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Thu 9th January, 2014

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Mchl496 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

People look at the gamepad too much like a tablet and not like a regular controller with a monitor built in. Do some games work without the additional monitor? Yes. Does having a second screen/item inventory add more to gameplay? Oh heck yes. Its not going to do for the Wii U what Wii remotes did for the Wii but it adds to the experience. In fast pace games having a map adds to the gameplay. Imagine being able to set way points with your fingers in a FPS. On a map you could draw directions or highlight things. What they need to do is get 2 gamepads working on a system. When we can stop with Asymmetrical gameplay and give interesting abilities to 2 people... you'll hear the gaming community start loving the gamepad integration.



Mchl496 commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

My problem with continuations with The Metroid Prime trilogy is because its dragging along 3 video games worth of backstory. Drop the Prime part and just do a new Metroid game. It can still be by retro, but move on to new ideas and new concepts. For the 3ds Dread was supposedly rumored for a long time, I think its Metroid Dead now. Lets not start with pumping HD remakes. First Super Mario Galaxy had a side by side comparison to the new super Mario(on ign) and was shown to still look good. So you aren't getting a giant boost in terms of quality. As a fan of the F zero genre... They could make a retail game for 40 bucks because those games do not need to have mega worlds that take up gigs of data. I don't want a remake because if it doesn't sell then that means Nintendo blew their F Zero load. Kid Icarus should get a more traditional platformer. The last game was interesting but it was Japanese video game eye porn more then anything else. I think they could make a kid Icarus game in the vein of a 3rd person Metroid. Starfox is a given that it needs to be brought back. Luigi's mansion could use a proper Wii U sequel but you don't need to dump Mario into the name. Mario can join in but keep him second fiddle.



Mchl496 commented on Next Level Games "Doing Only Nintendo Products...:

Nintendo needs to spend some of that money they have printed out from the wii and 3ds and buy some of these quality developers. If they have a history of making fun and quality games for you... lock them down. If you like it... put a ring on it.