcement article of MH4G sayin it was never coming!!! trolololololol do u feel dumb yet?



Senario said:

@Baum897 Well yes and no, G rank has an extra rank so it can be considered "Harder" But you have to account for the fact that the difficulty curve is more evened out and that your gear can be downright broken.

For example, I can get Honed Blade, Evasion +1, Stam recover up, and Focus on one armor set in MH3G. That is a really really broken set and makes things fairly simple and easy. Or Awaken, Destruction king, Bombadier, Marathon runner, sneak, and High Grade Earplugs for kelbi bow. The reason these sets are good is that they give you everything you could ever want on a specific weapon. The most broken sets I've seen in MH4 is Evasion +3, Sharpness +1, speed sharpening, and evade distance. And Honed blade+Rock steady. And these don't really have specific weapons in mind. The only one that does is a Greatsword set, and greatswords aren't the easiest to use.

With the regular games, the difficulty curve is much higher and high rank gears aren't nearly as good as the full sets in G rank. Monsters are fairly strong. Oh and of course there is MHtri vs 3G, Tri had difficulties soloing the game where 3G was a cakewalk for soloing the game. I did it and the only monsters I remember I could not figure out how to beat alone were G rank event Jhen Mohran and Alatreon. Every other non-event version of monsters were easily soloable. (Except maybe Event Abyssal Lagi, but that is only if you are a blademaster). Oh and really, Monster Hunter is a game that is a great challenge alone but if you play with two or more players it really just becomes a pretty easy "fun for all your friends" type of game.

As for why they didn't make MH4G immediately? This is capcom, they always make one version of a game and release an updated version later. It is still making Capcom money for games like Street Fighter and Monster Hunter. It is like DLC, release more content but instead of downloading it you just buy the next game. It may be expensive but I can think of quite a few games that leech your money more for extra content than what capcom does. Anything Shooter game related, a lot of western fighting games like Injustice, big name games too.

For some games you get a few maps, maybe a mini campaign. For Monster Hunter you get enough content to make a whole new game.



feelthesarcasm said:

I'm not really a fan of this kind of game, but how are people complaining about waiting for a game that is not even finished? It's not coming out in Japan until about October so how could you expect it earlier? This isn't the version of MH4 that came out last year.



Webby-sama said:

Just got back into MH3U recently after going overkill on it back when it came out. Now when I get burned out again I can cool down and get ready for the next installment instead. Gonna be great. Finally can find out if a battery in the circle pad pro can ever die.



Shambo said:

This is great news! Still playing 3u. MH3U will keep me busy untill then. Should they decide to make it for Wii U as well, with data transfer and local co-op, I'll grt both versions again, like I did with 3u. Even after playing the hell out of Tri.



Macarony64 said:

@PVTAngrybird the original 3g in Japan got released a whole year before the wiki version what capcom wants to do know is maximize the 3ds sale if 4g by releasing has close together has possible. Then later a wiki HD version could be better advertised hard such and increase sales has a better graphically game.



element187 said:

Will not buy this on 3DS... I purchased MH3U on both 3DS and Wii U. It was terrible on 3DS, even with a CPP.

I was hoping the Wii U would get MH Frontier, some reason it just sounds so much more appealing to me.



kereke12 said:




Will-75 said:

I'm tired of waiting and now to wait over a year for an already year old game KEEP IT ! , I see why Monster Hunter never found it's true audience in the west I don't know anyone with that kind of patience.



Jamester0722 said:

What are the odds this will come to WiiU? I will buy it regardless, but I would much rather play it on my TV than on a small handheld.



Zombie_Barioth said:

The existence of overpowered/broken gear doesn't automatically change the inherent difficulty of a game. Theres also the matter of player skill, of course you'd find MH3G easier after clearing the original.

This is still a rather challenging series, there are ways to lessen that challenge of course but the same could be said for just about any game. The newer generation is easier than past games though, mostly due to smoothing and refining the core mechanics of the series.

I agree about the way Capcom handles this series though, which sorta justifies it. The 'G' versions usually have enough new content for a whole game, so it'd be ridiculous to "just wait" and release one big game as some suggest. What they need to do is handle their other games with this much care.

The series is actually known for its...difficult controls. Does "the claw" grip mean anything too you? The PS2 games were actually far worse. The controls in MH3U were an experiment though, it was meant for MH4 so they might actually work much better there. They certainly haven't hurt sales anyway.

As for Frontier, I've heard its actually one of the low points of the series. Its stuck on the old engine, broken hit boxes and all, and has an almost pay 2 win setup. Paying for drop bonuses on already ridiculously low drop rates and that sort of thing. Its not even handled by the same team as the main series.

It sounds really interesting, but what we'd likely get would be an older version with minimal support. China is getting an official MMO using unreal 3 though, now that might be a different story.



Pokefanmum82 said:

@Will-75 it's not a year old game. monster hunter 4 ultimate isn't out in Japan until fall of this year and we have to wait until early the article again before you say that.



Anneke said:

I'm glad it releases in 2015 because I still haven't all dire miralis and alatreon weapons maxed!
The lobby is very crowded so loads of people still enjoy MH3U (especially since the holidays).
Great news! The WiiU version will be announced in a few months to keep everyone excited!



Luffymcduck said:

Great, now my friend doesn´t have to come to my house to play 3DS version online trough my WiiU.



mozzy1 said:

A year?? You have to be joking. MH games don't even have any text. How long can it possibly take to translate?



Zombie_Barioth said:

Well, for starters Japan doesn't actually get it until late this year. For the rest of the world they'll be translating the entire thing from scratch, since we haven't even gotten the original version.

As for MH "not having any text" I think your confusing "text" with story, cause theres actually plenty of the former. There will be eve more of the latter than past games have had too.

"Early 2015" is actually pretty good all things considered, especially since we've barely even had the last game for a year.



SubZer023 said:

Ahhh yeahhhh MH4 for the West 2015 im all good becuse with iron fall, moon,chronicle, SSB4 Coming this year and yoshis new island, and Bravely defaul . Im in heavenCX



mozzy1 said:

Early 2015 is still months behind the japan release. We've all seen "early 2015" on games that ended up releasing in april.

And I have no idea what you're talking about with the text. I don't think it would take more than a day to translate the amount of text in any single MH game (having played most of them).



Metal_Slugger said:

Sounds awesome just wish it was sooner. I will probably buy a 3ds just for this then sell it when it comes to the WiiU.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Ok, so you do have experience with the series. Wasn't sure if you meant "text" as in written story and dialog or not, some people see a game like MH with "no story" and just assume localization is effortless.

Localization is still more than just direct translations though, everything about a game needs to be translated from one culture to another, things that don't have an exact equal. Most of the games that made it took about 5-6 months, MH3 took 8, and MH3U took 1 year/3 months. At most MH4U should take 8 months, assuming it releases in Japan in September and April everywhere else. The releases have slowly been taking more time, and we have no idea how big the team is.

Its really not as bad as it sounds though, its just the timing of the announcement. Put it this way. Would you still be complaining if we already had MH4 by now? What about if the announcement didn't came until around summer?



DanielHPoetry said:

I've been waiting for this announcement. Awesome news, now I can get MH3U without feeling like it'll be a waist.



2Sang said:

Better late than never. I'll probably pick this up as the first in the series for me.



Genesaur said:

It's a lot like sex, except like, way better. No, but seriously, it is amazing and awesome... and also rad. The title really tells you exactly what the game is. You hunt monsters. It's super strategic. You're very much committed to your moves, so you have to play cautiously, defend and dodge, amidst all the slashing, stabbing, or shooting.

Playing the game really speaks for itself. These games are amazingly immersive in spite of being all Quest-based and such.



andreoni79 said:

"Can you please make a Wii U version please, we need it please to sell some more please..." shoul Iwata say to Capcom, please.



thatguyEZ said:

I'm fiiiiine with that wait, my 3DS backlog is awful and I'm picking up Bravely Default when it comes out. I need some time! ;D



King_Johobo said:

@Genesaur LOL when u put it that way there is no excuse to why i'm not playing this game right now! I was watching game play vids, looks pretty sick!



Rerun said:

Day 1 purchase for me. I hope they release a special MH4 3DS XL. My wife and I both love this game but she prefers playing on the Wii U vs the 3Ds so I hope that they release a Wii U version.



Hairmanban19 said:

OMG! Two awesome reasons to be excited:1, Epic new ways to fight monsters with climbing. 2, Online Multiplayer!!!



Haruki said:

its nice that thay bringing it to the west but ehh thay took long.Thats only bc thay dont have alot people in capcome working on the MH and long ago mh was put in u.s but you know it didnt go well.Alot of americans like them COD games thay think MH is just hack an slash and many people dont like games that take days to pass.Also when thay play one hit u look at your health and u lost almost half me i love that it brings my kendo feeling inside me. Try hard and learn the way it fights. But back then thats how it was With MH in u.s but now we have new kids and people into challenging games myb MH will be a hit in the U.S but dont rush them thay dont got alot working on MH. It probably y thay working with tencent and useing cry engine 3 now for MH Online i tryed the beta in japen omg it was nice but it is tencent thier some bad points. Only if thay have more help with MH to make it to other platforms like frontier G in japan its for xbox360, ps3 and the wii u. I heard talk about it comin to west side thats goin be fun new monsters for people in the west. If u only first played MH3U my my in MH3 monsters are not as big in the other MH so i just got to say it gets bigger. Oh make ur friend try MH get more people in to it an myb capcom will see MH is doin better in the West Japan eats MH its fun MMO game some times feel like ur in a anime. MH is hard first yea you will get ur ass beat but keep trying you will see how it fights you be able to kick its ass later like in MH3U zino people first see him an see him go all dragonball z thay think thay can never beat it in time u will. With me zino cant lay one hit on me and i love the Long sword. If u bring a friend to play it try help him in the start of the game bc MH dont got good help hints for the start bc in japan it was not need so much in MH games. People in japan are use to it but the west needs help. All i see is Cod point a gun an shoot and its the same gun humans and bombs i dont whant none of that real life crap its better to go with something new so yea thats all ima say wana let ya know why MH takes a long time to be in the west an y its not so good in the west. Why would capcom sell a game to a place with people who dont buy it. If i was in thier shoes id do the same id even ignore the west. You wont buy then i sell it in a place that will buy it so dont blame capcom blame the west side sorry but its true.



Haruki said:

But i am glad to see some MH fans in the west only if thier was more of ya :/ 1000, 4000 or even 6000 of west people is not alot the west has so much then just 6000 people. I wish the Mh fans start helping too in the west i dont need to do much i played all MH so far i have no problem its just the west.But that dont stop me from trying to help the west MH fans. I moved to the U.S some time ago to get people in to it i find people who never even known Mh Smosh showed it altho thay sucked badly an i was shamed of it but thay liked it.soon ima move back to japan its my home my life an friends i just wish people start to listen an actuly do something. pfft if Mh comes out with a virtual reality game ha bye bye im in that if first piont i love to use my body in a fighting game. Only if :/



guamguy said:

for everyone who is looking for a wii u version will probably not get one, because capcom said that they were trying to make a game better suited for the 3ds since mh3u wasn't as good as it could've been.

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