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biglee commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

None of the above. The real question is, why is LoZ Twilight Princess not on the list? IMO Twilight Princess is in need of an HD remake far above any other (major) first party Wii title. I certainly wouldn't mind a TP and SS HD bundle though. I'd buy it in a heart beat. As for Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, they still look amazing just the way they are.



biglee commented on Weirdness: Super Mario Bros. Record For Lowest...:

This is very cool, but that jump at 4:00 is a total glitch. He missed the jump and was still able to hop out of the pit. How does that happen? Also, I totally forgot how quickly you can beat this game using the warps.



biglee commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Confirmed for the West:

Wii U version PLEASE! This game deserves to be on a big screen in 1080p HD with dual analog sticks, plus the customizable game pad screen is a really cool feature. Also, the Wii U version of MH3U has sold almost 500,000 clouds world wide, which is nothing to scoff at!



biglee commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

If lords of shadows 2 came to Wii u I would definitely buy it over the 360 version because I really feel castlevania should come back to the platform where it got its start. I also just got mirror of fate for Xmas and love it. I'm actually also playing through Lords of shadows on 360 right now and wow the game in gorgeous! Come on konami show some support to the company that got the franchise up and running. There is seriously no loyalty in the world anymore, it's all about money.



biglee commented on Video: This Dr. Luigi Trailer May Be The Perfe...:

I am totally addicted to playing this game online! It's amazing and well worth the $15, especially if you're a Dr. Mario fan like me. I can't wait for Nintendo to put out more online competitive multiplayer games like this. MK8 and SSB can't come soon enough!



biglee commented on Wii U "More Than Capable" Of Providing The Cor...:

As a few people have already stated, I really hope they have the smarts to utilize the balance board as the gas and brake pedals and turn the game pad screen into an interactive steering wheel with all the buttons, dials, etc.



biglee commented on Nintendo Picks Up 10 Nominations for Spike VGX...:

Where the hell is Wind Walker HD? It should at the very least be on the Best Nintendo Game list if not also the best RPG list! That is just WRONG! It's one of the best games I've ever played and it doesn't even get nominated for best Nintendo game?! The Wonderful 101 is cool and all, but I think we can all agree that WW HD is much better and Rayman Legends for best Nintendo game?! It's not even an exclusive! Someone really dropped the ball on that one!

Anyway, I'm really hoping that Super Mario 3D World ends up being worthy of its best game nomination! I can't wait to see how the final product came out this Friday!



biglee commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo Has Unfinished Business Wit...:

I loved Mario galaxy and can't wait to play 2, but I really hope the next 3D Mario game is a true successor to Super Mario 64 and takes place in the mushroom kingdom. And if that doesn't happen i at least hope we get an HD remastered version of Mario 64 with some bonus worlds and new features.



biglee commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Bowling (Wii U eShop):

Oh and two other things I really feel Nintendo should add is in game chat when playing with people on your friends list - I can video chat with friends out of game but can't voice chat with them while playing a game with them online? That makes no sense! And the other thing they should do is allow us to view the entire score board on the game pad during the game. I think these features would make bowling feel more complete and like more of an upgraded version.



biglee commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Bowling (Wii U eShop):

My one huge complaint about this game is that two people on the same console can't join an online game together. I totally pictured having online bowling double dates when downloading this game, but was extremely disappointed to find that I couldn't pull my wife into an online game with me. It makes even less sense that they'd leave this feature out of bowling since it's possible in tennis. I really hope Nintendo catches wind of this oversight and issues an update to fix this! Other than that I am totally loving Wii bowling again and competing with other Wii U owners online. Can't wait for my other favorite sport, golf.



biglee commented on Nintendo Confirms The Legend of Zelda: A Link ...:

I think it's an awesome design! Classy and subtle, but still gets the point across. Much nicer than the Luigi louis vuitton design which looks more like a women's purse than a video game console. I might pick up one of these just to have as a collector's item, but will have to see how the funds look next month.



biglee commented on Nintendo Download: 24th October (North America):

You would think that Nintendo would see the Virtual Console as a money maker, but with games like baseball and pinball they are wasting their time. Where's A link to the past and Super Mario Bros 3 and the N64 games that we've all been begging for. Though now with the rumored "Reumagined" HD N64 games possiby coming out I wonder if the big N64 games (When they finally do hit the VC) will sell as well.



biglee commented on This Is How Much Space Super Mario 3D World Wi...:

@X-Factor Sorry! But at least now it sounds like you're as excited as I am! We officially have less than a month, and now I know how I'll be spending my thanksgiving weekend! Still the one thing I'm disappointed about is no online multiplayer. I really think Nintendo dropped the ball in that respect, but I'm sure it will be great regardless. Lol, and I did the same exact thing - didn't realize the Japanese trailer was on here because i didn't scroll down enough.



biglee commented on Wii Sports Club Marketing Steps Up in Japan:

I am really excited for this, and I can't wait to play bowling and golf online, but I agree with all of you that this should at the VERY LEAST have "U" in the title. Maybe something like "Wii U Sports Club Online HD". I know that's a mouthful, but at least it gets all of the major selling points across and lets people know that it's actually for the Wii U!



biglee commented on TT Games Reveals Some New Characters in LEGO M...:

This will be my very first Lego game and I am super excited for it. I have to be honest though, I'm hoping a very similar game is released in the future, not in the Lego style, but in a much more realistic art style. The Lego style isn't really my cup of tea, but I really want this game because it's Marvel and I love how many different characters you can choose from.



biglee commented on Out Today: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker...:

Can't wait to have my limited edition with ganandorf figure in hand. I might even get a second hard copy for myself, so I can keep my LE one sealed up (I'm a bit of a collector) In the mean time, I'll be finishing up Ocarina of Time 3D



biglee commented on Feature: Hiroshi Yamauchi - The Man Who Made N...:

What a great article/biography of a successful businessman who luckily (for all of us) set his sights on making money by creating amazing video games. RIP Mr. Yamauchi and thank you for all the fond childhood (and adult) memories you've helped me to create. Long live Nintendo!



biglee commented on Nintendo Download: 19th September (North America):

Waiting for my limited edition WW HD with Ganandorf figure on October 4th. Plus I still have to beat Ocarina of Time 3D before then. Most likely SMB for me this week. The question is when are the N64 Virtual Console games coming?!?



biglee commented on Video: Want To See Just How Much Better Zelda:...:

I'm kind of glad I waited this long to catch up on the Zelda series. I'm playing Ocarina of Time all the way through for the first time on my 3DS XL and pretty soon I'll get to play Wind Waker for the first time in HD on my Wii U! Now I'm just waiting for Nintendo to announce Majora's Mask 3D!



biglee commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Reportedly Hints at Pikmin 3 DLC:

I would gladly welcome DLC if Nintendo released an update for online multiplayer. If I could play online with friends then purchasing new maps, co-op missions and bingo cards would be a no brainer! Come on Nintendo, please get with the times completely. If you're thinking DLC, you should also be thinking ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!



biglee commented on Feature: A Virtual Tour of Pilotwings 64:

Hi everyone! I just registered for Nintendo life and this is my first post. Pilot Wings 64 might very well be one of my favorite N64 games of all time and I have missed the series a lot. I really hope they come out with a brand new HD version for Wii U where you can use the gamepad screen and gyroscope as a first person view while flying! In the mean time I am considering Resort for 3DS. @ squashie, is it really worth getting?