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Marty Reminds 3DS Users What Not To Do On Miiverse

Posted by Liam Doolan

Now be responsible!

Nintendo of Europe's Marty has issued a new announcement via Miiverse regarding Code of Conduct and the sharing of Friend Codes on the 3DS and Wii U social network service.

This timely reminder slots in with the recent Miiverse update for the 3DS, and has likely been issued to inform first-time Nintendo Network ID users about the dos and don'ts of the service.

Over to Marty:

Since 10th December, it's been possible to access Miiverse from Nintendo 3DS systems, so I'd like to remind you about these two important rules:

  • Do not post your own Nintendo 3DS system's friend code to Miiverse
  • Do not ask people who you do not know to tell you their friend codes

Becoming friends with strangers may lead to trouble. These rules are designed to help you avoid such trouble, so please make sure that you follow them.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to remind you that the rules for Miiverse are not limited to the exchange of friend codes. Repeated violations of the Miiverse Code of Conduct may lead to restrictions on your Nintendo Network ID, such as your ability to post to Miiverse or your use of some other services.

To make Miiverse a happy and fun place for everyone, we ask that you read the Miiverse Code of Conduct thoroughly and follow the rules it explains. On the Wii U, you can find the Miiverse Code of Conduct under the Settings/Other option in the User Menu, and on Nintendo 3DS you can find it in the User Menu.

Don't worry though, you can continue to post Mario Kart 7 community codes and Animal Crossing dream addresses as you have been doing already. We hope that you have fun using Miiverse safely! That's all for now!

So, have you been a role model user since the release of Miiverse on the 3DS? Let us know in the comments.


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User Comments (121)



Simmer_E said:

Well maybe Nintendo should give us full Miiverse with our NNID and the ability to send friend request. Then we wouldn't have to post our friend codes lol



Savino said:

I dont even understand the point of miiverse! Looks like a social network for babies! You cant do nothing, talk about nothing... Reminds me my time in Beijing where everything I did was watched by police eyes!

I am glad I can post game pictures on facebook and others real social networks!



Einherjar said:

Nintendo - Beeing the laughing stock for taking child safety very seriously.
I love it that people often complain that services like Microsofts LIVE are full of misbehaving children running amok but when a company takes that matter very seriously, its gets hated and blamed from the very same people.
Its all or nothing: Either you have a safe, sane and clean enviroment or you have everyone go maverick.
Having a full freindlist on other systems never brought me any benefit than having "XYZ is online" messeges pop up constantly that i mostly dont care about. ANd if i know these persons better or were actually friends, we have other means to get in touch.
That may be totally based on personal taste and opinion, but i really like nintendos more sane networks a lot more.



cmk8 said:

I was naughty and put my Twitter handle (@cmk8) on my description and was told my account was restricted and I should message Nintendo when I'd removed it to remove the restrictions. I haven't bothered.
I do think Nintendo are far too draconian on these things.



MAB said:

I can say it only takes about 10 seconds for them to remove a post with 'Da Fuq' written in it... But I freely had a chat with a chick about smokin' the budha after a humorous post about lovin' the green herb on the Resident Evil Revelations board



DarkNinja9 said:

i still think its the most stupid rule they have since you still have to confirm the add by also adding the other person which then becomes your fault -_- but then again if its such a tedious thing then why hasnt there been a different method already jeez >.> but weird enough if you tried to go to the miiverse announcement it wouldnt load seems they didnt want ppl to comment more on their



Ichiban said:

Ive had posts deleted, very tame ones too. Then pics of characters farting fire on zombies and cartoons of people getting punched in the bollocks are ok lol



Emblem said:

@Einherjar I think thats because the foul mouth, homophobic, immature 10-20 year olds that run rampant on X-box live (PSN to a lesser extent) have become the status quo. Says alot about the video game community when even non gamers have a are familiar with how notorious they are.

If someones kid got harmed via Miiverse the gaming community would be the first to blame Nintendo for not being strict enough, smh.



WiiLovePeace said:

Not being able to have Miiverse friends on 3DS when you can on Wii U is completely backwards & just doesn't make sense.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Miiverse seems kinda restricted lately. Same with Swapnote. But, I guess it's better than a buncha foul-mouthed kiddies calling each other n00bs (or in my case on here, much much worse).

And how does the saying go? "How are you supposed to make friends if you don't talk to strangers?"



Interneto said:

I have a doubt about the Miiverse:
If I post something while using an european 3DS does the rest of the world see what I wrote?



Xjarnold said:

To be honest reports like these have stopped me from creating a Nintendo I'd and/or miiverse everyone is getting removed or restricted by what appears to be trivial things



daveh30 said:

@WiiLovePeace the service just launched on 3ds... give it time. Miiverse has evolved greatly on Wii U since launch, with new features and updates all the time. Have some patience.



WiiLovePeace said:

@daveh30 don't worry I'm totally patient, I don't even have a NNID tied to my 3DS XL haha. Hence I can't even post to Miiverse via my 3DS.



Einherjar said:

@Emblem Exactly. But its supposedly fun to just "hate" something. I mean its convenient when your world just consists of yourself. And if things like a network arent catered towards YOUR specific needs, its a bad thing.
Not caring companies and parents are to blame for what this generation and especially its kids have become. So im all for a company that finally takes these things seriously, even though it might be restrictiv for a certain amount of people. Like i said, its all or none. If you would make different labels for people (fully unlocked adults, slightly restricted under 18s, restricted kids) people would abuse this system and / or complain about unequality.



MrGawain said:

I don't understand why people are so down on Miiverse at the moment. It isn't a social media site like fb or twitter. It's for making remarks, jokes, drawing pictures, giving hints, and asking for help about NINTENDO GAMES. And it does what it sets out to do great.

Nintendo wants the kids on there to be safe, and everyone to be happy. Plus is it right you make friend with random strangers from the ages of 7 to 70? Friend lists are for people you know in the real world who you want to tell about what's happening in the game your playing. If you want to talk about who your favourite Power Ranger or accuse people of sexual deviancy get a craigslist account instead.



DarkSplatoonLink said:

@Interneto Depends on which community you post in. You should see a dropdown menu where you can choose between 'Europe & Oceania' (default for you and I), 'Americas' and 'Japan.' Some communities are shared across regions though.



dizzy_boy said:

Makes me laugh that you can send friend invites to random wiiu owners, yet you can't make friends with your 3DS. And with the 3DS now not having any means of proper communication, this seems to be a bit of an odd move.



xDeltasLight said:

I don't mind the rules. I have Facebook and G+ for my social needs. MiiVerse is strictly for sharing information about games.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I honestly never understood users who are constantly complaining about admins yet when I see their profiles on Miiverse it's painfully obvious why they've constantly run into trouble with them! I use Miiverse for exactly what it's supposed to be for, and I have a hilariously great and fun time and never had any issues with the admins!



Kyloctopus said:

Engaging Cranky Mode
To those complaining
You agreed to the Miiverse Code of Conduct, in which it said Friend Codes are not allowed to be posted
If you had a problem, you should have mentioned it before Marty reminded us.



MadAdam81 said:

I'm getting my two older kids a 2DS and 3DS for Christmas - I don't want random strangers harassing them. Kudos to Nintendo for making a safe online environment for kids - something that's impossible to find.
Considering how many people - kids and adults alike - have been assaulted or killed by someone they met online (particularly FB), if anything bad happened through a Nintendo 3DS service, parents would stop buying them or getting rid of the one a kid already has, and would seriously damaged hardware and software sales as well as Nintendos safe family image forever.



Mk_II said:

@MadAdam81 Exactly right. That kid-friendly reputation could be gone in a flash and Nintendo is very wise to guard it quite strictly.



TristanRW said:

@CountEkkiM You click follow and follow their posts and ask them to do the same. Thats the only I can think of and its not a bad method either.



TheSonicdude97 said:

@cmk8 Same happened to me for posting my username/URL for for Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Jeez, I wasn't forcing anybody to go there.



ScorpionMG said:

so basically this is the same miiverse that is used on the web/mobile version, just this time is on 3ds.. Well at least the wii u version is the best 8-)



Olaf-symbiote said:

@Einherjar I've been reading your posts in many articles for a good while now and it seems to me that you're ALWAYS defending Nintendo, regardless of what they do. Tell me, do you really believe in what you say in your comments, or are you defending Nintendo simply because you're a fan? I don't want to be rude, but seeing so many posts where you're always like "Nintendo can do no wrong, you people just don't understand this company! " is getting old fast.

Surely, even you must admit that Nintendo has not always made perfect choices and not everything about the Big N is positive.

Please watch the insults — TBD



Mr_Nose said:

@Olaf-symbiote Maybe he sees the logic, or the positives, while others spin everthing into a negative. If you're so dissatisfied with Nintendo, there are other choices, you know?

I should also point out that Nintendo is giving 3DS users a glimpse into what is a very cool application on the Wii U. Did you not expect a dumbned down version? If you want the full effect, consider upgrading. BOW!



Marshi said:

@cmk8 you have no idea. Some psycho girl false reported me for "inapropriate behaviour" however rather than look at my acount to see if thats true nintendo just straight up banned my entire wiiu system from miiverse! Not even my wife or son can get on anymore. Nintendo are a joke over things like this



Doctor_Pancakes said:

This sucks for the Pokémon section... how am i supposed to ask for a good trade and get it with out an ID exchange? Guess Gamefaqs is still the best place even though it shouldn't be...



Detective_TeeJay said:

I exchanged friend codes with someone online so they could have a neighbor who was moving out of my town in Animal Crossing. The first thing I thought of when I saw he was moving was "Omg miiverse was MADE for this!" In truth in the heat if the excitement I completely forgot about that rule. So needless to say after we exchanged codes, I received a reprimend...I clicked "I understand" like a good boy and haven't gotten into any more trouble since.

It's just really annoying that you can't do some of these things because of this rule.



element187 said:

@Olaf-symbiote some of us just understand the business reasoning behind their decisions that you can't seem to understand apparently, for all these "baffling" decisions that you claim are mistakes there is a solid business reasoning. Region locking? It's to control the content ratings in each region. Nintendo strives for certain franchises to remain "E for everyone" with the ESRB because the largest chunk of their market is parents buying for their kids. Those ESRB ratings that you completely ignore help parents decide on the content to purchase for their children. It's understandable that Nintendo would take it seriously instead of listening to tiny itty bitty minority of their customers that dont care for region lock (like me, but I realize I'm in the minority)

How about assigning Retro to make a donkey kong game as their first title. People are complaining that Nintendo doesn't know what they are doing. I contend they know exactly what they are doing. Last Metroid sold 500k copies, the last donkey long game sold 5 million..... I would refer a Metroid game from retro than a donkey kong game, but there is a solid business decision behind that.

Miiverse's strict code of conduct has a rock solid business reasoning for it...That family friendly reputation that Nintendo has and strives to hold is a huge money maker. When parents of kids ages 6 to 13 want to buy a video game system for their kids for Christmas. Which company do you suppose parents look to first? They know Nintendo will offer wholesome fun. You might not like that personally but it's the largest segment of Nintendo's market, so it's understandable that Nintendo would go above and beyond to protect that market share at the behest of all the vocal minority of their customers that want to swear, make drug references and draw a penis on Miiverse.

I don't like the communication restrictions in Wii Sports Club. I think it would be an amazing app to have voice chat and to have a few beers while having fun with other adults, and even some trash talking, but to continue to protect that family friendly image they can't have parents hearing their kids' video game system swearing when playing online. So while I don't like the rules/restrictions, it makes perfect sense why they are there. If you want a more adult experience, there is two more companies that cater to the more immature impulses.

Steambox will probably the only system to own if you want to deal with mostly adults with adult themes without the immaturity that PSN and XBL is swarmed with.

Nintendo is in this business to make money first and foremost, and that drives a lot of those decisions

@Einherjar just pinging you.



Gerbwmu said:

@Einherjar - I tend to agree with your thoughts. I don't know of that makes me old...or what...but I prefer gaming with people in the same room and I find no joy in swearing at or being sworn at by random people while I play Mario Kart. Let me play with people online and give me a way to start a game with my friends because sometimes its fun to have a non AI opponent but I don't want or need to see or talk to them. If I do.....I'll call them and talk on phone while I play.



ultraraichu said:

With so many people willing to blame and sue Nintendo for so many little things and the internet being a harsh place as we can some times tell, I can understand legally why they will do it.

It would be nice if they had the add friend feature similar to the Wii U but with more obstacles and agreements to navigate through to enable it. Just to make it so not just anyone can use it "unknowingly" with strange people.



TromaDogg said:

It makes no sense that friend code sharing is banned on 3DS Miiverse, but on Wii U Miiverse you can just click on any username and immediately send them a direct friend request.

Why exactly does Nintendo openly allow strangers to make friends on Wii U but not 3DS?

Oh, and I've had posts 'spoiler' tagged for the most stupid of reasons. I was told off and 'spoiler' tagged because I told people on the Mighty Switch Force HD community that there were a whole load of extra levels that the 3DS didn't have (I was trying to help someone who already had the 3DS version decide whether to get it on Wii U or not). This isn't private information, WayForward have mentioned it themselves, along with just about every review I've ever seen of Mighty Switch Force HD.

A friend of mine very recently had a post 'spoiler' tagged in the Animal Crossing community because he talked about a Piggy Bank ornament he has in his house that you can put Bells into, but not get them back.



WesCash said:

"Becoming friends with strangers may lead to trouble."

Quote of the year. I'll put that on my tombstone.



Aryon said:

Yet, you can add perfect strangers just after a fight in Pokémon, right?



idork99 said:

I was wondering why post were being blocked. Now I know why. I guess I'll put out a community code instead and see if people are willing to participate.

Mario Kart anyone?



KillerGBH said:

haha what a joke , if u dont want us to give our 3ds friend code to strangers then why u do a Pokemon X/Y end game based on the number of friends u got.



allav866 said:

NoA's Tom gave us pretty much the same message here in America. On a side note, his Mii is being distributed at Nintendo Zone locations, in celebration of StreetPass Weekend.



TheGZeus said:

I understand your feelings, but the only situation in which I'm actually comfortable with random swearing is with my friends. That's something that hasn't changed as I've headed further into my 30s.



TheGZeus said:

Here's my theory:
Nintendo had no way to "friend" people on the 3DS. Just plain no ecosystem for it. No central hub, however you wanna phrase it. Short-sighted, icq-level planning. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that system "Oh, ICQ. I'm not going to be using this." Just purpose-built for spam et al.
People decided that they wanted more 'friends' to exchange data and play with. Understandable.
They started posting their codes publicly. headdesk Yeah! Just hand out your phone number! Post it on a bulletin board in a coffee shop!
BIG SURPRISE. These numbers got abused. Notably in SwapNote, where people either sent obscene images/messages to children, enticed them to do so themselves, or both. The details weren't revealed, and frankly I'd prefer to not know the details.
Nintendo killed swapnote spotpass.
When they introduced miiverse they either rushed it so they could replace some of the chat/picture functionality of SwapNote, or they purposefully didn't add the ability to 'friend' people, at least until the heat from the above dies down.



TheGZeus said:

The idea of FRIEND codes is that you give them to your FRIENDS.
Then your FRIENDS use the FRIEND code to play games with you.

Pokemon?... Never understood the appeal, personally. In part due to the fact that it's tedious to collect them alone.
So I understand why you'd want to just exchange pokemon with everyone possible, but that's just
A: not how it works. Live with it. Sometimes games take work, and meeting people can be work. There's probably a Pokemon/3DS meet-up in your area.



Aryon said:

@TheGZeus, wrt Pokémon, it has a feature that enables you to catch more Pokémon (with higher stats and special abilities, by the way) based on the friends you have. So, the more friends, the more Pokémon.
Also, it has a feature to defy or exchange with random players, and to add such a player as a friend as soon as the combat/exchange ends.



KillerGBH said:

@TheGZeus u need a lot of friend in pokemon Sarari if u wanna farm the best. on over 100 friend only two of them was dragon type . so what ur point on that? i guess u never finished pokemon X/Y to speak like that



Gerbwmu said:

@TheGZeus - I too enjoy random swearing with friends...especially after a drink or 5.....and a random curse after a stupid gaming decision wouldn't bother me much.....but what is said during most online gaming is well beyond what I want to hear....especially from random "gamers"



TheGZeus said:

Interesting. Probably not my thing, but I can see how that'd be fun.
Frankly, I was always a bit confused by Pokemon in the past. "I guess that sounds fun..." summing up my feelings.
But with X/Y I think "yeah, that does sound fun... not for me, but yeah!"



uhhhhhhhh said:




TheGZeus said:

Never finished any Pokemon game.
Tried to play Ruby a few years back, didn't understand the game, so I asked about it. The plot, gameplay, story, and goal weren't for me, so I stopped.
I should find my copy of Ruby and trade it for something...



Nintendo-64 said:

The problem is that some child molesters used swapnote to get in contact with children and ask for pictures with sexual content. If i remember it right there were even some of them captured by the police in japan.

It is a very difficult situation,at the moment they cant do good or bad because every move they make in this case is wrong for one side or another.

The outrage would be enormous if children really get raped because of Nintendos own services.



IceClimbers said:

Nintendo should set up a place on Miiverse that is restricted to older gamers specifically for exchanging friend codes. On Pokemon X/Y, the Friend Safari feature works depending on how many friend codes you have. Also, in the PSS when you trade/battle with a passerby or Wonder Trade with a random person, they will be added to your acquaintances list. Battle/trade with them again and the game asks you if you want to register them as a friend on your 3DS. Contradictory, much?



sinalefa said:

If people want to give their friend codes to strangers, they can do so, just don't do it on Miiverse. Their system, their rules. There are forums on the internet where you can do that if you are so inclined.



Sir_Deadly said:

@Savino To be quite honest, its a silly version of the Wii U miiverse. Much better and they didnt give the exact same features as wii u.



Sir_Deadly said:

I really dont understand this considering if u play online or talk to others in miiverse your talkin to strangers either way. They really jus made themselves look stupid on this one.



JaxonH said:

I had one of my posts from Wonderful 101 on Wii U flagged as a spoiler, when it was just a screenshot. Straight garbage if you ask me. It wasn't anything that spoiled anything, just a shot of Vorken with his thumb extended downward.

Second incident was recently, although the post was a few months old. Had my comment removed by admin due to "posting a comment of harrassing or bullying nature". I had commented "Observe this new breed, the Miiverse troll, in its natural habitat". But I only posted it because this guy was blatantly mocking and teasing Wii U for not having Skyrim. I felt he was the one heckling the general community. Perhaps I should have bit my tongue though.

In any case, I've learned my lesson. Don't post ANYTHING even REMOTELY close to being deemed inappropriate. As for screenshots, I still post without ticking the "Spoiler" box. I mean, I could understand ruining the end of a game's plot or some twist in a storyline, but there's a line to be drawn. What's the fun of posting screenshots if they're all hidden as spoilers? I think some people are just spoiled, sensitive brats, whining and reporting everything they see.



Einherjar said:

@Olaf-symbiote Sorry for the late reply. Firt off, im not thinking that nintendo can do no wrong. They have made a lot of unfortunate decisions. Also, im not defending the company per se, im mostly just stating my opinion of the matter. The reason why i sound like im defending nintendo everytime is simply because im perfectly fine with what im given. To not roll up every discussion lately i stay on topic: I personally dont think that an unauthored, unrestricted message board is a good thing especially with a large younger user demographic. Also, i dont see it beeing a problem that the friendlist functions on the 3DS MiiVerse are (momentarily ?) not implemented.
The reason is, that most people that complain about the lack of such feature are regularly using things like facebook and other online communitys. There are plenty of ways to exchange your friendcodes if you so choose.
And i can also see the reasoning from the companys point of view: A younger user might not have his own TV, so hes using the WiiU in the living room, which gives parents a lot more insight in his doings and controll over it. You dont have that with a portable device, they might take it to school or to a friend and parents have no controll over it.
Why i dont find it restrictive ? Simple, because i have enough other means of exchanging my code, i dont need to do it over the system, im not dependent on it. Thats why im defending nintendos standpoint, because i see the reason behind it and dont freak out about such an inability. i just look for other ways around it. And i still have a lot of fun with both systems. I just dont freak out about stuff like that.

@element187 Pretty much nailed everything on the head Exactly what im saying. They have a huge demographic of younger users, mainly for the reason that many parents today grew up with nintendo themselfes. And nintendo stays true to their family friendly image. Personally, i love the fact that they take such a thing very seriously because we simply dont need anymore spoiled children out there. It hurts hearing children (maybe 7-10 years old) talk about their recent GTA V adventures of banging hookers and killing them afterwards or starting a mass murder.
Im against total sheltering your kids, dont get me wrong, keeping anything evil away from them makes life much more harder for them later, but you as a parent should at least have an eye on the things your kid does with its freetime.

@Gerbwmu I dont think that it has anything to do with beeing "old" Im 25 and pretty much think the same way. Sure, an occasional quick online match with a couple of strangers is nice, but like you said, i dont need to talk to them. If i play an online match against friend, we most often make a skype call and talk over that instead of using the console for that. There are so many ways around these "restrictions" but no one seems to care because simply hating is so much easier. In the day and age of pretty much everyone having a PC or something equivalent, a smartphone or tablet and whatnot, you cant tell me that any form of comunication is out of the way. And a quicl post in a forum like NLs will net you enough friendcodes to max out your friendlist anyways if you so wish. People should just learn to calm down, take things rationally and have to get it in their head that because everyone is doing something in a certain way isnt necessaryly the right / best / optimal / only way to do it.



Olaf-symbiote said:

@Einherjar Ok, thanks for the reply. I understand your view on these matters much better now. I don't agree with everything you say, but I see you have valid arguments to back up your views.



JaxonH said:

Or maybe, if you give them a few months to update the rest of the 3DS Miiverse features we won't need to have this discussion. This was a MAJOR update to the 3DS online infrastructure. This didn't come at launch as with the Wii U. At least they got the basic Miiverse in and working. If you recall, Wii U Miiverse was fairly limited at launch compared to what it is now.

People need to learn patience, and give it a little time. All good things come in time. I would have been surprised, no, I would have been AMAZED if Nintendo was able to overhaul the Friend Code system with this first Miiverse update.



Einherjar said:

@Olaf-symbiote I cant deny that my thinking patterns contain a little bit of fanboyism But not in a "Nintendo is the king of the world" kinda way, more in a way that i simply like the way they handle things out of personal taste. And youre always gonna root for the things you like. But i guess thats only natural.
But with this topic, i can simply understand its reasoning and can perfectly live with the "consequences". Like i said, i simply look for a workaround and continue enjoy my game.

@JaxonH If people freak out about things like that so easily, i guess it will take even more time to get things up and running. If youre working for a fanbase, that simply bashes pretty much everything you do, it gets you thinking if its even worth putting so much effort into it.
It could also go the way the PSP has gone. People made fun of how sony managed that system, the hacking scene went out of controll and what was the consequence ? The system got pretty much abandoned. System updated mainly consisted of minor exploit fixes or driver updates to unlock the CPU speed for newer games.
Nintendo also could go that way. Simply dont evolve this system any further because no one will be satisfied anyways.
Although that is the absolute "worst case scenario" an uproar of "we want everything from the start and that already yesterday" can lead to something like that.



Kirbybrawl said:

So whats the point of having mario kart on miiverse? If i see people that are really good why can't i be friends with them?



OdnetninAges said:

Don't you GET IT?!? Friend Requests are the "killer app" that's exclusive to Wii U! That's why it's not in the 3DS version. If you have the Wii U, you could easily PM 3DS FCs to your Wii U friends, and not get in trouble. They're an "exclusive feature", if you will.

That still doesn't make it right, though. As of right now, I've added a bunch of people I've meet at gaming conventions to my 3DS friend list, and I can't contact them at all. :/



unrandomsam said:

Miiverse is a waste of time and effort (Especially with 1st party games constantly delayed.)
People who want this sort of thing can use Haribo Hotel etc.



Megumi said:

Just saw some of the comments on Miiverse about this....horrid. And some of them are just "WTF?"
"Most of us paying customers are adults." lolwut?"



bngrybt said:

My seven year old sun drew a picture of a butt taking a poop on the Animal Crossing community. It was pulled.



scrubbyscum999 said:

kids are going to ignore this and do it anyway. It's going to be a mess trying to control these pokemon players. watch.



Chris720 said:

So what? Nintendo is keeping their community safe. If you really want to add a stranger on the internet there are millions of ways of doing it. You can do whatever you want, just don't share it on Miiverse. What's the problem?



Einherjar said:

@Chris720 Seems like complaining is much much easier than prooving that the whole system can be used commendable. Swapnote was killed because it was abused, and such things happen if you give people the room to do it.
If this outrage continues, the MiiVerse will only continue to be more and more restrictive instead of opening up.
And i as a company wouldnt trust a user base of "adults" that rather whine and moan about these restrictions instead of making the best out of it and proove that such incidents are the exception and by no means the rule.



Sinister said:

Nintendo still does not understand the internet.
People want to add friends in social networks. It is not rocket sience.



KeatonTS said:

I visited Marly's post and i saw a TON of "This comment has been deleted" posts. the 3DS community is gonna screw itself up...Good thing I have a Wii U. People are abusing their NNID and when they realize they've been restricted from using NNID services (Including eShop) they aren't gonna know what hit them. and try to erase their ID to created a new one, accidentally Wiping their 3DS system completely.



Gioku said:

...I've never had any trouble caused by adding strangers as 3DS friends... I've actually met some pretty cool people (from this site) doing that.



DarkKirby said:

Nintendo "Social Network"

Be careful not to actually play video games together!

Wake the heck up Nintendo. Stop treating EVERYONE like freaking children. People want to trade friend codes, they do it on ANY non Nintendo controlled forum, and sometimes even on Nintendo controlled forums. And the 3DS has an internet browser, in case you forgot. Friend Codes are stupid, get rid of them, and put restriction OPTIONS in the parental controls.

Besides that, you are a freaking hypocrite. You put Friend Safari in Pokemon X/Y, putting people literally at a competitive disadvantage if you don't have as many friend codes as possible, than tell people not to trade Friend Codes with strangers?



Galenmereth said:

@DarkKirby Amen. But you know, since parents want corporations to raise their children for them, the rest of us should just take it and stop complaining.

Or, you know, we could just jump ship and get other consoles that let us have some say in how we're allowed to interact with others. I must say the idea is starting to sound tempting these days.



KnightRider666 said:

@CountEkkiM: I hear you. I will most likely never use miiverse as it's way too restricted, like an online dating service who lets you look at profiles, but not allow you to make contact with anybody. Pointless in my opinion.



Marre35 said:

Nintendo. You. Can't. Control. People. On the Internet. Come on!

I don't even understand why they're trying. Its not gonna work. I'm liking Miiverse on my 3DS, I don't want to loose it too as what happened to Letterbox earlier.



Aryon said:

@Einherjar because complaining about stupid restrictions is going to prove them right? Because not agreeing with them is an abuse, right? On the other hand, silently agree, and they'll go out of their way to lift the restrictions you've implicitly agreed with?
Anyway, I'm not that annoyed with the non-NNID sharing clause (but it's in complete contradiction with how Pokémon X/Y encourages you to befriend strangers and let you do so), I'm more annoyed about the shutdown of a service (Swapnote) without any prior notice, the absence of private messaging on 3DS, and the insane restrictions that come with the whole NNID thing (only one 3DS, only way to dissociate is to transfer, or delete the whole NNID, bound to one region, etc) which are more a regression than anything else.



Kisame83 said:

This method annoys me, as an adult, I have a small handful of online friends I met on Xbox Live. Two of whom are actually involved in a website and podcast a few of my IRL friends run, and a few others I play with as often as my best friend (and often with). I met most of them while playing Left 4 Dead or it's sequel. It's easy to point to the insanity of the CoD and Halo multiplayer crowds, but not everyone on Xbox Live is like that and not every game caters to them.

In contrast, I have a couple of acquaintances on Pokemon Y that I've traded with, battled with, shared O-Powers consistently, etc. If this where either competitor system, we likely would exchange friend invites, maybe see if we share other mutual gaming interests. Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, maybe upcoming Smash? Hey do you have a Wii U? Etc.

Sure, the argument goes "but the children." My counter-argument is this. The children seem to largely be JUST FINE elsewhere, if my kid can play Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, Little Big Planet, Playstation All Stars, etc on our Vita without harm and a more robust network and friend feature set...should I be concerned that apparently playing Mario Kart, Mario, and Smash Bros will apparently bring pedophiles in droves?

Maybe the reason people take to forums adding random strangers is because Big Brother Nintendo won't let them befriend the people they actually PLAY with. Wouldn't that be safer?



Tycalibre said:

As a parent myself I can understand the differing policies on WiiU/3DS. The WiiU is in the living room, it doesn't get used by the youngsters without supervision of some level.

Handhelds however, get used in a much more private manner, in their rooms, or out of the house altogether. After spending a year interacting with the excellent WiiU Miiverse community, I was a bit disappointed by the immaturity of some members of the 3DS community over Marty's post.

As a long time gamer (ZX spectrum onwards) it's a bit scary to see this negative impact of the internet, a small minority of gamers seem to be trapped in a bubble with this delusion that they are the foundation of the whole market and somehow have the right to dictate business practices as customers rather than just enjoying the products they're offered.



Einherjar said:

@Aryon Many good points there. The main thing here is, that the 3DS wasnt made with the NNID in mind. Its an externel concept that was much much later added to the firmware while the WiiU used it nativly as a transferable user profile. When it comes to the 3DS, my best guess of who the culprit for these archaic restrictions is would be the native firmware structure:

  • Data copy protected not through direct encryption, but through it beeing bound to the internal system ID
  • No real system profile / ID system. The whole system acted as the user profile.
  • eShop purchases connected to and remembered by the club nintendo account, not the NNID.
  • Friendlist is native to the system firmware, other than the WiiUs MiiVerse network based list. Alos, it operates on a different code approval system, not on a "click and click" basis.
    All these differences not in software or hardware, but in the OS handling things differently by default can make such an implementation pretty difficult, especially when your fans except it to be a carbon copy of the MiiVerse from a system that got developed around it.

@Kisame83 When people meet on forums to exchange their codes, nintendo is basicly out of the legal picture. They have made their precautions regarding the kids, if they use a workaround to it, its not nintendos fault,And this is, in my opinion, a good thing. If your kid is ready to use the internet and is able to operate forums to look for play buddys than thats perfectly fine. Also, meeting people on a forum is a different thing than adding unknown profiles within a console network. On a forum, you have a better clue of how this person is through his posts, maybe a karma meter, more elaborate profiles etc. Nintendo could have also easily killed this workaround by getting rid of the friend code system and restricting friend list additions only via direct ad-hoc connection. But by leaving the code system intact, it enables everyone to work around the restrictions set for the younger user base that may not use the PC on their own yet.
And sure, i wont deny that many kids are fine on other system and their more elaborate social capabilitys, but there are always two sides to the same coin and nintendos "draconic" measures tries to prevent it on a basic level by also leaving enough holes open to not restrict the adult userbase with access to more means of communication.

@Lohe I will also never understand why people complain about the fact, that they get banned / flagged for profanity and vugarity, Why is it even neccessary to be able to write stuff like that ? Because its the internet ?
Maybe its not "cool" to be nice and polite anymore, right to the point that people completely forget what it actually means.



19Robb92 said:

Their service, their rules. Don't like it, don't use it.

That's how I would have done it if I created a network for others as well.



unrandomsam said:

@19Robb92 I would rather never use it. (As far as can tell I am forced to if I want the youtube app though). If they really wanted to protect the children they wouldn't have it in the first place.



VictahVonDoom said:

I'm so happy i convince my family members not to get a WII U instead some got the xbox one some got ps4



Luna-Harmony said:

The nintendo police you may not handout your 3DS code on posts or make friends lol it's so easy to ad friends on other consoles.



Galenmereth said:

@19Robb92 And I won't, because it's absolutely useless drivel. And if Nintendo continues on like this with their regressive attitude towards their online functionality, I might also not use Nintendo products anymore. I'm not a child; maybe that's what they're trying to tell me? That I've grown too old for Nintendo?



19Robb92 said:

Then don't. The best way to vote against it is to not use it.

If you don't want to follow their rules on their platform, I'd recommend you find some other platform you're more comfortable with. That's what I'd do. Users not following the rules makes the service a worse place (from Nintendo's standpoint), leaving would mean less work for the moderators, which is good.

I'm pretty sure you'll be fine without ever using Miiverse though. It's not like games on Nintendo platforms are heavily online focused.



Galenmereth said:

@19Robb92 Do you know why people complain about something? Because they disagree with it. I disagree with Nintendo's rules and service. And if, over time, I disagree enough, I will leave their platforms. But I like Nintendo, so I want to share my opinion so that perhaps they change instead of losing me as a customer. And yes I'll be fine without MiiVerse, but I'm annoyed that they pulled the plug on Swapnote like that; I made friends there, which I played games with. Now I can't even talk to them in any way. That annoys me. And I'm not allowed to talk to people on MiiVerse either, because "won't somebody think of the children hurr durr I'm a parent who want others to watch my kids for me". It's pathetic.



19Robb92 said:

I'm not trying to argue it's wrong of anyone to complain about it. Complain all you want, leave the platform if you want. It's all up to you. As I said, the best way to vote is to not use it.



TromaDogg said:

@TheGZeus (and other people trying to offer explanations for Nintendo's insanity such as 19Robb92) That still doesn't explain why Nintendo think it's quite OK for any to randomly add friends by just clicking on their username on Wii U Miiverse though. Is the Wii U also not mostly aimed at the same audience? (Nintendo fans and families?). If they were to remove the feature from Wii U Miiverse, I wouldn't agree with it but I'd at least understand it as it would at least be consistent with their policy. As things stand, they're basically being a lot stricter on 3DS users than Wii U owners for no apparent reason.

How is posting my friend code in a conversation thread with somebody on 3DS Miiverse any different whatsover to clicking on their profile on Wii U Miiverse and friend requesting them? There is no risk of somebody else adding me as a friend without me knowing as I'd have to enter their friend code on my system too for it to register.

I think Nintendo need to be a lot clearer about this. If they're going to continue to be this restrictive with 3DS Miiverse, then they may as well have not implemented it.



TheGZeus said:

It didn't take long to see that you didn't actually read my entire post to you.
As such, I'm not going to read yours.

I didn't defend Nintendo. I said they screwed things up by going the ICQ route of unique numbers rather than actual accounts. Then people decided to ignore how stupid that system was, and use it. Then, what a surprise, 'inappropriate images' were transmitted.
I think Nintendo is either laying low until the dust settles, or was rushed into releasing MiiVerse for the 3DS early by the scandal.

I HATE repeating myself.
I was tempted to just copy and paste my last post, but since you didn't read it the first time... -_-



TheGZeus said:

skims above post
Holy poopoodoodiecacapoopsiedoodles
You did read it but... I disagree with you.
How is friending someone on a social networking site different from publicly posting a number that lets random strangers friend you?
Are you serious with this???
How is telling an individual person your phone number privately different from writing it on a bathroom stall?

This is why they killed Swapnote SpotPass.
People don't even understand basic stuff like the difference between a "user name/number" system and an "account" system.

Please chill. I understand you're upset, but insults, profanity, and all-caps screaming are unnecessary — TBD



JaxonH said:

The fact Miiverse is unrestricted on Wii U tells me that's the final goal in mind. There's no reason they would not shoot for a uniform service across both platforms. So I'm going to assume (that's a big word there, I know... bear with me) that their ultimate goal is to use Miiverse on 3DS to replace Friend Codes. Now, I could be totally wrong on that, and maybe they plan to wait until their next gen handheld to implement an unrestricted Miiverse- it's hard to say.

But I know this- the 3DS is better off today with a restricted Miiverse than it was yesterday without any Miiverse. Restricted or not, it's more than we had before the update, and it's not doing anything to hinder the former process of Friend Codes. May not be helping, but it's certainly not hurting.



JaxonH said:

I don't know why it's stricter on 3DS. I have two theories: either they do plan to fully implement Miiverse on 3DS to replace Friend Codes and are just gettin the basic service going first, or they're going by the logic that a Wii U console is more easily supervised than a mobile handheld which a kid could bring anywhere to use, out of his/her parents' supervision.

Personally, I just go with the flow. I use Miiverse on Wii U all the time, but not so much on 3DS. It is what it is. I try to keep things in perspective though. I bought the consoles to play games. Everything else is a bonus. Don't get me wrong, I'll take advantage of whatever extras are on the system, but all I really CARE about is playing games. I could understand if a person bought a 3DS to socialize, but that's not exactly the handheld's specialty. Playing games is.



19Robb92 said:

@ToxieDogg "How is posting my friend code in a conversation thread with somebody on 3DS Miiverse any different whatsover to clicking on their profile on Wii U Miiverse and friend requesting them? "

If you read the Miiverse code of conduct it says you're not allowed to spread any kind of personal information. A FC is considered personal.

Adding someone through Miiverse on WiiU isn't sharing any kind of information over the service itself with everyone. It's a personal invite to someone else.



Aryon said:

@TheGZeus, I beg to differ. You can't do anything with a FC unless the person has also added you. That is hugely different from a phone number. This is still personal information, but not really more than your Nintendo Network ID itself.

Regarding the NNID restrictions, yeah, your guess is probably a correct technical explanation for some (one 3DS by NNID) of them, but not all (country/currency locking, etc.).

Wrt. NNID replacing Friend Codes, I don't see that happening anytime soon, to be honest. Games most probably rely on those codes without any abstraction, so they would still be needed... they could possibly associate FC and NNID, but it brings other issues...



TheGZeus said:

@Aryon Different from a phone number, but not that different from icq.

The advantage with an account system is you don't have to share your info in theory. You friend based on activity, which makes it both more personal and less 'spread around' for lack of a better word atm.
I think we'll likely see popular games that rely on codes to be patched, and less popular games (sadly) abandoned.
The joys of proprietary software and non-standard communication protocols. -_-



elbcen said:

For everyone who asked:
You get friend codes by asking your friends who have a 3DS for their friendcodes.

I have never seen the appeal of adding random strangers. Just add people you know, and that's that. Maybe I am just missing something...



Capt_N said:

Because of troublemakers, non-troublemakers are inconvenienced. Like many pastors have said many times before, following God's laws would lead to a majority of man made laws being redundant, & not needed. Obviously, not everyone believes in God, & that's not for anyone to judge, but here is where my point is at: The non-troublemakers, have to live w/ extra measures in place, even at their inconvenience, b/c of those who are troublemakers.

People that own credit/bank/etc. cards, generally have to work through multiple layers of security, just to access their accounts, so people won't steal their money. There are laws governing our road ways, b/c there are people that would drive in a manner endangering to others on the roads, & to the surrounding areas of houses/buildings/etc. Anti-virus/mal-ware/internet security programs exist b/c someone, or a group of someones, many times in the past, & now in the present, decided to write code(s) that is/are detrimental to my finances/pc data/pc hardware. Obviously, corruption, & trouble making still exist, but that's b/c no man made system will ever cut it.

Those are just examples. I suspect as some above have said, that Nintendo either is of this mind set for now, under the banner of "protection/child-friendly service", or they have not implemented their full scope of intended features for Miiverse on the 3DS.

If it's the former, many above have already explained that adults(edit: correction: more-social-centered) gamers are not who Nintendo is targeting, & as such, their systems will not be catering to those that prefer a more lax online system; a system can be robust w/o being loose on security, &/or restrictions. That is why I said only "lax", & did not add "robust".

If it's the latter, then again, as many above have already said, the fault is probably the difference of online/network structure. If this is the case, I imagine Nintendo will over time patch the network structure to compensate for this. Followed by a 3DS firmware update to properly interface w/ the new network structure.

No man-made system is perfect, so it's understandable that if Nintendo is trying for child safety, there are holes in their so/thus-far established system. This would account for the more open interaction, that apparently exists in the latest Pokemon games(I don't know. I'm not a fan of Pokemon, so I use the word "apparently", since I'm unfamiliar w/ the game, & therefore also unfamiliar w/ the limitations of said social gameplay mechanic.).

Nintendo acts very reserved in regards to online socializing via their own services. This makes sense, as Nintendo can basically flaunt maximum child-friendliness over their contemporaries, regardless of the fact that no known (scandalous) incidents have arisen from children using Ms, & Sony's online services. Maybe Nintendo believes they are the king of the hill, in regards to this.

In addition, it does release them from any legal issues for the most part, I would imagine, since their system has few(er) ways of striking up the kind of conversations that less-savory kind of people would have w/ children, or even w/ those, regardless of age, who have mental handicaps of sorts, that prevents them from fully, or even partly comprehending what they are doing.

No matter what the console, platform, or hardware, parents need to involve themselves with their children.

Also, the more abuse Miiverse gets(especially if it is something serious like w/ Swapnote/Letterbox, even if only happens once in the life of the system), the more likely it is to get more restrictive. That is not a guarantee, but only a few degrees off of being one.

Edit: It is a bit inconvenient for trying to find someone using the same service to game with, but regardless of whether the reasoning is system structure issues, or child safety, I can live with it. Not everyone I game, & communicate about games w/, are people I want to be anything (to me) other than people I game w/, & communicate about games w/. On the flipside, there are those that I do try to create, & maintain a friendship w/.

Lastly, I understand that as a single young adult(28), I am not Nintendo's target. I am, however, a fan of Nintendo's franchises. But I do understand, that these restrictions can be obnoxious for others, that want more social to their gaming. Sony, & Ms don't need to focus too heavily in this family-friendly field, as they don't make it their prime target market; Nintendo does. & naturally they are going to handle it their own way, even when their way seems more than a bit out-there, or extreme to their other customers.



defrb said:

Ok Ok i will only say "yes"to stamps with yoshi on it, like a brave nintendo boy.

I agree with someone else post, its like a network for babys, you cant do more then say "yes" to an ugly painting? Maybe i miss the point..



JimLad said:

"Becoming friends with strangers may lead to trouble."
LOL That's a one-way ticket to hermitsville right there.



Jillybean1978x said:

I would link my credit card info, read a warning about online safety, give them my e-sig, agree to a TOS, and pay a fee for spotpass on swapnote. Nintendo could then keep it's family friendly rep safe and please me at the same time. I'm a fool because I'm still hoping they'll give us 3ds users the full features of miiverse. Even if by some miracle they do, I'll still miss the personal playful touch of swapnote. Surely Nintendo is smart enough to find a safe way to give adult customers access to things without leaving the door wide open for children to sneak through. What about making the spotpass feature a monthly subscription that takes like a penny (or more) from an adults bank account so that the consumer is constantly aware of the presence of swapnote with spotpass? Wouldn't that make it even harder for a minor to hide spotpass use from an adult? Sigh...crazy ideas, I know. I just miss swapnote so much.

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