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Thu 9th Jan 2014

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Mchl496 commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

Why do people assume Nintendo screwed up in doing things the way they did them? They took figures that would of sold well and created a frenzied demand. You know why limited edition is a joke these days? Because there is nothing limited about them. I have a villager, a little mac and a diddy kong sitting with Zelda unopened. These 12.99 things now have value and are hunted for. Mario, Link, Fox and Samus sit on my desk opened and are not hard to find anywhere in stores. I know some of you wanted a whole set(I did too) or wanted your favorite non mainstream character but now instead of casually collecting... you are hunting. Not everyone will get one... now when you get one you'll think... hmm should I open it or leave it unopened.



Mchl496 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

People look at the gamepad too much like a tablet and not like a regular controller with a monitor built in. Do some games work without the additional monitor? Yes. Does having a second screen/item inventory add more to gameplay? Oh heck yes. Its not going to do for the Wii U what Wii remotes did for the Wii but it adds to the experience. In fast pace games having a map adds to the gameplay. Imagine being able to set way points with your fingers in a FPS. On a map you could draw directions or highlight things. What they need to do is get 2 gamepads working on a system. When we can stop with Asymmetrical gameplay and give interesting abilities to 2 people... you'll hear the gaming community start loving the gamepad integration.



Mchl496 commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

My problem with continuations with The Metroid Prime trilogy is because its dragging along 3 video games worth of backstory. Drop the Prime part and just do a new Metroid game. It can still be by retro, but move on to new ideas and new concepts. For the 3ds Dread was supposedly rumored for a long time, I think its Metroid Dead now. Lets not start with pumping HD remakes. First Super Mario Galaxy had a side by side comparison to the new super Mario(on ign) and was shown to still look good. So you aren't getting a giant boost in terms of quality. As a fan of the F zero genre... They could make a retail game for 40 bucks because those games do not need to have mega worlds that take up gigs of data. I don't want a remake because if it doesn't sell then that means Nintendo blew their F Zero load. Kid Icarus should get a more traditional platformer. The last game was interesting but it was Japanese video game eye porn more then anything else. I think they could make a kid Icarus game in the vein of a 3rd person Metroid. Starfox is a given that it needs to be brought back. Luigi's mansion could use a proper Wii U sequel but you don't need to dump Mario into the name. Mario can join in but keep him second fiddle.



Mchl496 commented on Next Level Games "Doing Only Nintendo Products...:

Nintendo needs to spend some of that money they have printed out from the wii and 3ds and buy some of these quality developers. If they have a history of making fun and quality games for you... lock them down. If you like it... put a ring on it.